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Valentine Fear

written by Nadya Palermo

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Published: 09 Nov 1999 | Size: 93 KB (17247 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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A cross-over between "Fear Street" (by R.L. Stine) and MSCL

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

This horror flick is dedicated especially to my friend, Inanot. It’s a crossover between her favourite novels, Fear Street and My So-Called Life. Happy 16th birthday Ina!

This story is based on characters and situations created by R.L Stine(Fear Street) and Winnie Holzman(My So-Called Life)

-Valentine Fear-

Dedicated especially to Ina

Written by

Nadya the vampire slayer

West Hampshire Colony


In the darkest of darkest nights, a figure can be seen walking into a house. It was a cold winters night and the wolves can be heard howling into the pitch black sky. Everything was still. She entered into a small house where it’s located near a lake. In the house she was greeted only by her black cat, sleeping near the fireplace. No one was there. She was living alone. In that dim light, she looks cold and sad. But Samantha Lane was a beauty. She had long blonde hair, mesmerising blue eyes and the reddest lips. She had a dimple on her right cheek whenever she smiles but she didn’t have a reason to do so. She was weak from hunger and her body was frail and thin. She wore an old dress that was torn and tattered. Her shoes was worn out and dirty. The only thing she wore that looked precious and valuable was a gold chain with a heart shape golden pendentlocket she wore around her neck. The pendentlocket was decorated with fine diamonds. The necklace she wore since she was small and she had never opened it since then. The necklace, a witness to her tortures life.

Three Rivers


Chapter 1

Angela Chase felt a chill when she saw coldness that took everything through the window. She was a 15 year old teen with shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She had that interceptive and innocent look. Suddenly Rayanne Graff entered the her room. Angela just smiled.

"Hey", Rayanne greeted sitting on her bed. She started to bounce on the bed and eventually got up to hop on the bed sending wrinkles everywhere. It didn’t take long for Rayanne to undo the sheets and comforters. Angela just smiled with a note of disapproval in that smile.

"Hi. Where’s Rickie?", Angela asked keeping her work.

"Krakow’s. He’s going somewhere", Rayanne replied. "What is that?"

Angela seemed embarrass, "Some valentine ideas I’m planning on"

"Oh my god, Angela!", Rayanne suddenly screamed in excitement. "Just a week before Valentines Day! Why didn’t you like, remind me earlier?"

"Because I thought you had that thing everyone has. What’s it called? Oh, right. A calendar". Angela said trying her best to be sarcastic. Actually sarcastic is Rayanne’s middle name. Angela and Rayanne could be considered as best friends but they were total opposites. Rayanne had a ‘No-risk-no-fun’ type of life willing to do anything to be in the limelight. She even got the title for the girl in Liberty High with most slut potential. Angela however was nowhere near becoming a slut. Nowhere near losing her virgin in the first place. She was the ever lasting sweet and innocent girl of Liberty High. Angela’s so-called sarcasm made Rayanne seemed un-amused. "Anyway, why are you so eager for Valentines Day?"

"I dunno. I just love that day to love. Talk about things I love, I love this bed. bouncy. I’d love to have sex on this bed! It just gets you in mood you know", Rayanne said jumping higher and higher.

Angela threw a pillow at her, "Shut up!"

"I can’t wait to tell Jordan. He’d sure love to do you on this bed, right now", Rayanne said dodging a pillow. Angela just laughed and pounced on her. Soon they were wrestling on top of each other laughing more than anything else. Soon they were trying to catch their breath.

"That was fun. But the next time, on your bed", Angela demanded hitting Rayanne with a pillow.

"Oww. That hurts. You might broke my skull", Rayanne said acting as if her head hurts to much.

Angela knew Rayanne was a good actress. She had a leading role in a recent school play, ‘Our Town’. It was one of Rayanne’s talent that Angela secretly wish to have. "Come on. Let’s go see Rickie"

"Okey-dokey"Let’s go see Rickie"

Angela put on her jacket and followed Rayanne who singing a love song.

"I won’t have fun", Brian Krakow said putting his bags into the car.

"Why not?", Rickie Vasquez asked.

"Because there will be nothing to do there"

"So, you have nothing to do here too", Rickie strongly pointed out. Besides studying for pre-SAT’s and doing basic stuff to live, Brian pretty well didn’t have anything else to do around. He always have to tell himself that, that is his life. It didn’t mind if people said he had no life. He has one and he’s happy. Well, he thinks he is.

Angela and Rayanne joined them. "So Krakow, where to?", Rayanne asked. Angela felt cold and sneezed. Everyone turn their attention to her. "What? Don’t worry. I already got my flu shot", Angela said and sneezed again.

"My aunts", Brian replied short.

"Sounds like ‘fun’", Rayanne said. "Where’s that?"

"Fear Street"

A shadow crept over Rayanne’s face. "Fear Street? Are you sure? The most evil place in America?"

Angela seemed lost, "What evil?"

"Haven’t you guys heard? Ghosts, haunted houses, murders. That place is like, so cool", Rayanne said excitedly. "What, you’ve never been there?"

No-one knew whether to believe her or not. Lying was like eating for her. She can’t live without doing it.

Brian shook his head, "Don’t exaggerate. Everyone knows that there’s no such things as ghosts. There’s like, no scientific proof". Brian always talked logic. He’s the best student in Liberty and acted as if he knew everything and that everything was right.

"But there is!", Rayanne insisted. "See, Amber told me spirits are like, ghosts but not necessary evil. Unless they have like, a reason to be evil"

"I, I’ve thought I’d seen a ghost once", Angela suddenly said. Everyone started to look at her. "In Liberty’s. On Halloween"

"You know, I think I’ve heard of Fear Street. In homicidal shows on TV", Rickie said ignoring Angela.

"But I did! I saw a ghost!", Angela insisted again. She couldn’t help forgetting her encounter with the ghost at Liberty. He died there and his soul still haunted the school. Angela couldn’t believe she actually saw him or it or whatever it was. She hadn’t told a living soul, ‘till now. Now that she did, no one believed her.

"Whatever it is, I’m not going to have like, the most boring weekend. And if I get lucky, I’ll be able to make friends with a ghost, or spirit, or Casper or whatever. Sso if you guys could excuse me,. If I’m lucky. I gotta go", Brian said moving towards the car. His parents were already in…

"What’s wrong with Casper? I love that ghost", Rickie said as Brian was about to go in.

Brian shot him a look, "Oh please" .

Rayanne gave him a kiss on his cheek, "I’m gonna miss you. Don’t forget to say hi to Casper for me".

"Me too", Angela and Rickie added. Brian just smiled and entered the car. Angela, Rayanne and Rickie just stared at the car ‘till it faded down the street. Angela couldn’t help feeling very uneasy for him, "I’m afraid"

"Angelica! You’re like worried for him! That’s so sweet", Rayanne said teasingly.

"I am", Angela admitted. Rayanne and Rickie just looked at her. They didn’t know what to ask.

Fear Woods

Chapter 2

Brian was walking alone in Fear Woods. He wanted to go to Fear Lake. Actually he just wanted to get away from his aunts house. People did nothing but bragged about their stupid achievements. "They’re so lame", he thought.

Suddenly he thought he saw a figure in the woods. He realised it was a girl when he got closer. "Angela?", he said uncertainly squinting his eyes. Then he heard a loud screeching scream. He jumped but when he looked at the girl again, she was gone. He thought he was hallucinating or imagining Angela to be in the woods. But how could he imagine such a thing when he thought he was totally over her. He stared in confusion then he realised, it was getting dark, fast. He was sure he came early in the afternoon but how could it get dark so soon.

Brian got scared. Everything seemed to have faces in the woods. Scary, evil, deadly faces. He started to run out of there but it seemed that the woods was stretching farther and farther into nowhere. Darkness seemed like it was chasing him. Like a scene from a nightmare. Where you don’t even know what’s real anymore. Suddenly as he was running, he saw something shining in the dark so he stopped in his tracks to check it out. What he saw in front of his eyes made him gasped. Staring at him was a black cat with shining red eyes. Eyes of evil. He picked up that shining piece and discovered that it was a necklace with a golden heart pendent which was decorated with fine diamonds.


West Hampshire Colony


Samantha tightened the shawl over her to keep her warm from the merciless cold in the air. She bared the pain that shot through her feet because her delicate feet wore worn out shoes. Everyone that morning who saw her whispered to each other about Samantha Lane, the witch. Children would tempt or pretend to throw mud on her and people at the colony won’t let her buy anything from their shops. They said she might use it to make black magic. The colony was hell for Samantha. She’d do anything to prove her innocence but the people had their beliefs. False beliefs. Samantha’s parents was brutally executed by the colony for practising black magic. They were burn at the stake into ashes. Samantha was young then so she didn’t knew if her parents were really guilty. All she knew that she was innocent.

Samantha entered the biggest house in the colony. It was the Hayes’s resident, the high priest at the colony. John Hayes had big influence in the colony. There, Samantha took some rags from the kitchen and started cleaning up the living room. As she ran her fingers down the armchair, she imagined herself living in that house as the mistress. Then she felt something on her shoulder and jumped. She was now face to face with the most handsomest young man she’d ever met. He was staring deeply into her eyes.

Fear Street

Chapter 3

Brian was still fingering the gold necklace when the cat came closer towards him. He screamed when he saw the cat in shock. "Brian, calm. It’s just a stupid cat", he consoled himself. Then he started to walk back to his aunt’s still feeling dazed by what he found.

Brian was locked up in the room, still fingering and examining the pendent. He lifted it to his neck and shook his head, "Jewellery’s like, only for girls". He didn’t know why he still wanted to try it on. Like a strong power is urging him to do so. Sure it was beautiful but why would he want to wear it? Finally he wore it and looked into the mirror. In the mirror he could see his reflection and a black cat purring behind him on the bed.

"Hey you know what Kitty? I look good"

Three Rivers

Chapter 4

It was recess at Liberty High. Angela was sitting with Jordan Catalano, her boyfriend who was two years older than her. He was cute, had blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. He wasn’t a choice for someone like Angela but somehow fate brought them together. He drinks, she doesn’t. He has a broken down family, she doesn’t. The important thing is that they both like each other too much. Something a brilliant psychologist couldn’t even explain. They were talking about Jordan’s favourite subjects, his band Residue. Angela was trying her best to listen to what he’s talking about but she couldn’t help thinking about her physics test in two days time. She tends to get all worried on exams.

Jordan noticed Angela’s silence and threw his cigarette on the ground and wrapped his arms around Angela’s shoulder, "What’s up?"

Angela landed her head on his shoulder, "There’s this physics test coming up and I guess I’ll flunk it"

"Then go study", Jordan told her easily kissing her neck.

"I can’t. ‘Cause I know that I can’t get it. Why study when you know you’ll flunk it?"

"I dunno. I’ve never done it before. I mean, study", Jordan said truthfully. Angela hit him. "Ouch! So did you hear? We have this battle of the bands gig at this place, Fear Street?". Angela’s face started to change. "It’s on this Sunday"

"Fear Street? Isn’t there the most hunted place in America?", Angela asked him. Jordan just looked at her blankly. "Well, that’s what I heard from Rayanne"

"Rayanne? Graff. Don’t believe her. She believes everything, I think. Anyway, with Tino back in the band, we’re like, so sure to win", Jordan said getting all happy about the band.

"It’s so amazing how Jordan Catalano can make a physics test seem less important in every aspect in life", Angela said to herself looking at him. "Sometimes the whole world seems to be a happy place with him in the picture"

Jordan noticed Angela staring at him and smiled. He bent down and kissed her. Angela returned his kiss passionately. His kiss reminded her of Valentines Day. Angela ended the kiss and got up. "What?", Jordan asked.

"It’s the day for couples to celebrate and his busy playing in his band. It’s like, so him. To not care about this little things that seems so important to me", Angela sulked to herself. "Nothing. I oughta to study now", she told him walking away.

Jordan pulled her hand and drew her closer to him. "Angela, see you after school?". Angela just nodded. Jordan smiled to himself and kissed her again. The bell for next period rang but they didn’t start moving to their next classes. They were to busy kissing each other.

West Hampshire Colony


Samantha backed up but the man moved closer towards her. "Scared?", he asked teasingly. Samantha recognise the man as Damon Hayes. He was the 19 year old son of John Hayes. His only family. She’d never seen him in the house before. Samantha’s heart was racing fast. She had this funny feeling that she couldn’t explain. He had dreamy emerald, green eyes and blonde hair that was seductive enough to any women who met him. Samantha started to run back to the kitchen when Damon grabbed her hand, "Wait! I still don’t know your name"

Samantha paused and tried to overcome her shyness. It was not easy for her to communicate with anyone because it seems no one ever wants to talk to her. "Samantha Lane", she answered. She knew that Damon knows her. Everyone in the colony knows about the supposedly witch in the colony. It was only the search of evidence now.

Damon came closer to her, "Nice name. I’m Damon Hayes". Samantha just nodded politely. "You’re very beautiful", Damon said tilting his head. By the time she knew it, they were kissing passionately.


Three Rivers

Chapter 5

Angela was walking to homeroom after recess. No one was in the hallway. She was held back by Jordan at recess and now she’s late. Someone was watching her. She didn’t see him. It was Brain. He was watching her with a smile pasted on his face. In the hall, walked a black cat. It had something in it’s mouth and it’s eyes was shining red. That thing seemed to be small and long. A humans index finger, still bleeding with blood.


"Brian!", Angela shouted trying to get his attention in the hallway after school. Brian stopped walking and turn towards Angela who was at her locker. "I have this physics test so can you come over? To tutor me", Angela asked keeping her books. Before Brian could even answer, Angela gasped in surprise when she saw a red coloured envelope in her locker. The word Angela was written on it with a flowery type of font. "An early valentine from Jordan", Angela said happily taking it out from the locker.

Brian just smiled, "H-how sweet of him". Rayanne and Rickie joined them. "We need to talk", Rayanne said to Angela with a serious look on her face.

Rickie clasped his hand with delight, "A valentine! Who’s it from?". Rickie started to have romantic mushy stuff in his mind leaning close to Angela getting all excited.

Brian rolled his eyes.

Angela just blushed, "Who else? "

"I didn’t know he was like, sensitive. It’s like, unbelievably astonishing. I mean, you guys like, know how incredibly unromantic Jordan could be", Angela said still holding the envelope. Brian, Rayanne and Rickie just looked at her. "What! Do you expect to open it now?"

"Yeah", Rayanne said casually. "And we need to talk"

"So, what about that tutoring, Angela? Angela?", Brian said waving his hands on a dreamy Angela. She was still happy and shocked by what Jordan did. She spotted Jordan in the halls and he smiled at her. She smiled back and started to walk towards him.

"Angela!", Rayanne exclaimed in frustration.

"Come by this afternoon, Rayanne!", Angela answered back. "And I’ll come by to your house tonight Brian!"

Angela finally caught up with Jordan and they hold hands as they walked out of the halls. Rayanne, Rickie and Brian just looked at her.

"Does she have a life?", Brian asked. "I mean other than just being with him. Not to mention the things they do. What do they do? Do they eat? Or even sleep? God! Why am I so tense and worried?"

"Brian. You don’t have a life too, remember?", Rickie said sarcastically.

"That’s it. Our trio’s down to two", Rayanne said sadly. "It’s now just me and Rickie. I don’t get it. Why can’t she like, hang out with us like before. Now it’s just him"

"Yeah. Jordan Catalano like, owns her now", Brian said

"It’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Just, I dunno. Wish there was like, something we can do about it", Rayanne said sounding thoughtful.

"I think I know what", Brian said with a mischievous smile.

Angela was smiling the whole way until Jordan stopped his car in front of her house. Angela hesitated to go out. Instead she just stared at him. Jordan felt confused, "What?"

Angela kissed him and they kissed for a while in the car. "That’s thanks for the letter. I haven’t read it yet but..",

"What letter?", Jordan said cutting in.

Angela’s face changed, "It was not from you?"

Jordan thought for a while, "No"

Angela was confused. Was he playing games? But if he didn’t give it to her, who did? And she was sure she couldn’t have a secret admirer. She didn’t really thought of herself as pretty. Angela just gave him a smile and slammed the car door. "He wouldn’t even lie or admit being nice, how about really being nice in reality", Angela thought to herself shaking her head.

Angela sat on her bed and kept examining the red envelope. She put it near her nose and smelled it. It smelt like flowers. The suspense was killing her so she tore the envelope and took out a neatly folded piece of paper. She paused for a while before opening the paper. As the letter revealed itself, she let out a scream.

West Hampshire Colony


Samantha stared dreamily into the fireplace. Her black cat was happily purring near her. She was thinking about Damon Hayes. They met everyday in the morning at his residence for a moment where they would express feelings for each other and to have her first passionate moments with anyone. It has lasted for almost a week and Samantha felt as if they knew each other since birth. She knew he loved her and she couldn’t hide the feelings of loving him. He was kind to her and she loved the way he kissed her. They were secret lovers for no one knew that they loved each other. Samantha imagined one day they would get married and have lots of children. Her feelings for him was unstoppable. She felt that she wanted to tell him tonight itself. She knew that her Damon’s father was out of town and he would be alone. Alone that night with her. Without further thinking she took her shawl and stepped out the door into cold night.

When she reached there, she entered the house from the back wanting to surprise him. She tiptoed slowly into the living room and there she saw Damon and a girl she didn’t knew kissing each other passionately on the armchair. Samantha quenched her fist in anger.

Three Rivers

Chapter 6

Angela was still in horror when she read the letter, swallowing hard with every word she read. The words was written with something that looks like blood. The letters were like, slashed and the letter had the most deadliest message Angela has ever read.

Red is love,

Love from the heart,

Red is you,

In that crimson glow,

Red is blood,

That will paint your day,

On Valentines Day.

It was anonymous. Angela folded the letter back. Was this a joke? She thought who would give her such a letter. Threatening and full of hate. Who hated her? She wondered if the letter means she would get killed. Lots of questions. Questions just blurring her head. She wanted tell someone but she couldn’t even move. Danielle, her youngerlittle sister was not home yet, so was her mum and her dad. She looked again at the letter. She was positive it was real blood. Then someone burst into her room. "Rayanne!", Angela exclaimed hugging her tight. She never thought she would be so glad to see her friend.

"Angela? What’s with you?", Rayanne asked patting her friends back.

Angela recovered and took the letter from her bed. Rayanne read it and smirked, "How romantic of Jordan"

"It’s not from Jordan!", Angela exclaimed again. She was obviously flipping out.

Rayanne licked the bloody looking words in the letter and Angela made a gross face. "Definitely blood. Nice pigmentation, ummm not to reddish. Red with a brownish touch to it. Where did this person gets his ink? Ghouls ‘r’ Us?", Rayanne said as if it was a joke.

Angela couldn’t believe her ears. Rayanne was making a joke out of the whole thing. She started to feel more angrier than before, "I’ll never forgive you ‘till the day I die. Rayanne! This is serious!". Rayanne made everything into a joke. She never have feelings, or even emotions. Was she even human sometimes everyone would ask.

Rayanne heard the note of fear in her friends words. "Tino and his gang always do stuff like that. Threatening letters. Insulting ones. They do it for fun. Ignore it. Tell yourself this never happened", Rayanne said, trying to cheer her up. Every time she tried to do that she knew it won’t work. She thought herself as a cheer-too-full person but never could really cheer someone up.

Angela started to stare unbelievably at Rayanne and started to pace about in her room. "A plane could crash in my room and she’d think it’s nothing. She’s so, non-shockable", Angela said to herself.

"About what I wanted to speak to you about. Me and Rickie think that you’re like a stranger with us. You’re always hanging with Catalano. Just because you have this guy doesn’t mean you can stop being friends with us, and…", Rayanne trailed off cut by Angela.

"Do you really wanna talk about this now?", Angela cut in. Rayanne gave her a why-not? look.

Patty Chase, Angela’s mum, looked curiously at Angela who was not eating at dinner. She had a worried look on her face. Rayanne was ‘good’ help.

Graham Chase, Angela’s dad, came in from the kitchen with a bowl of soup. He sat down and noticed Angela. Patty gave him a look. "Angela? What’s wrong?", Graham asked his daughter. He knew he always tried to be there for her but since she entered the adolescence stage, she kept pushing him back no matter what.

"Nothing. No one understands", Angela replied. She got off her chair and went out the dining room. "I have a lot of homework", she said before leaving.

Angela was lying on her bed when she heard a knock. She opened the door and saw Brian standing in the doorway. "You said you’d come by tonight for physics. But, I’m here now so what’s the problem", Brian asked his usual bored way.

"I don’t want tutoring today", she replied honestly. She bent down her head, slid her hair behind her ears and started to cry. Brian felt guilty. He didn’t know what to do. "What happened?", he asked her softly.

"There’s this letter. I’m-I’m so scared", Angela said. She knew Brian still didn’t get it but she knew he understood. He was a good friend. Angela moved closer to Brian and hugged him.

Brian patted her hair. "God, she smells good", Brian said to himself. She cried on his shoulder. "Don’t be scared. Everything will come out straight again", Brian consoled her.

Angela lifted her head. "Thanks. I needed that". Her eyes was still red.

"No one is capable of doing something bad to you, okay? Cheer up. You look terrible like that"

Angela started to feel better. Why did she let her imagination run away with her? No one in Three Rivers are psychos or murderers. "You better go back Brian"

Brian just nodded and smiled as he saw a last glance of her that night. Angela smiled back. As she closed the door she actually felt better.

Three Rivers

Chapter 7

Angela walked towards her locker and spotted Rayanne. Rayanne smiled and walked towards her. Angela was feeling cheerful today. She threw that letter that she got yesterday in the bin. She thought that was the end. She didn’t know what awaits her.

"Hi", Rayanne says in her usually cheerful self.

"Hi", Angela replied turning the combination to her locker.

"So Rickie and I decided to organise this party. For people involved in the play. The play was a huge hit. So did Katimski say. I mean I’m not saying that it isn’t. but it was. Sold out seats. Everyone loved me. I think I’m actually liking that guy each second. I mean, Katimski. It’s like, kinda, freaky", Rayanne said taking out a strawberry pop tart.

Angela just listened and when she finally flew open her locker door, she screamed in shock. So did Rayanne who was looking at the locker. Everyone in the Liberty hallway surrounded Angela’s locker to see what the screaming was about. Inside the locker was a human skull. No one could tell if it was real. On the locker door, someone wrote in blood,

My broken heart,

You’re broken neck.

by anonymous. There was a picture of a heart, splitted into two. All of it was blood. Angela turned away. She had visions of death in her head. She felt dizzy. She was spinning and spinning into eternal space. When she back to reality, she ran out of the halls, out of Liberty High into a place she could run away forever. But she knew she couldn’t. someone caught her in the arm. She turned and saw Brian. In tears of fear she hugged him. "Everything didn’t turn out okay", she repeated over and over again.

Angela was sitting in Miss Keisinowski’s office. RayanneRayanne and Mr Katimski was there too. So was Miss Keisinowski the counsellor and Mr. Katimski was her English teacher, and she won’t admit, one of her favourite teacher. Angela was in Rayanne’s secure arms and Miss Keisinowski was writing notes. They were all trying to find out the person behind all the threatening letters and ‘gifts’. The janitor had already cleaned up her locker and Sharon Cherski insisted on doing a full investigation on Angela’s case. She took samples of the blood and asked Angela for the letter. She even took photographs of her locker. Miss Keisinowski insisted that the threats are lust fake and no one would get hurt. A harmless joke. Angela’s parents wasn’t notified yet unless Angela gets more valentine threats.

"Who knows your locker combination. Other than yourself", Katimski asked Angela.

"Jordan Catalano. Rayanne.", Angela answered slowly. She was still in shock.

"Rayanne’s your best friend right? How about Jordan?", Katimski asked.

"He’s my boyfriend. I told them the combination long ago. Anyway the school clerk has the combination number. Jordan and Rayanne wouldn’t do anything like that", Angela said trying to act calm.

"Of course they wouldn’t", Katimski said scratching his head. Any ex boyfriends? Er…enemy? Aa personguy who likes you?"

"A phsycho secret admirer?", Rayanne said jokingly. Everyone looked at her. "Who knows?"

"Angela should just ignore all of this. The person who’s doing this obviously wants to see some change in reaction in you. Jjust ignore all of this", Katimski consoled her.

Angela nodded weakly and walked out of the counsellor’s office. Miss Keisinowski gave Katimski a look. "What?", he innocently asked.

"Ignore the situation? How brilliant. The more this phsycho wants to play this ‘game’ of his", Keisinowski explained.

Katimski looked innocently into her face, "Why didn’t you say something earlier?"

"And now we look into the breathingbreathing organs.system. I’m sure you know which one is it, if you studied chapter 36", Miss Marian Chavatal, the biology said ordering her students. Sharon made a disgusted look. So did practically everyone in the class including Angela. "Draw what you see, in your lab report book. Make sure to get every detail"

Brian took of his gloves and started writing. His dead frog was neatly dissect. Then Angela, his lab partner came to him and smiled. "Yes?"

"I have like, no idea where’s the frogs heart is", Angela confessed to him.

Brian smiled and showed her his drawing. "Can you see it?". Angela nodded and begin copying his drawing. Miss Marian was walking table to table, checking her students experiments. She saw Angela copying something and went to her table. Luckily Angela closed her book just in time.

"Need any help?", she asked Angela and Brian.

"No thanks", Angela replied and started pretending to look closely into the frogs inner part. "Gross. I hate frogs"

Miss Marian just had to smile and walked away from their table. "That was close", Angela mumbled to herself.

"So. Have any idea the wise guy behind those valentine threats you’ve been getting?", Brian asked her.

Angela’s face changed. She tried to forget about it and didn’t want anybody to raise that question up. "No"

"Oh", Brian said. She had that scared look on her face so he didn’t want to say anything more. Angela just stared into the dead frog and started to feel nausea.

Angela entered her house and heard Danielle singing that annoying ‘sexist’ cheerleading song in the kitchen. Her dad was probably at their soon-to-be restaurant and her mum in her office. Angela used to love to have her parents at work but the thought of no-one to protect her made her feel uneasy. She entered the room and saw blood everywhere. The most high pitched scream escaped her throat and Danielle who heard it downstairs begin to rush to Angela’s for her aid.

Three Rivers

Chapter 8

The blood from Danielle’s face drained out when she saw what was on Angela’s floor. Angela had her hand covering her mouth in shock and horror. A dead frog was smeared all over the floor with a kitchen knife sticking out of it’s body. On the floor something was written in blood,

If you think this is gross,

Wait ‘till you see yourself this Valentines Day

Angela fell on her knees and Danielle started vomiting. Everything was in red. Red, the colour that expresses loveof love. The colour everyone thought of at Valentines. The colour of blood. Never in her life has Angela seen this much blood.

Patty covered Angela with a blanket while Graham opened the door for the cops. They’d questioned Angela before about the threats. Who ever it was must be close to Angela, in the same school, perhaps the same biology class ‘cause he knew about Angela dissecting a frog that same day. The cops suspecteds that he also knew Angela’s locker combination and how to break into the Chase’s house that day. They didn’t take any action but just told her to be careful. Some help they were. Danielle felt sick and was still feeling nausea. Graham shut the door and walked over to his family. He was feeling scared for his family although his face revealed calmness. "You sure about going to school tomorrow?", Patty asked Angela.

Angela just nodded. It seems that she always seemed speechless when something like this happens. Graham gave her a reassuring pat on her hand. Angela tried to smile. She felt lucky to have a family to turn to on times like this. Anyway, threats or no threats, she has that physics test tomorrow.

Three Rivers

Chapter 9

Angela entered Katimski’s as usual and sat at the back at the class. She then saw Jordan sitting to the table next to her. He gave her a warm smile. Angela tried to smile back. She didn’t see him earlier because Patty sent her to school today instead of Jordan. Katimski gave them an essay title to do but Angela couldn’t think. She stared at the window and thought she saw someone in a black cape. But when she tried to focus on that person, she saw nothing. She got scared. English was on the second floor.

"Angela?", Katimski said startling her.


"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. Just fine". She wished everyone saw that person so she could share her opinions about ghosts. She’s beginning to think that ghost really exits. "Maybe someone really liked me and died. Now he’s out to hunt me. Like a story from a movie", she thought to herself. "The person in the cape looked like a rip-off from ‘Urban Legend’"

School seemed to go on forever. She felt relieved when school’s over. She walked slowly out of physics. She didn’t see Rayanne and Rickie the whole day including Jordan. They still didn’t know about yesterdays break in and threat. Someone knows where she lives. The thought of that made her hesitate to go home maybe she’d ask Sharon to see her home, or even Brian. She was really desperate that time. Then she stumbled on Brian.

"So how was the test?", he asked her.

"I think I flunked it", she answered. "Correction. I’m sure I flunked it", she told herself truthfully.

"So. Do you want me to go home with you, I mean, after what happened yesterday so"

"Sure. I’d love that"

Brian smiled happily as she walked beside him in the halls. Angela chase is actually nice to him. he felt as if this was all a dream because he had longed to have this moment with her. He was her knight in shining armour.

Angela laughed as Brian finished his joke. He laughed to. "That was good", she said . They were in the kitchen eating leftover cheese cakesteak after school. So far, Angela didn’t get any valentine threats today.

"I think I have to go home", Brian said looking at his watch. Just then Patty entered the kitchen with Danielle.

"Sorry I’m late. Had to pick Danielle up from practice", Patty said putting her handbag on the counter. "So. How was school?"

"Not so good Angela" said fiddling with her cup.

"I better go now", Brian said getting up. "See you tomorrow"

"Hopefully", Danielle continued.

"Danielle!", Angela exclaimed throwing a crunched up ball of paper to her.

"I see you’re feeling better, Danielle" Patty said. "Yesterday you were to sick to even walk"

Brian shut the Chase’s backdoor and stumbled across Jordan outside. "What are you doing here?"

Jordan looked around, "This is Angela’s right? We have a date tonight"

"Well, Angela doesn’t want to go out today", Brian told him bitterly.

"We’ll see about that Brain", Jordan said knocking the door.

Brian walked out of the Chase’s yard and headed back home. Patty answered the door and saw Jordan smiling at her. "Oh, hi"

"Hi", Jordan said uneasily.

"Come in"

"Thanks", he said and entered the kitchen. He saw Angela lying her head on the table. "Hey"

Angela lifted her head in surprise. "Hey"

"So. Do you wanna go?"

"Go where?", Patty asked.

"That new pizza restaurant I forced him to take me too", Angela answered.

"Well, do you want to go? I mean, if you’re worried of something, the person behind those valentine threats, you and Jordan can just stay here", Patty said nervously.

"What valentine threats? Are you still getting them?", Jordan asked.

Angela nodded. "Anyway whoever it is doesn’t bother to stalk me wherever I go. Let’s go. I’m starving"

PattyPatty gave and Danielle a looked at each other. They were surprise how Angela could act so calm.

Angela sat beside Jordan in one booth. The pizza place was quiet. Only them, the workers and two couples was there. Jordan moved closer to her and took her hand, "You know I’m jealous"

Angela seemed please at what he said. "Why?"

"’Cause someone’s dying to have you. You know, the guy with those valentine threats. I think he likes you."

"I wish he hadn’t. The valentine threats may be true. You better be careful. I mean, he must know about you"

Jordan just dismissed it as if it was nothing. Angela couldn’t help feeling annoyed. Just then a guy about 17 came to their table. "What will it be?"

Angela looked at the menu and looked at the waiter. She found herself admiring him. She thinks he’s cute with that bouncy blonde hair and blue eyes. "A chicken pepperoni pizza, please"

The waiter smiled at her and kept glancing at her as he wrote down the order. "First time here?", he asked her looking into her eyes.

Angela felt herself blushing. Jordan leaned back in annoyance. She had her eyes looked on him as he went to the counter to give their order. She love the feeling that Jordan was feeling jeolous.

"You like him", he said to her.

"I do?" Angela asked innocently.

"I’m going to the bathroom", he said getting up. "Did you know Corey Helfrick like, disappeared?"

Angela seemed shock, "I don’t know. Since when?"

"I heard since Sunday. Weird huh?"

Angela just stared ahead her.

Jordan entered the toilet and took out a cigarette. He looked around the empty toilet and saw it was clean. He thought he heard someone but just ignored it. Then he saw red fluids coming out from the last toilet booth. Curiously he threw his cigarette and walked towards the booth and swallowed hard as he opened the toilet booth door and gasped in horror.

West Hampshire Colony


Samantha felt her blood boiling and started shouting at them. "Damon! Who is this what are you doing! How-how could you!?", she screamed with word twisted with anger and confusion.

Damon just smiled and the girl laughed. "Why? What’s you’re problem?", Damon asked calmly.

"But-but", she said trying to get the words out. "I thought you love me!"

"Love? What is love? Did I say I love you?", Damon asked getting up.

The girl was still on the chair pulling her dress up, "He doesn’t love me"

"What?!", Samantha asked starting to feel sad, betrayed and depressed than anger.

"Did I say I loved you? Did I?!", Damon said starting to get angry. "What is love?"

"You’re lying!", Samantha exclaimed. "You do love me!", she insisted.

The girl gave her a look, "Excuse me but I think you’ve made a big mistake"

"She’s right", Damon said and moved towards the girl and kissed her.

Samantha couldn’t believe her ears. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at. She stared at the girl with anger burning and they still ignored her. Samantha used all her strength and pulled theim apart. Damon was angry and hit Samantha’s face with his hand. Samantha fell and gasped in horror when she saw blood when she touched her face. Pain shot through her cheeks and she bared with it.

"Nice necklace", the girl said looking admiringly at Samantha’s pendent.

Samantha gathered all her strength and got up on her feet. She came closer to Damon who was laughing at her and took his hand. Damon’s eyes bulged as he heard a crack coming out of his hand. He screamed in pain as Samantha twisted his arm using one hand. The girl screamed and ran out of the house. Damon felt pain everywhere and shouted in despair when he saw his hand limp, broken and twisted. "You love me!", Samantha screamed at him. Just then John Hayes entered the house and was shocked to see their housemaid twisting his sons hand and the son was just standing there helplessly. "What are you doing?!!", John screamed. Samantha quickly let go of Damon’s hand and just stood there, not knowing what to do.

"Father! She twisted my hand! It’s broken! She’s a witch! She’s to strong for a mortal!", Damon shouted. "She’s a witch!", he repeated over and over.

"No", Samantha said defensively. "No! I’m not a witch!" She tried to run away but John Hayes quickly caught her and pinned her to the floor.

"No!", Samantha yelled as John tied her up.

"Witches don’t deserve to live", John said as he tied her whole body. "Witches must die"

Three Rivers

Chapter 10

Lance Clayton waved his friends goodbye. From the club he walked to his apartment where he just moved in a week ago. He looked at his watch and realised it was late. He walked through an alley and closed his nose as the smell of rubbish was in the air. He was alone in the dark. He took this shortcut because it was nearer although he couldn’t deny the spookiness.

As he was walking he suddenly saw something red shining in the dark. More like a pair of shining red eyes. Lance stopped in his tracks. The thing came closer. He sighed in relief when he only saw a black cat. It was just walking towards him.

He ignored it and just started to walk back. Suddenly he screamed in pain. Pain took over his left foot. He turned around and saw the cat. It scratch him bad. His legs was bleeding. He never saw so much blood.

"What the hell?", he exclaimed, confused. He sneered at the cat limped to a wall. He tore some of his shirt and wiped of the blood.

Then, out of nowhere, he saw blinding light. He shielded his eyes and screamed as a car approached him fast. He limped as fast as he could trying to get away, "What’s happening?!". His foot hurts more and more with every step. He even felt like crying.

Soon he found himself trapped at a dead end. He looked up and saw that the brick wall was at least nine feet tall. He tried to climb it, but it was too late. First a blind light, then a car. He screamed as the car came closer, screaming more when he saw no one driving it The car smashed him to the wall. Pieces of meat and flesh flew everywhere. The white car was fully damaged in front and covered in blood. The car gave an endless honk through the night. The black cat tiptoed gracefully on top of the car and licked the remains of Lance that was practically everywhere.

Three Rivers

Chapter 110

Jordan stood still as he saw what was left of the waiter that took their order just a minute ago. His head was in the toilet bowl and neck has been cut and endless blood kept flowing from his two legs that’s been stabbed. His fingers appeared to been cut of and gone. His blue eyes was no longer in their sockets. "Shit", Jordan said as he tried to look away from the body. Then he felt pain on his arm and looked at the back. The killer ran out from the toilet window. He didn’t catch a glimpse of his face but he did see his body. He moved his attention to his arm that was cut seriously by the murderer. He ran out of the toilet and everyone outside gasped when they saw blood staining Jordan’s arm. Angela got up and came closer towards Jordan and her eyes grew big as Jordan said those three words, "Someone’s been murdered"

Angela was sitting in the emergency room with Jordan as they waited for her parents. "Are you okay?", she asked Jordan.

He nodded. "I just don’t think I can sleep without having nightmares"

Angela looked at him doubtfully. They were relieved that the cops stopped questioning them. One of the cops thought there was a connection with Angela’s valentine threats but everyone including Angela doubted it. How could Jordan just get a cut from the murderer when the murderer seemed more brutally voilent. And why the waiter? She had just spoken to him minutes before he died. She was even flirting a little with him.

"Everyone I like or used to like seemed to have bad luck", Angela said.

"What’s that suppose to mean?", Jordan asked.

"First Corey. Than that waiter. Am I a jinx or something?"

"Something very evil is happening around here, Angela. You better take care?"

"How do you know?"

"Just like, a six sense I have"

"I’m beginning to think that this threats are like, so true", Angela said. Her whole body started to shiver everywhere on that horrifying thought. "What am I suppose to do?"

"Don’t worry about it", Jordan consoled her. Terror begin to enter Angela’s mind. What if Jordan’s the killer? He does know her locker combination. Angela tried to put away that thought. Why would he even do it? Jeolousy? Maybe the cops had their suspects for the murder and Angela’s threatening valentines but now there was only one primal suspect in Angela’s theory, Jordan Catalano.

Patty and Graham appeared from behind and they hugged Angela. "Where’s Danielle?", Angela asked relieved to see her parents.

"She doesn’t want to come. She’s scared she might get nausea again", Graham informed her. "And all that thought about wanting to be a doctor"

"So how’s your arm Jordan?", Patty asked in full concern.

"It’s okay. No serious injury. But the waiter, phew, bummer", Jordan said looking at Patty with every word.

"So what did the cops say?", Graham asked.

"Nothing", Angela and Jordan answered in unison. "But I heard the doctors saying that he was more likely killed by an animal. Teeth marks and all", Jordan explained.

"But what do you think. You saw the body first, right?", Patty asked.

"Evil. The work of pure evil. Doesn’t matter in what form. Evil comes from humans and animals", Jordan answered sounding thoughtful. Patty and Graham just looked at each other sceptically.

"Well, better get going now. See you some time?", Patty asked Jordan.

"Sure. If I can survive whatever it is", Jordan answered. Patty and Graham just became befuddled and walked out of the emergency room.

"I’ll meet you guys outside", Angela told her parents. Soon she was with Jordan again. "What do you mean survive whatever it is?", Angela asked him with her arms folded across her chest.

"The evil. Angela, you’re like stalked by it. I know"

"Jordan, stop playing games! This is not a joke!", Angela exclaimed. Everyone in the emergency room looked at them.

"I just know. It’s like so unexplainable", Jordan explained trying to keep her calm.

Angela started to leave but he caught her hand and moved closer to her. "See you tomorrow?"

Angela just nodded. Jordan lowered his head and tried to kiss her. Angela turned away and Jordan let go of her hand in disappointment. He just could look at her as she walked out of the ER. He felt scared for her safety and knew she couldn’t hide.

Three Rivers

Chapter 121

Angela was drinking milk that Thursday morning when Graham read an article from the paper. More bad news than Angela could imagine.

"Hey, there’s this article of that body they found in the backa local alley at Three Rivers. Well, remains of a body. It seems to be smashed when a white Honda ran into him", Graham read out. Patty came closer to him and peered into newspaper, so did Danielle but Angela couldn’t care less. "Soon the same article will be about me", she thought sadly.

"Police took days to identify the body. The boys name is Lance Clayton. So young. A student of one of the Pittsburgh’s college", Patty continued.

Angela dropped her glass on the table in shock. The milk poured all over the table but Angela ignored it. Instead she snatched the paper from her dad and looked at the picture. "Oh my god", she said under her breath.

Patty took some Kleenex and wiped the milk, "What’s wrong?"

"I know this guy. He was one of my counsellors at the YMCA camp two years ago", Angela explained, "and the first guy I ever kissed", she said to herself. She scanned the paper and gasped, "The cops said that he was killed on Tuesday. His fingers was still missing and he was killed by an animal". Angela stood motionless with the paper in her hand. The murder seemed so much the same with last nights murder.

"I didn’t know Pittsburgh had a lot of murders in a week", Danielle suddenly said.

"Must be the same killer", Angela guessesaid.

Sharon was looking intently into her notebook while Angela boredly looked at her. "I got it!", Sharon suddenly exclaimed making Angela jumped.

"Please do not do that again", Angela warned her. "I’m tired of getting jumpy"

"Anyway, thanks to me and you for those wonderful clues, I actually like know the phsycho behind this. The murders of Lance and that waiter, senders of you’re threatening valentines is…", Sharon stopped for suspense to build up.

"Yes?", Angela asked her.

Sharon edged closer to her. The girls room was full of people at recess. "Jordan Catalano", she whispered. To her surprise, Angela didn’t seem surprised at all. "Angela, believe it. Both victims likes you and you like them. Jordan witnessed this. Anyway, he knows your locker combination "

"I believe you. Aanyway I wasn’t sure if the waiter liked me", Angela told her.

"But he did smiled at you right?"

"Who knows he smiles at everyone. Like a bad habit or something. Anyway Jordan doesn’t know about Lance. The only person who knew about the first guy I ever kissed was Rayanne and Rickie"

"You sure? Of course you’re sure. And why you never told me? I thought we were like, close friends"

"Yes. God, why is my life so complicated?", Angela said supporting her chin with her hands. The recess bell rang. "Let’s go", she said.

"Angelica, who kills because of jealousy? Hate. People kill because of hate but not because a little thing like jealousy. Plain stupid", Rayanne said. "This whole thing is like the most biggest coincidence in America. Or your life", she continued tying her braid.

"I don’t know Rayanne", Angela said opening her locker. As the locker opened, a red envelope flew out. Rayanne stared at it and Angela just ignored it. After she kept her books Rayanne picked it up.

"Aren’t you going to open it?", Rayanne asked waving the envelope in front of her face.

Sharon joined them,. "Aa new threat? Open it!", she demanded. Angela ignored Sharon’s words. "It may help in the investigation"

"You’re doing an investigation? You, Cherski?", Rayanne said mockingly pointing a finger at her with every syllable.

"Yes and could you like, shut up", Sharon ordered her.

"Read it", Angela suddenly said. She was sick and tired of the whole day.

Rayanne gladly open it up and read it out,

All your love is killed,

Killed before Valentines Day,

But my love for you is still alive,

Soon the only valentine left is me.

"And it’s written by that same blood. Gross!", Rayanne said looking at the letter

"Can I have that?", Sharon asked Angela pointing to the letter.

"Be my guest", Angela said.

"I’m going to tryget the cops identify the owner of the blood", Sharon explained.

"Duh! Why didn’t you do so with the first letter?", Rayanne asked.

"Duh! Angela threw it out"

"Duh! Who knows it might be chicken blood?", Rayanne said.

Angela sighed and slamed her locker. She then spotted Jordan with a sling around his shoulder. She quickly walked away and ignored his calls.

"Angela! For you", Danielle said passing her a large bouquet of flowers. Angela squealed in delight as she smelled the flowers. "The delivery man came", Danielle said touching the flowers. "Who’s it from? Jordan?"

"Danielle do you have homework?", Angela asked hoping to get rid of her from her room.


Angela took the card attached to it and read,

The only flowers you’ll be getting this valentines day,

Is the flowers for your funeral.

Angela’s face grew paled and she automatically got up from her bed and went downstairs. Danielle took the card and read it. "At least he didn’t do it in a nauseating way", Danielle sighed in relief

Angela came out the door and stood in her front yard. She looked around and imagined someone looking at her now, ready to make her life misery. Anger possessed her. Her face looked set and determined. "Who are you!!", she screamed. Passer-by’s just looked at her. "Come and get me! Kill me now! Why wait for Valentines Day?!", she continued shouting. Brian head the commotion and went out of his house to see Angela. "Kill me in my own front yard! I’m here! What are you waiting for", she screamed, flipping out of her senses. Everyone in the neighbourhood thought she had gone nuts. Brian ran to her and grabbed her from the back. "Let me go!!", she screamed kicking Brian.

"Calm down. Angela, calm down", Brian said to her softly. Angela still refused and kept kicking and struggling to get out of his strong arms. "Calm down", Brian repeated softly, over and over again. Soon Angela was calmed and she hugged Brian.

Three Rivers

Chapter 132

Brian gently pulled Angela’s head back from the water in the sink. He had her dunking her head into the water in the toilet after he successfully calmed her down. "Now are you okay?"

Angela nodded. Then she shook her head, "No, I’m not okay"

"Now we’re not going trough this again", Brian told her.

"I’m going to kill him"

"Who?", Brian asked curiously.

"This so-called jealous of my love life guy", Angela answered.

"You…-you can’t be serious, Angela?", Brian asked.

Angela stared at him icily and Brian begin to get scared, "Of course I’m not serious", she answered happily. "I just wanted to have drama. Chill Brian"

Brian rested his head in relief on the wall as Angela became herself again.

"I got the bloodDNA test result!", Sharon said happily as she waved the results in a big envelope.

"In one day?", Angela asked sceptically in the cafeteria stabbing her macaroni and cheese. "How did you get the cops to do it anyway?"

"Remember that biology project for extra credit?", Sharon asked. No one gave a sign of knowing whatever she was talking about. Anyway, some of us had our blood type report at Miss Marian. I asked her to do a quick experiment. Isn’t the system amazing", Sharon said enthusiastically opening the envelope. "Here it is. The blood from the letter was O negative and the person with the same blood type is, Corey Hilfrick?"

"The system failed us", Angela said.

"It…-it must be true. Corey Hilfrick is O negative and she’s positive about that. the other students are not O positive. But isn’t he like, missing?"

"Yeah. Just remember that 15% of the entire world population has O blood type. Just some coincidence", Angela pointed out. "Why can’t you run something better like a DNA test?"

"Because you need expensive equipment and ten weeks", Sharon said exasperated. "This is the closest clue I can get so take it"

"So my valentine is Corey. And he uses his blood to write me love letters. How sweet", Angela said sacarsticaly. "What’s next? Poisonous heart shaped chocolates?"

"I think Corey’s been murdered. That explains the blood. If he hadn’t use his victims blood, how can he use his own? Anyway, Corey hasn’t been found yet. I heard the police was in his case ", Sharon explained in detailed.

Angela’s thoughts lifted up, "You’re right! Oh my god. That means Corey is dead?"

"I guess so", Sharon said.

Three Rivers

Chapter 143

Angela slammed the front door. She felt sad at the thought of Corey being dead. But she still had hope for him. she went to her room and gasped in surprise. Her room was filled with those heart shaped, metallic balloons filled with helium gas. The hearts was in red, white and pink with different messages on them, all in flowery fonts,

You’re Drop Dead Gorgeous

You’re An Angel This Valentines Day

You’re To Die For

Celebrate Valentines Day In Hell

The Candy You’ll Get Are Poisonous

Love Spells Death

Give Yourself A Heart Attack

Everyone’s Dying For You

Angela’s head raced until she passed out. She fell into a dream. A nightmare. She was walking in Liberty wearing a beautiful wedding gown. No one was there. There was distant sounds of sirens. The floor she was stepping on was a metallic grill. It was rusty and the walls seemed to be with blood stains all over. There was no light. As she walked into Katimski’s class, she saw a wedding reception waiting for her. As she walked down the aisle Patty cried and Rayanne gave her a thumbs up. She kept walking down the aisle until she was side by side with a guy in a tux. He smiled at her. She couldn’t recognise him first because all she saw was a guy with the eyes scraped out and the face scratched all over. She realised it was Jordan. She wanted to scream but instead no voice came out. As the priest started the ceremony, Angela heard someone say, "How romantic. A wedding on Valentines Day". Suddenly, someone came in and shouted, "Stop!! She can’t marry him!"

Angela turn to look at the person. He was wearing a dark cape. He was blurred up so Angela couldn’t recognise him at all. With a snap of his two fingers, everyone at the wedding ceremony dropped to the ground and turned into skeletons. Only Angela stayed in one piece. Angela screamed when she saw her mum reaching out for hands. Her hands were just bones that was brittle and it broke into dusts.

"Who are you!? Why are you doing this?!", she asked clutching to her mum’s skeleton that’s already turned entirely to dust.

"You broke my heart, and now you’ll suffer", the person in the dark cape said as calmly anyone could imagine. A black cat appeared from nowhere and jumped onto it’s shoulder. The cat stared at Angela with a pair of red accusing eyes.

"I didn’t do anything!", Angela insisted. She was now more afraid than anything.

"You stole my heart. You didn’t return my love"

"I never did that to anyone!"

"You did to. You were just to busy around him to notice anything", the person said showing Jordan who melted away into blood.

"No!!", Angela screamed and tried to run but her feet was caught by a pair of ugly hands that came out from the ground.

The person came closer towards her, "Not returning someone’s love is worst than betrayal. Someone who loves you would give out his own life!", he suddenly exclaimed.

Angela tried to act calm as he was just in front of her. She hit him with her hands but she felt nothing. He came closer and said the final words, "And now, you shall die!"

And with that she woke up on her bed. Patty was sitting beside her with a worried look on her face, "Feeling better now?"

Angela didn’t answer but instead she hugged her mother tightly.

West Hampshire Colony


Samantha woke up feeling sick. She than realised she was back home. What happened to John Hayes who tied her up until she passed out?

She tried to get up and saw her black cat purring beside her. Samantha reached her neck for the necklace and was relieved when she felt the gold pendent against her fingers. "Why did he brought me here?", Samantha asked herself. After what she did to his sons hands. Maybe he knew how guilty Damon was. "Guilty for not returning my pure love for him", Samantha said stroking her cat.

The words of anger still pounded in her whole body. But in all that tense emotion, Samantha still felt feelings for Damon. "No, no. This can’t be! Why do I still like him?", she asked her cat.

Her cat suddenly scratched the wooden floor. "You’re right", Samantha said. "I should forget him"

Suddenly someone knocked her door, "Open up! Open up, witch! We know you’re in there!"

Samantha’s face became pale. "No. I’m not a witch. Please believe me!", she said. The men outside her door begin pushing the door together. Samantha walked backwards to the corner of her small house and repeated, "I’m not a witch"

Suddenly the door cracked open. A lot of men came into her house. "Catch that witch!", someone shouted. Samantha realised he was the high priest of the colony, John Hayes. "She disappeared from my house and now don’t let her get away!"

Samantha couldn’t believe her ears. She was the one who suddenly found herself back home. How else could she reach there?

Samantha screamed and yelled as the men tied her up and carried her away from her house. She knew her life was doomed.

Three Rivers

Chapter 154

Angela’s parents were at work that Saturday morning. Angela and Danielle was in the foyer with Sharon. They were talking about Angela’s dream yesterday.

"Weird. So scary and weird", Sharon said writing something in her notebook. "So now we know it’s not Jordan"

"How do we know it’s not Jordan?", Danielle asked raising her browse.

"Because Jordan was like, dead in yourAngela’s dream. The person behind this is the one with the cape", Sharon explained.

"It’s only a dream. It can’t be true", Angela pointed out.

"But the message on the locker was, my broken heart, your broken neck. Surely you never broke his heart before, I mean Jordan", Sharon continued.

Angela looked thoughtful. Sharon was right.

"A Valentines Day card!", Danielle screamed showing her sister and her friend what she found in the mailbox.

Sharon took the envelope and read, "To Danielle Chase. From Ryan? Who’s Ryan?", she asked looking at Angela. Angela raised her shoulder for an I don’t know.

Danielle took the card out and read, "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you"

Sharon snorted, "How original"

"Nothing gets more original than mine", Angela said. Spending afternoons with her friend and her pesky little sister didn’t help her forget about those threats. "Valentines day is tomorrow"

"You know Angela, I was wondering if you’d want to have like, something to make you feel secure", Sharon suddenly asked.

"Like an insurance. A life insurance?", Danielle asked sacarstically.

"Anything!", Angela answered in a begging motion.

Sharon came closer to Angela. Danielle did the same. "Danielle. Could you like, get out?", Sharon asked. Danielle sulked to herself as she walked out the door. "A gun", Sharon said almost a whisper.

Angela’s eyes grew big, "A gun? Are you crazy!". She laughed and rolled on the bed.

"You think this is funny? This is serious, Angela!", Sharon said starting to laugh herself.

Angela pulled herself together, "Who’s gun is it? Kyle?", she said and laughed again.

"My dad’s"

Angela got up and stared at her. "I hate guns"

Three Rivers

Chapter 165

Angela opened her front door and found Jordan standing at the doorway. His sling had been removed. "Hi", he greeted her.

Angela moved to the side to let him come in. Sharon came downstairs and stared at them for a while. Then with an angry sigh she came to Angela and kissed her, "See you tomorrow", and left giving Jordan one last stare.

"Why does she hates me so much?", Jordan asked in annoyance.

Angela ignored the question and asked, "Why are you here?"

Jordan felt shocked and hurt but he answered her question, "Can’t I visit my girlfriend? Angela, what’s wrong with you? It’s almost like you don’t trust me"

Angela looked into his face to search the truth, "Why should I?"

Jordan gave an upsetting worried look and begin to turn back. He stopped in his tracks and came closer to her, "You think I’m that phsycho? You think I’d do a low thing like that?" . Angela didn’t answer. "I’m more worried for you than ever. Because I care. Why should I send you those threats if I cared?"

Angela was lost for words. Something in her mind was censoring his words, telling her it was lies. She couldn’t help it.

"Something evil’s goin’ around, isn’t it? You’re brainwashed or something", Jordan said trying to clear her mind.

"What!?", Angela exclaimed angrily.

"It is. You’re like, different. The evil’s got you"

Angela paced around the foyer starting to think but she couldn’t. It was like her whole head was blurring up.

"I wouldn’t say this because I’m lying. It’s the truth. I’m telling the truth ‘cause I care for you. I don’t want to see you hurt and-and I love you so that’s the reason I care. Yeah. And I’m not crazy when say-"

"What did you say?", Angela asked in astonishment.

"I care?"

"No, no. Before that"

"I love you?"

Angela’s eyes brighten up. She did not expect those words coming out from his mouth. Before Jordan could continue any further, Angela kissed him. Jordan being surprise at her reaction kissed her back passionately with their hands around each others back. Danielle who was peeping them from the stairway smiled happily.

After they finished their kiss, Angela blushed and Jordan was thinking of something next to say, "I want you to follow me tomorrow"

Angela raised her face to look into his blue eyes and smiled, "I would love that"

"The gig is tomorrow afternoon so maybe we could do something earlier at Fear Street?"

"What is there in Fear Street?", Angela asked him with full of attention.

"It’s a surprise", he said smiling intently at her.

"That’ll be great", Angela said moving closer to him for another kiss.

West Hampshire Colony


Samantha was full of grief and horror while everyone saw her being tied to the stake. On that day, she’d be burned to ashes for being a witch. Though she was innocent, she couldn’t say anything against the high priest who claimed that she was too strong for a mortal and could vanish herself anytime she wanted. Samantha looked around for one last time. People shouted "Witch! Witch!" repeatedly and looked at her with disgust.

Samantha saw Damon in the crowd staring at her with an icy glare. He had a sling on his arm. Samantha didn’t want to burn because she still hadn’t expressed all of her anger at her. "Damon, please! Help me!", she begged desperately pulling her hands from the tight ropes that cut of her blood circulation from her hands. Damon gave her a final glare and smiled evilly as he saw a man lighting up the hay that surrounded the stake.

Samantha felt the heat in her toes and cried with pain as the fire ate up her entire feet. In all that pain she wished she could just vanish like how she did from the Hayes’s house. But she didn’t knew how. For one last time she raised her head and looked directly at Damon who was laughing wickedly. "I’ll have revenge", she said as the flame took over her body.

Three Rivers

Chapter 176

That Saturday morning, the Chase’s was in the foyer when a the doorbell rang. AngelaAngela opened the door and greeted Jordan happily at the doorway. Patty smiled at them and asked curiously, "Where are you guys going?"

Angela gave her mother a warm smile and the sweetest way she could talk to her, "Jordan has this plan for, you know"

Patty gave her an empty stare. Angela pulled her mum to the kitchen and her mum was curious than ever, "What dear?"

Jordan felt lost when Angela and Patty went to the kitchen. He looked around the foyer and looked at some family pictures.

"Were going to Fear Street. At Shadyside", Angela told her mum.

"For what?"

"Oh mum. Don’t tell me I can’t go out with him on valentines day?", Angela said sulkily.

Patty gave a thoughtful smile, "Today’s valentines day?"


"Okay, okay. Go on and have fun", Patty finally said. "Just don’t come home late. Tonight’s a school night"

Angela kissed her mum and went out of the kitchen. Patty went out of the kitchen and saw Jordan helping her put her coat off. "Angela? I’m glad you’re forgetting those threats", Patty said to her.

Angela smiled back but deep inside her heart she wanted to flee like a rabbit from the neighbourhood. She didn’t want to loose her soul on a special day like valentine. She doesn’t know what awaits for her at Fear Street

Three Rivers

Chapter 187

Sharon stepped on the Chase’s front porch. She was holding a paper bag. Then she knocked the door three times and Danielle opened the front door in a bored manner.

"Hi! Where’s Angela?", Sharon asked Danielle who was leaning her head on the door.

"She’s out with Jordan Catalano. They went to this gig at Fear Street. Well, that’s what she said", Danielle answered curiously looking at Sharon’s paper bag. "What do you have in there?"

"Nothing", Sharon answered in annoyance. "Are you she’s like, really out with him?"

"Duh. He came by. Of course I’m sure it’s him", Danielle said.

Sharon seemed to look frustrated. "Thanks", she finally said and left.

Danielle shook her head and sighed to herself, "Weird. some people has got to get a life on this planet"

Angela enjoyed the breeze as Jordan’s car zoomed past Three Rivers to Shadyside. It was the first time she rode Jordan’s car with the roof brought down. She thought to herself, "No worries in life when your in a convertible, having the wind in your face. This are those moments where you know life has like, lots of things you haven’t discovered"

Jordan was humming a tune that Angela hadn’t heard before and asked him, "What is that?"

"The song Residue’s playing at the gig today"

"So Tino’s going to be there, right?"

"Yeah. But this time, even when he’s in, I get to like, be in lead you know"

Angela pretended to be happy for him. Actually she was feeling sorry for herself. "He never said like, a single thing about valentines today. Like he’s to happy for his gig to even care", she said to herself.

Angela frowned boredly as they passed Shadyside High.

Sharon knocked on the Krakow’s and a man answered it. Sharon flashed him a big smile and greeted him, "Hi, Mr. Krakow. Is Brian home?"

Brian’s dad, Bob Krakow who looks intelligent, stared into space for a while to think. "Emm…M, I think he’d gone to his aunt’s"


"She lives at Fear Street. He said he wanted to return that little black cat. You see it followed us from Fear Street. Has always been with Brian, anywhere he goes", Bob said dreamily.

Sharon was feeling lost, "Even at school?"

"The heck, yes. That cat loves him I guess"

Sharon tried to remember a cat being around Brian in Liberty. She was sure she saw no feline around him, "Fear Street. Thanks"

Bob Krakow shut the door after her and Sharon walked down the neighbourhood street thinking, "Angela’s in Fear Street. Brian is too. Is there something that I don’t know?". Then a thought came into her mind. She ran as quickly as she could to the bus stop with the paper bag.

West Hampshire Colony


Damon stepped on the ashes of Samantha Lane. In those ashes, he saw something shiny. He stepped closer and saw it was Samantha’s necklace with the heart pendent. He looked around him and saw no one but a black cat. He was surprise that the gold necklace didn’t melt or burned.

With a greedy smile, he bent down and reached for the necklace. His eyes shone as he realised how beautiful the pendent was. But suddenly his right hand paralysed like his left when it didn’t want to move. Damon sensed danger and panicked but it was too late. The pendent felt hot and burning sensation felt against his skin melted his like acid and ate throughw it’s hand until it dropped to the ground. Damon screamed and sreamed in pain and horror when there was a big hole on his hand and it’s skin melting away. No one was present to help him.

Out from the darkness, the black cat walked to the pendent and licked it. It then carried the gold chain in it’s mouth and ran into the woods.

In the dark woods, the cat dropped the pendent slowly onto the ground and had a red glow in it’s eyes. It then quickly climbed up a nearby tree and stayed there.

The pendent just shined there in the dark woods like a little fire that wont burn out.


Fear Street

Chapter 198

Jordan parked his car on a clearance nearby a lake at Fear Street. Angela opened her coat revealing a white cardigan. Jordan leaned back on his car seat and sighed.

"What?", Angela asked curiously.

"Nothing. It’s just that I think you’re still bothered by those threats"

Angela looked thoughtful, "Now when you remind me, I’m actually am. How do you know?"

"I feel it. I can feel this weird things. This place has a lot of evil. It just gets through you", he said looking out out into Fear Woods nearby.

Angela didn’t quiet understand this but she knew this place was full of abnormal things like what Rayanne said. "So why did we come here?"

Jordan took out something, "There’s no where else more private"

Angela gasped in delight as he showed her a silver chain with a small heart pendent. "Oh my god! How sweet", she said as he wore the necklace around her neck.

"Happy Valentines Day"

Angela smiled and was surprise Jordan would even remember Valentines Day. "Happy Valentines Day", she said fingering the pendentlocket.

Jordan smiled happily and asked her, "What did you get for me?"

Angela suddenly laughed, "I-I didn’t expect anything from you, so I didn’t actually like, bought something for you"

Jordan felt hurt and when Angela saw this she put her hand on his neck and kissed him. Jordan did the same and pinned her onto the car seat and they were kissing each other tenderly when suddenly someone came and pulled Jordan out of the car with a strong pull

Fear Street

Chapter 2019

Angela was screaming when someone in a dark cape kicked Jordan onto the ground until he lay unconsciously and came back for Angela.

"Who are you?!", Angela asked getting out of the car.

The man in the cape ignored the question and ran after Angela who was by this time running into the woods. He caught Angela by the hands and pulled her up to him. He raised a big stone with a sharp edge down to her. With a simple twist of her body and luck, Angela managed to escape from his tight grasp, just in time before the stone hit her. The stone fell to the ground with a loud thud and Angela ran back to the lake, screaming. Little did she know that when you’re in Fear Street, no one hears your cries.

Jordan felt dizzy and pain ran through his legs. He could hear Angela’s distant cries that was coming closer. He gathered all his strength and stood up. He searched nearby for anything that could become a weapon and saw a sharp stone. He picked it up just in time when Angela came out of the woods. Angela shouted for help when the man caught her again. He was amazingly fast.

Angela tried to pull herself away but failed. When she was trying to do that, she accidentally opened the dark cape which covered the man’s head. She gasped when the face of the man was finally revealed. So did Jordan who was close to them.

Fear Street

Chapter 21

A black cat came down from a tree joining those three. It’s eyes was red in anger and pain.

"Brian?", Angela said faintly in his grasp. "You’re the one who tried to kill me?"

Brian didn’t look like Brian now. He’s face was twisted with confusion and anger. He wore a gold necklace around his neck. He smiled evilly, "Why didn’t you guess earlier?". Behind him Jordan raised the sharp stone and plunged it down to his back. Brian screamed in horror when the stone entered his body.

Fear Street

Chapter 22

Jordan stood frozen but Angela quickly pulled him, "Come on!". With tears blurring her eyesight, she ran to his car, Jordan following from behind. His legs hurt but he scampered on.

Brian smiled as he took out the stone from his back. No blood came out, instead his flesh grew back in an amazing speed. He walked to them with an evil glow in his eyes.

Jordan managed to get into the passengers seat just in time while Angela started the engine. "Come on, come on", Angela begged as she tried to start the engine. "Shit!", she sworn in despair when the engine didn’t start. Suddenly, Angela started the car again, the car started. Angela tried to drive the car out of the clearing with maximum speed.

"Step on the brakes!", Jordan suddenly exclaimed.

Angela hit the brakes but it was to late. Someone was hit. And it was Brian.

Fear Street

Chapter 23

Angela put her hands on her mouth sadly as she and Jordan came out of the car to see the damage. Brian was lying there unconsciously, holding on his gold pendent.

Jordan sighed in relief and guided Angela back to the car. Suddenly he fell onto the ground. Angela turned and saw Brian, back on his feet. "Why are you doing this!, she asked backing up slowly. Brian’s strong push had made Jordan unconscious again

"You deserve it. This is my revenge", he answered coldly walking towards her slowly.

"I didn’t do anything! We, we never hurt you!", Angela exclaimed defensively. She was getting angry now.

"You broke my heart. And you knew I loved you"

Angela seemed shocked to hear these words, "You never said it"

"The letter. You knew I wrote it. Did it take much brains to figure out my feelings for you?"

"No. no. You’re possessed by something. You’re not the Brian I know"

Brian came closer to her and grabbed her on the arms. "You hurt me in a way no me could explain"

"But if you love me, you won’t kill me! Brian, please!", she begged slowly. The cat came closer and stood beside them with that eerie glow in it’s eye. Angela saw the pendent Brian was wearing had the same glow as the cats eye. "Who gave you that?", she asked him trying to take his mind of her.

Brian smiled sheepishly, not as anyone would expect, "Someone. Someone who understands how I feel. Someone who knows what to do"

"That someone is evil", Angela suddenly said. The words just excepted her mouth. Brian’s face changed into a frown.

"Goodbye, Angela", he said and pushed her to the ground. Then a loud noise could be heard and Brian fell onto her unconsciously.

Fear Street

Chapter 24

Angela pushed Brian away and got up, wiping the grass on her body. Not far from them she saw Sharon holding a gun. She had a set and determined expression on her face.

"Sharon!", Angela exclaimed happily walking towards her. Jordan was already up checking out his badly bruised leg.

"Was I late?", Sharon asked casually.

Angela laughed and hugged her, "Hoe did you know?"

"’Cause I just know", she replied wiping off dirt on Angela’s face.

"Can we like, go now, please?", Jordan asked limping to them.

"Sure. The nightmare’s like, finally over", Sharon said as they walked to Jordan’s car.

Angela took a last glance of Brian and gasped in horror

Fear Street

Chapter 25

"He’s gone!", Angela exclaimed staring at the spot where he fell. There was only a cat sitting there.

"I’m right behind you", someone said.

Sharon and Angela looked behind their backs and saw Brian with rage and anger burning in his eyes.

"Stop!", Jordan shouted blocking Brian’s way from Angela.

"You’re the reason for my pain", Brian said walking towards him. As he was about to plunge a stone into Jordan’s chest, he screamed loudly, awakening the evil that lived in Fear Woods. With a last high pitch scream, he once again fell to the ground. Behind him, Angela stood alone with the gold necklace he was wearing. She snatched it from his neck just in time before he killed Jordan.

Sharon gasped when the necklace melted into sand. Angela shook her hands from the sand and looked around for the cat. It also had been turned into sand. Suddenly they heard cries, cries that had sadness in every tone, "I don’t want to die! I haven’t got my revenge", it said from the direction of the woods.

Angela, Jordan and Sharon didn’t dare asked what it was. Then finally Brian got up, "What happened? Where am I?", he asked getting up.

Jordan helped him up and Angela hugged him, "You’re back"

Sharon joined the group hug and whispered, "Now it’s over. Like, finally"

Brian just smiled in confusion. He didn’t know what the hell happened here. But he knew, deep inside his heart, someone is saying, "No. It’s not over yet"


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