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Chapter 8: Power of the Divine

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Chapter 8: Power of the Divine

written by Joie

added on: 03 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Sorry about previous chapter -cut'n'paste error. Obviously. :o)


(Rehearsal for 'Our Town'. COREY paints scenery with some others, but not ANGELA or RICKIE. RAYANNE and other cast taking a break.)


COREY: Oh, hey. You're doing really good.

RAYANNE: Oh, well. At least I'm doing something right.

COREY: Well. (doesn't really know what to say.) No Angela today?


COREY: She was helping with the painting, but...well, she's not here today. Or Rickie.


(COREY leans forward to continue painting. Something falls out of his collar, and hangs forward. RAYANNE spots the crucifix as RICKIE's.)


COREY: (looks up) What?

RAYANNE: Around your neck...

COREY: Oh right. (holds out crucifix) Kind of funky, yeah? I found it last night.

RAYANNE: I didn't see you at the party...

COREY: How did you know where I got it?

RAYANNE: Oh, well, you see. It's Rickie's. He was kind of, um, helping me last night, and he lost it. The necklace thing. And now he's totally upset about it, because it means a lot to him, right?

COREY: (goes to take it off) Well, I'd better give it to you, you can, like, give it to him-

RAYANNE: (thinking fast) Oh, no no. I'd just lost it, again. No, you give it to him. Just, don't lose it.

COREY: No way. It's, like, unique. I'll hand it to him later.


(RICKIE at his locker, looking calmer but still upset. COREY approaches)


RICKIE: Oh, hey.

COREY: I think...(takes crucifix out of pocket)...I think this is, like, yours? Is that right?

RICKIE: Oh my God! (stunned) Oh my God, I never thought I'd, like, see this again. (takes it) Oh, thank you so much! Where was-I mean, like, where did you get it?

COREY: I found it, at the party last night?

RICKIE: Oh right.

COREY: Yeah, Rayanne told me it was yours.

RICKIE: Rayanne did?

COREY: Mm. She told me to give it to you myself, coz she'd lose it or something.

RICKIE: Yes. No. She probably would...have.

COREY: It's kinda unique, you know. Where'd you get it?

RICKIE: (putting it on) Oh, it was from my mother.

COREY: Cool. (starts to go) By the way, are you and Angela gonna, like, come and paint some more scenery and stuff or...?

RICKIE: Oh, yes. Definately. We'll be there.

COREY: Cool. (Goes)

(RICKIE holds the crucifix in his hand, looks happy. RAYANNE approaches in the background)

RAYANNE: So, did you ask him out?

RICKIE: Rayanne!

RAYANNE: (notes crucifix) You got it back then?

RICKIE: Corey told me you told him to give it to me.

RAYANNE: No, I just told him to give you the necklace.

RICKIE: It's not a necklace.

RAYANNE: Well, whatever. Okay now?

RICKIE: Yeah, partly. But, you can't go binging every time something doesn't, like, go right for you. You know? I mean, I know you're okay with Angela now, right? But you have to like, take control or something.

RAYANNE: You sound like my counsellor.

RICKIE: I don't care.

(RAYANNE puts a lolly in his mouth)

RAYANNE: Suck on that. Good practice.

RICKIE: Rayanne!


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