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Episode No. 21 - Pride

written by Jason Pennington

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Published: 1997 | Size: 35 KB (5185 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.3/5   3.3/5 (6 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

The chase wagon pulls up in front of a large house. Angela and Brian get out and walk up the steps. A sign in the front lawn reads '"'Pride House - est. 1983'"'

Interior - smallish room. There are two twin beds, two desks, etc. (it looks a lot like a dorm room) One side of the room looks lived in. There are posters, the bed is unmade, etc. Rickie is one the other side, sitting on the nicely made bed. That side of the room is barren. There is a box on the bed filled with stuff. There is a knock on the door.

Rickie: Come in.

Angela peeks her head through the door. She smiles and comes in. Behind her is Brian.

Rickie: Hey! [he gets up and hugs Angela]

Angela: Hey.

Brian: [giving Rickie a friendly nod] Hey.

Angela: [looking around] So this is you new place? Oh, these are for you, they're from my parents. Like a home-warming present. [Angela gives Rickie a vase of flowers]

Rickie: Oh, tell them thanks. [Angela sits down on the bed beside Rickie, Rickie places the flowers on his bed-side table, Brian walks over to the windows and looks out]

Brian: Nice view.

Rickie: Isn't it?

Angela: [seemingly annoyed by all the pathetic small talk] So, what do you think?

Rickie: I don't know. It's all so new, you know? [Brian walks over and sits on the other bed]

Brian: So who's your roommate?

Rickie: I don't know, I haven't met him yet. Mr. Katemski only dropped me off here about an hour ago. [pause] So how long can you stay?

Angela: Only about an half an hour. My dad dropped us off. He's going into town to get some kitchen stuff for the restaurant.

Rickie: Oh, how's that coming?

Angela: Great, I guess. I don't know. [laughs - well, smirks actually]


Rickie: [excitedly] So! Let me show you around. [they all get up]

Brian: Where's the bathroom?

Rickie: Oh. Just down the hall. to the left.

Brian: Thanks. [he walks out into the hall]

Angela: [pulling Rickie back for a second] You sure you ok?

Rickie: Yes. Angela, I like it here.

Angela walks out of the door, Rickie follows her.

Restaurant supply store: Graham is talking to an old (older than Graham) man the counter.

Store Guy: Ok, so we have the number 5 oven with the brick insert, and, Oh what about the stove?

Graham: I'm not sure yet. I think I'm going to hold off on that for now.

Store Guy: Alright. Well, OK Mr. Chase. I'll just ring all this up and we should have it out to the restaurant by Monday. Now do you have that account number?

Graham: Oh, yeah. right here. [Graham hands him a piece of paper]

Store guy: Alright, the total then is $4,584.76.

Graham: [wide look on his face] Sure.

Pride house- Angela, Brian and Rickie are walking into a room with a large table in it.

Rickie: ..and this is where we eat.

Angela: Nice.

Brian: How many kids are here?

Rickie: About 10 or 12, I think. I've only met a couple of them.

Angela: Oh, this reminds me. My dad's giving a, like, preview dinner a the restaurant next Tuesday. Your invited.

Rickie: Oh great. That will be fun.

A woman with a sauce stained apron comes out of a swinging door on the other side of the room. She has shoulder length brown hair, about 5'3, normal build. She doesn't look like she can frown.

Woman: Ah, Rickie. I thought I heard you out here.

Rickie: Ms. Summerford, hi. Oh, these are my friends. This is Brian Krakow [they shake hands] and this is Angela Chase [they also shake hands] This is Ms. Summerford. She runs the place.

Ms. Summerford: Hi. I apologize for my dress, but I've been busy cooking for all these hungry kids. Rickie, you're going to be here for supper, right? You're all welcome to stay.

Angela: Thanks, but my dad is going to be here any minute to pick us up.

Rickie: I won't be here either. Mr. Katemski, the guy I was staying with, he wanted to throw me a going away supper last night, but he couldn't, so we're doing it tonight. I hope that's alright.

Ms. Summerford: Oh that's fine. fine. You'll be here for supper tomorrow night, though, right?

Rickie: I guess so.

Ms. Summerford: That's good. It's kind of a tradition around here for everyone to eat together on Sunday nights.

[there's a knock on the front door (down a hall from the dining room) and Graham pops his head in]

Graham: Hello? Angela?

Angela: In here, dad. I guess we better go. [to Rickie] See ya [kisses him]

Rickie: Bye.

Brian: See ya [to Ms. Summerford] Nice meeting you.

Ms. Summerford: You too. Now you'all come by anytime you want. This is Rickies home and you are always welcome, OK?

Angela: Ok.

Brian and Angela walk down the hall and start to put on their coats (which where hanging on a coat rack by the front door) Graham is standing there waiting for them. Ms. Summerford watches them then stares at Graham for a second.

Ms. Summerford: Graham? Graham Chase?

Graham looks confused for several seconds, then the lights dawn.

Graham: Oh my God. Allie Summerford? [walking over to her] My God, I haven't seen you in...

Allie: 20?

Graham: 20 years. Wow. Look at you.

Allie: Look at you.

Graham: So you work here?

Allie: Yeah, I help out. Clean and cook meals. What are you doing these days?

Graham: Oh my God, I'm ah, I'm in sales. I sell print jobs for a local print shop.

[Angela and Brian exchange a '"'what the hell'"' look]

Allie: Great. This is you daughter?

Graham: Yeah, Angela. Well we...

Allie: She's adorable.

Graham: Yeah, well, we probably better be going. It was nice seeing you.

Allie: Yeah.

Graham: Bye.

Allie: [as Brian, Angela and Graham walk out the door] Bye.

Chase dinning room. The chase family is having dinner.

Graham: [to Patty] So you'll never guess who I ran into today at...

Patty: Allie Summerford.

Graham: Wait. How? [points his fork at Angela] Squealer.

Angela: Sorry.

Dannielle: Whose Allie Summerford?

Graham: Well, Allie...

Patty: Allie Summerford was THE smartest person in high school. Her and your father used to hang out.

Graham: We didn't hang out.

Patty: You told me you went to that concert together, right?

Graham: Yeah, well, that was just because she had an extra free ticket.

Patty: Yeah, well, anyway. She had just moved from Georgia or Alabama or someplace...

Graham: Atlanta.

Patty: Atlanta, and she had this wonderful accent. The way she used to always say '"'y'all'"' [Patty laughs, Graham smiles]

Graham: Your mother tended to look down on others when she was in high school.

Patty: Shut up. I did not.

Dannielle: May I be excused.

Patty: Sure honey.

Angela: [collecting her plate and silverware and getting up] Well, I'm going over to Sharon Cherskis. I think we're going to watch a movie or something. Can one of you give me a ride?

Patty: Ok, well, I will. Just let me finish up my supper.

Angela: Great. I'll be upstairs.[Angela leaves]

Patty: Now I wonder why someone like Allie Summerford would be working as a maid?

Graham: Patty! She's not a maid.

Patty: The what is she then? [they both start to clear the dishes - walking into the kitchen]

Graham: I don't know, we barely talked. Her major in college was psychology. Perhaps she there doing experiments. [Patty laughs] I don't know. Actually, I think she runs the place.

Patty: And why did you tell her you were still selling print jobs?

Graham: [with a look on his face like he's going to kill Angela] Oh, Patty, I don't know. I guess I didn't want to have to explain it to her. All the questions, we were getting ready to leave. I mean, I haven't seen her in 20 years. It didn't seem important.

Patty: I thought that opening this restaurant would be something you would be proud of.

Graham: It is. I am. It's just...I don't know. That reminds me, I need to call Hallie.

[Patty rolls her eyes and smiles]

Sharons house - front door. Angela walks up and rings the bell. Sharon answers.

Sharon: Great, you made it. Come in.

Angela enters the house. Inside - Angela takes off her coat.

Sharon: Go on into the Den. I got some popcorn in the kitchen. I'll be there in a sec.

Angela walks on into the den.

Angela [voice over]: Sharons house is like a museum. Everything looks really expensive. Its like you're almost afraid to sit down, in case you might damage something.

Angela: [loudly] What did you rent?

Sharon [from the kitchen] Interview with a Vampire.

Angela raises her eyebrows.

Katemskis house.

Rickie: Oh My God. I can't believe this. [pulls out a new shirt from a box] I'm the one who should be giving you stuff.

Katemski: Nonsense. Just a little something to remember us by.

Rickie: Well, thanks. Thanks for everything.

Katemski: So you want me to drive you back or do you want to crash here tonight?

Rickie: Uh, I think I'll stay here. Like, one last time.

Katemski: Ok.

Sharons house. Angela and Sharon are watching the movie. Sharon looks determined for a moment, the picks up the remote and stops the tape.

Sharon: [turning to Angela] Why won't you speak to Rayanne Graff?

Angela: What? Oh, look, Sharon, I don't want to talk about this now. Turn the movie back on.

Sharon: I just want to know, why?

Angela: Sharon, she SLEPT with Jordan Catalano!

Sharon: Well, so?

Angela: So!?

Sharon: You've forgiven him.

Angela: Yeah, well...

Sharon: So she messed up for one small moment.

Angela: This was Jordan Catalano. If it was one small moment, my life's going to be a big disappointment.

Sharon: Angela.

Angela: She knew how I felt about him, ok, and she just acted like she could care less how I felt. It's not what a friend would do. I mean, Jordan Catalano is supposed to treat me like I don't exist, as like, a given. But Rayanne....[silence] Besides, Jordan at least said he was sorry.

Sharon: So, why are you telling me this?

Angela: What?

Sharon: I mean, why aren't you telling her? [pause] You could call her.

Angela looks at the TV with a frown on her face. Sharon looks disappointed, then turns the movie back on.

Angela: [silence] You remember when I'd come over here all the time, and we'd play Barbie for like hours?

Sharon [smiling] Yeah.

Angela: When did we stop?

Pride house - Rockies room. Rickie opens the door. The is another guy laying on the unmade bed, reading a book.

Rickie: Ah, Hi.

Guy: [getting up] Oh, hey, you're Rickie right?

Rickie: Yeah. [they shake hands]

Guy: My name's David. David Wingard.

Rickie: Rickie Vasques.

David: Yeah, I know. [Rickie is just standing there] look, Don't mind me, ok? Its your room too.

Rickie: Oh, yeah, sorry. [Rickie starts to unpack his clothes from the bag he brought] So, what's that you're reading?

David: Oh, its just something for English class. The Odyssey. You ever read it?

Rickie: Yeah.

David: I can't make much sense of it.

Brians room: Brian is at his computer, Angela is standing behind him, watching.

Brian:, see, if they just send it to this address, B Krakow at sen dot aderial dot com, I'll get it. So anyone in the world can send me stuff. Like, instantaneously.

Angela: So, this is what you parents got you for your birthday?

Brian: Yeah, well, its like a subscription. They got it for me for a whole year. Its like, $20 a month, so.

Angela: What's that, again? [pointing at the screen]

Brian: Well, when you click on these links, they take you somewhere else....

Angela [voice over]: [as Brian continues to talk] Listening to Brian Krakow talk about computers is like listening to my dad talk about cooking. It seems important, but you can't figure out why.

Brian: you can find out about, basically, anything.

Angela: [pause] You think Rickie's going to be alright?

Brian: What? Yeah, well. Why shouldn't he be?

Angela: I don't know. I'm just afraid he might not like that place.

Brian: Why wouldn't he like it?

Angela: I don't know, shut up. [silence. Angela looks away then back at the computer screen. she then points to it] Click on that.

Pride House. Rickie and David are walking down the stairs into the dining room. There are some other kids (2 girls and 2 boys) already there sitting at the table.

David: Hey. Everyone, this is my new roommate, Rickie Vasquez.

Everyone: Hey.

David: Ok. This is my kid sister, Stacy and her roommate, Jenny Tarascavich.

Jenny and Stacy: Hi.

David: And this is Justin Beaver and Eric Jones. They live in the room next to us.

Eric: Hey, so, Rickie, do you go to Winchester?

Rickie: No, I go to Liberty.

David: Oh, most everyone here goes to Winchester. [to Justin] Oh, guess who I talked to today....

As everyone else continues to talk, Rickie sits there with a slightly fake smile on his face.

Tutoring room: Brian and Jordan are at the seats.

Jordan:, with the comma, that would make it compound complex?

Brian: Right. Well, in this case.

Jordan: Cool. [pause] Um, Brain. Are you going to that dinner at Angela's dads restaurant next week?

Brian: [taken back] Well, she invited me.

Jordan: Yeah, she invited me too. I don't know if I'm gonna go, though. She said it was fancy and stuff, and, like, I don't even have a tie or anything.

Brian: [still looking slightly shocked] I, ah. I don't think you have to wear a tie...

Jordan: So you think I should go?

Brian: Yeah, sure, why not?

Angelas locker: Brian is talking to Angela.

Brian: I can't believe you asked Jordan Catalano to come to that dinner.

Angela: I can ask who I like.

Brian: I just can't believe you did it, that's all.

Angela: Brian. Calm Down. Its not like he'd even show up, anyway.

Brian: I just think you should have told me, like, before you asked him.

Angela: Brian, what is going on? I didn't talk to anyone else, either. This isn't some big conspiracy.

Brian: I just wish you would have told me.

Angela: [the bell rings - Angela has an exasperated look on her face] I got to go to geometry.

Another locker scene. Angela is walking down the hall, Jordan comes up behind her.

Jordan: Hey.

Angela: Hey.

They stop.

Jordans Bud: (from acroos the hall) Jordan, you coming or not?

Jordan: Yeah, hold on. (to Angela) So, I was thinking. I'm probably not gonna go to that thing. You know, at your dads restaurant.

Angela: Why not?

Jordan: Well, I don't have a tie...

Angela: A tie?

Jordan: Yeah. And, well. You and that kid Brain seem to be hanging out...

Angela: Me and Brai-Brian are just friends, alright. It's just cause I fell, like, sorry for him. Sometimes.

Jordan: Oh.

Angela: Please come. I want you to be there.

Jordans Bud: Come on, Catalano.

Jordan: I don't know. Maybe I will. [Jordan walks off, Angela watches him]

Street: The bus stops and lets Brian and Angela off, then moves on.

Angela: Hey, Brian, um, my dads going to drop me off by Rickies this afternoon. You want to come?

Brian: No. I mean, I got some studying to do.

Angela: Oh, ok.

Parking lot - Pride house. The chases car pulls up and parks. Angela gets out and goes inside. Graham sits there for a second, then stops the engine and gets out.

Pride house- kitchen. Allie is washing dishes. Graham pops his head in the door.

Graham: Hi.

Allie: [looking surprised] Hey.

Park (close to pride house) Allie and Graham are walking down a jogging trail.

Graham: So, how is Rickie doing?

Allie: Great. Great kid. He's still a little uncomfortable, but I think he'll warm up in no time. You know how it is with kids. He's in a completely new environment, new people. It's only natural that he should hold back a little at first. He was living with you for a while?

Graham: Yeah.

Allie: So, he tells me that you are starting a Restaurant?

Graham: Yeah, well...

Allie: That's great. I always thought you should be a chef.

Graham: [silence] Allie. um, well, why are you doing this? I mean,...

Allie: You mean playing Den Mother to a bunch of homeless kids?

Graham: Yeah, well, I don't want to pry, but I always thought you'd be , I don't know, something impressive. [Allie Laughs] Oh, I'm sorry. [Graham looks embarrassed] Well, I never could have pictured you doing this.

Allie: I know. I never could have pictured it either. I just kept running into these situations with these kids. I'd see what they were going through, but I'd just think, well, what can I do? The, one day, I saw what I could do. It was a friend of mine really. She wanted to start this house to help some kids, but she couldn't do it by herself. When she told me about it, I decide to help her out, you know, for about a month, till she got it off the ground. And then I just didn't want to leave. It just felt like THIS is what I was meant to do. Actually, it's more than just cooking and cleaning. The kids do most of that in fact. They need someone there to talk to, though. Most of those kids have had hard lives. They need more than just a place to sleep.

Graham: So you never married? Had kids?

Allie: No, never married. But I've had my kids, plenty of them. I still get letters from most of them. I guess you married though, that Angela, cute as a button.

Graham: Yeah, I married Patty Wood.

Allie: [stopping] You married Patty Wood? Homecoming queen Patty Wood?

Graham: Yeah, don't look so surprised.

Allie: Oh, I'm sorry. Talk about something you can't picture.

Pride house: Angela and Rickie are in the play room, playing darts. Angela throws a dart, then almost doubles up laughing. Rickie goes over to pick up the darts off the board and the floor.

Rickie: It does help if you actually hit the target.

Angela: I know. [they sit down on a couch] This is a real nice place.

Rickie: Will you stop that.

Angela: Stop what?

Rickie: Telling me at every opportunity how great this place is. I know.

Angela: I'm sorry. I just worry about you. I'm allowed to worry about you, right?

Rickie: Ok, maybe a little. [pause] You know that thing, at your dad's restaurant.

Angela: (like she rather she didn't) Yeah.

Rickie: Well, I probably can't come.

Angela: What? Why not?

Rickie: Well, they're having this birthday party here that night, and I should probably go. You know, to help make friends.

Angela: That's ok. I understand. Sharon Cherski bailed on me too. So I guess it will be me, Brian, and Jordan Catalano. [laughs]

Rickie: You asked Jordan Catalano?

Angela: Yes. God. Why does everyone find that so unbelievable?

Rickie: Its just you .. and Brian.

Angela: God, I'm not going out with Brian Krakow. Why does everyone think that? It's just... I'm just trying to be his friend. It's not a relationship.

Rickie: Does he know that?

Angela: [looking at Rickie for several seconds] Your lucky I'm not still holding those darts.

Rickie: Well, its not like you could hit me. [Angela hits him]

The restaurant: Graham is in the kitchen looking at his new kitchen equipment. Hallie comes in.

Hallie: Well, does everything work?

Graham: Yep. As the expression goes, we are now cooking with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Hallie: I've got all the waiters lined up. They'll be in Monday for training, and hopefully they won't mess up too much on their training dinner Tuesday night. Oh, how'd it go with the assistant chef?

Graham: Oh, pretty good. I think that guy...

Hallie: The one I met?

Graham: No, the other one. I think he's going to work out.

Hallie: Ok, that's your call. Well, I gotta get home and sleep. See you tomorrow?

Graham: Sure.

Street in front of Chases house. Brian is circling on his bike. Angela comes out and sits on the curb.

Brian: Hi.

Angela: Hey.

Brian: That dinner, tomorrow night. I don't think I can go, really, cause I have this Calculus test like the next day, which I really should study for, so.

Angela: Sure. I'm not sure If I'm even going.

Brian: [stopping his bike in front of Angela] Why not?

Angela: Oh, I don't know.

Brian: [silence] You know, if you wanted to ask Jordan Catalano to go, it was really, like, none of my business.

Angela looks at him in silence.

Brian: I could even lend him a tie. I mean, if he needed one.

Pride house - outside. Rickie is on a bench reading a book. Stacy comes up and sits beside him. [Stacy is about Rockies age, with long, straight dirty-blonde hair. She is dressed sort of tomboyish]

Stacy: Hey.

Rickie: Hi.

Stacy: So, is my brother keeping you awake with his snoring?

Rickie: No. no, I barely notice it. [Stacy laughs, then Rickie joins her]

Stacy: Well, I hope you get more sleep than I used to. [pause] So. So, you never said. You know, why you're here.

Rickie: It's kinda a long story.

Stacy: They all are. [pause. Stacy looks off in the distance.] My dad, he like killed himself when I was three. And I think my mom went crazy. So when I was ten, me and my brother ran away. [pause] I'm not sure she ever noticed.

Rickie: Oh my god.

Stacy: Yeah, we all got stories like that. Sometimes we have like, contests, to see who's been the worst off. [she laughs] You know, I'd really wish you'd loosen up. I have a feeling there's a nice person in there somewhere.

Rickie: Yeah, I guess I'm still, kind of nervous.

Stacy: That's alright. So, you coming to my birthday party tomorrow?

Rickie: Yeah, well. There is this like, dinner, that a friend wanted me to go to.

Stacy: Oh, you go to that. Don't bother with...

Rickie: No. I mean, I told her I'd rather, like, stay here.

Stacy: [smiling] Oh.

Restaurant: Guest are arriving and being seated. Angela, dressed up, is standing around the door, waiting for someone.

Pride House: All the kids are around the table, eating cake and watching Stacy open her presents. everyone, including Rickie, seems to be enjoying themselves.

Restaurant: Everyone is having a time as well, eating dessert. Angela is sitting with Patty, Dannielle, and two unnamed friends of Dannielle. She does not look like she's enjoying herself all that much. She gets up and walks over to the door and looks out. She looks back at the restaurant. She puts on her coat and goes outside.

Outside Restaurant: Angela is walking around outside, aimlessly. She notices Jordans red car pull up. Jordan gets out.

Jordan: Hey.

Angela [looking happier]: Hey.

Jordan: I'm sorry I didn't come to that dinner.

Angela: No, that's ok...

Jordan: No. [walking up to her] I should have been there. [They stare into each others eyes for a while, then kiss.] You want to go somewhere?

Angela: Alright.

They both get into Jordans car, which pulls off down the street.

The end.

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