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Episode No. 22 - Monuments

written by Jason Pennington

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Published: 1997 | Size: 43 KB (6231 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

School - Morning. Angela is walking down the hall. She notices two girls (in slowmo) hugging each other and looking very upset. There is also a shot of a guy near tears by his locker. Angela looks worried.

Voice 1: ...oh I know, I don't believe it..

Angela [voice over]: People must have other ways of communicating things, like besides talking.

Voice 2: ...I just saw her, like yesterday....

Angela [voice over]: Somehow they give off signals when something is wrong, and somehow...

Voice 3: ...Have you told Leslie?

Angela [voice over]: ...people know what it is.

Angela sees Rayanne at the lockers. She stops. She knows something's wrong, but there is no one else around who she can ask. She goes up to Rayanne.

Angela: [embarrassed] Rayanne, hi.

Rayanne: [surprised] Oh [pause]

Angela: What's going on, I mean...[looking around] people are crying.

Rayanne: Oh, well, you know, Tricia? Carr? The Senior?

Angela: You mean the ones who's, like, student council vice president?

Rayanne: Yeah, that's her, well, [Rayanne sucks on her lolly and extremely casually says] she's dead. [Rayanne stares at Angela to see how she will react. Angela looks taken back.] See ya.

Angela: W..Wait! [pause] Rayanne!

Angela looks confused as Rayanne walks away.

Ms. Chatavals Class

Angela [voice over]: Tricia Carr was the kind of person that everyone knew. She had been killed in a car wreck. She had hit a tree going 60 miles per hour.

Ms. Chataval: [everyone is discussing things in solemn tones. Ms. Chataval comes into the room] Ok, class, in light of

Angela [voice over]: [shot of Angela as Ms. Chataval continues to speak] Some days are crystal clear, like every moment has been etched into your eyes. Others are, blurry, distant. And when they're over, you're not sure if they even happened.

Hallway: Angela is walking down the hall. Sharon walks up to her.

Sharon: Oh my God, Angela, isn't this awful?

Angela: [uncertain] Yeah.

Sharon: I mean, Mr. Foster wants us to put a dedication page in the Yearbook. I TOLD him we sent out the final proof last week, but he's, like, insisting. [Sharon pauses, looks at Angela] Are you ok?

Angela: [embarrassed by Sharons concern] Yeah, why shouldn't I be?

Sharon: [treading on eggshells] I just don't want you to get to upset...

Angela: Don't worry. [Sharon just looks at Angela. Angela seems exasperated] I wasn't even her friend. I didn't even know who she was. What do I care if she's... I mean...[Angela starts to babble] I'm not heartless. I care. It's just, [pauses] It doesn't affect me.

Sharon: Oh, ok.[Sharon still looks worried]

Angela: ...So. A dedication page?

Sharon: Yeah.

Angela and Sharon walk down the hall.

Lunchroom: Rickie and Angela are eating at a table.

Rickie: So did you hear, they're going to built a monument to her.

Angela: A monument?

Rickie: Yeah, they're going to put it front of the school, like, to remember her by.

Angela: Seriously?

Angela and Rickie are interrupted by Brian Krakow coming up with his lunch tray and sitting down..

Brian: Hi.

Rickie: Hey.

Angela: [not quite excited] Hi.

Brian: [pause] So, are you going?

Angela: Going? Where?

Brian: To the funeral. They're letting everyone out early Thursday so they can go.

Rickie: Cool.

Angela: Cool?

Rickie: Ok, not so cool. But we should go.

Angela: Rickie, I didn't even know her.

Rickie: Sure you did.

Angela: Well, I knew who she was, but I didn't, like, know her.

Rickie: But Angela, you have to go. Brian, you didn't know her?

Brian: Not really.

Rickie: But you're going?

Brian: Sure.

Rickie: [to Angela] There you go.

Angela: [taking a bite of her sandwich] There I go.

Girls Bathroom: Angela is at the sink looking at the mirror.

Girl 1: I heard they like found her in four different pieces.

Girl 2: Wow. Really!

Girl 1: Yeah, and they haven't even found her left arm yet.

Girl 2: Get out of here! [pause] It's just so tragic.

Girl 1: Yeah, I'm really going to miss her.

Girl 1 and 2 leave just as Rayanne comes out of the stall and goes to the mirror. They exchange glances and look uncomfortable.

Rayanne: Oh. [mimicking the girls] Its just so tragic!

Angela: Shut up.

Rayanne: What's your problem?

Angela: Excuse me, but a girl died. You could show some respect.

Rayanne: Respect?

Angela: If you even know what that is.

Rayanne: I might. [pause] Hey, perhaps I could get killed in a car wreck, then everyone would love me. [smiles]

Angela: [rolls her eyes] Shut up.

Rayanne [starting to jump around]: Oh, it would be great, you'd love it. You could go around [impersonating Angela] "Oh, she was my best friend, I'm like so lost without her" while all the while you'd be so happy inside cause you'd never have to see me ever again.

Angela [upset] Shut up. That's not true.

Rayanne: [surprised] Face it Ange, you'd be so happy. Don't tell me you've never thought about it. 'Poor little Rayanne. She was so young.'

Angela stares at Rayanne incredulously.

Angela: I don't wish you were dead.

Rayanne: [in joking tones] Oh, come on, sure you do. Lets see, a car wreck wouldn't be any good, cause I don't have a car. Tino? No, he'd kill me if I wrecked his car. Hmmm. Suicide? No, might backfire. [Rayanne laughs - makes a gun with her hand and shots her head. Angela is getting upset with Rayannes antics.] Literally! Ha. [pause] I know, I could OD again. Only this time, [in a singsong voice] there won't be any sweet innocent Angelika around to call Pattycake and make everything alright.

Angela [near tears] Shut up.

Rayanne stares at Angela for a second, trying to figure her out. Angela remains standing by the sink trying to hold back tears and compose herself as Rayanne leaves the Bathroom. A Girl enters and sees Angela by the sink, she walks over and looks sympathetic.

Girl 3: That's ok, we all miss her.

Yearbook room.

Sharon: Krakow, we can't put a picture like that on a dedication page.

Brian: Sorry, it's all I could find.

Sharon: Well, keep looking. Has anyone found her Senior Picture yet?

Delia: [Handing Sharon the picture] Here.

Sharon: Great, but we still have this space up here.

Brian: I could see if I could get the autopsy photos.

Sharon: Krakow!

Brian: Don't we all want to remember what her spleen looked like?

Sharon gives Brian the look of death as Delia suppresses a laugh. Brian glances at Delia as Delia glances at him.

Sharon [at her wits end]: Brian. Find me an appropriate picture of Tricia Carr before two o'clock today, or there's going to be two funerals, OK?

Brian: Ok, jeez, sorry. [Brian turns back to the box of photos on the other table]

Sharon: [breathes in then out slowly] Ok, we just need a quote or something. Does anyone have any ideas? [Brian turns around, starts to speak] Krakow. Don't say it.

Restaurant - Hallie is going over some paperwork. Graham walks in the room.

Graham: So, how'd we do, partner?

Hallie (shuffling through the papers):Well...alright, considering...

Graham: Considering?...

Hallie: Considering we lost about five grand.

Graham: Five grand? How?

Hallie: Hey, chill. We just started, we can't expect to have a smooth running ship right out of port. Look, we over ordered - that's all. And perhaps we have too many waiters.

Graham: [pause] Too many? You mean, we're...

Hallie: Hey, don't worry. We wait awhile, see if the clientele picks up. And if it doesn't, then you'll fire one.

Graham: Wait? Me? I'm just the cook.

Hallie: Chef.

Graham: Whatever.

Hallie: Well, you don't want me to do it.

Graham: Yes I do.

Hallie: [pause] Look, we may not need to fire anyone, so lets not get worked up like this, OK?

Graham: Ok. [pause] any more good news?

Hallie: Nope. That's it.

Graham: Great. Well, I got to skin some chickens.

Graham leaves the room. Hallie goes back to work on the papers.

Chase Kitchen: Patty and Camille are drinking coffee.

Patty: Its just not right. People shouldn't die that young.

Camille:Denise Fillman. Her nephew, I think it was, he was killed in a wreck last year. Only 17.

Patty: God. There should be a law, no one is allowed to die before they at least graduate from high school.

Camille: Patty.

Patty: What can I do? In a couple months, Angela will be driving. Am I supposed to drive behind her all the time to make sure she's paying attention?

Camille: [taking a drink of coffee and giving this some thought] Well, you could always hire somebody, I guess.

They both consider this, then give it a small chuckle - the front door is heard opening and closing - Patty and Camille get up and leave the kitchen

Staircase - Angela is walking up the stairs. Patty and Camille come in from the kitchen.

Patty: Angela? Angela. [Angela stops halfway up the stairs] It's alright, we heard.

Angela: Heard? Heard what?

Camille: About that girl at school, who was in the accident.[pause]

Angela [voice over]: Accident. How do they know she didn't ram her car into a tree on purpose?

Patty: Look, Angela, I know you're probably feeling depressed about all this, and I know...

Angela: Depressed? Why should I fell depressed? God, I didn't even know her. [Angela, disgusted, turns and walks up the stairs]

Patty: Angela! [Patty looks dejected]

Angelas room: Angela is on her bed, lying on her back, listing to music. ("Fear" by Sarah McLachlan, for the interested) She is flipping through a yearbook.

Angela [voice over]: Its hard to imagine that someone you know could just cease to exist. Old people, maybe. Or relatives. But not someone you see, like, everyday. [Angela lays the open yearbook on her chest and closes her eyes.]

Dream sequence: Angela is in a large, church like hall. Graham and Patty are in their funeral garb, standing behind Angela and looking consoling. There might be circus people in the background. Angela looks around. There are caskets everywhere. She walks up to the first one. Brian is laying inside, quite dead looking (except his eyes are open) Angela put her hand up to her mouth. She looks in the other caskets. She sees Sharon, Rickie and Jordan. Each one is quite dead, except they all have there eyes open. When she gets to Jordan. She plants a kiss on his lips with her finger. His eyes close. She goes to the next casket. It is Dannielle. She is also dead with her eyes open, but she is smiling. Angela smiles back. She goes to the next casket. There is an IV hanging from it. Inside is Rayanne. Her eyes are closed.

Angelas room: Angela wakes up. It is dark outside, but her lamp is still on. She is still wearing her day clothes. She rolls back over and covers her head with a pillow.

Chase Kitchen - Middle of the night. Angela is getting a carton of milk out of the fridge. Dannielle, dressed in her PJs, walks up behinds her.

Dannielle: Hi.

Angels is extremely startled by Dannielle. She almost drops the milk. She turns around.

Angela: [loud whisper] Dannielle! Don't do that!

Dannielle: Sorry.

Angela: What are you doing up?

Dannielle: I had a bad dream.

Angela: Oh. [pause] You want some milk?

Dannielle: Ok.

Angela gets another glass down and pours two glasses full of milk. Dannielle sits down and looks happy just to be there. Angela puts Dannielle glass down in front of her and sits down too.

Angela: So. What was your dream about?

Dannielle: I don't want to say. Not before breakfast.

Angela: Alright. [They both take a swig of milk]

Dannielle: Angela?

Angela: Yeah?

Dannielle: When you turn 16, are you going to get your drivers license right away?

Angela: Dannielle.

Dannielle: Are you?

Angela: [pause - Angela finishes her milk.] We need to get to bed. [Dannielle gives her a don't make me look] Come on.

School hall: Morning - Rickie and Rayanne are walking down the hall.

Rickie: What did you say to Angela?

Rayanne: Oh nothing, just messing with her pretty little head.

Rickie: Well, she was really upset.

Rayanne: Good.

Rickie: Good?

Rayanne: Yeah. [they stop] Look, if she doesn't want to be my friend anymore, fine. That's completly cool. There's so many more interesting things to be doing than worrying about her pathetic little life.

Rickie: Like what?

Rayanne: [pause] Like YOUR pathetic little life. [smiles]

Rickie: No thanks.

Yearbook room: Brian comes in with several photo album and a few old yearbooks.

Sharon: Krakow, you are like, amazing sometimes.

Brian: [smiling] Well, [pause] her brother said we had to have all this stuff back by tomorrow, and make sure we don't lose anything.

Sharon: [starting to flip through the annuals] Ok, fine. So have you thought of a quote or anything yet?

Brian: Not really...

Sharon: Well.. oh my God.

Brian: What?

Sharon: Look at this. [Sharon shows Brian a picture of class - Mrs. Browns 3rd grade. Her finger is pointing at a little girl]

Brian: Oh, she was young.

Sharon: Not her [Sharons finger moves slightly to show a little boy in the picture beside her. The little boy has messed up hair and a slightly mischievous grin on his face.] Him. [her finger moves over to the list of names on the side, it lands on the name of the little boy - Jordan Catalano]

Brian: Wow.

Sharon: Yeah, he was little.

School yard: Jordan is sitting on the bleacher drinking a coke. Angela walks up and sits down.

Angela: Hey.

Jordan: [very much in the far away drifter mode] Hey.

Angela: So are you going to that funeral tomorrow?

Jordan: [looking out over the field] Yeah, I might.

Angela: Really? [silence] I was just..I mean... It seems so stupid, you know? All these people are obsessing over her, like its this huge tragedy, like people don't die, know... everyday. [Jordan is still looking out over the field] I mean, all these people, if she was still alive - she probably wouldn't give them the time of day... or whatever.

Jordan: [putting down his empty coke] Yeah.

Jordan gets up and walks away. Angela sits on the bleachers and look out across the field.

Theater. Mr. Katemski is having a heated discussion with Mr. Foster in the background. Rayanne is sitting on the edge of the stage, looking extremely bored. Rickie comes up and sits down. They talk in hushed tones.

Rayanne: This is just, like, ridiculous.

Rickie: I know.

Rayanne: I mean, so the play deals with a dead girl. That's not so unusual. I mean, most girls, if you think about it, most girls ARE dead.

Rickie stares off with a "what can you do?" look.

Rayanne: If he cancels this play I'm going to fucking kill him.

Rickie: Rayanne!

Rayanne: I'm serious. See what kind of perspective that gives him on the whole situation.

Rickie stares at Rayanne somewhat incredulously. Rayanne laughs, pretending she was just joking around.

Look at you.


Rickie: You actually care about this play, don't you.

Rayanne [surprised] Well, yeah. Why shouldn't I?

Rickie: Its just... I've never seen you to care about so much anything.

Rayanne: [hurt] Oh Rickie, come on. Sure you have. I mean, there was...well.

Rickie gives her a "see what I mean" look. Rayanne looks like she doesn't know what to say. She leans back on the stage.

Rayanne: [very loudly] This Bites!

Mr. Foster and Mr. Katemski stop talking and look at Rayanne.

Chase Kitchen: Graham, Patty and Dannielle are preparing things (breakfast). Angela walks in wearing a black dress.

Dannielle: God, who died?

Angela: Dannielle!

Patty: Ah, honey. I think it looks ... appropriate. [Angela half smiles]

Graham: So who was it again who...

Angela: Just some girl. I don't think you'd know who she was.

Graham: Oh.

Angela: [grabbing her lunch and kissing Graham] Bye.

Graham: Bye.

Angela and Dannielle grab their stuff and leave.

Patty: Have a good time....

The door closes behind Angela and Dannielle.

Patty: the funeral. [Patty frowns - Both of them looked worried for a second]

Graham: So. Speaking of death. Hallie Lowenthal wants me to fire one of our waiters.

Patty: [surprised] Fire them? but you just opened.

Graham: Well, she thinks we hired too many of them.

Patty: Oh. But certainly she would be the one..

Graham: That's what I thought, but she wants me to do it. I guess she just can't handle it.

Patty: Oh. [pause] Or she...[silence]

Graham: Or she what?

Patty: Nothing.[pause] It's just, perhaps she wanted to give you a little authority.

Graham: Authority? I have plenty of authority.

Patty: Sure you do. It's well, she hired them all..

Graham: I was too busy.

Patty: ...cause you were too busy, that's perfectly ok, perhaps she just doesn't want you to feel, I don't know, out of the loop.

Graham: [pause] Out of the loop? So firing people puts me in the loop?

Patty: [walking out of the kitchen] Sorry I brought it up.


Graham: [loudly] I'll have you know, I am very much IN the loop.

The Funeral - Large Church. Many people are seated in the pews. Angela walks up. Brian, Sharon, Delia, and Rickie (in that order) are seated in a pew. Angela sits down beside Rickie.

Angela: Hey.

Rickie: Hi.

Angela and the rest of the pew exchange introductory nods. Angela glances at her watch. Brian picks up his camera and snaps a picture of what's going on up front. Suddenly Rayanne comes up. She is wearing what can only be described as what Rayanne Graff would wear to a funeral. It is also quite possible that she is drunk. She sits down next to Angela.

Rayanne: [loudly] Hey!

Rickie: Shhhh. hey.

Angela only gives Rayanne a look. Rayanne returns it.

Rayanne: I just can't believe this.

Angela gives her a surprised look, not believing Rayanne would be upset by this.

Rayanne: I mean, Tricia CARR was killed, like, in a CAR, and I can't think of one joke about it.

Angela: Shut up.

Sharon: Shhh. It's starting.

[several seconds of silence]

Rayanne: Oh, wait, I've got one...

The whole row: SHhhh!

Restaurant - Kitchen. Graham is cooking something in a pot. Several waiters are working also. One is desperately trying to fold napkins and not making a good time of it. Graham looks at him for a second, then back to the pot. Then back to the guy.

Graham: Charlie?

Charlie: [as yet another napkin falls apart in his hand] oh, ah, yes Mr. Chase? [Graham gives him a look] Oh, I'm sorry. Graham.

Graham: I'm going to be in the stock room for a minute. When you get through with those, come see me, ok?

Charlie: [looking worried] Alright...

Graham covers the pot and walks through the door. Charlie looks after him, then redoubles his efforts on the napkins.

Stock room. The stockroom is a largish room with all kinds of food stored around. Graham also has a desk and a few chairs around. Graham is sitting at the desk working on something. There is a knock at the door.

Graham: Oh, come in Charlie, that didn't..[it isn't Charlie]..Oh, Richard. Come in.

Richard: Thanks.

Graham: What can I do for you?

Richard: Well, I've come to give my two weeks notice.

Graham:[very surprised] Two weeks? You've only been here one week.

Richard: I know, I'm sorry. It's just that place across town, Mere Bules?

Graham: Yeah?

Richard: Well, my brother-in-law just became head manager and he wants me to be an assistant manager, so. [pause] It's a step up from being a waiter.

Graham: Yeah, well, I guess it is. [looks disappointed. He stands up and offers Richard his hand] Well, I hate to lose you, Richard. You were a good waiter.

Richard: Thank you. You'll tell Ms. Lowenthal, won't you?

Graham: Sure.

They shake hands. Richard leaves. Graham sits back down and starts to work again. After a few seconds Charlie knocks on the door.

Charlie: You wanted to see me, Mr. Ch- Graham?

Graham: [surprised] Oh, Charlie...uh.. yeah just for a minute.

Funeral - Angela, Rickie and Sharon are standing around. So are a lot of other people. The casket can be seen in the background, where people are passing by and paying their respects.

Sharon: Could that have been, like, any longer?

Angela: Sharon!

Rickie: Well, that guy did go on.

Angela: Well, I thought it was...

Sharon: Come on Angela. We all went to sleep.

Angela: Alright, it was a bit boring. You have to be like, entertained all the time?

Sharon: Well, yeah. [she smiles] In the middle they could have had, like, clowns or something.

Angela: [nearly breaking up] Clowns?!?

Sharon: Yeah. Or Elephants?

Sharon and Angela lose control. Several people give them strange looks (for laughing) The two look embarrassed and try to compose themselves. Angela and Sharon find this hard, as they seemed to have developed the giggles.

Rickie: Be quiet. I like clowns. [this brings an extra burst of suppressed laughter]

Angela: I'm sorry. [Angela and Sharon continue to stifle giggles]

2" face="Arial">Rickie: Angela, Oh my God, look. [Rickie points toward the casket.]

Angela: What? [serious] Oh my God.

Jordan Catalano is standing in front of the casket. It is hard to tell from this distance, but he could be praying. He is more dressed up than we have ever seen before. Not that much though.

Angela: Oh, my God, they knew each other?

Sharon: Yeah, like in elementary school school. Didn't I tell you?

Angela: [looking worried] No, you didn't.

Sharon: Well, I meant to. I saw one of her old yearbooks. He had signed it. It was so cute. I think they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Angela: [looking sick] I gotta go.

Angela runs off just as Brian Krakow walks up.

Brian: What's the matter with her? She see a ghost or something?

Sharon and Rickie give Brian a look.

Line for the casket. Rayanne is standing in it, looking fidgety. Finally it is her turn. She goes up and looks at the casket. Her bemused expression suddenly becomes serious. Then sick. She runs out.

Bathroom - church/funeral. Angela is sitting by the window, looking depressed. Rayanne runs in, looking quite frightened and about ready to throw up. She stops when she sees Angela.

Angela: Rayanne? Are you alright?

Rayanne: [half there] Angela. Well, I... I'd never really seen, so ... I just.

Angela: [looking concerned] Come on, sit down. [Angela sits Rayanne down by the window. Rayanne curls up her legs and wraps her arms around them.]

Rayanne: I mean, a dead body. Just...lying there. Like, dead. [Rayanne looks at Angela and seems surprised about what she had discovered] That could be me.

Angela: Rayanne, don't... no it couldn't. Stop this.

Rayanne: [getting up] It could. I do a lot of stupid things sometimes, you know. I mean, any one of them could screw up and there I'd be. Laid out cold. Dead as red. Pretty soon, that will be me in one of those things, all stiff and stuff.[leaning against the wall]

Angela: Rayanne, stop it.

Angela stares at Rayanne, not believing she is really this upset. Rayanne looks to Angela for some sort of compassion, but sees that it isn't forthcoming. Angela looks as if see is fed up with Rayannes supposed act. Rayanne looks down at her feet.

Rayanne: [softly] You don't believe me.

Angela moves over to stand beside Rayanne.

Angela: Rayanne.

Rayanne: [looking out the window, silent for a moment] You don't believe one thing I do.

Angela looks hurt. She looks down (as in, at her feet).

Rayanne: [kind of angry] Look, I could say I was sorry, ok? See, 'Angela, I'm sorry for sleeping with your boyfriend', but what good will it do. You'll still hate me no matter I do.

Angela is silent.

Rayanne: See. [pause - Rayanne moves to stand in front of Angela] I thought we had something. We were good friends, weren't we?

Angela: [quietly - with patented hand over chin expression] We were.

Rayanne walks over to the other wall. She looks back at Angela.

Rayanne: We were.

Angela looks like she wants to say something, but she doesn't. Rayanne walks out. Angela watches her go.

Funeral hall. Delia is sitting in a pew by herself. Brian comes up and sits down.

Brian: Hey [Delia says nothing] I was thinking of a quote, you know, for that dedication page?

Delia: Forget it.

Brian: What? [Delia is silent, Brian starts to get up, Delia stops him before he does]

Delia: I'm sorry. I mean, there's not going to be a dedication page. The year book company called and said it would cost, like, eight thousand dollars. So Foster said to scratch it.

Brian: Oh. [pause - he sits back down] So, ah, how's Biology coming?

Delia: Fine.

Brian: Oh. good. [silence]

Delia: Brian?

Brian: Yeah?

Delia: I still hate your guts,ok?

Brian: [hurt] oh.

Delia: I guess it wouldn't hurt, though, if we said hello, like when we see each other.

Brian: Oh. Ok.

Outside the Church. Jordan is sitting on a ledge smoking a cigarette. Angela comes up.

Angela: Hey. [Jordan says nothing] I didn't know. That you knew her. Tricia.

Jordan. Yeah. [pause]

Angela: Someone told me. [pause] The other day, I didn't mean to say...

Jordan: It was a long time ago.

Angela: How. I mean... [silence]

Jordan: It was in grade school. I was always beating people up. I don't know, maybe it was because of my dad, or something. People were like afraid of me. [pause] But not her. She... [Jordan looks off at the sky]

Angela: So, what happened?

Jordan: I got held back, I guess. [pause] I never really got to, you know, talk to much her after that. [more silence] You think there's always time. So you put it off. And then, you know, it's too late. There's like, no more time.

Angela looks at him.

Chase living room. Patty and Graham are sitting on the couch. Graham has his arm around Patty. Angela comes in and quickly walks up the stairs and to her room.

Patty: Angela. Hi. How did it[Angela is out of earshot] ...the funeral.

Graham: Pretty good, I'd say. For a funeral.

Patty: [they sit in silence for a second] You remember Rodney Jacobs?

Graham: Mmmm... not at all.

Patty: Sure you do.

Graham: No I don't.

Patty: Well, anyway. We went out once or twice during my junior year of high school. So..

Graham: Wait, is this the guy who wore the funny glasses?

Patty: No! Let me finish.

Graham: Sorry. Go ahead.

Patty: Thank you. So we were at this party. And he wanted to drive me home. But I didn't want to go. I don't even remember why. The thing is, one his way home, he got into this big accident.

Graham: He died?

Patty: No. no. He wasn't even really hurt. But I couldn't help from wondering, if I had ridden home with him, could I have gotten hurt? Could I have died?

Graham: Patty. That couldn't of happened.

Patty: Why not?

Graham: [pause - he looks into her eyes.] Cause you're here.

They look at each other for a second, then kiss. Then they sit back on the couch.

Patty: It's quiet.

Graham: Yeah.

Patty: I like it, when it's quiet. [she leans her head on his shoulder]

School - Outside. Angela walks out the door and down the stairs, holding her lunch sack. She sees Rayanne, sitting alone and eating Chinese food. She looks over to her right where there is a slight commotion among the students. They are looking at something on the ground. On the ground we see a small concrete block. On the face is inscribed "In memory of Tricia Diane Carr 1977-1995."" Angela looks back at Rayanne. She starts to walk over to her.

Angela [Voice Over]: [closeup shot of Angela walking across the school yard] Sometimes, you think you have to choose between, like, what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.

Angela has reached Rayanne. She looks at her and Rayanne looks back.

Angela: Hi.

Rayanne: Hi.

Angela sits down and gets out her lunch. Both of them start to talk and laugh as the shot pulls away.

Angela [Voice Over]: But sometimes, you realize what's really important is just, right now.

The end.

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    Horrible representation of Angela and Rayanne. both girls at heart are deeply sensitive, neother one of them would have been as calous as you portrayed them -- consider Angela's reaction to Nicki Driscol, and Rayanne's concern for Sharon when her father is in the hospital... also, major spelling and grammatical errors

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“And, you know, with your hair like that? It hurts to look at you.”

Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"