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Episode No. 20 - Fate

written by Jason Pennington

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Published: 1997 | Size: 26 KB (4647 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.4/5   3.4/5 (12 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brians Room- Night.
Brian is looking out a window at the street where Jordan Catalanos car pulls up. Angela gets out and waves goodbye to Jordan. Jordan's car pulls away. Angela watches the car for a second then glances over to the Krakow house. She notices Brian just as he quickly closes the curtain and turns around, with his back towards the window. He sighs and leans back on the wall.

Chase house - kitchen - breakfast.
TV [in background] ..right now the computers are predicting a heavy wave of precipitation moving through sometime tomorrow. I'm not sure if its going to be snow or what but it could get messy...
Patty: Angela, Dannielle - come on, you're going to be late. [to Graham] So you're going to be at the restaurant all day?
Graham: Yeah, ah Hallie and I have a TON of things to get together,[pause] I mean we haven't even decided on a menu yet - and a wine list? - I don't see how it will possibly get done on time..
Patty: [kissing him] Don't worry, it will. - Girls Lets GO!

School Bus.
Angela is sitting on the bus several seats back from where Brian Krakow is sitting. Brian is staring straight ahead.
Angela [voice over]: What would life be like if I didn't know Brain Krakow. What if he didn't live next to me. If his parents had bought a house next to Sharon Cherski, instead of me, would he have written her that letter? Like, instead of me?
The bus stops and the kids all get up. Brian gets up quickly and leaves the bus. Angela tries to catch up with him but he is too fast. When Angela gets off the bus, she sees Brian walking off towards school. She starts to call out "Brian" But stops right before the sound escapes her lips. She frowns.

Classroom - Mr. Katemskis English.
Katemski: OK class today we are going to start discussing Tess of the D'Urbervilles, by ah ..Thomas Hardy. Now I KNOW not all of you have finished the book yet, or even ...ah... started... Anyway, can anyone tell me what Hardy's main theme for this book was? ...anybody? I'll give you a hint, its a four letter word?.... Starts with an "F"?....
Sharon [voice over] Fate!

Girls bathroom:
Rayanne is sitting by the window. Sharon is at the mirror.
Rayanne: Oh come on. No such thing.
Sharon: Yeah there is.
Rayanne [mocking tone] No there's not!
Sharon: You don't believe that there's one guy out there that you are fated to fall in love with?
Rayanne: Well, not just one guy...
Sharon: Well, I do. I mean, this is different than with Kyle. It was just.. This morning, in the year book room. I mean, its just has to be. Fate.
Rayanne: Oh get off it Cherski - you and Corey Hellfrick?
[Sharon gives Rayanne a look, Angela walks in and sees Sharon]
Angela: Oh hi Sharon. [sees Rayanne]
Sharon: Hi Angela.
Rayanne: Angelika!
Angela:[to Sharon] Can I talk to you later - when you're, ah, free.
Sharon: We can talk now ...[Angela has turned and is leaving the bathroom] Angela!
Rayanne: Let her go. ... I don't believe this - her and Jordan are all lovey dovey again and she still can't even look at me.
Sharon: Angela and Jordan?
Rayanne: Yeah, Rickie told me. He said Catalano wrote her this, like, really deep letter.
Sharon: Wait, Jordan Catalano wrote a really deep letter?
Rayanne: Apparently.
Sharon: Wow.

School by the lockers.
Rickie is leaning up against them talking to Brian.
Rickie: Wow.
Brian: Then, Jordan Catalano comes up from out of nowhere, and they get in his car and, like, drive off.
Rickie: Wow. So.. so did you talk to her this morning?
Brian: What? No! I cant even look at her without ...ah... I can't even imagine like, what I'd say...
Rickie: Well, you have to say something...
Brian: Yeah...Hey, I know - you could talk to her for me!
Rickie: No. That wouldn't be right. You have to talk to her.
Brian: But.. You know...
Rickie: Why don't you just write her another letter? [bell rings]But from you this time.
Rickie walks away. Brian looks after him thoughtful like.

Hallie and Graham are sitting in chairs holding pads of paper.
Hallie: Grilled chicken? We are NOT having something as boring as grilled chicken at my restaurant.
Graham: People LIKE grilled chicken. And its OUR restaurant.
Hallie: Ok, but DO something with it. Don't just call it grilled chicken. At least give it a better name. Something exotic.
Graham: Exotic?
Hallie: Yeah. Like "Chicken Boringo" [Graham throws the note pad at her, Hallie laughs] What?

Chase kitchen -
Patty and Graham are preparing supper.
Patty: So, ah how are things coming along?
Graham: Great. I mean, well, we settled on the menu.
Patty: That's good. By the way, I'll need the final layout on those by next week if you want them printed in time for the opening.
Graham: Ok, sure. [pause, then laughs a little]
Patty: What is it?
Graham: Oh, I was just thinking [Patty starts to say something] Oh hold your comments please. [hugs her] I mean, if you hadn't signed me up for that cooking class, would I be doing this now? Or if Stephen Deter hadn't bailed out of the class? I mean, If all these little things didn't happen, I wouldn't have met Hallie, and, I don't know, would I still be wallpapering the house?
Patty: You would have found something. Things have a way of working out, you know?
Graham: I know [they kiss and hug]

Brian's room:
Brian is sitting at his desk writing a letter. Occasionally he looks out his window at the Chases. He then wads up the paper and throws it at the trash can, where numerous other wads can be seen. He layes his head on the desk. Fade to him reading a letter. He folds it and writes "Angela" on the outside. He looks at it nervously.

School - next morning:
The bell rings as Brian walks by Angela's locker and slips the letter through the vents. He looks around and then walks off.

Katemskis class:
people are getting up and leaving. Sharon walks up to Angela.
Sharon: So, Angelfood, what did you want to talk about?
Angela: What? oh. [Angela watches Brian walk out the door, behind him is Jordan Catalano] Nothing really.
Sharon [looks to see what Angela was looking at] So, ah, you and Jordan are back together?
Angela: Who told you that?
Sharon: Oh, it was just something I heard. You sure you're ok?
Angela: Yeah, I'm fine - I'll be ok.[tries to smile] It's just. [Sharon gives her a "come on, spill it" look and sits down in the seat in front of her]
Angela: Well, its like. You know how when you know someone - I mean, you think you know them but you really don't?
Sharon: Yeah.
Angela: And then when, when you do really get to know them, like know how they feel and stuff, all the things you said and did to them, like before, seem really, you know, mean?
Sharon: Yeah.
Angela: I mean, well, how do you deal with this person when every time you see them all you can think about is, like, how horrible you've been to them?
[Sharon looks out the door just in time to see Rayanne walk past]
Sharon: Well, [pause] if you like this person, and they like you, I guess you just have to press on. I mean like, you can't let the past like, control you.
Angela: Yeah.

At Angela's locker - hall full of people. Just as Angela opens the locker someone calls her name (Rickie), she looks around, and doesn't see the letter fall down on the ground. Shot of the letter being kick out of the way by all the people in the hall.
Rickie: Hey Angela, take a look at this - [sees someone] oh, gotta go, bye! [hands Angela a folded piece of paper]
Angela: Thanks, ah bye...
Brian Krakow walks up, sees Angela unfolding the paper. He hides behind the lockers and watches her. Angela starts to read the paper. She starts to smile, then to crack up, then to laugh out loud. Brian looks horrified - he turns around and walks quickly down the hall.

Hallie and Graham are standing in the kitchen. Wine bottles are all around.
Hallie: Well that's that. Everything is finished.
Graham: Well, I have to admit, I didn't think we'd get it done.
Hallie: You are ALWAYS a cynic.
Graham: Yeah...[silence] Is this gonna work?
Hallie: Well, I think its a pretty complete list.
Graham: No, I mean... I mean ALL of this. [waves hand across restaurant]
Hallie: What! What kind of attitude is that?
Graham: I mean, a year from now, are we all going to be poor, homeless washouts because we wasted all our money on a business that had no hope of succeeding?
Hallie: What has gotten in to you? Look, Graham, If you want out or anything...
Graham: NO, No. Its not that. Its just, well. I don't know. Cold feet?
Hallie: No, that was Brad. You're just... Look. A year from now you're gonna look back, and you won't be even able to IMAGINE how this restaurant could not have been a phenomenal success, OK?
Graham: Yeah.
Hallie: You ok? [Graham nods] Great, now take a look at this menu layout I came up with...

School Lockers -
Corey is at his locker. Sharon walks up.
Sharon: Corey!
Corey: Hi, uh...
Sharon: Sharon.
Corey: Sharon. Yeah, right.
Sharon: ...from the yearbook.
Corey: Oh yeah, right. The Yearbook. [worried look] There wasn't anything wrong with those pictures I submitted, was there?
Sharon: NO. no. They were great.
Corey: Oh, good. I thought you might not like them.Well, excuse me. [Corey walks off.]
Sharon: [to empty air] Bye. [Rayanne comes up behind her]
Rayanne: So, been given the fickle finger, eh Cherski?
Sharon: Fate sucks. [Rayanne starts to walk off.] Hey, wait. Where are you going?
Rayanne: Oh, ah, I gotta go, got detention.
Sharon: Oh? Who gave you detention?
Rayanne: Katemski.
Sharon: Katemski?
Rayanne: Yeah. I don't know what his problem was. [starts to walk off] It was a four letter word. It started with an "F".

Brian's locker.
Brian looks and sees Angela coming his way. He then realizes that she's actually coming over to him. He starts to hurriedly put his books away. Too late, Angela comes up before he can get away.
Angela: Brian. Stop.
Brian: [turning around] What?
Angela: We have to talk, OK?
Brian: Look, I, I just ... I don't want to talk to you, like, right now...
Angela: Brian, we need to talk.
Brian: [loudly] I just don't want to discuss this. Cant we just like forget this whole thing? It was just a stupid letter...
Angela: I thought.. look Brian, I'm sorry. [Brian has an angry look on his face] ...Brian?
Brian: Just leave me alone. [walks off]
Angela: [angry] Brian!
Angela stands there alone. Jordan walks up.
Jordan: Hey.
Angela: Hey. [Angela is still looking to where Brian walked off]
Jordan: You know that kid, um, Brain? Is he like sick or something?
Angela: I don't know. Why?
Jordan: Well, he didn't show up for tutoring today and I was like, you know, kinda wondering where he was...[silence] I hear that the weather is getting like, really bad out there.
Angela: Yeah?
Jordan: So do you, um, want a ride home or something?
Angela: [turns to look at Jordan] I guess so. Let me..ah... let me go get my stuff.
Jordan: Ok, I'll meet you at my car.
Angela walks up to her locker - starts to open it.

Outside school
[it is raining - a cold looking rain]- people are getting in the bus. Brian is last in line - looking around. He notices there's no one left in front of him, so he gets into the bus. The door closes behind him.

School parking lot-
Angela walks up just as the bus pulls away. She is left there standing - looking at the bus. The rain is quite heavy - and Angela is soon soaked. She turns around to see Jordan pulling up in his car. She walks over.
Jordan [rolling down his window] Come on get in. You're getting wet.
Angela: I know. [she walks around and gets into Jordan's car. they pull away.]

In front of Angela's house.
The rain/sleet is quite heavy now. Jordan's car pulls up. Angela gets out and shuts the door. Jordan's car pulls off. Angela starts to walk towards her house then stops. She walks over to the Krakow's. She rings the door bell. There is no answer. She looks in the windows, rings the bell again, but still no answer. She walks off towards her house.

Brian's Room.
Brian is looking out his window at Angela walking back to her house.

Chases Den.
Angela is lying on the couch watching TV - depressed looking. All of the sudden - the lights flicker, then go out.Fumbling noises can be heard for awhile - then a match strike as the room fills with light from the match Graham is holding, he walks over and lights a candle.
[Graham and Hallie at the restaurant]
Graham: Ah, fire. A cooks best friend.
Hallie: I KNEW these candles would come in handy.
Graham lights the other candles, then surveys the restaurant.
Graham: Looks good, candle lit.
Hallie: Yeah. I wondered what happened.
Graham: Probably this storm. [walks over to the window] Jesus its bad out, come look.
Hallie: [walking over to the window] God!
Graham: [A large boom is heard - A blue light flashes] Wow, did you see that? Must have been a transformer exploding.
Hallie: Ew. I hate ice storms. I am NOT driving home in this.
Graham: What? You mean stay here?
Hallie: Yeah. I got this "survival kit" in my car, blankets, a pillow .. I think. Anyway, Brad was like Paranoid, he wouldn't let me go anywhere without it. [reaching for her coat] I'll go get it.
Graham: Wait.. ah... I'll go with you. [reaches for his coat]

Chase den:
Angela is sitting on the couch with candles lit all around. She is reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles. The phone rings. Angela picks up the phone.
Angela: Hello.
Patty [at the print shop - no lights there either] Angela? are you OK?
Angela: Yeah, but the, ah, powers out.
Patty: Yeah, its out everywhere. Its this ice storm. I don't even think I can get home. The roads are like skating rinks.
Angela: Your gonna stay at the print shop?
Patty: Well, yeah. Its ok. Ill be fine. Is Dannielle there?
Angela: No, I think she went over a friends house.
Patty: Oh yeah, that's right. Jennys. I'll give them a call to make sure she's alright. Look, your dad probably can't get home either,so it will probably just be you there tonight. You think you'll be OK?
Angela: Yeah, I'll be fine, ...ah Mom?
Patty: yeah honey?
Angela: Its just, ...nothing..
Patty: [sympathetic look in her eyes] Look if you get lonely or scared or anything, just give me a call, OK?
Angela: Mom!
Patty: Well, its my job. [pause] And you might see if the Krakow's are home, I hate to think of you all alone in this mess. You call me if you need me, OK?
Angela: OK.
Patty: Love you sweetie. bye.
Angela: Bye.
Angela hangs up the phone and walks over to the windows. She looks out the Krakow's house. She sees the flickering light of candles over at the Krakow house. She pauses for a minute, then puts on her coat and goes outside.

Brian's house - inside front door.
Banging and Angela's yelling can be heard. Brian walks down the stairs with a flashlight.
Berneice (off screen): Brian get the door!
He opens the door. Angela is there. He shines the flashlight in her face.
Angela [obviously freezing and wet] Hi. My.. ah.. Nobody's home at my house.
Brian: You want to come in?
Angela: Um, sure.
Angela walks inside.

Brian's room.
candles are lit all around. Brian is sitting on his bed. Angela is sitting on the floor against the wall.
Angela: So, have you read that book we're supposed to read yet? For Katemskis class?
Brian: Oh. yeah.
Angela: So was Katemski, like right when he was talking about this girl having no control over what happened to her?
Brian: What is this? - We discuss literature in our spare time now?
Angela: Brian.
[several seconds of silence]
Brian: was like nothing she did mattered. Cause it was like, what was going to happen, was fated to happen, and she, like, you know, couldn't change that...cause there were other things that happened, that weren't her fault...So, yeah, she had no control, like over her life. She just, kind of, lived it.
[several more seconds of silence] Angela gets up and sits at the foot of Brian's bed.
Angela: I used to think that, if I could just .. go out with Jordan Catalano [Brian sighs, gives angry look] Brian listen. If I could just go out with him, I'd be the happiest person there was, you know. I didn't think I could be happy without him. like I'd be.. incomplete. And I had this idea of him, and ... well, it doesn't work like that, cause, I mean, even after we went out, I still wasn't happy.I was still, like, incomplete.
Brian: Why are you telling me this?
Angela: Just listen to me, OK? My idea of him was totally different from how he actually was. You can't do that. You can't fall in love with the idea of a person, Brian. [silence, Angela looks straight at him] You have to love the actual person.
Brian: [slowly] I.... [looks away]
Angela: Look Brian. You don't know me, ok. ...I mean, like, really know me...[silence] ..cause if you did... you couldn't...
Brian: Look, ..ah.. you don't have to be nice about this.
Angela: Be nice?
Brian: [raising his voice] Look, alright, I know, ok? I saw.. I just know. So you don't have to like, you know, pretend.
Angela: [softly] Pretend what?
Brian: You know....
Angela: [loudly] God, Brian, I don't know, alright, I don't know! [silence] Will you for just once in your life tell me what you mean? Without hiding behind some letter.
Brian: I,
Angela: I'm sorry.
Brian: ..I, wrote that letter because Jordan asked me to, OK? I just wrote what I thought he, you know, felt. And that other letter, I just...[pause]
Angela: Wait, what other letter? [Brian stares at her] Brian? What other letter?
Brian: You...You never got it?
Angela: No, I guess.. I guess I didn't.
Brian: Oh.
Angela: So. um...So what did it say.
Brian: It, ah.. I...
Angela: Brian. Tell me. Please?
Brian: I..ah. It was just, like, an apology. For like, the first letter.
Angela looks a Brian for several seconds then gets up and walks over to the window. She looks out at the street. A car is seen pulling into Angela's house.
Angela: Oh. It looks like my Dad made it home.
Brian: Really? I guess you should go back over there now, huh?
Angela: [turning to look at Brian] Yeah. I guess I better.
Brian stares at something on the other side of the room. Angela turns back and looks out the window.
Angela: Did you ever wonder what it would be like if one thing, even just one small thing, had been different. Like, in the past.
Brian: Sometimes.
Exterior: Angela looking out Brian's window. shot pulls away.

Chase Living Room - day.
Angela, Patty and Dannielle are sitting around reading (Angela and Patty) and looking extremely bored (Dannielle). The room is lit by exterior sunlight only.Graham walks by and flips a light switch. When nothing happens he looks obviously annoyed with his own stupidity (or slavery to habit), and walks out of the room. Patty watches him go with a smile on her face, then returns to her book. Suddenly, all the lights and the TV come back on.
Dannielle: Finally!
Patty: I thought it would never come back on. [getting up] I hate it when the electricity goes out. Its like you have no control.
Patty and Dannielle somewhat excitedly leave the room (apparently to involve themselves in some electricity requiring activities elsewhere).Angela puts her book down (Tess) and starts to watch TV. Several seconds later she picks up the remote, turns the TV off and continues reading.

Bus stop- morning.
The ice storm seems to have left many broken tree limbs in the yards. The roads, however, are mostly dry. Brian is standing at the bus stop. Angela comes walking up.
Angela: Hi.
Brian: Hey. [pause] So, like, Jordan Catalano's not giving you a ride?
Angela: No. No he's not. [several seconds of silence as both of them look around] So, um... I finished that book that Mr. Katemski told us to read.
Brian: Yeah?
Angela: Yeah. [silence] I can't believe that with all this bad weather, we don't get to miss at least one day of school.
Brian: Yeah.
By this time the bus pulls up. The kids start to get on. Angela is last in line. On the bus, Brian sits down in an empty seat. He seems somewhat surprised when Angela sits down beside him (there are several other empty seats around!)
Angela: So are you selling tickets for that play at school?
Brian: No. Well, Rickie asked me to, but I told that like, you know, I had too much to do, so.
Angela: Oh. [pause] I'm supposed to, but, you know, I don't know...[pause] You know, that, like, really hard quiz coming up in Biology?
Brian: Yeah?
Angela: I was wondering if we could get together sometime and, like, maybe study?
Brian: Oh, OK. [nods head] Sure. [both Angela and Brian stare ahead towards the front of the bus.]
Brian (voice over): The two speechless gazers bent themselves down to the earth,
[shot of Graham looking at the restaurant]
as if in prayer,
[shot of Sharon and Rayanne talking in the Bathroom]
and remained thus a long time,
[shot of Mr. Katemskis class. Brian is reading aloud from "Tess". (no longer a voice over) Angela is sitting behind him, with a content look on her face.]
absolutely motionless: the flag continued to wave silently.
[shot of Angela and Brian in the Chase Den, studying for Biology - back to Brians voice over]
As soon as they had strength they arose, joined hands again, and went on.

the end.

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  • anonymous author commented on 07 Jun 2002:
    I liked the part when rayanne gets in toruble for say fuck- it was a funny line.
  • pippa commented on 27 May 2003:
    Basically really well structured- I love the "Fate" theme, however Angela would never discuss her feelings about Jordan with Brian-letter or no letter. I would also have liked further developement of the "second" letter storyline. Really good though!!!!
  • 411314 gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 12 Jul 2010:
    Um, no offense pippa, but according to what I read about what Winnie Holzman said, discussing her feelings about Jordan with Brian is EXACTLY what Angela WAS going to do if the show had continued, in addition to asking him for advice on her and Jordan's relationship.

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