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Episode No. 20 - To Turn Back Time

written by Rob

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Published: 1997 | Size: 34 KB (6740 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.8/5   2.8/5 (6 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


("Taillights Fade" by Buffalo Tom plays through the scene)

Sister can you hear me now
The ringing in your ears
I'm down on the ground
My luck's been dry for years
I'm lost in the dark
feel like a dinosaur
broken face, and broken hands
I'm a broken man

Brian picks up his bike, and starts walking it across the street. He stops halfway across and watches Jordan's taillights fade as they turn the corner.

I've hit the wall
I'm about to fall
but I'm closing in on it
I feel so weak
on a losing streak
watch my tail lights fade to black

Brian: That's just great.

He drops his bike by his side door, and goes in his house. We see the
lights to his room flick on for a second, but then flick off.


Patty, and Graham are in the kitchen, both in robes, drinking coffee. Danilelle comes in already dressed.

Patty: Hello honey.

Graham: Hey sweetie.

Danielle: Hi mom. Hi dad.

She goes over to each, gives them a hug, and takes orange juice from her mother, and a bagel from her father. She goes over to the table and sits at the head of it.

Patty: do you want cream cheese?

Patty takes a tub of cream cheese out of the fridge, and puts it on the table next to Danielle.

Patty: Honey, guess what?

Danielle: What? (Smiles)

Patty: Daddy, and Hal- (slight pause) *we're* going to have a restaurant.
Isn't that great news?

Danielle: Really?

She sounds as happy if it were her birthday, which falls in a few weeks, from the news.

Graham: Yep. (Smile) I'm gonna be a chef.

Danielle: Do you have to wear one of those big hats?

Graham: (laughs) I don't know about a *big* one, but yes.

He looks over at Patty.

Graham: Oh, (pause) should I keep teaching? I mean-

Patty: Maybe you should for a while. We still need the income.

Graham: yeah.

Patty looks around.

Patty: Where is Angela?


Angela's bedroom is deserted, but the mess is proof she has been there. She left an uncapped perfume bottle on her dressing table, and the clothes she wore the night before are strewn on the bed. *The letter* was crumpled, and thrown in her garbage pail. There is another note on her desk, from Rayanne, asking her to meet somewhere. A brush of air from the open window blows it off the table and on the floor at the base of the garbage pail.


Angela is sitting on the front steps to Liberty. The sun is blaring bright. From her demeanor you can see she does not want to be there. Something made her go, though. Maybe her heart.

Angela: (vo) what am I doing here? She should like, have to be the one sitting here waiting, to, like, apologize, or something. (Pause) I should have had breakfast. I'm starv-

Tino's car pulls up in front of the school, and Rayanne gets out. She holds her bag in front of her, letting it drag by her feet as she walks closer to Angela. Tino pulls away, and Rayanne and Angela watch him go.

Angela: About time.

Rayanne: Well, it was tough to get Tino to give me a ride at ten in the

Angela: You picked the time. (Vo) so stop complaining. (Pause)(aloud)

She stops and looks at Rayanne.

Angela: Why did you so *desperately* need to see me?

Rayanne looks at the ground.

Rayanne: (ironic laugh) God, I never really had to apologize before. Like with Jodie - well forget that. But, (pause) do you get my drift?

Angela: I don't care about your *drift*. (pause) It's too early for this.

Rayanne: God, I can't believe you forgave him, but you won't even talk to me.

Angela: I didn't *forgive* him! That's not even the point. (Pause) You probably don't even know why you're trying to apologize.

Rayanne: So, you , like admit that I'm apologizing?

Angela: (pause) You're doing a terrible job.

Angela tries to keep a straight face.

Rayanne: Ugh, forget this.

Rayanne picks her bag up off the ground and leaves. Angela stands in place, her jaw almost wide open from the fact that *Rayanne* left, and not her. She stands there for a second before picking up her bike, and heading off in a random direction.


Angela rides past the tack field, and past the bleachers where Jordan goes to smoke.


Rayanne is sitting on the ledge by the window. Sharon walks in.

Rayanne: Hey.

Sharon: Hi!

Rayanne: Ugh, why are you like that?

Sharon: Huh? I don't-

Rayanne: So (pause) *happy*. Life sucks, Cherski. Believe it.

Sharon: *Life* doesn't suck. What some of us do with life sucks.

She pulls a brush out of her bag.

Sharon: Besides I'm happy because I'm breaking up with Kyle....again.

Rayanne: I thought you already did *break up*.

Sharon: we did. Then he kinda came over one night, and um-

rayanne: I get it, go on.

Sharon: I don't know why he just can't, like, accept that it's over. I'm not in love with him. I don't think I ever really was. I don't think he was ever in love with me either.

Rayanne: I dunno why he can't accept it either.

Sharon isn't really paying attention to Rayanne anymore.

Sharon: I feel like this part of my life is over, and that's why I'm happy. I can forget about Kyle.

Rayanne: (sarcastically) That's great to hear. Go, now. Go!

Sharon turns around and leans on the sink.

Sharon: Well, maybe you should apologize.

Rayanne: (laughs) She doesn't want to hear it. I tried. I even *mailed* her a letter, but she didn't care.

Rayanne continues mostly to herself, as Sharon stands and listens.

Rayanne: I guess I screwed up, just like with Jodie. Only this is worse. Maybe I should like, try harder to fix this one.

Sharon: DUH SQUARED! (Pause) You know, me and Angela are *supposed* to go to the mall thursday night, and if you, I don't know...happened to be at the food court around six-ish you *might* run into each other. Not that I'm saying this is definite or anything.

Rayanne: Well, maybe I'll be at, I dunno, Blimpies. Could be.

Sharon: Well, maybe I'll feel like having a sandwich that night.

Rayanne jumps off the window ledge as the second bell rings, and she and Sharon walk out of the bathroom together.


Angela and Rickie are standing by Rickie's locker as he gets his global book out.

Angela: So, she like, showed up, and left.

Rickie: She just, like, left?


Brian is walking down the hall, camera in hand. Angela follows him down the hall with her eyes. He glances over at her, but pretends he doesn't
see her, and keeps walking down the hall and into a classroom.

Angela: (vo) When you think about like, why people do things, even why you do things it makes you almost sick. Like, why did Brian have to write the letter (pause), but why did Jordan have to ask him to? I mean (pause) I don't know what I mean.

Rickie closes his locker and they go down the hall.


Sharon, and Kyle sit in Kyle's living room talking. The tv is flashing in the background with the sound turned down low. He leans over and starts to kiss her on the neck.

Kyle: so, my parents are gonna be gone for like, and hour.

Sharon: so?

Kyle: you wanna?

He starts to move his hand up her shirt.

Sharon: want to what?

Kyle: you know what. My parents are like, *gone*.

Sharon pushes him away, and a flying pillow knocks a cup of water over on the coffe table.

Kyle: sharon, wh-

Sharon: god, Kyle, there is something more important things than sex. (Pause) like love.

Kyle: so what's your point?

Sharon: you don't love me-

Kyle interjects.

Kyle: sharon I do.

Sharon: no you don't. I'm fine with it, but-

Kyle: but what?

Sharon: (to herself) oh, god. (Aloud) it's over.

Kyle: what? I mean....why....what?

Sharon: like, all you ever want to do Is have sex. And I *don't* love you.

Kyle get's a pissed off look on his face.

Kyle: I don't believe I gave you my jacket.

Sharon: kyle?!

Kyle: get out.

Sharon: kyle, don't you want to talk about it?

Kyle: no, get out.

Sharon get's up, and leaves. Taking one last look at him, and then closes the back door.


Angela is sitting in the back of Katimski's class, not paying very much attention, but paying enough.

Katimski: (reciting an Edgar Allen Poe poem)

Oh! That my young life were a lasting dream!
My spirit not awak'ning till the beam
Of an eternity should bring the morrow.
Yes! Tho' that dream were of hopeless sorrow,
'Twere better than cold reality
of waking life, to him whose heart must be,
and hath been, still of this lovely earth,
a chaos of deep passion from his birth

Katimski: what is Poe describing here? Anyone?

Angela: (vo) in dreams, no in life, it is better to dream.

No one answers, and he continues.


But should it be -that dream eternally
continuing- as dreams have been to me
In my young boyhood -should it thus be giv'n,
'Twere folly still to hope for higher heav'n.
For I have revell'd , when the sun was bright
I'n the summers sky, in dreams of living light
And loveliness, -have left my very heart
in climes of my imagining, apart
From mine own home, with beings that have been
of mine own thought- what more could I have seen?
'Twas once -and only once- and the wild hour
From my rememberence shall not pass -some pow'r
or spell had bound me- 'twas the chilly wind
came o'er mein the night, and left behind
it's image on my spirit -or the moon
shone on my slumbers in her lofty noon
Too coldly -or the stars- howe'er it was
That Dream was that night wind -let it pass.

He looks around at the class as he pauses.

Katimski: (cont'd)

I have been happy, 'tho [but] in a dream.
I have been happy -and I love the theme:
Dreams! In their vivid coloring of life,
as in that fleeting, shadowing, misty strife
Of semblance with reality which brings
to the delirious eye, more lovely things
of paradice and love -and all our own!
Than young hope in his sunniest hour has known

katimski- that was called "Dreams". It was written in 1827. He was just 18 when he wrote this.

The bell rings. The class gets up and scatters out of the room.

Katimski- read the next 2 poems in your book tonight.

Angela: walks out of the room and into the hallway.

Katimsky: (to the few kids who remain in his class room) Don't forget to do you reading.


Angela is walking down the hall by herself, toward her locker, when she notices Rayanne talking to Corey Helfrick. She stares for a second, and opens the door for the stairwell.


Angela is walking down the hall past the library, on the second floor, looking at everyone who passes by her in hall.

Angela: (vo) why is everyone's life going back to normal except for mine?

She see's Sharon at the end of the hall with Delia fisher, and a guy.

Angela: (vo) sharon is going back after the whole Kyle thing, even though I have no clue what like, happened with them.

She ducks into another stairwell, and goes down. She glances out the window as she goes, and see's Jordan, Shane, and Joey sitting by Jordan's car horsing around.

Angela: (vo) even Jordan, and Rayanne are like, going back (pause) like nothing happened. Why cant I? Why can't I just like, forget it happened? It would be so easy, and then I could go back. Maybe I can never go back.

She see's her reflection in a window, and stares into it.

Angela: (vo) maybe I can.

She burst out the front door of liberty, and walks down the steps.


Rayanne, and Rickie are hanging out. Rayanne is looking out the window.

Rickie: Who are you looking for?

Rayanne: no one.

Rickie: oh, ok.

She spot's Angela coming down the steps with a semi-smile on her face.

Rayanne: (to herself) what's she so happy about?

Rickie: who?

He walks over to the window.

Rickie: Angela? Wow.

Rayanne: why dies she get to be happy, and I have to be miserable? Why?

Rickie: she was miserable, and hurt too. I mean, I'm not taking her side, I'm not taking any side, but maybe she needs to like, get over it.

Rayanne: I wish things could just go back. Like the way they were before. Me and you-

Rickie: and Angela.

Rayanne: maybe. I just wish it could go back.

Rickie: me too.


Brian is sitting in the tutor room waiting, even to his surprise it seems, for jordan.

Brian: (vo) I don't believe i'm here. Like Jordan Catalono is really gonna show up. He obviously has better things to do. I shouldn't be here, I just shouldn't. Not after what happened. Like he need's more *tutoring*. Let someone else tutor him, I don't care. I can't be here.

Brian Glances at the clock, then the door, then the clock.

Brian: if he doesn't come in the next minute, i'm going.

Brian stares at his watch, and then the clock alternatively. Jordan enters.

Brian: (vo) oh, my god. (Aloud) you came?

Jordan: yeah, so?

Brian: no, it's just that I-

he cut's brian off.

Jordan: I just came by to see if we, could like skip today.

Brian: oh sure.

Jordan: good.

Jordan get's up and leave. Brian gathers his books, and stuff together and leaves as well.


Graham, and Hallie sit in the space on two fold out chairs I front of a pull out table.

Graham: can you believe this is happening?

Hallie: hardly. It's like a whirlwind. (Laughs)

Graham: y'know when you first brought this idea up I thought you were-

Hallie: loony?

Graham: (laughs) well, (pause) yeah.

Hallie: well, once my mind latches on to an idea it is like *that* idea or nothing. I'm glad this is starting to come together.

Graham: me too. (Pause) So now what?

Hallie: so now you start to think of menu choices, and I have to hire an architect and I have to order stuff, and-

Graham: ok, I didn't need too many details. (Laughs)

Graham looks at his watch.

Graham: oh, god. I have to get going. I told patty I would be home. Danielle has a half day from school.

Hallie: ok, well we need to start thinking of menu items, and we also *need* a name. See what you can think of.

Graham: will do drill sergeant.

Hallie looks at him.

Graham: that was a joke.

He gets his car key's and jacket and leaves.

Hallie: funny.


Graham in the Kitchen with a Greatful Dead tape playing. Angela walks in the front door, and goes to the kitchen.

Angela: (vo) oh, no. Dad is having one of his hippie flashbacks. I don't think my dad ever was a hippie, but act's like one(pause) sometimes. I can't see him in beads, and bellbottoms. (Aloud) hi dad.

Graham: hi honey.

She walks past the kitchen and into the laundry room, and grabs 2 towels. Graham now has the Beatles 'Let it be" playing, on the song 'Get back'


(the Beatles "Get Back" plays through scene)

Angela is standing in front of the mirror with a towel wrapped around her head. She wipes some fog off the bathroom mirror, and stares into the mirror.

Get back
get back
get back to where you once belonged


Brian is sitting on his bed staring into his fishbowl, with a puss on his face.

Brian: (vo) I shouldn't have done it. Why not? Now she knows. But she doesn't care. Why should she? All I have been is an annoyance to her since I was born. But I guess there is no way to go back to change it all.


Rickie, and Rayanne are standing by Rickie's locker.

Rickie: so that's what she said.

Rayanne: oh, come on. Everyone knew that.

Rayanne notices angela walk in the door with her old hair color back. Dirty blonde.

Rayanne: oh,my god. Rickie look.

Rickie looks over.

Rickie: wow. She went back (pause) to her old hair color.

Rayanne: yeah, great.

Rayanne leaves in a huff. Angela goes over to Rickie.

Rickie: hey.

Angela: hey. So, what her problem?

Rickie: I don't know. (Pause) so you re-dyed it?

Angela: yeah. It was fading, and I didn't like it so much any more. (Vo) because it was a reminder of things I didn't want to be reminded about.

Rickie: I like it.

Angela: thanks.


Sharon is standing by the sink brushing her hair when Angela walks in. She does a double take at her hair, like it's a new personality or something.

Sharon: wow! You let it go back?

Angela: I re-dyed it.

Angela washes her hands.

Angela: So what happened with you and kyle?

Sharon: I just broke up with him. I felt guilty at the time, but i'm better off.

Angela: oh. (vo) I want to tell her about the letter, and what happened with Jordan, and Brian, but I can't. It's too (pause) painful.

Sharon: so were still going to the mall tonight right?

Angela: yeah, (pause) um, could I ask Rickie to come? I haven't seen him much lately, and I wanted to hang out with both of you.

Sharon: oh, (pause) ok. 4-Ish?

Angela: yeah, ok. I'll tell him later.


Graham is sitting at the dinning room table looking through a cook book. Danielle come's down the stairs and into the dining room.

Danielle: hi daddy. What are you doing?

Graham: I'm looking for some stuff to cook in the restaurant.

Danielle: oh. I'm glad you're gonna have a restaurant.

Graham: thank you sweetie.

There is a knock on the door.

Danielle: I'll get it.

Danielle runs to the side door.


She opens the door to see Jordan Catalano standing there.

Danielle: she's not home yet.

Jordan: she isn't?

Danielle: no.

She closes the door on him. He goes by his car, and sit's on the hood, apparently waiting.


Rickie, and Angela are sitting on the steps.

Angela: so can you come?

Rickie: angela, I like, live in the mall. Katimski's place is like only my second home. (Laughs)

Angela: good. We haven't been hanging out much.

Rickie: yeah, I know. Um, can Delia come?

Angela: oh, (pause) ok.

Rickie: she doesn't have to.

Angela: no, that fine. I just didn't know you guy's were hanging out much.

Rickie: yeah, she live's near Katimski's too.

Angela: oh, that good. Her and sharon are friends too, so that good. Ok.

She get's up.

Angela: I have to go now.

Rickie: ok, where do you want to meet?

Angela: uh, how about the Bon-Ton?

Rickie: ok. See you later.


Angela is walking down the block coming home from school. The air is chilly, and the breeze is blowing her hair around. She notices Jordan's car sitting in front of her house.

Angela: (vo) oh God. What he doing here?

She keeps walking, closer to her house, and his car. When she gets by his car she goes over to it. Jordan gets out, and walks around the car to the sidewalk.

Jordan: hey.

Angela: hey.

Jordan notices her hair.

Jordan: what happened to your hair?

Angela: oh, I washed it out. I didn't like it anymore.

Jordan: oh, right. (Pause) so can we like, talk?

Angela: talk? (Pause) I don't want to talk. Not about you, not about the letter, not about brian. Nothing.

Jordan: oh. Wanna go for a ride?

Angela: a ride? (To herself)I don't believe this. (aloud)No I don't want to go for a ride. Are you gonna get brian to chauffeur for us too?

Jordan: what?

Angela: I know he wrote the letter.

Jordan: you do? I mean, did he tell you? Is that why he was acting weird in tutoring?

Angela: oh, he showed up for tutoring?

Jordan: yeah, so, did *he* tell you?

Angela: what does that matter? (Pause) no. I figured it out.

Jordan: oh. (pause)I wanted to write it. I just couldn't. You know.

Angela: you couldn't write a love letter?

Jordan: I just didn't have the words. I remember parts of that letter I found of yours. I couldn't write anything like that. It came out (pause) stupid.

Angela: oh (Pause) look, I gotta go. I can't *be* here, now.

Jordan: yeah, right.

Angela goes into her house, and jordan gets in his car and leaves.


Brian is looking out his window as Jordan's car takes off, and the Chase's door slams shut.

Brian: (vo)god, this is making me sick. She is like, going to forgive him. I don't believe this. I can't analyze this anymore. I am truly going to get sick. Why couldn't *I* just tell her how I felt? I had to write it down in a stupid letter *for* someone else. God, she is Angela Chase. She wouldn't listened if I had said it. She probably would have like, laughed in my face, and said "yeah right Krackow".

Brian pulls the string for his blinds and they come crashing down covering the window. The room is darkened, but not totally. Brian's figure is outlined by the light from his fish tank.


Graham is sitting in the living room as Angela walks in, obviously annoyed. He stares at her hair for a second.

Graham: uh, hi honey. (Pause) you're hair? You let it go back?

Angela: I dyed it again. Um, so, me and sharon are gonna go to the mall tonight ok? We won't be late.

Graham: ok. Are you going to eat there?

Angela: yeah, we probably will.

Graham: oh well, ok then.

Angela goes to the steps and up them.


She comes into her room and collapses on her bed.

Angela: (vo) that was interesting.

She looks over at her clock.

Angela: oh my god! It's 3:45 already?

She jumps up off her bed, and over to her closet. She grabs a flannel shirt and puts it on. She turns on her radio, goes back over to her bad and sits down on the edge. Weezer's "back to the good life" plays on the radio.


Sharon knocks on the door. Danielle opens it.

Sharon: hi Danielle. Is Angela here?

Danielle: yeah, she's upstairs.

Sharon: oh, good.

Sharon walks in the house.


Graham: hi sharon.

Sharon: hi Mr. Chase.

Angela comes down the stairs.

Angela: you ready?

Sharon: Yeah, my mom is outside.

They leave the house.


Angela and sharon walk inside the mall through the main enterence. It is pretty crowded for a Thursday night.

Angela: I told Rickie to meet us at the Bon-Ton.

Sharon: good. I saw this really cool top last time I was there. Maybe they'll still have it.

They walk through the mall to the Bon-Ton. The see Rickie and Delia outside the enterence, already holding some bags.

Rickie: Angela, over here.

Angela: bag's? Already?

Delia: well, we had some time to kill. They were having a sale in Sears.

Sharon: cool, so where do you want to hit first?

Angela: oh, I don't know. There is this cd I wanted to get.

Rickie: oh, well the music store is right next to that new store. You know, so we could do that first.

The four walk into the crowds of the mall, and past all kinds of stores -
window shopping as they go-.

Sharon: Angela, what cd id you want to get?

Angela: Soul Asylum. Let your dim light shine. I heard some songs off the radio. It sounds good.

Delia: I loved that one with "Runaway Train" on it.

Rickie: I feel so left out of this. Doesn't anyone like techo?

Angela: (laughs) hardly.

Delia: (smiles) I like techno.


Angela, and sharon are browsing together. Angela has a cd in her hand, and Sharon is lookin at a cd.

Store clerk: (in background) yo, put that Buffalo Tom cd on.

Buffalo Tom's "Big red letter day" starts to play in random order.

Sharon: isn't this Buffalo Tom?

Angela: yeah.

Sharon: oh.

The song "late at night" comes on. (The song that was playing in the background at Pike street when jordan blew off Angela.)

Angela: ugh, that song. It's such a (pause) Jordan song.

Sharon: I was there. Come on, lets go.

Sharon and Angela go up and pay for their cd's. They leave the store.


Rickie and Delia are sitting on a bench out side the music store waiting for Angela and Sharon.

Sharon: hey, you guys. Why didn't you come in?

Rickie: oh, we were just hanging out here.

Sharon: oh. (Pause) what time is it?

Delia looks down at her watch.

Delia: it's 5:52.

Sharon: oh, why don't we go eat?

Rickie: oh, ok. Let's go.

The walk off through the crowd to the food court.


Angela, Sharon, Rickie, and Delia walk around the seating area looking for a place to sit.

Delia: do you guys see anywhere?

Rickie: there's a place to sit.

Sharon: me and angela will hold it, while you guys go get your food.

Rickie: ok. Let's go Delia.

Rickie and Delia walk off to one of the food stands while Sharon and angela go over to grab the table.

Sharon: what are you going to get?

Angela: I don't know. What are you?

Sharon: Blimpies.

Angela: oh. I'm not in the mood for Blimpies.

Sharon gets a look on her face of panic.

Sharon: why not? (Pause) look, Rickie and Delia are coming back. Let's go.

Angela: yeah, ok.

They get up to walk to blimpies, as Delia and Rickie take a seat.

Sharon: we'll be right back.


Rayanne is standing, off the side, by Blimpies. Two preppy kids walk by her, and stare as she is standing by herself.

Rayanne: what the hell are you lookin at?

They walk away. She can see Sharon and Angela coming her way. She stares at Sharon to try to get her attention. Sharon eventually notices her, as they get on-line. Rayanne walks over to the line and gets on it. Sharon turns around, and acts surprised.

Sharon: oh my god. Rayanne?

Angela: (p.o.'d) What?

Angela turns around.

Angela: oh, god. What are you doing here? I thought you said the mall was preppy breeding ground.

Rayanne: I did.

Sharon: why don't you two talk?

Angela (pause) oh, my god, sharon? You set this up, didn't you?

Sharon: I...I...

Angela: how could you do this?

Angela walks off.

Rayanne: well, that certainly didn't go well.

Sharon looks distressed, and does an agreeance sigh.


Angela is standing in front of a sink wiping her eyes. She has been crying.

Angela: (vo) how could she do that? My best friend? She like, conspired with (pause) Rayanne.I hate *everyone*.

She leaves the bathroom, and goes over to a set of pay phones outside of it. She picks up the reciever to one of the phone, puts in a quarter, and dials home.

Angela: Danielle, is Mommy home? (Pause) Good, put her on. (Pause to wait for her mother to come on) hi Mom. (Pause) Um, can you pick me up? (Pause) i'm at the mall. (Pause) ok, 15 minutes. I'll be at the mail entrence by the bookstore.

She hangs up the phone, and starts to walk towards the mail entrance.


Angela has made her way out of the mall, and is sitting on the ledge of a potted bush waiting. She looks over to the other set of bushes and see's Sharon sitting there waiting as well. She notices her. As Sharon goes to get up, Patty pulls up and Angela gets in the car.


Angela gets in, and Sharon goes back over to her plant.

Patty: Angela? Is that you? Your hair?

Angela: Mom, I dyed it again. Can we please go now? Now?

Patty: aren't you going to ask Sharon is she wants a ride? It isn't out of the way.

Angela: no.

Patty: why not?

Angela: because (pause) I don't want to talk about it.

Patty: alright.

She pulls away, staring at sharon as the car makes it's was past the entrance and out of the parking lot.


Angela is hiding in a stall, in the back of the girls room. Rickie comes in and looks under the stalls at all the feet. There are only 2 feet. Angela's.

Rickie: Angela, I know that you. Come out.

Angela opens the stall door, and walks out brushing past rickie, and goes over to the sink. Rickie follows her to the sink.

Rickie: what happened last night? Sharon said you ran off.

Angela: she didn't tell you? (Pause while Rickie shakes his head no) Rayanne showed up.

Rickie: I kinda new. I saw her while we were waiting outside the music store. I didn't know what she was doin there.

Angela: Sharon and her like planned it out or something. Where we would meet. I Can't believe she did that.
Angela throws a paper towel in the garbage.

Rickie: she did it because she is your friend.

Angela: she like hangs out with Rayanne. (Pause) I am totally not ready to forgive her yet. I don't know if I ever will be.

Rickie: I know. I thought what rayanne did was like, terrible, but (pause) she is still a friend. She was just trying to be like *you*. That what she wanted.

Angela: I wasn't even me. I was like this person. I wasn't true.

Rickie: oh.

The bell rings.

Angela: (walking out of the girls room) I gotta get to Katimski's.


Brian is walking down the hall. He stops at his locker to get some books. Kids walk around him in the hall. Jordan comes up to him.

Brian: uh, hey.

Jordan: yeah, hey.

Brian: do you want to skip again today?

Jordan: that what I wanted to talk to you about. Tutoring isn't working out. I guess (pause) I quit.

Brian looks confused.

Brian: how can you quit?

Jordan: I just said it.

Brian: (gettin annoyed that he has to explain) but, Angela? Won't she be mad if you stop gettin tutored? I could trade, and get you a different tutor if you want.

Jordan: na. You were a good tutor, but we (pause) we screwed it up.

Brian: I know.

Jordan: yeah, (pause) look, I gotta go.

Brian: bye.

Jordan: yeah, later.

Jordan walks away. We see Angela standing at the end of the hall staring at Jordan walking away. She starts to walk towards brian.

Angela: why aren't you going to the tutor room?

Brian: (pause) he quit.

Angela: what? How could you let him quit?

Brian: I didn't *let* him. He's Jordan Catalono. I don't have say in his life.

Angela: what did he say?

Brian: look, I don't want to talk about this. I have to go.

Brian walks off as angela stands there.


Sharon is in the girls room with Delia talking. Rayanne walks in and goes to the opposite end of the room. She looks at sharon.

Delia: I have to go. See you tomorrow.

Delia gets a hint and leaves.

Sharon: yeah. See you.

Rayanne walks over to the side of the bathroom sharon is on.

Rayanne: hey.

Sharon: hi.

Rayanne: last night was (pause)-

Sharon: look, I'm sorry about last night. I had no clue she would take it that bad. I was just trying to help. Now she hates me too.

Rayanne: (sarcasticly) we could start a club. "Hated by Angela Chase annomys". I like the ring of that.

Sharon: that so not funny.

Rayanne: oh, come on. It's a little funny. (laughs)

Sharon: so what are *we* going to do?

Rayanne: I dunno.

Sharon: well, we should think of something. I don't want everything to be different. I want it to go back.

Rayanne: tell me about it.


Angela is walking across the parking lot over to where the busses are. Jordan pulls up beside her.

Jordan: do you want a lift?

Angela looks at the line of kids getting on to her bus (Brian included).

Angela: yeah.

she gets in the car.


Angela and Jordan sit in silence for a few minutes.

Jordan: wanna listen to the radio?

Angela: I don't care.

Jordan turns the radio on while stopped at a light. He opens his window a crack to let some cold air in the car. The tenseness could be cut with a knife.

Jordan: what do you want me to say?

Angela: I don't know. How about I'm sorry?

Jordan: I'm sorry.

Angela: right, like you actually mean it.

Jordan: I did.

The light turns green, but he pay's no attention.

Angela: the light is green.

Jordan: so what? I'm not moving.

Angela: what, you think putting the car in neutral will make me forgive you?

Jordan: no. Why won't you just believe me? I've never lied to you before.

Angela: no, you never lied. You just had *sex* with my so-called best friend.

Jordan looks down at the floor of the car almost like, in shame. A car comes up behind them and honks. Jordan pulls the car around the corner and into a spot.

Jordan: I didn't want to hurt you. We were just (pause) *there*, or whatever.

Angela: that is *not* an excuse. 'I'm here, you're here. Let's do it?' that isn't an excuse.

Jordan: look, I guess we both screwed up. Me *and* Rayanne. If I could go back to change what we did, I would.

Angela: but you can't.

(Sebadoh's "oceans" plays on the outro)

I hesitate to say that you're a liar.
I never tell the truth myself.
I tried to chase you down and I got tired,
so i'm leaving you to you or someone else.

'Cause you never wanna hook up in the middle.
I'd meet you there to talk if you would show.
But you answer every question with a riddle.
And refuse to even choose to let me go.

It used to be I'd tell you all my secrets.
Giving you the credit you deserve.
But I guess you didn't care to lose or keep it,
we never quite connected from the first.

I wish I had a way to make it better.
To re-arrange the world to make you smile.
But it's dumb to even think I have that power.
And we haven't been that close in a while.

I don't even wanna try to name it.
Explain it for the one who couldn't care.
All that matters is the way you choose to frame it.

Thanx to Shobi, Erin, Linds, and Sarah.

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    There's a lot of improvement in these scripts. Just remember-- "s" at the end of a word only needs an apostrophe when it indicates possession, like "Jordan's car," or when it is short for "has" or "is," like "Brian's been annoying me" (Brian has been. . .) or "Rayanne's totally out of control" (Rayanne is totally. . .) The rest of the time, there is no apostrophe. An exception is the word "its"-- which gets no apostrophe when it indicates possession, as in "Angela's cat uses its litter box."

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