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Chapter 12: all is full of love.....

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Chapter 12: all is full of love.....

written by anonymous author

added on: 05 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is ready for school and she sees Brian standing and waiting for the bus... she approches him quietly......

Angela: Hi

Brian: Hello

Angela: So how are you doing?

Brian: Fine it's not every day I see the person I care about walk away with another guy

Angela: That's not fair

Brian: Why? I thought you like honesty well I'm telling you it ok.

Angela: Look I was just confused over everything

Brian: Well how long will you use that excuse to avoid me?

Angela: I wasn't avoiding you

Brian: Oh give me a break Angela you are so selfish and heartless....

AngelaVO: That fact that I had called Brian heartless was like wrong of me to do and now he was calling me heartless which was absoultly right..There was like no way of getting away from it.

Angela: Fine Brian you want honesty from me? I'll give you honesty....

Angela pulls in Brian into a long kiss......

Brian: What was that for?

Angela: For everything for the letter and for making me realize that I'm worth it...

Brian: Well what are we gonna do now?

Angela: Me and you are gonig to be friends...

Brian: Oh I convinent for you and Jordan

Angela just glares at him....

Angela: I'm sorry I just can't be with you in that way Brian....and I uh well I love Jordan......and if you like can't accpet that then I don't see how we can be friends...

Brian: I understand.....

Angela and Brian hug eachother

Fades out..........

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