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Episode No. 25 - In Times of Pain, or Trouble

written by Rob

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Published: 1997 | Size: 43 KB (8336 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Two weeks later


Brian is lying on his bed staring blankly into his fish bowl. It is drizzling.

Brian:(vo) So, Angela Chase is going out with Jordan Catalano again. I can handle it. I guess. Sometimes I wish I was, like, invisible, so I didn't have to deal with so much at once. Daneille, Rickie, and Delia, *and* Angela.

Brian get's up slowly to go down stairs and get something to eat. It is raining hard now. We see lightning in the background coming through the window's.

Brian:(vo) My parents went out of town again, this time to San Francisco. I just feel,, alone...all of the time, and I get sick of it, but it's better than having people take on me, or whatever.

Brian look's through the fridge, and see nothing, so he goes to the cabinet where the cereal is stored and gets it out.

Brian:(vo) Sometimes Rickie comes over, but I can tell he'd rather be with Delia, or maybe even Angela. It's frustrating to have people come for visit's, even though Rickie, like, sometimes, like's staying here, It's still a visit. He never used to hang out here before, or Danielle, or Rayanne

Brian pours a bowl of cereal, and puts a little milk in it and sit on the couch. He sits there, and eats.


Angela is sitting at the table reading a magazine. We can hear Danielle, in the background practicing her sax. Angela flinches every time Danielle hits a sour note, which is often. Patty enters from the next room.

Patty: well, good morning Angela. You slept late, again(implying)

Angela:(slightly annoyed)oh, I was tired last night.

Patty makes herself a cup of coffee, and sits at the table across from Angela. She goes to pour Angela a cup.

Patty: You drink coffee now, right?

Angela refuses the cup by putting her hand over the mouth of the cup. She continues to look down, not wanting to break away from her magazine. The phone ring's. Patty answer's it.

Patty: Hello?(her face turns to an"oh, not again"face)

She puts the phone to her chest, and call's for Danielle.

Angela: Mom, who is it? I bet it's Ryan.

Danielle comes bouncing in, very un-adult like.

Danielle: Who, is it? Is it for me?(her face almost lights up)

Angela: I know who it is. It's your *friend* Ryan (she say's Ryan in a very seductive voice, almost invoking a fight)

Danielle: Shut up Angela. I saw you with Jordan last night. In the front yard, so-(she cuts off as she sees her mother's look). I'm taking it upstairs.

Danielle bounces upstairs in a similar way as she came in , only this time in a huff.

Patty: What were you doing with jordan catalano in the front yard?

Danielle:(os) Hang up the phone!

Patty hangs up the phone.

Angela:(vo) Little sister's know everything about your life, down to the most minuscule detail. It's, like, uncanny, or something.



Angela is gathering up some stuff to spend the night at Rayanne Graf's house. She grabs some cloths, and some cd's, and a book. Outside we hear children laughing, and a few car's pass by. The sunlight cascade's off of Angela's perfume bottles. She sit's down at her dressing table's chair, and look's into the mirror. She puts her stuff down on the floor between her feet, and lean's closer to the mirror.

Angela:(vo) I wish I could see what Brian saw when he took that picture. I was so beautiful, like, in the picture, but then I look at myself, and I wonder, was that my standing Brian took a picture of, while I was somewhere crying over Jordan Catalona. I mean-(trails off as patty enters)

Patty: so, would you like a ride to Rayanne's house?(in a closer way than before).

Angela look's at her mom. She nod's yes, and then remembers the plan's she has made with Jordan Catalona.

Angela: uh, mom, I can't. I said I'd go with Jordan. I mean, he's gonna take me, to, like, Rayanne's house(trails off at he's gonna)

Patty: Jordan? Oh, well, ok. (beat)Did you talk to sharon today?

Angela look's at her weird, but answer's.

Angela: No. Her mom said she wasn't home, like every time I called.


Angela walk's in behind Rayanne. Amber is sitting on the sofa watching tv.

She jumps up when she see's Angela.

Amber: Oh my God. It's true isn't it. You two are, like, friend's again. Ahh!

Angela, and Amber hug. While they hug the camera spins around them.

Angela: yeah(with an angelaesque smile), we are.

The three sit on the sofa, and talk, gossip most likely, but we cant hear. The intro, and chorus of Catnip dream, by shonen knife plays over the shot.(the music fits the scene more than the lyrics):

He is a cat, but he's very, very fat
He's not just a standard cat
he is a cat but he's still very fat
American calico cat

We see Jordan, sitting in his garage, next to "red", playing his guitar.

Catnip dream
Catnip dream
Catnip dream

Rickie is sitting in Brian's living room, near Brian. Delia is absent. They are barely talking. Rickie look's concerned.

Song fades out.



Rickie is on the phone. Apparently talking to Mr. Katimski.

Rickie: so its ok if I stay, right?

Split screen. Rickie/Mr. Katimski.

Mr. Katimsky: Of, course, Enrique, of course.

Rickie: good, because I don't think Brian want's to, or should be alone.

Mr.Katimsky: well, good, good.(pauses)well, I'll see you tomorrow.

Rickie: ok, I'll see you tomorrow, goodbye.

Mr.Katimsky: yes, goodbye(pauses), Enrique.

Rickie hangs the phone up, as does Mr.Katimsky. Split screen closes back to Rickie.



Rickie: So, he said I can stay.

Brian: You don't have to, you can go hang out with Delia, or what ever.

Rickie:(slightly miffed at Brian's word's) why does-, I mean it's not like we're joined at the hip, or something.

Brian wishes he could take his word selection back.

Brian: Sorry. So, do You want to play, or something?

Rickie: Sure

They both get up to go up stairs, Brian lagging behind.



The two sit there on Rayanne's bed.

Angela: So have you seen Sharon? I haven't seen her since we met my mom's *brother*(smile).(vo)it feel's weird to say that, still.

Rayanne get's a very secretive look.

Rayanne: No, have you?(obviously hiding a secret)

Angela: yes, you *have*. I can tell from your face. What's wrong? Is she ok ?

Rayanne: She's fine, but I really cant say anything else. Seriously.

Angela: since when does Sharon Cherski tell *you* secrets (annoyed that Rayanne won't tell her what is going on).

Rayanne:(vo)Since we've both ummed.



Graham: enter's casually. He put's Three more cook book's on top of the ever growing stack.

Graham: (out loud, but to himself)Wow, that's a lot of books.

Graham leave's the kitchen, and goes into the mostly finished dinning room. He look's around a little, and sit's down on an open mini ladder.

Graham:(vo)When I look at all of this, I like, can't believe it's gonna happen. I'm going to own a restaurant. Best one in three river's(his ego peek's out). And I still, have patty to share it with. And the girls.

Graham goes over to the phone, and calls someone.

Graham: oh, hi. Did you just wake up?

Split screen:Graham/Hallie

Hallie: No, I haven't been to sleep yet.

Graham: Really? Well I'm sitting in the restaurant, and it finally dawned on me

Hallie:(losing patience)What finally dawned on you?

Graham: I like my job. I mean all the other job's i've had, they all felt like job's, but this just doesn't. I'm actually happy.

Hallie: That's great, but why are you in the restaurant today? It's Sunday, and even God took a break.

Graham: Ah, well, I must have more energy than God.



Graham has long been off the phone with Hallie now. He is packing up some recipe note's, and is getting ready to leave. There is a knock on the door. Graham opens the door. Brad enter's.



Sharon is sitting in her bed, still looking sick. The phone rings. She can hear her mother answer it.

Sharon: Mom(she yells to get her attention).

Cameille:(os)Yes honey?

Cameille now appears st the door.

Sharon: Who was on the phone?

Cameille: It was Angela, and I heard your friend Rayanne is it, in the background.

Sharon: What? Oh, no. Did she say where they were?

Cameille: yes, there at Rayanne's house.

Sharon: Can I have the phone?

Cameille leaves to retrieve the cordless phone. She come back shortly thereafter.

Cameille: Here.

Sharon: Can I, be like, alone?

Cameille leaves(miffed). Sharon dial's Rayanne's phone number, and waits.

Split screen: Sharon/Rayanne

Rayanne: Hello?

Sharon: Hi. You didn't *tell* Angela did you?

Rayanne: duh (pause), no.

Sharon: Why did she call?

Rayanne: She know's something's up, cuz she can read my face like a book.

Sharon: Don't you think you should have let me know that Angela can read your face.

Rayanne: you know, I don't think Angela will look at you differently if you tell her, I mean you told her you and Vinovich had sex right?

Sharon: yeah, but...

Rayanne interrupts.

Rayanne: but what? She's been your friend for, like, ever, and I've been your friend for, like, what Two month's? *Tell her*.

Rayanne put's her hand over the receiver, and calls for Angela.

Rayanne: Angelika! Phone, pronto!

Angela come's in the room, not knowing who is on the phone.

Angela: Who is it?

Rayanne: It's, um Tino yeah...(giggles to herself).

Angela: Um, hello?(clueless)

Sharon: Hi.

Angela: Hi. Rayanne just told me you were Tino, that's why I answered like

Sharon: Who's Tino?

Angela: oh, uh, nevermind. Can I ask you something?

Sharon: shoot.

Angela: how come you've been acting weird lately? Not like my kind of weird, but weird.

Sharon takes a deep breath.

Sharon: Well.......



Graham stares at Brad.

Graham: You missed Hallie. Well actually she wasn't here today.

Brad: I know. That's why I came. I wanted to talk to you.

Graham look's at him in a troubling way.

Graham:(vo) why do I know this will put me in a bad situation?(out loud) Um, what about?

Brad: Hallie. Your her friend. I need her, the baby. She need's me.

Graham:(vo)Here it comes.

Brad: Can you tell her I want her back? I need her back?

Graham: Hold it, hold it. That's not something someone can do for you. You have to bite the bullet yourself. It's your jail, you have to beg for her forgiveness. (pause)Beside's, I don't really think Hallie need's anyone, except her friends.

Brad: which you've obviously become.

Graham: yes, we have.

Graham move's the conversation into the kitchen, when, suddenly, and very unexpectedly Hallie walk's in. The Two men look like they've been caught cheating on a test, or a friendship.



Brian, and Rickie are sitting at the dining room table in front of a mostly empty pizza box talking. Brian is pouring himself a glass of water. He offer's Rickie some. Rickie nod's his head no, and points the bottle of snapple in front of him.

Brian: oh. So you were saying?

Rickie: oh, yeah. Thanks for whatever you said to Rayanne the other night, well week, whatever. I haven't *seen* her take a drink since.

Brian: Well, um..your welcome, I mean, it was no problem.

Rickie: She seem's to like, like you now.

Brian: As to before when she hated my gut's for no reason.

They both laugh. Brian seem's drained. They go into the living room.



Brian lay's down on the couch. Rickie sits in the arm chair, and a speratic conversation begins. Brian falls asleep soon after.



All are in the kitchen, minus Graham, who is still sleeping. Angela is eating a bagel, as is Danielle. Patty is making coffee. There is a knock on the door. Danielle instinctively goes and get's it. She see's rickie standing there.

Daneille: oh, hi.

Rickie: hi. Is Angela here? I didn't see her leave for school.

Daneille: Come in(very civil). Angela! Rickie is here.

Angela walk's into the living room.

Angela:(surprised)Oh, *what* are you doing here?

Rickie: Well, I stayed at brian's last night, and I thought we could walk to school.

Angela: Oh, ok. Let me get my bag.

Angela get her book bag, and they leave together.



Ten minutes later. A knock on the door. Again Danielle instinctively gets.

Danielle: mom, it's Jordan.


Patty comes up to the door.

Patty: Hi.

Jordan: Hey, is Angela ready, or whatever?

Patty: She just left with Rickie. You might still be able to catch them.

Jordan: Oh. See ya.

Jordan get's into his car, and drives away. The sound of the car door slamming awake's Graham.


Jordan follows the route he, and Angela took the one time they walked to school together. He spot's them, and honk's his horn. Rickie notices first, then Angela. He pull's toward the curb, and ask's both of them if they want a ride.

Angela: (to Rickie)Oh, my God. (To Jordan)I totally forgot you were giving me a lift.

Jordan: That's cool. Get in.

Angela, and Rickie both get in. Jordan pull's away.



Graham get's up and goes into the shower. He hear's the phone ring, but shrug's it off. He continues to shower.



Patty answer's the phone.

Patty: Hello?

We hear a slight voice coming from the receiver, but can t really make it

Patty: Well he's in the shower. I'll let him know that you called.(pause to listen). You too, bye then.

Patty hang's up the phone.



Angela and Rayanne, are walking down the crowded hall, after lunch. Corey is walking toward them, but doesn't notice. Rayanne does, and starts sort of stray, but Angela, who has heard about their conversation, pull's her back. Corey almost run's into Angela, and then he notice's Rayanne.

Corey: oh, hey.

Rayanne look's at him for a second.

Angela: I gotta go.

Angela leaves them alone. They move from the center of the hall to the lockers. Rayanne fiddle's with someone's combination lock. She doesn't realize it, but it's Brian's vacant locker.

Corey: That's that kid, Brian's locker. The kid who has-

Rayanne cut's in.

Rayanne: This is Brian's locker? I know him. He, like, made me stop drinking.

Corey: Is he ok?(pause) when do you want me to re-paint, um, *part's* of your shoe's?

Rayanne: oh, whenever. How about when I come over to watch Sesame street?

Corey: Yeah, cool. I'll buy some more paint tomorrow.

Rayanne leave's Corey standing at the locker. She re-join's Angela and they walk down the hall.



Angela and rickie are standing at the sink talking about eyeliner colors, and Rayanne is sitting on the window ledge. Sharon, and delia enter. Sharon and Angela shoot each other quick look's. Delia, and Rickie are clueless to the situation. Sharon walk's over to Angela.

Sharon: can we, like, talk after school?

Angela: Sure, I mean yeah.(VO)I want to talk to her, like, badly, but I don't think it was right for her to keep this from me. We were, are, like, friends.

The room get's quiet. An outsider walk's in, obviously feeling awkward to the room full of people who seem to know each other.



Brian get's out of a cab, and pay's the driver. Danielle is across the street watching him. He doesn't seem to notice. He climb's the stairs to his front porch, and sits in a plastic porch chair. We see Danielle watching him. She hesitate's, but then ride's over to the porch.

Danielle:(vo) It's hard watching Brian get like this. We used to depend on him, like, with Rayanne, and the bed thing, and now he, like depends on us to help him out.

Brian is oblivious to the fact danielle is standing there next to him. He has his eye's closed. Danielle goes and sit's next to him. She bump's into his arm, and his eye's open.

Brian: Hey. How long have you been there?

Danielle searches for the right answer, not wanting him to know she's been there for a couple of minutes.

Danielle: um, like, Thirty second's.

Brian look's relieved. They sit there. The camera pan's to the Chase's porch where Angela, and Sharon are talking.



Angela: I still don't think it was fair for you not to tell me. I mean, we're like best friend's. It's not like I would have betrayed you, I would have been there, but....

Angela break's off and start's to cry. Sharon look's like she's loseing her.

Sharon: c'mon Chase face, don't cry. I didn't think you would understand(stiffly).

Angela: I wouldn't understand? I wouldn't understand......just cause I've never had sex?

Sharon: (shyly)yeah.

Angela look's up at Sharon, and they hug.

Angela: You still owe me a secret, you know.

They laugh. We see Brian, and Danielle watching in the background, from Brian's porch.



Graham is standing next to hallie, who is tasting one of his creation's.

Hallie: mmm, that's good, but-

Graham: But what? Too spicy?

Hallie: No, too hot. I forgot to blow on it.

Graham gives her a "your gonna give me a heart attack" look.

Graham: Ah, you got me worried there for second. (pause) Look, about the other night. I didn't let him in, he just kind of *barged* in.

Hallie: That's ok. All is forgiven.

Graham:(jokingly)So what did he want?

Hallie gives him a friendly slap on his arm.

Graham: So are you doing anything tonight?

Hallie: Ah, are you propositioning me?

Graham: um, maybe. Patty told me to invite you for dinner.

Hallie: Patty *told* you?

Graham look's at Hallie in a manly way, then sheepishly.

Graham: Well, her brother Ethan is coming over to eat.

Hallie: I didn't know Patty *had* a brother.

Graham: Uh, neither did we till a few week's ago.(short laugh for no reason, or realizing the situation).

Hallie: I accept.



Graham, and Hallie leave the restraunt. They go to their respective car's, and hallie follow's Graham.



Patty, Angela, Danielle, and Ethan are sitting down waiting for Graham, and Hallie. They enter slightly noisily, apparently arguing about the menu design.

Graham:(too all) Hello.

Hallie: Hi.

Patty: Hello, Hallie. This is my *brother*(pause) Ethan.

Hallie, and Ethan shake hand's, and Hallie sits down next to Angela.

Angela:(vo) I don't know what to think of her. I mean, I never really met her, but, I mean, mom used to hate her, but now she doesn't. I think she's more confused than me.

The conversation continues in the background, but we don't hear it. Dinner has been served a few minutes ago. Some are eating, some are talking.

Segway: We hear the violent femmes kiss off. Over a shot of Brian sitting on his bed.

I need someone a person to talk to
someone who'd care to be loved
could it be you?
Could it be you?

We see Danielle sitting in front of her mirror, making kissing movements with her lips, much like Angela does. This time angela walk's in on Danielle.

The situation get rough
then I start to panic
its not enough
it's just a habit
hey kid your sick
well darling this is it

Music fades out into a shot of Residue trying to play that song, only really bad. Rayanne, and Rickie are sitting on a bench at Residue's loft. Jordan is playing a new looking white fender stratocaster, and is singing.

You can all just kiss off into the air
behind my back I can see them stare
they'll hurt me bad, but I wont mind
they'll hurt me bad, they do it all the time.

Jordan stop's abruptly.

Jordan: Hey try this.

He play's the chord's to 'red', and is hoping the band will follow. They don't. Rayanne look's almost embarrassed for them.

Jordan:(hitting a sour barr chord on purpose)Forget it, we can't play this.

He start's playing Nirvana's Drain you. It too soon falls apart.

Jordan: Man, we suck. Now I know why Tino left.

Jordan out's down his guitar, and walk's toward Rickie, and Rayanne.

Jordan: do you, like, know where Angela is?

Rayanne: No. She's prolly home.

Rayanne pop's her gum. Rickie look's at Jordan honestly.

Rickie: She's having like a family dinner.

Jordan: Family dinner? Family....

Jordan turn's around, and pick's up his jacket. He cradle's the key's to "red" in his hand, and leaves.



Jordan get's in his car, and take's off. He head's towards Angela's house, but doesn't know why. After a little while he arrives at Angela's. He let's his car idle in front of their house. He see's Brian bringing a small bag of garbage out carefully. He get's out of his car, and walk's over to him.



Jordan: hey, brain, um, Brian.(low)sorry.

Brian: Hey. What are you doing here? Angela I guess?

Jordan look's blankly at him.

Jordan: Oh, I don't know, really, why I'm here. I mean, I know Angela is having, like, a family deal, or whatever. I just couldn't take practice, anymore. We sucked.

Brian look's trapped, almost like certain time's in tutoring, when jordan would say something Brian couldn't understand. He put's his hands in his back pocket's, and listen's.

Brian: What happened? That you, like, sucked?

Jordan: We don't have a rythum together. It's like totally off time. You know what that's like, right? From band.

Brian: Yeah, sort of.



Angela has finished eating, and is staring at a piece of food someone dropped on the table. She excuses her self, and goes into the living room. On her way to the living room, she peer's out the window, and see's Brian, and Jordan laughing about something. She stares at the scene, and smile's.



Jordan, and Brian are nonchalantly laughing at something we missed. So I'll see you later, or somethin. Jordan get's back in his car and drives off.

Brian:(vo)He didn't say anything about my leukemia. I thought it was another visit, but maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was, like, real.

Brian starts to go back in his house when he hear's the chase's door open. Angela comes out. Dressed nicer than usual. They meet in the middle of the street.

Angela: So Jordan was here?

Brian: Yeah, did you want to see him? He knew you were busy, so he didn't

Angela: Oh. What did you two talk about?

Brian: His band, Residue, and how much(pause) timing suck's.

Angela: (not grasping the inside joke)Timing? How's Residue doing?

Brian: (not really paying attention)Good, they're fine. So he said you were a good tutor.

Angela :(smiling) Do you want to meet someone?

Brian: Who?

Angela: My mother's *brother*.

Brian thinks for a second.

Brian: sure.

They walk towards the chase house. At the door step Brian notices something.

Brian: Your mom doesn't have a brother.

Angela grin's, and keep's walking.



Rayanne is sitting on the couch, watching a sesame street rerun, and pbs. Amber is getting dressed, in the bedroom with the door open.

Amber: (os)Rainey.

Rayanne acknowledge's with a barely audible grunt.

Amber: Rusty is gonna be here, after school, because I'm taking it off, so can you stay at one of your little friend's house for the after noon?

Rayanne get a frustrated look, which turn's to almost mad.

Rayanne: I was gonna go to someone's house and watch tv.

In the background we hear "today's show was brought to you by the #7, and the letter V". Rayanne get's her bag, and head's out.



Ranyanne lean's against the wall, and slouches down. She is soon sitting indian style, with her back against the wall. She still has time to kill, but she couldn't take it anymore with her mom.



Rayanne has already met up with Angela, and Sharon. Sharon seem's to be back to normal. They talk as the go down the hall. Graf spot Corey.

Rayanne: I'll be right back.

Rayanne leaves the rest of the group, and head's toward Corey, who it seem's is always looking down. He see's Rayanne.

Corey: Hey, Rayanne.

Rayanne: hey, (pause)Corey. So you wanna watch sesame street today?

Corey: yaeh, ok. I told my brother about you. He can't wait to meet you.

Rayanne, and corey exchange a smile. Rayanne walk's off, and join's Angela, and rayanne.



Angela, Rayanne, and Sharon, meet up with Delia, and Rickie. They take a surprisingly vacant table in the corner. They split off into group's while talking amongst each other.

Delia: I think Puck is annoying. This Real world cast is a bunch of, like, crybabies.

Rickie: pretty much. I never really got into those "real life" shows. Oh did you see that new Soul Asylum video? That girl is so familiar.

Delia: No, I haven't seen it yet. Who does she look like?

Rickie: She kind of remind's me of Danielle Chase, or maybe, no not her.

Delia: well, do you want to go to the mall after school?

Rickie nod's yes. We see rayanne, and Angela talking. Rayanne is being quiet. Thinking it look's like. Sharon, and Angela notice this, and look at her. She doesn't notice it right away, but after Rickie start's staring she notices.

Rayanne: What are you looking at?



Graham, has cooked a meal for himself and Hallie. They start eating.

Hallie: God, this is delicious.

Graham: I take that as a you have a day in mind for opening week ?

Hallie: um, I was thinking fourth of July week end.

Graham: That sound's doable.(thinking pause) How about a pre–open party for family, friend's that sort of thing?

Hallie: (thinking pause) that is not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that one?

Graham: ah, well, be quick, or be-(pause to rethink his word selection), nevermind.

Hallie: So, what's wrong with that kid brian?

Grahm: he has cancer.

Hallie: oh, my God. (Pause)Is he gonna survuve?

Grahm: we don't know yet. He's a strong kid. He should pull through.

Hallie sees hurt in grahm's face, so she changes the subject.

Hallie: so Ethan see's like a nice guy.

Grahm: yeah, were going to play pool on Tuesday. He's gonna be a lawyer

Hallie: Somehow I can see lawyer's on patty's side of the family.

Graham look's at her with a "hey, c'mon" look.

Graham: Hey, c'mon. She's my wife.

Hallie: I know. You know I have theory about you , and patty.

Graham: I don't want to hear it.(annoyed, in a friendly way) so the other day, what did Brad *really* have to say?

Hallie:(mad at the question, and the fact that he asked it) He was like 'Oh, I need you, and the baby'. I kicked him out ten minutes after you left.

Graham:(to himself) Hmm, that's exactly what he said to me.(to her realizing she heard it) well not to *me*, but to tell *you*.

Hallie: Oh.



Outside, rayanne knock's on the door. Corey's mom answer's it.

Rayanne:(vo)woha, Chase flashback.

Corey's mother: Oh, hi. You must be Rayanne.

Rayanne: Must be.

His mother give's her a look reminiscent of Patty Chase. She goes inside.



Corey greet's her at he archway into his living room, and they go in. Corey introduces her to his brother, Tim. Tim is sitting on the couch, sorta close to the tv screen. Rayanne say's hello to him, just in time to see the opening scene to sesame street come. We hear the theme song.



Brian, and Danielle are sitting in front of the computer screen, playing Phantasmigoria this time. Brian is winning this time. He seem's to better at this game than doom. Brian seem's to have a bit more energy than we are used to seeing emitted from him.

Danielle:(in a poor sport attitude) Do you want to do something else?

Brian: (cautiously)Like what?

Danielle: like..(thinking pause)sax lesson?

Brian feel's up to it, so he agree's. Danielle quickly run's across the street to get the sax Brian gave her. She come's back huffing, and puffing, and lays the new case that she bought for it, with birthday money, on the bed.

Brian: That's a nice case.

Danielle: Dad took me to get it. (sheepishly)I figured I should take care of stuff that's special to me.

Brian look's happy. He get's his sax out of the closet, and brushes some dust off it.

Brian: I haven't played in a while, but I hear you playing sometimes, when laying down in the living room. Your getting good. Better than I was when I was at your age.

They sit down, and Brian conducts a lesson. It isn't normal length, but Danielle understands. She slowly goes to leave. She hug's brian, as if he were her own brother, and leaves. Brian blushes.


Patty, and Graham are sitting at the kitchen table when Danielle walk's in. They see she is carrying her sax case.

Patty: Why do you have that, honey?

Danielle: (pause)Brian gave me a lesson.

Graham: Danielle.

Patty: Brian is sick. You shouldn't be bothering him with sex (patty realizes the terrible mistake she has made), *sAx*, saxophone lesson's. He should be resting.

Patty look's terrible. Like she has just spit on every thing Holey. Graham snicker's to himself. She gives him a smack on the arm, and start to snicker herself.



Danielle is sitting on her bed listening to a cd(soul asylum), borrowed from angela. She has three pictures on her end table. One of her and Angela, one of her *friend* Ryan, and one of brian, and her from before brian got sick. She lay's on her side looking at the picture's. Patty tries to come in, but the door is shut, by man made dunes of dirty clothes. She peek's in and notices soemthing-

Patty:(vo)Oh, my God. It's happening again.



Patty is in the closet changing into her nightgown. Graham is laying on the bed, watching tv. Patty look's kind of disturbed. When she finishes, she walk's over to the bad, and sit's on the edge.

Patty: Do you think I should have a talk with Danielle?

Graham:(vo)Oh, no. (Aloud)What about?

Patty: You know what I mean, Graham. A talk. What else would that mean at this age, for her?

Graham:(vo) oh, God. I'm actually glad she didn't get pregnant that time. Then I would have to give *the* talk.

Graham tries to shrug it off, but is unsuccessful

Patty: Maybe you should give it to Danielle.

Graham take's a deep breath.

Graham: What? You know I can't do that. If danielle was a boy it would be a different story, but-

Patty: But what?

Graham: She's not.

Graham roll's over, and start's to daze off. Patty look's at him in a strange manner, but knowing how he would feel giving that talk.

Patty: Maybe you're right. My father gave me my sex talk, and I couldn't look at him for a long time. always's think of him saying the word sex, and I would get all freaked out.

Graham: Thank you for making my point.


We see Angela sneaking in the back door. She put's her bag down next to the door, and precede's upstairs.


Angela put's on a cd quite low, so it is barely audible. She walk's over to her bed, and lay's down on it. She propps pillow's up slightly, and stare's at her wall.

Angela:(vo) I haven't seen brian few day's. I get sad when I think of him, and all he has to put up with. He doesn't deserve this. No one really deserves this. But he has to go through it, almost, like, alone. At least Delia is being civil to him, and not hating his gut's. I have been pretend civil to him. It's hard to be with him, after that night.(we see image's of the conversation they had) I love him too, but not like he love's me. I never even really, or seriously, though about him like that, but he think's of me like that.

Angela prop's the pillow's down, and sink's her face into it.


Angela is sitting at the end chair of the table drinking a glass of orange juice, and eating toast, instead of her usual bagel. Danielle is sitting opposite her, with a glass of milk, and a bagel. Patty enter's.

Patty: Danielle, I have to have a talk with you after school.

Graham, and Angela look up with a look of embarrassment

Danielle: ok, what about?

Patty: Ask me that after school. Speaking of school, shouldn't you two get a move on?

Angela: I'm waiting for jordan. He's giving me a ride.

Patty: oh well wait outside.

Danielle, and Angela leave. Outside Angela sit's on the porch, and waits. Inside Graham, and Patty are talking.

Graham: that was,(pause) unexpected, even after last night. What made you think of this, that she need's *the* talk now? Remember Angela, how embarrassed you both were?

Patty: yes, but I have to. And nothing prompted me to do this. It's just(pause) a fact of life.

Graham: fact of life? I guess so.

Patty realizes she's late for work, and leave's. Graham is in the empty kitchen cooking pancake's for himself.



Brian is sitting in his desk chair, looking at some film negative's. Most of them are of Angela.

Brian:(vo) Wow, even I don't believe how many picture's I took of Angela. I haven't seen her for a while, beside her standing at the bus stop, but that's it. I don't think she can deal with me right now, but it's funny, because she's the only one I want to deal with, right now.

Outside Jordan's car pulls up, and Angela gets in. Brian look's on with discomfort, as he see's her get in.

Brian:(vo) everyone is like back to normal, except me.



Angela, and Jordan pull up to the school. Angela get's out of the car. We hear a buffalo tom song(late at night(the one from pike st.)). Jordan shut's the car off and the music cut's off. Jordan walk's over to angela, and grab's her hand as they walk toward's the school building.



Angela, and Jordan stop walking, and stand near Angela's locker. Rayanne enter's at the other end of the hall. She walk's down the hall not noticing them, for a while. She nod's at Angela, and keep's walking. Angela tries to shrug it off, but is unsuccessful. She walk's around the bend in the way to look for her, but she doesn't see her. Angela walk's back to look for Jordan, but he has left. She see's him walking down the hall with Shane, and another one of his friends. She goes to her first class.



Angela look's for Jordan at lunch. She see Shane, and decide's to ask him.

Angela: um, have you see Jordan?

Shane: yeah, I saw him talkin to Cynthia Hardgrove, a while ago. Maybe they went to the boiler room.

Angela get's mad at Shane for saying these thing's, but then wonder's if their true.

Shane: (laugh's to himself) sorry, he's in Foster's office.

Angela: why?

Shane: can't say, but he said he'll give you a lift after school.

Angela: oh, o.k. If you see him, tell him that I'll see him later.

Shane: can do. Later.

Angela: yeah, bye,(pause) Shane.



Patty is sitting at her desk talking to someone on the phone.

Patty: I understand your need's. Offset is the way to go, but this is exactly like offset(pause to listen), but we'll do it cheaper than that. That's no problem. We'll do what's necessary to keep your buissness with us.(pause to listen) well thank you for staying with Wood and Jones.

Patty hang's the phone up in relief.

Patty: oh, my God. That was rough.

She look's over at her assistant, Grace.

Patty: I'm starved, where do you want to order from?

Grace: how about, the deli around the corner again?

Patty: that sound's good.

Grace: what do you want?

Patty: hmm, how about ham on rye with spicy mustard, and a pickle.

Grace: ok.

Grace goes to order the food. Patty give's her money, and she leaves.

Patty: (to herself)what would I do with out her?

The phone ring's.

Patty: hello, Wood, and Jones.



Graham: Hallie, taste this.

Graham gives her a wooden spoon, and she taste's it.

Hallie: Oh, my God. That is incredible. Oregano?

Graham: Angela is usually the only one who can guess my spice's.

Hallie: really? Well I'll take that as a compliment.

Graham: Angela would like what you just said.

Hallie: well maybe I can tell her(pause), ooh.

Graham: what? What is it?

Hallie: The baby just kicked me.

Graham: really?

Hallie: want to feel?

Graham look's at Hallie for second, but refuses the offer.

Hallie: loss. It's incredible.



Angela, and Rickie are waiting for rayanne, who is late. They are nonchalantly talking, but really wondering where rayanne is.

Angela: how you seen Brian lately?

Rickie: well I stayed over his house that night, and I hung out with him the next day, but i've been busy with our town rehearsal's

Angela: how are they going?

Rickie: good. Rayanne is really doing good, and so is albacinia.

Angela: God, I hardly know albacinia. We just studied for midterm's (pause) how's Brian?

Rickie: he was doing better the last time I saw him. I think he's almost done with kemo.

Angela: really? I'm like so releived. I didn't know if he was gonna make it.

Rickie: I prayed for him

Angela: I'm glad to hear that. I haven't seen him in a while. Oh, my god. What time is it?

Rickie look's at his watch.

Rickie: 2:27.

Angela: damn, I have to go. Tell rayanne I'll call her tonight.

Rickie: what do you have to do?

Angela: I have to warn my little sister, that my mom is gonna give *the*

Rickie start's laughing.

Rickie: parent's actually do that? I never got a sex talk.

Angela doesn't want to reply to that.

Rickie: well, bye.

Angela: see ya.



Angela, and Jordan are driving toward's Angela's house. The radio is blasting a crowded house song.

Jordan: so why do have to get home?

Angela: um, it's very stupid. And complicated.

Jordan: oh. Well here we are.

Angela lean's over toward's Jordan, and they kiss goodbye.

Angela:(beat) I'll see you tomorrow.

Jordan: Tomorrow's Saturday.

Angela: oh,(pause) do you wanna hang out?

Jordan: I guess so. I gotta go.

Angela: me too. Here come's my sister.

Angela goes inside, and sit's on the couch. She hear's danielle walk up the step's and coming in the house. Danielle see's Angela, and wonder's what she's doing home so soon.

Danielle: Angela? Hi.

Angela: Danielle, you know that talk mom want's to have with you?

Danielle: yeah, what about it?

Angela: She's gonna give you your sex talk?

Danielle: what?(vo) I guess that's a grown up thing to have.

Danielle smile's, which disturb's Angela.

Angela: why are you smiling? Sex talk's are bad, and embarrassing. You should want to blank out during it.

Danielle:(vo) its odd my mom wants to give me *the* talk today, cuz I was gonna ask if Ryan could eat over. I guess I better ask before shes the talk.(aloud) I guess I'll take your word for it.

Angela: remember when me and would hardly ever talk? That was one of the reasons.(pause) if you have any questions you, like, can't ask mom, just ask me.(long pause) ok, now I've prepped you. (jokingly) Be brave.

Angela hugs danielle in a jokingly fashion, and they go to the kitchen.



Angela is sitting on the couch. There is a knock on the door. She goes over and answer

Angela: hi. Can I help you?

Ryan: yeah, Is Danielle here?

Angela: are you Ryan?

Ryan: (questioningly) yeah. Is she here?

Angela: yeah. One second.

Angela leaves to go get Danielle. Danielle come out, and Angela stays in the kitchen.

Danielle: hi.

Ryan: hi. Can we take a walk somewhere?

Danielle: um, ok. Where?

Ryan: I don't know.

Danielle goes in the house to tell Angela shes going out.



Danielle: Angela, Im going out.

Angela: ok, make your back for dinner.

Danielle: ok. Ill tell mom you went out.



Danielle: so what did you want to talk about?

Ryan: um, I dont know. I guess I just want to talk.

Danielle: ok.



Angela, Graham, and Patty are sitting at the dinning room table.

Patty: where did she go?

Angela: I dont know. She said she was going for a walk, (pause) with Ryan.

Patty looks almost frightened, by that prospect.

Patty: you shouldnt have let her go.

Angela: I didnt know she would be gone for hours

Patty: that's no --

she cuts off as the front door opens


Patty, Angela, and Graham go into the living room.

Patty: (stiffly)Where the *hell* have you been?

Danielle: I went on a walk with Ryan. Hes outside(pause) can he eat over?

Graham is intrigued at the thought of meeting Ryan this early as opposed how long it took to meet Jordan.

Graham: yes. I think he can.

Patty looks at him with daggers in her eyes. She puts on her fake smile, which Angela notices. Danielle goes outside, and brings Ryan in.

Danielle: mom, dad, this is Ryan.

Pan across their faces. We hear the mscl outtro music.



author's note's

catnip dream: by Shonen Knife, from their 1993 album Rock animal's
kiss off: by the Violent Femmes, from their 1983 self titled album
Thank's to Winnie Holzman, MSCL in general for being a great show, E.R. Holdridge, and Kory Lasker.


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