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Chapter 10: Hanging On

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Chapter 10: Hanging On

written by Joie

added on: 02 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(RICKIE helps RAYANNE walk to her door, half-dragging her.)

RICKIE: Rayanne, where's your key?


RICKIE: In your bag? (No reply) Okay, let me see.

(RICKIE sorts through the bag, finding a tab of E. He chucks it in the bushes beside the house, and gets her keys out.)

RAYANNE: (slurs) You know, Rickie, you are, like, the best...bestest friend in the whole world. You know that? You're just, like, totally there.

RICKIE: Yeah. Okay.

(RICKIE gets her inside, puts her on her bed. He goes to the kitchen, and gets her a glass of water)

RICKIE: Here. (RAYANNE drinks some of it) Don't drink too much, okay?


RICKIE: Rayanne, can I use some of your foundation. Mr Katimski will, like, go mad if I turn up looking like this?

RAYANNE: Oh, you look great. It hurts to look at you.

RICKIE: Well, right now, it's hurting to look at everything. Seriously, where's your make-up bag?

(RAYANNE points vaguely)

RICKIE: I was supposed to be home, like, an hour ago.

RAYANNE: So what? So was Amber.

RICKIE: Look Rayanne, Mr Katimsky is, like, doing this good thing for me. (starts applying liquid foundation to bruise) And I, like, don't wanna repay his kindness by turning up at whatever time, looking like some kind of, I don't know...

RAYANNE: Street punk?

RICKIE: Exactly!

RAYANNE: You know, I think Corey likes you.

RICKIE: Yeah right. You must be totally off the planet tonight.

RAYANNE: No, seriously, when I like, was talking to him. He was like, concerned. Or whatever, about you.

RICKIE: (doesn't get his hopes up) Really. Well. Go to sleep. I'll call you tomorrow.

(RICKIE puts the makeup away, and goes to catch the bus)

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