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Can't Like, Hardly Wait

written by Nadya Palermo

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About this story

Published: 1997 | Size: 47 KB (8998 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (20 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first so-called story so I hope you like it. Sure there are a few errors but I hope you can straighten it up.

I'm from Malaysia, 15, still schooling and loves My So-Called Life. It's like, it had become part of my life. I really, really, really hope that you like it. Anyway this is a crossover with that movie 'Can't Hardly Wait'. That story is like, kinda based by it. Enjoy……..

This story is based by the characters and situations created by Winnie Holzman and the respected creators of 'Can't Hardly Wait' I't dedicated to all of my friends, SG.

The Liberty High's hallway. Everyone was talking excitedly to each other, about some party. The supposedly biggest party ever held that year…The back ground music was Buffalo Tom's 'Sodajerk'…-.

Girl#1: Oh my god , I heard there's like, this party in Sharon Cherki's

A MSCL Production

Guy#1: .A party at Cherski's? _Big_?

Claire Danes

Sharon: Have you heard? Catalano totally dumped Angela, I mean, what a jerk!

Jared Leto

Girl#2: So you want me to go to the party with you? Duh, get a life

A.J Langer

Kyle: I thought they got back together.

Wilson Cruz

Guy#2: Hey. Wanna go to the party with me?

Devon Gummersal

Guy#3: He-ey…Why not? Do I smell?

and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Guy#4: This is gonna be the party of da year!

Can't Like, Hardly Wait

-Katimki's. Everyone was hardly paying attention to Katimski-

Angela's VO: God I can't believe what just happened. I mean is relationships that fickle?

Sharon : Sure you're invited. Everyone is.

Abby: Cool. It's been a while since I ever been to a party.

Angela's VO: Why can't it go on, like friendship? Wait a minute. That doesn't go on forever either. Me and Rayanne, living proof

Katimski: I Would like it if you paid some attention to me. Eh….no response huh? Can't anyone be more like Angela.

Angela: Huh?

Sharon: So is it true? You and Jordan….

Angela: Yeah I guess. Anyway he said I deserve someone better

Sharon: You sure do.

Angela: I guess.

Sharon: It's that I wanna-sleep-with-you problem, is it?

Angela: No. It's that letter business and about the rumours about me being dumped is like, so untrue. Just forget about it okay?

Sharon: Sure. Just come to my party.

Angela: Isn't everyone?

Sharon: Yeah. So is Amanda Beckett

Angela: You're friend Amanda? The one that made me jealous when she always came to your house when we're six?

Sharon: Yeah. She stayed in the neighbourhood for a while, than moved out.

Angela: And you've been keeping in touch with her 'till now?

Sharon: Yeah. Just hope Brian's coming to the party.

Angela: Oh yeah, how could I forget. He had the biggest crush on her. But we we're six then.

Sharon: You think he would'nt be. Angela, just because he has a crush on you doesn't mean he's over her.

Angela: Shut up. And why do I have the feeling that he's always looking at me.

Sharon: Oh my god. He is. So if you don't have a date on my party-

Angela: Don't even think about it.

-Tutoring class. Jordan was reading the Odysseus while Brian was annoyingly tapping his pencil-

Jordan: Could you like, stop.

Brian: Oh, sorry. (Begins tapping his pencil again)

Jordan: Just say it.

Brian: Say what?

Jordan: About Angela.

Brian: I'll say it. (Takes a deep breath). Are you still with her, I mean I heard you guys broke up, but after I helped you with the letter and stuff, how could you? She's a great-

Jordan: Girl. I know. (Sharon crashes the scene)

Sharon: So Krakow, you coming?

Brian: Where?

Sharon: The party. _My_ party.

Jordan: What party?

Sharon: Just some party. Some dumb old geeky party that you'll never be seen at.

Jordan: Maybe I'll come. Sounds like fun.

Sharon: What, to thrash it? (Jordan, annoyed, leaves)

Brian: You're actually inviting me?

Sharon: Technically, everyone is invited.

Brian: I'll never fit in. Is there some kinda trick.

Sharon: Amanda's coming.

Brian: Amanda Beckett?

Sharon: (Nods) Come early.

Brian: I'll be there. Trust me.

Sharon: I don't have to.

-Those two nerd friends from 'Can't Hardly Wait' was planning on something in the yearbook room-

Nerd#1: I hate Kyle Vinnovich.

Nerd#2: He's a dead man. Tonight, were gonna teach him.

Nerd#1: Yeah. Then he'll know what happens if he messes up with us.

Nerd#2: I hate it when he pushes us around you know. Playing stupid pranks on us.

Nerd#1: But tonight, were gonna take candid pictures of him and another girl than his girlfriend and show it to the person he fears the most.

Nerd#2: He's mum?

Nerd#1: No stupid. His girlfriend. And it's all already planned.

-The song YMCA boomed out Brian's stereo while he was digging into the closet. His room is all messed up. Brian was dancing and singing along, wearing dark sunglasses. He's, well, half naked.-

Brian: YMCA, na na na na YMCA (Picks up a nice blue shirt and puts it on.) I look great. (_DUH_). My hair. It's kind of long? (Picks up a pair of scissors and starts snipping. The camera was focused on the bits of hair which fell.) YMCA, na na na na YMCA (Then finally the camera focuses on Brian's face with neatly new haircut. He look's cuter. Well cuter than before. He puts on some aftershave. Into the mirror) no shave, but aftershave. (He does the last step of that annoying YMCA dance and went out of the room. Suddenly he comes back to the doorway. With his sunglasses), I'll Be Back, (Schawzenagger's style.)

-The party finally starts. Sharon greets the guest while Angela pours some chips into the bowl. She's wearing a sleeveless dress while Sharon wearing that weird dress that the host in 'Can't Hardly Wait' was wearing. Background music was Eve 6-

Sharon: Hi Kathy, nice hat, hi Steve come in, everyone make yourselves at home.

Delia: I think you shouldn't have said that.

Sharon: Isn't this like, so cool

Delia: If you're parents come home this weekend, than it's cool.

Sharon: What are the chances of them, coming home tonight, when their on their second honeymoon.

Delia: I've seen it happening on t.v. There was this party, and when things was getting hot, their parents came back.

Sharon: Everything is goin' to be a blast. Besides, this isn't t.v

Delia: I guess you're right. (Brian enters and looks at Delia in an adoring way.)

Brian: Hey Delia. Hi Sharon.

Delia: Krakow, what are you up to?

Brian: Nothing. Can't I be nice to you guys? (Delia and Sharon looks at each other in a yeah-right look)

Sharon: Stop blocking the way and come in.

Brian: Is Amanda here yet?

Sharon: No.

Brian: I'll wait then. (Moves toward the couch and sits there.)

Delia: He's weird isn't he?

Sharon: Tell me about it.

-Brian sits alone looking at Angela who was trying to find someone. Background music was Cranberries 'Zombie'-

Angela: Hey Brian.

Brian: Yeah?

Angela: Have you seen Rickie?

Brian: Nope.

Angela: So who are you waiting for. And what's with the haircut? Special occasion?

Brian: What? How did you know?

Angela: Know what? It's not usual for you to just show up in places like this. Unless, (smiling) there's someone special who's gonna show up. (Brian makes an I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about look). Someone by the name of …..Amanda?

Brian: Okay. You just solved the one-million dollar question. So can you like, leave? She might think I'm with you.

Angela: (Laughing out loud.) Brian, that was like _ten_ years ago! You still like her, I mean for real?

Brian: Yeah. Yeah I admit it. What can I say? I still love her.

Angela: I never knew we had, (grinning) _love_ when we were six!

Brian: Oh my god! I actually love her. We were even friends back then. She was like my first crush!

Angela: It's been a long time. You don't even know how she looked like now.

Brian: (Ignoring her) I'm going to tell her tonight. About how I feel about her. Since the day she pushed me into mud years ago.

Angela: She was rather a tom-boy back then.

Brian: Could you shut up about her ten years ago. Don't you realise she's actually grown up?

Angela: Why didn't I know that? Good luck anyway.

Brian: Thanks. (Sighing) I need it.

-Jordan's car. He was in it looking out into Sharon's home. Several people had arrived and entered the house. 'Sedated' was on the background.-

Jordan's VO: Why am I even here?

Shane: You think Tino will be here?

Jordan: He said he would.

Shane: So, do you wanna go in?

Jordan: We're like here aren't we?

Shane: I hope there'll be some beer or I'll get bored to death.

Jordan's VO: I hope Angela will be here.

-Rayanne and Rickie was walking towards Sharon's-

Rayanne: Did Angela said she was coming?

Rickie: Well, why don't you ask her?

Rayanne: (laughing) Yeah right when she like barely says a word to me. (Rickie stays quiet) I mean were barely even friends!

Rickie: I'm booked a night with Delia.

Rayanne: Rickie! How could you! I won't have anyone to hang out with!

Rickie: Angela's there. Anyway, isn't like about time to kiss and make up?

Rayanne: Yeah right. You think she wants to?

Rickie: If you want it bad enough. You seem to get anything you want.

Rayanne: You know Rickie you're right. Tonight. Tonight I'm gonna ask her to forgive me whether she likes it or not

Rickie: Atta girl. (Rayanne gives him a kiss)

-The music was playing Everclear's 'A New Life' when suddenly Amanda Beckett enters and the song stops. The same song at Can't Hardly Wait started playing and she was wearing the same top and skirt at Can't Hardly Wait. People was whispering to each other asking "Who is that??". Amanda just looked around feeling lost. Brian got up to see the commotion and saw Amanda and gasped. Then she spots Sharon who was screaming.-

Amanda: Sharon Cherski! Hi!

Sharon: I miss you.

Amanda: Me too. (Angela joins them with a smile) You're Angela Chase, right?

Angela: That's me.

Amanda: (Hugging Angela) You've grown up.

Angela: Me? How 'bout you?

Amanda: It's so good to see you guys again!

Sharon: Wanna play Barbie?

Amanda: Those days was so great.

Sharon: There's someone I want you to meet. (Scans the room for Brian) Where is he?

-Brian was in the kitchen, hiding probably, pacing about. The Cardigans 'Lovefool' was playing.-

Brian's VO: She has grown into a major, _babe_! God what is wrong with me? I don't even talk like this! I got to talk to her.

Brian: Hey, remember me? No, to straight forward. Guess who? No, to, to dumb. Damn! (Bangs his head on the fridge door)

Rayanne: Hey Krakow, what's wrong with your head.

Brian: Hi, I'm Brian. Remember me? No? O.K then. Find me dead next time.

Rayanne: Better bang your head harder. I think it's not cracked up enough, _Krakow_

Brian: (Suddenly grabbing her on her arms). Do you know what this means to me? (Then he lets go of her and exits)

Rayanne: What's his problem?

-Scene fade in. The two nerds.-

Nerd#1: Oh my god. I just saw a girl that was wearing this low cut dress and it was like popping out, I mean in front of my two own eyes!

Nerd#2: You're so lucky man.

Nerd#1: It was better than watching Princess Leia in that bikini on Star Wars. This is real life!

Nerd#2: Let's forget our plan. We're having a blast here anyway. (He's friend nods enthusiastically).

-Amanda, Angela, Delia and Sharon was chatting about their childhood. Rickie came towards them.-

Rickie: Hi guys. Who's this?

Sharon: I'd like you to meet Amanda Beckett. Our childhood friend.

Amanda: Pleased to meet you.

Rickie: Hi. Uh Delia, some guy wants to meet you.

Delia: (Going with Rickie to the back.) Who? (Then a guy, about sixteen smiling from ear to ear see's Delia and smiles) Andy!

Andy: Grabbing Delia and hugging her. Hi cupcake. (Kisses her)

Rickie: Cupcake?

Delia: Sorry Rickie, I'm so rude. This is my boyfriend Andy. From my old school.

Rickie: (Trying to smile) Hi. (Delia kept hugging and kissing Andy that she didn't realise Rickie leaving. He looks back at them for the last time). They look cute together anyway.

-The crowed was already in. Most of them jocks and their girlfriends. Then Jordan and Shane enters the house. The song in the background is 'Can't Get Enough Of You Baby'. As soon as he enters, everyone looked at him. He spotted Angela who was by this time alone near the CD player. He walks towards her. She saw him in suprise.-

Angela's VO: When someone you never like wanna see forever, see's you, you feel there's no point for setting this vows.

Jordan: Hi.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan: (Pauses for a while) I hate this song.

Angela: Me too.

Jordan: Could you like stop giving me this kind of treatment? Please?

Angela: Treatment? You're the one who lied to me. God! I don't know how many times I should break up with you?

Jordan: It's just, you deserve someone better.

Angela: (Leaving). And I thought you were that better guy.

Jordan: (Quiet for a while). You don't know how bad I want to be.

-Kyle Vinnovich and one of his friends was bringing one big barrel of beer into the house. Sharon was picking up the thrash on the floor.-

Sharon: What's that?

Kyle: Beer?

Sharon: No, no, no, no, no. There's not going to be drinking in here.

Kyle's friend: What kinda party doesn't have alcohol?

Sharon: This party!

Kyle: Look Sharon, the whole football team chipped in for this. We're not goin' to waste it.

Sharon: But-

Kyle: Just this one. Pleeeease….

Sharon: (Barely listening). Hey you. (Heading towards a couple) The coffee table is not a dance floor and if- (Smells smoke) Do I smell something burning? (See's the fire at the curtains and puts it out with a nearby magazine) NO SMOKING IN THE GOD DAMN HOUSE!!!!

-Amanda was taking a seat on the couch when Brian was heading towards her, fast. Background music was Third Eye Blind's 'Graduate'. When he was about to reach her, he trips on something. When he got up, he was standing directly in front of her. After grinning like an idiot, he leaves hurriedly. -

-Kyle and he's friends was giving out beer when Rayanne approaches them.-

Rayanne: Two please.

Kyle: Sure. (Rickie joins them)

Rickie: Does Sharon knows about this?

Kyle: Of course. Well, do you _want_ one?

Rickie: No thanks.

Rayanne: Oh come on Enrique.

Rickie: Have you met Angela yet ?

Rayanne: No.

Rickie: (Taking away Rayanne's drink). Go now. Before it's too late.

Rayanne: Yeah, yeah.

-Camera focuses Amanda who was sitting around. Shane approaches her.-

Shane: Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Shane: I'm Shane.

Amanda: Amanda.

Shane: Nice name.

Amanda: Thanks.

Shane: So, I have this car. Maybe you wanna go there? You look bored.

Amanda: Do I?

Shane: (Taking out some cans of beer and offered one to her) Desert?

Amanda: (Smiling) With you? (Taking the can and shoving it to his body). Thanks. I'm not bored now. (Shane leaves and Kyle approaches her)

Kyle: Have you got your drink yet?

Amanda: I can help myself. Thanks.

Kyle: Well, you know if you wanna get hooked on with someone tonight, you got to be drunk at least.

Amanda: Well maybe I don't one to strip my clothes off to do with some guy tonight!

Kyle: Hey don't bite my head off. (Leaving her) What's _her_ problem?

-The party was getting wild. The foreigner from 'Can't Hardly Wait' was there with some people.-

Foreign guy: I, am, a sex, machine, eh-eh? (Everyone around him laughs)

Girl: Hey. Make him say something else.

Guy: Okay, okay. Would you like, to touch, my penis?

Foreign guy: Would you like, to touch, my-

-Back to Rayanne. Some rap song was playing. She saw Angela and walked to her. She was talking to Corey. When she was about to reach her, Shane comes to her.-

Shane: Hey Graff. Wanna drink?

Rayanne: (See's Angela glaring at her) Sure. I need one.

Shane: (Passing her a drink) I've got something to lighten things up here.

Rayanne: What?

Shane: (took out some pills. Rayanne shakes her head) Wanna dance?

Rayanne: You don't dance.

-He wraps he's arms around Rayanne. She, being drunk already, did the same. Then they began kissing deeply. They're hands were all over each other.-

-The background music was Matthew Sweet's 'Further Down'. Rickie was walking around the room looking at couples, dancing and kissing. He turns he's head sadly and saw Angela talking with Corey. Angela saw him and smiled. Then he saw Delia with Andy doing a slow dance. He walks away sadly. The camera turns to focus on Jordan who was walking towards Angela-

Jordan: Angela?

Angela: Yeah?

Jordan: Can I speak to you?

Angela: Speak.

Jordan: Somewhere private.

Angela: I'll be back. (Walks to the dining room with Jordan)

Jordan: I want to tell you something.

Angela: Isn't that the reason why we came here?

Jordan: No matter how we both know that our relationship can never work out, I still love you.

Angela: And?

Jordan: And. And I want you back.

Angela: After lying to me? No way! (Leaves)

-One of Sharon's vases was broken-

Sharon: Oh my god!!! Who did this!! (Someone sprays whipping cream on her) What, is, wrong, with, YOU people!!! (She then spots Jordan who starts to smoke. She snatches the cigarette and throws it on some guy)

Guy: Hey? Who the f**k did that?

Jordan: What's your problem?

Sharon: My problem? _Everyone_ is my problem!

Someone's voice: _Loser_!!

Sharon: Who said that? Who said that?!!

-Scene fade in. the two nerds-

Nerd#2: Man, Why did you have to break that vase?

Nerd#1: Everyone was destroying at least one thing. I had to try.

-Amanda was sitting boredly on the couch. Brian approaches her-

Brian: Amanda? Hi.

Amanda: Hi?

Brian: I was scared you forgot me. Phew.

Amanda: Huh?

Brian: Remember those times we used to spend at Sharon's room? Boy, did we had fun.

Amanda: What? When?

Brian: You actually forgot! It was the time of my life!

Amanda: (Angrily standing up) Listen Arsehole! I'm not someone who did _it_ with you so don't come here telling me all this trash! Get a life cracked up jerk! (Leaves the room. Brian made a puzzled face. Everyone was silent. They were all staring at him. Then everyone started laughing)

Some guy: Thanks man. That was the funniest thing that happened all night.

-Rickie was sitting in the backyard. ' Further Down' was playing in the background-

Rickie: I don't know what happened. I tried to be straight. And when I like, suddenly get the chance to do so, he comes. What is the reason for all of this to happen? To like, tell me to stay gay? No. Nothing, no-one wants me to stay that way. Or maybe I should. Should I?

Foreign Guy: Would you like, to touch, my, penis? Huh, huh?

Rickie: (Getting up) I know what I said to you, but this is ridiculous. (leaves)

-Background music was PUSA's 'Mark 5'. Rayanne was still with Shane, kissing on the couch when she see's Angela. She tries to catch up with her but fell on Shane-

Rayanne: Hey Angelica! (Angela turns around and saw a drunken Rayanne) I love you. You're like, my best friend, (burps)

Angela: And you're like, drunk.

Rayanne: I want you to forgive me, like, finally.

Angela: Maybe I should after your one night stand with him. (Points at Shane)

Shane: Leave me out of this.

Rayanne: Yeah. Leave him out of this.

Angela: I'm leaving.

Rayanne: No! (Pulling Angela's hand) You haven't forgive me! (Angela pulls her hand away and exits)

-Background music was Matthew Sweet's 'Further Down' Sharon opens up the garbage can and threw the garbage which was spilling out the can-.

Sharon: This is the last time I'll ever have a party in this house!! (Camera focuses on Brian who was walking out sadly)

Brian's VO: Everything is like, going completely wrong. My whole life is this _big_ mistake and I have my parents to blame on. I shouldn't have been born. (Then he spots Rickie who was hurrying out). Hey Rickie!

Rickie: Brian? Going home already?

Brian: Me? Oh no. I had such a fun time at the party. Why should I leave?

Rickie: Yeah right. Delia's boyfriend came back from the dead.

Brian: So you're not enjoying yourself too, huh? Amanda hates me for like, no reason.

Rickie: Amanda?

Brian: That girl in the party. She was my best friend when we were six. I had the biggest crush on her then.

Rickie: Oh my god, Brian!

Brian: What?

Rickie: Do you know what this means?

Brian: My life sucks too much?

Rickie: No, no. this is your chance to actually like, forget about Angela forever.

Brian: Amanda doesn't even wants to look at me.

Rickie: Don't you believe in faith? This is your chance. If you want something bad enough, it'll happen. But it takes you so far. The rest is like, totally up to you. Faith has given you a second chance since ten years!

Brian: You are postively, definitely right! This is like, the only night she'll ever be here and I'm not going to waste it!

Rickie: Go. Before it's to late. You don't know how bad you feel when you're too late. (Brian had quickly ran back to the party ignoring Rickie.) Take Delia for instance. I had her eating out of my hand. (Stares sadly at Brian. Than he ran to catch up with him)

-The background music was REM's 'Everybody Hurts' Angela was in the kitchen. Trying to hide from Rayanne perhaps. Kyle offers her a drink. Angela pushes it away. Just then Rayanne comes in. She see's Angela but Angela didn't notice her. She saw Angela shouting at Kyle for keep offering her alcohol. She stares at her sadly. She turns and see's a mirror and saw her reflection in a blur. Then she walks away-

-Amanda was walking here and there, obviously not having a good time. She tried to find Sharon or Angela-

-Scene fade in. Sharon was observing her beer stained couch. Pretzels and whipping cream covered the couch richly-

Sharon: Aggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Background music was Offspring's 'Pretty Fly (For A White Guy). Angela was listening to Kyle's stupid jokes. She didn't seemed amused but she was listening-

Kyle: And when he came, he said, "Am I late?", and the team said no. And then the team beat the hell out of him 'till he actually like, died! (Laughs hysterically)

Angela: Someone gets beaten up, and dies….Wow, that is funny. (Although she seems annoyed. One of Kyle's friends opens his shirt. Then he offers it to Angela. Angela refuses to take it and tried to get out from them)

Angela's VO: When you're stuck with a bunch of drunken football jocks, it seems like, impossible to keep a straight face.

Kyle: (Blocking Angela's way) Where you goin'? We haven't had fun yet? (Angela spots Amanda and goes to her, ignoring Kyle who was breathing down her neck)

Angela: Amanda!

Amanda: Angela?

Angela: Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Angela: Enjoying yourself?

Amanda: Not exactly. Not when weird jerks come to you and claimed we had an intimate moment together in a bedroom or somewhere.

Angela: What? Who?

Amanda: Some guy with curly hair. Kinda tall.

Angela: Brian Krakow?

Amanda: Brian? Somehow that sounds so familiar.

Angela: We used to play and had fun at Sharon's room, remember? You always said he was the best hide-and-seek..

Amanda: Oh my god! That was Brian?

Angela: And he's sickly sweet. Trust me.

Amanda: I gotta go.

Angela: Where?

Amanda: To find Brian. Where else? (Amanda left Angela who was alone, again. ( from out of nowhere, Kyle shows up)

Kyle: Angel. Where have you been. I missed you.

Angela: Tell that to Sharon.

Kyle: You're more fun to be with than Sharon. She's always like, talking to much. I like being with you. (Grabs her and kisses her. Angela pushes him away)

Angela: Stop it!

Kyle: (Ignoring her, grabs her hand). Let's go some place.

Angela: (Pulls her hand away and Kyle accidentally spill beer on her dress) Shit! (Gives him a punch on him and storms of)

-Background music was Lauren Hill's 'That Thing'. Rickie dancing by himself when Cynthia Hatgrove came up to him-

Cynthia: You're cute.

Rickie: (Nervously), Who me?

Cynthia: Yeah you. Wanna drink? (Rickie gives an unsure look) You're only young once. (Rickie took the drink and finished the whole cup straight away)

Rickie: WooooHoooooo!! Give me more!

Cynthia: That's the way man!

-Amanda see's Brian who was looking like he's looking for someone. She comes up to him from behind-

Amanda: You're it.

Brian: (turning around) Amanda?

Amanda: That's me. You're it. Brian gives her a puzzled look. You're suppose to chase me. Play tag, remember?

Brian: You remembered!

Amanda: Of course I do. Sorry for that misunderstanding just now.

Brian: No. It's okay. They kept silent for a while. Hey you know what?

Amanda: What?

Brian: You haven't returned back my Sesame Street lunch box since you moved out.

Amanda: (giggling) Really?

-Background music was Garbage's '#1 Crush. Angela was swearing, creaming the hell out of everything stumbling into the toilet on the second floor and shut the door with a loud slam. She swears in despair when the handle broke off. Then she notices Jordan who was sitting near the sink, staring at her with a cigarette in his hand. She look's at the door helplessly and screams-

-Rickie was sitting and drinking on the floor-

Rickie: Now I know why Rayanne loves this stuff so much. (Burps) Excuzie.

Cynthia: Rayanne?

Rickie: My friend that wants to destroy her whole life. She's like, jealous of your semi-precious pimple.

Cynthia: Cool…..

Rickie: (Music starts to play Gun's n' Rose's 'Paradise City') Hey, I know this song. Katimski's lover always plays this song, you see.

Cynthia: Mr. Katimski has a lover?

Rickie: Shut up, I wanna listen to this. (Then he got up, reached for the mic and started singing by standing on the dining room table) Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, oh would you please take me home. (Everyone had weird, doubting looks when the whole room was looking at Rickie who was singing and jumping around in a weird way) Take me home to the paradise city when the grass is green and the girls all pretty, oh won't you please take me home. (Then everyone started moving to the beat and cheered on him who was singing the whole song. Girls were screaming and guys were cheering as if he's an idol or something. He ended the song by jumping of the table where everyone carried him out. Two girls kissed him after the so-called performance) This is the greatest night of my life!!

-Angela was hitting the door helplessly with faintness "help" coming out her mouth-

Jordan: Would you relax already?

Angela: You didn't tell me the doorknob handle was broken!

Jordan: Oh, so now it's like, my fault?

Angela: Yes it is. Everything is.

Jordan: Then how the hell would I know you would be coming in here, charging like a mad bull? (Imitates Angela's screaming and swearing)

Angela: Me? How 'bout you. What are _you_ doing in here?

Jordan: That girl told me not to smoke down there so I went in here. She's like you. Demanding and stuff.

Angela: I am not! Why didn't you just leave then?

Jordan: I was waiting for Tino.

Angela: In the toilet?

-Background music was Smash Mouth's 'Walkin In the Sun'. Those two girls that kissed Rickie pulled him to the make out room-

Girl#1: I wanna hold his laser pointer!

Girl#2: No, I wanna hold _his_ laser pointer first!

Rickie: Ladies, ladies. Both of you can hold my laser pointer at the same time. (The girls giggled and then another girl pushed girl#1 away and they went into the make out room)

Girl#3: Did those two just entered the make out room with Rickie Vaesquez?

Girl#1: (Starting to cry) Yeah.

Girl#3: They're so lucky.

-Scene fade in to Amanda and Brian-

Amanda: I'd do anything to go back when we were six.

Brian: Me too. We spent almost our time together then.

Amanda: It's so suprising to see you all again. After so long.

Brian: Uh, Amanda. I have something to tell you. I had a big crush on you since we were six.

Amanda: (speechless) Ummm, really?

Brian: I was really hoping to see you tonight.

Amanda: (laughing uncomfortably) Uh Brian. I-I have a boyfriend.

Brian: (pretending to laugh) Really?

Amanda: I'm not joking.

Brian: Like, seriously?

Amanda: He's in college so he can't come tonight. (Brian gives a very dissapointed face) I'm very sorry.

Brian: No. It's okay. Anyway I'm always a loser in love. I'm beginning to wonder why things were to good to be true.

Amanda: You are not a loser. How 'bout Angela? She's a great girl.

Brian: You think I haven't done everything to get her?

Amanda: If you did she would be with you tonight. You better get her before it's too late.

Brian: Do you think so?

Amanda: Brian, who can resist you?

Brian: Angela Chase.

Amanda: If you really like her.

Brian: I do. She's like my fantasy. No offence but I think she's hotter than you.

Amanda: Not taken. I mean, I am hot. That's what you call love.

Brian: You're right. That's it. I'm going to get her whether she likes it or not. (Stands up) So where is she?

-Scene fade in to Angela and Jordan. Angela was trying hard to wash off the beer stain on her dress-

Angela: Now you can say everything you want to say since I'm…stuck here with you. I mean look on the bright side. At least now you can talk to me in private.

Jordan: You sure you don't want it to be written?

Angela: Oh, you're good. I was dissapointed in you when I found out that you didn't write that letter.

Jordan: But didn't the thought of it counts? Would I be doing it if for like, fun?

Angela's VO: When something he says unexpectedly comes out like, without warning, it makes you feel like, speechless.

Jordan: I just wanted you back. That's all that counts.

Angela: We can be good friends like, before, though. (Offers her hand) Friends?

Jordan: (Taking her hands and shaking it) Friends.

-They shake their hands for quite a while. After that Angela blushed for holding his hand too long. She releases it and soon they were staring around the toilet seeing not much then toilet bowls and towel. Then suddenly Jordan kissed her, quick. He then looked embarassedly around not noticing Angela was looking into him. She sighed happily for a while and kissed him back with her hands on the side of his face. She stopped and smiled and they continued kissing deeply-

-Background music is Feeder's 'High'. Brian was looking for Angela, like a mother who lost her child. He stumbles upon Rayanne-

Brian: You look like a very happy,_high_ up person today.

Rayanne: Krakow. I thought I was always a happy person.

Brian: Have you seen Angela?

Rayanne: How can I see her if she doesn't want to see me. She doesn't see me so that means I don't see her. Right?

Brian: Huh? Never mind. I'll find her. Thanks a lot.

Rayanne: I. I want to find her too. (Puts her arms around Brian's) Shall we?

-Scene fade in to Angela and Jordan. They were kissing on the floor, rolling around and laughing now and then. They kissed under the sink and Jordan accidentally bumped his head on the sink. They laughed and rolled back from under the sink and continued kissing, playfully-

-Scene fade in. Amanda and some weird guy-

Amanda: So you're mum smells?

Weird guy (obviously drunk): Yeah. And we wear like, gas masks around the house (Laughs hysterically)

Amanda: So does she know?

Weird guy: Huh?

Amanda: That she smells.

Weird guy: Who smells?

Amanda: Your mum.

Weird guy: (thinks for a while) My mum smells?

-Rickie was sitting with a bunch of girls in the living room-

Rickie: Who wants more?

Girls: Me!!

Rickie: I love being with you girls.

Sharon: (crashing the scene) What happened with my mum's caviar and meatloaf in the fridge?

Rickie: Me and the girls took a bite.

Sharon: A bite! (Holds up the empty caviar tin Rickie was holding) IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A BITE!?!

-Scene fade in. Brian and Rayanne-

Rayanne: I didn't know how you like, really felt about Angela. I thought it was like, some stupid crush.

Brian: It is not. I didn't know you were desperate for her friendship.

Rayanne: we have something in common. The only thing we have in common. Angela. My guardian angel. She's sweet and innocent, will never do something bad.

-Scene fade in. Jordan and Angela. Angela was on Jordan. He slipped off the right part of Angela's dress and kissed her. Angela ran her fingers into his hair and kissed him-

Jordan: You're so beautiful, it hurts to see you. (They kissed again) Are you sure about this? (Angela slipped the left part of her dress as a yes. The camera slips away from them)

-Scene fade in. Amanda and that same weird guy-

Amanda: I've been to a party like this. People were drunk. Stuff broken everywhere. People making out.

Weird guy: He-ey. Can I make out with you? (Amanda leaves him disgustedly. Then he see's Sharon) Wow is your boobs are huge!! Can I like, hold 'em? (Sharon screams at him. Just then the cops storms into the house.

-Blink 182's 'Dammit'. Everyone started to run and scream away from the cops. Somebody slipped on something slippery while trying to run away. Rayanne started to scream but didn't move when she saw the cops. Brian had to carry her away. Somebody sprayed whipping cream and someone else threw caviar on the cops. The cops screamed because the cream obviously stung their eyes. Rickie was trying to run away in the backyard when he accidentally knocked into Kyle and they both went black out. The two nerds stumbled across them.They could see Kyle clearly but Rickie had his face downwards in the dark-

Nerd#2: Hey, it's Kyle and one of his girlfriends!(They both pulled out Kyle's shirt, put Rickie's hand over Kyle's er, you-know-what, threw empty condom boxes around them and took pictures of Kyle and Rickie)

Nerd#1: (while taking pictures) Well if it isn't Mr. Hey, I'm a _big_ football jock.

Nerd#2: Here's my torch light. (Torches them and saw Rickie not a girl they would be hoping for)

Nerd#1: It's Rickie Vasquez!

Nerd#2: I love that guy.

Nerd#1: Let's get out of here.

-The rest of the people managed to run out of the house and there was a big jam of cars in front of Sharon's house.'Dammit' finished and the scene faded into the cops who saw Kyle and Rickie in the backyard. They look like some gays who had just had a _little_ fun at the backyard-

Cop#1: Well I'll be damned.

-Scene fade in. Angela and Jordan-

Angela's VO: I can't believe I actually like, did _it_. Now, I have to die.

Jordan: I love doing it with you. It's like, different.

Angela: Your welcome! Was it because I had no experience and you're like, this expert?

Jordan: What I mean is, it's just different.

Angela: (starts putting on her dress back on) Admit it. It must be the worst one you had, huh?

Jordan: (slipping back into his shirt) No. I just never did it when I was sober.

Angela: (standing up) Well I didn't know how could I possibly do something like that.

Jordan: I-

Sharon: (Opening the door) What are you guys doing in here? Get out!

Jordan: Wait a sec, Angela I-

Sharon: This is my house! Get out!

Jordan: What is your problem?!

Sharon: My problem? I'll tell you what my problem is!

-Jordan was in his car going after Angela who was walking home-

Jordan: Do you want a lift?

Angela: It isn't far.

Jordan: (stops his car and chased after her. Angela stopped at her tracks.) I didn't meant what I said just now.

Angela: Then what do you want to say?

Jordan: That it was like, the most meaningful and most valuable one I ever had. It was not like those ones I did with the other girls. My emosians wasn't involved. It was with you. Because, I love you. And I know you do too because that wouldn't happened if you didn't love me, or whatever.

Angela: (Smiling) For once you're actually right. (Dog's Eye View's 'Umbrella' started playing in the background. They kissed in the dark, in the middle of the road. The camera slowly moves up showing the stars in the sky)

-Scene fades into Brian's room. It was dark and he was looking out the window, watching the stars. He glanced back to Rayanne who was snoring on her bed-

-Scene fade in to Amanda's room. She was looking at old pictures when she was six with Angela, Rayanne and Brian. She smiles and takes out a pen and started to write a letter startin with "Dear Preston"-

-The cell where Kyle and Rickie was locked up. Rickie was lying down and woke up when he heard noises-

Cop: Wake up. Your guardian's here.

Rickie: (getting up) Mr. Katimski?

Cop: Yeah. He's worried about you. It's not your fault Kyle Vinnovich forced you to drink and everything.

Rickie: Really?

Cop: That's what he said, right?

Rickie: Umm, yeah. It's funny how he finally came clean. No more drinking for me. Uh-uh.

-'Umbrella' plays again. This time, early morning.At Brian's-

Rayanne: Bye Krakow. Thanks for the stay.

Brian: When will we ever get what we want with Angela Chase?

Rayanne: I doubt it. (Kisses him. The picture pauses)

-Rayanne and Angela got back being friends after Angela realised she had a heart to forgive her-

Brian: Well. Bye again. (The picture pauses)

-Brian never got what he wanted but he got over Angela Chase, after a long time-

-Scene fade in. The coffee shop. Rickie was sitting down with Delia in one table-

Rickie: I was so drunk I was like, unconscious. But now I know the feeling to be with a girl but not like, being with a girl, but with feelings. It's plain fun.

Delia: I'm glad you liked it. (Delia pats his hand, picture pauses)

-Rickie never became straight, but he's currently writing a book on 'The Joy Being With A Woman'-

-In front of the Chase's. Angela's with Jordan sitting on his car-

Jordan: (holding her hands) I want to eat breakfast. I'm so hungry.

Angela: How 'bout this? (Kisses him)

-Angela stayed with Jordan for a long time. Jordan actually needed someone and she's the only one that could help him in life. That's all that maters.-

Brian: (approaching them) Morning.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan: Hey Brain. (Goes into the car)

Brian: So you're like, back together?

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: You coming?

Angela: Wait a minute. Brian, thank you for the letter. I've never said this before. I should. (Kisses his cheek and got into the car)

-So everything has gone back to normal for the MSCL gang, except for Sharon-

-Sharon's. The house was in a mess-

Sharon: Didn't I used to have a t.v here?

-The Pretender's 'Can't Hardly Wait' starts playing. Credits come in, The end-


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