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Episode No. 26 - Confusion is Sex, Confusion is Life

written by Rob

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Published: 1997 | Size: 30 KB (5927 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.4/5   2.4/5 (16 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman



Ryan has just left, in the background we hear Danielle say good night, and close the door.

Patty: that was,(pause)interesting.

Graham looks at the mess left by Angela, Danielle, and Ryan.

Patty: did you see how he was looking at her? (Pause)when did this happen? Kid's looking at each other like that at 12?

Graham: oh, come on Patty, I was like that at 12, I guess.

This doesn't please patty. She look's almost hostile.

Graham: I don't know she seemed more embarassed than anything else.

Patty: I cant believe this. We basically just lost Angela, an now were going to lose Danielle.

Graham: hold on,(pause) no one is losing anything. I think , maybe you should let me handle the dishes, and you go up and relax, ok?

Patty: I suppose.

Graham: come on. I will clean up. Now, (pause) go to your room.

Patty gives him an odd look.

Patty: alright.

She hand's him a glass, and leaves for upstairs. Danielle enter's. She help's Graham pick the plate's up, and bring's them into the kitchen.


Graham: so, Ryan's seem's like a good kid.

Danielle: what?(vo) oh god please don't do this to me.

Graham: well, I mean what does meeting a person prove.

Graham thinks a second.

Graham:(vo) Dejavu.

Danielle: I guess.


Angela: (vo)that was weird, meeting Danielle's, (pause)friend. I never imagined Danielle having a boyfriend, and not me. It's like, weird, but im happy for her. I mean-

Danielle knocks on Angela's door.

Danielle: can I come in? I have to ask you something.

Angela: uh, come in. (vo)That's a first.

Danielle opens the door, and staggers in.

Angle-Danielle's face

Angle-Angela's face

Angela: so, uh, what did you want to ask me?

Danielle: ok, we were walking, and we were like almost near school, and he started asking me questions. Like, the first words he said to me were those are nice shoes. And I was like thanks.

Angela doesn't get the point.

Angela: so? (uptight)Get to the point.

Danielle: then he asked me to go *out* with him, like, again. But more serious.

Angela: really? (Pause) more serious? How serious?(pause) (smiles)kissing?

Danielle: I don't know.

Angela: well (pause to think) I think you should do it. Well not do it. I mean-

Danielle:I know what you mean. (V0) but I really didnt.

Angela smiles at danielle, and walks closer to her.

Angela: I think you should say yes.

Danielle: really? Do you think I have to follow those rules mom, and dad gave you?

Angela: I think you should ask them about that.(vo) did I just say that?


It is raining slightly. Pan across car window, with raindrops exploding on the windshield. We see Jordan's car. Angela, and Jordan are sitting in it talking.


Angela: so you quit?

Angel-Jordan's face

Jordan: yeah,(pause) look I don't want to talk about it.

Angela: oh, no, I didn't-

Jordan: ok.

Angela:(vo) it's weird when you see someone who lost something, and you can't like help them, (analysing) only he quit, so I'm not shure it's the same. I should really be listening to what he's saying.

We see jordan's lip's moving, but we dont hear him. He stops for a second, and leans in and starts to kiss Angela. Angela kisses him back. Cut to:


Rayanne, and Sharon are in there. Rayanne is sitting on the radiator, and Sharon is leaning up against the wall next to it. We hear the rain as hard as in the auditorium. Rayanne hums out a greatful dead song. Sharon listens, but has never heard the song before.

Sharon: so, have you seen Angela today?

Rayanne: Cherski, it's like 8:51 in the morning.(pause) The world won't fall apart if we don't see Angela. (Pause) but, I saw her by Jordan's car about an hour ago. (pause)Well actually in his car.

Sharon: *In* his car?

Sharon looks out the window. The parking lot is just out of sight.

Sharon: do you, like, think they-

Rayanne: do I think they had sex, or was I involved?

Sharon gives her a sick look.

Rayanne: well you can't expect me to completely change. It's how I, like, think, or whatever.

Sharon: no I can't expect you to change, and I dont want you to change. I like you because you *are* you.

Rayanne smiles.

Rayanne: well good, because I can't change. I'm me, however much I can be annoying-

Sharon cuts her off.

Sharon: you're not annoying. You're like, you, and I'm greatful.

Rayanne smiles again. The bell rings


Graham is cleaning off some plates. There are chinese take out cartons all over one of the tables. We see the rain coming down hard, as opposed to hearing it, through the store front windows. Hallie is standing by the open back door looking through the rain, into nothing.


Graham: uh, Hallie are you ok?

Hallie: I'm fine.(pause) I just like looking into the rain. Y'know just think.

Graham senses a little hostility, and decides to back off.

Graham: ok, I'm gonna go pick up some(pause) kitty litter.

Hallie: why do we need kitty litter for a restaurant?

Graham: uh it's for our cat, at home.

Hallie looks around for a second.

Hallie: you have a cat?

Graham: y'know a lot of people don't believe that we have a cat.(pause) yes we have a cat. A Grey one.

Graham leaves. Hallie continues to stare into the rain.


Jordan, and Shane sit at a table near the back. Angela walks past, not noticing them. Jordan chases after her.

Jordan: hey Angela. Do you wanna, like sit with me, and uh, Shane?

Angela:(vo)Oh, my God.

Angela is moved. They rarely sit together at lunch. Only when in Jordan's car for *dessert*.

Angela: um, ok. I could do that.

She looks toward Rayanne, and Sharon, and walks toward Jordan's table.


Angela, Shane, and Jordan sit there awkwardly. Shane, and Angela have never really talked, and can't think of anything to start with.

Jordan: (to Angela)how's, uh, Brian?

Angela: um, he's doing good. I haven't seen him in a while.

She takes a bite of her cheeseburger.

Jordan: how are you tutoring me then?

Angela: oh, he gave me these lesson plan things. He went to San Francisco, to see a new doctor.

Shane: what's up with him?

Angela: he has leukemia. You didn't know?

Shane: no. I don't follow people's lives, or listen to gossip.

Jordan: he just creates his own gossip.

Shane pushes Jordan in the chest, jokingly.

Jordan: hey, man it's true.

Shane: I never said anything about that girl Sharon.

Jordan: shut up.

Angela: Sharon Cherski? What about her.

Shane: that thing in the bathroom. She didn't tell you?

Jordan punches him on the arm, hard enough to make him stop, but enough to really hurt.

Jordan: shut up!

Angle-Angela'a saddened face

fade out into:


Rickie, and Delia, are making dance tapes for the our town party. We hear setting sun in the bg. Rickie is flipping through a rolling stone, and Delia, is looking at some cd's.


Delia: so, when is brian coming back?

Rickie: In Two day's. Why?

Delia: just curious.

Rickie hears the song end, and goes to put another cd in. Delia steals the chair he was sitting in, and looks at a U2 cd.

Delia: you think he's gonna make it right?

Rickie: he pretty much did. He only has a few more week's of kemo left.

Delia: that's good, I mean I happy for him. You know what I mean.

Rickie: I know what you mean.

Delia looks at her watch, and realizes she is late for something.

Delia: I gotta go.

Rickie: oh, ok. I'll see you in school tomorrow.

Delia: um, ok. Actually, I'll call you tonight.

Rickie: oh, ok. Bye.

Delia leaves, and rickie goes back to making some more tapes. Mr. Katimski walk's in as she leaves.


Mr. Katimski: gee whiz. I hope she didn't leave on my account.

Rickie: no. She has something to do.

Mr. Katimski: oh,(pause)ok.(long pause as he puts some books down) um, Rickie, how would pizza sound tonight?

Rickie:(puzzled) fine.

Mr. Katimski: what's the matter?

Rickie: no, I mean,(pause) that's like only the second time you've ever called me Rickie.

Mr. Katimski: well, I have good news, and I decided to just call you rickie, even though, gosh, Erique is such a nice name.

Rickie: good news? what good news?

Mr. Katimski: there is an opening in Pride House.

Rickie: (sadly)oh, there is?

Mr. Katimski: isn't that what you want?

Rickie: no, I do.(pause) It's just I got, I mean, I've been here a couple of months, and I feel like, I mean finaly feel like I belong.

Mr. Katimski look's happy, but sad at the same time.

Rickie: I just mean, it's like the first time, and I don't want to, like, not belong again.

Angle-Mr. Katimski's same face


Danielle is on the phone presumably with Ryan. She' looks impatient.


Danielle:(pause to listen) God, Ryan. I need time to think. You just asked me yesterday.(pause to listen) (sternly)good bye.

She walks into the living room, nearly running Angela over.

Angela: Jees. Watch out.

Danielle: sorry. (under her breath) your highness.


Danielle sit's down on the couch, and starts to think about thing's.


Angela is making a sandwich. There is a knock on the back door. She think's it is Sharon, so she get's it. Jordan walks in, and alomost instinctivly heads for the cold cuts.

Jordan: cool. Ham. (Pause) remember the last itme we did this?

Angela: what?

Jordan: cold cuts?

Angela get's a worried look on her face.

Angela: um, barely.

Jordan: so-

angela cut's him off fast.

Angela: what? I'm not having sex with you.

Jordan: just with me?

Angela: not with anyone. I'm not ready, (pause) yet.

Jordan rolls a piece of cheese between a piece of ham, and eats it.

Jordan: so are your parents, like, home?

Angela: (slowly) no,(pause) why?

Jordan: I don't know.

Jordan goes over to her, and they start to kiss.

Angela: (to herself) oh, no. Danielle is home.(pause) we can't do this. Not now.

Jordan: why not. You said your parents aren't home.

Angela: my sister is.

Jordan: So?

Angela: so, I like, have to watch her.(vo) thats not the turth, but I can't tell him that I don't wan't to.

Jordan: fine.(pause) you wanna play, like, a board game or somthin?

Angela: like, monopoly, or scrabble?

Jordan: I'm not to good at scrabble.


Angela and Jordan are well into there game of Monopoly. Danielle is still sitting on the cough in virtually the same spot, only she is now sleeping.Patty walks in carrying a few bag's of groceries. Jordan sees her, and goes over, and grabbs Two of the bags.

Patty: well, thank you Jordan.(pause) Is that monopoly?

Jordan: yeah. Shes winning.(pause) I only got, like, a hundred bucks left.

Patty: Angela always was good at monopoly. Why isn't danielle playing?

Angela: she was sleeping, and we didn't wan't to wake her to play a game of monopoly.

Patty: oh, ok.

She takes a peek at the monopoly table, to see who has what real estate. She see's jordan has boardwalk, and park place. Angela water works, pennsylvania ave, and a get out of jail free card among other properites. Then she goes into the kitchen, jordan following with the bag's he has.


Graham is hanging up a tremendous spice rack, for the spices he won't use on a regular basis. The one's he uses will be near him. Hallie walks up behind him, and he misses the screw head.

Hallie: aren't you supposed to use a screw driver for screws?

Graham: you use a hammer to get it started, then you use the screwdriver.

Hallie: oh. (pause)Where did you get the spice rack?

Graham: I found it in an antique store.

Hallie: y'know, I don't think I could picture you in an antique store.

Graham steps down of the stool he was on, and puts the hammer down.

Graham: I know. (Pause)Angela dragged me there. Apparently she into old stuff.

Hallie: I like old stuff. It kind of gives you a sence of history.

Graham: yeah, that's what she said.

Hallie: oh. Well I'm gonna get going.

Graham: ok, well I will se you tomorrow then.


Brian come in before his parent's. They have just gotten back from their trip to San Fransico, to see a doctor. Brian brings his bag upstairs. We hear the door open as soon as it is out of camera range.


Brian starts putting his stuff away. He looks to have considerably more energy, but not at all back to normal. He puts some books back on the shelf, and some cloths in his dresser. He see's his fish tank and notices all the fish are dead.

Brian: (stressed)oh, man. (Clam, but maybe sad)I forgot about the fish.

He takes them out of the tank with a fish net, put's them in a glass of water, and heads to the bathroom.


Brian poors the cup he put the dead fish, into the toilet bowl. He flushes them, and get's a sad look on his face.

Brian: (vo) man thats like a metaphore. (Pause) for life.


Brian sits down at his desk, and looks out the window sadly. He see's Angela sitting on the chase's front porch with Danielle.


Danielle, and Angela are sitting on the step to the porch. Danielle is laying on the top step with her feet resting on another step.

Angela: so have you and ryan done anything yet?

Danielle doent know what her sister means.

Danielle: huh? What do you mean?

Angela: (to her self, but out loud) I guess that's a no.

Angela smiles at Danielle.

Danielle: why are you looking at me like that?

Angela: you love him dont you?

Danielle: (stressed like a kid still afraid a kudies)I don't know. (clamer)I didn't even answer him yet.

Angela: you didn't? Do you know what you're gonna say?

Danielle: (pause) yes.

She smiles.


It has been a few day's since they found out about the opening in Pride House. Rickie still look's sad. Katimsky as well.


Rickie: so when did they say the spot will be open for me in Pride House?

Katimsky: it's open now. Technicly their waiting for you.

Rickie: really?

Katimsky: well, would you like to down there, and have a look around. (Pause) maybe meet some of the people, and the kid's?

Rickie: (slowly) maybe tomorrow.

Katimsky: ok. Rickie, (pause) you do know that you don't have to go, right?

Rickie: I don't? I thought mrs. Krizinowsky pulled a lot of strings for me.

Katimsky: she did, but that doesn't mean you can't stay here, as long as you need, or like.

Rickie is very happy at the idea.

Rickie: Can I call call them, and say I won't be there?

Katimsky smiles.

Katimsky: well, (pause) I think you better (pause) Enrique.

Richard look's over at Joseph who is at the table writing somthing, and smiles. He smiles as well.


Rickie, and angela are chatting by one of the stalls, and Rayanne is washing her hands.

Rickie: well thats what I heard, anyway.

Angela: isnt that always the story? (Laughs)

Rickie: well, (pause) oh, god. Remember the other day I said Brian might be almost done with chemo?

Angela: yeah, of course I do.

Rickie: I was like so wrong. He might have a long time left. I was reading this book, and found out it can last a year or more.

Angela's face saddens.

Rickie: oh, no. I'm sorry for saying that. I feel guilty for misleading you.

Angela: oh, no. It's ok. (Vo)it really wasn't. I felt so bad. I was happy brian was almost done, and now I find out he still has a long time left. (Aloud)I gotta go.

Anglea leaves the bathroom.

Rayanne: oh, man. Nice one Vasquez.

Rickie look's crushed.

Rayanne: Rickie, that was a joke. How were you supossed to know it lasted, like, a year?

Rickie: I don't know. I should have kept my mouth shut.

Rayanne: c'mon. Don't say that. The world wouldn't be the same if you kept your big mouth shut. (Smiles)

Rickie look's sad. The bell rings, and they bolth leave the girls room.


Rickie, and Rayanne are coming out of the girls room. Foster turns the hall.

Foster: (yelling down the hall) Mr.Vasqez.

Rickie stop's and wait's for foster to reach him.

Foster: mr.vasqez, haven't you been warned about going into the girls restroom?

Rickie: yes.

Rayanne is a few feet away watching.

Foster: yet you still continue to go in there?

Rickie: yes.

Foster: may I ask why?

Rickie: I dont know. (Long pause, as foster stares him down) it's just, (pause) it's more comfortable surroundings.

Foster: well, that very well may be, but you not to do it again.

Rickie: yes sir.

Foster: you may go.

Rickie, and Rayanne walk off down the hall, and burst out of the door's.


Rayanne, and Rickie are wlaking through the parking lot kinda slow.

Rayanne: dont pay attenton to foster. He wont do nothin.

Rickie: maybe he would, I dont want to get suspeded. Joeseph and richard don't need me to be a neusance.

Rayanne: but he can't stop you from being you.

Rickie: yes he can. He already has.

Rayanne: what does that mean?

Rickie: that means I'm not gonna go into the girls room anymore.

Rayanne gives him a worried look.

Rayanne: is that all it means?

They keep walking.


Jordan, and Shane are standing by Jordan's car. Angela walks by a few yard away, but oddly doesn't notice them. Her mind is busy thinking about Brian.

Shane: there's that Angela girl. Man, what the hell do you see in her?

Jordan: what?

Shane: she's like a sophmore.

Jordan: so? I am too.

Shane: yeah, but not because of your age. She's a lamer.

Jordan: shut up! I can't stand listening to you when you get like that.

Shane: what?

Jordan: just cuz she's younger she's lame.

Shane: she's not your type, either. She doesn't look like she put's out.

Jordan punhes Shane in the face, and a fight breaks out. A crowd gathers, and teachers try to break it up. The two shout at each other a little, and are dragged to Fosters office.


Angela decided to ditch the rest of the day, to think about some *stuff*, and is oblivious to what just happened.

Angela: (vo) I still think about the way things iused to be(pause) when me, and Brian, and Sharon were like kids.

(Visual- young Brian, and Sharon, and Angela in the chase house playing)

Angela: (vo)I even remember when we used to practice kissing with Brian. We were just kids, but now things are so different. Brian might die.

Angela stares at the picture he took of her.


Jordan, and shane are sitting in chairs next to each other, but are looking in different directions.Foster is sitting behind his desk reading Jordan's file. Shanes is on his desk.

Foster: well, Mr. Catalano(pause) you must seem to enjoy visiting me, because I seem to remember you droping by the other day.

Jordan grunts. Shane laughs quiely to himself.

Foster: and you(to shane) what are you laughing about? You do know I have to suspend both of you.

Jordan, and Shane grow uneasy.

Jordan: for what?

Foster: for fighting on *school* grounds.

Shane: man, he started it.

Jordan: (to shane)what? You were the one puttin her down(pause) like always.

Foster: putting who down?

Jordan: no one.

Foster: (mostly to himself, but out loud) so this is a fight over a girl.

Jordan looks up.

Jordan: it wasnt *over* a girl. It was about a girl.

Foster: is there a realavant difference?

Jordan: yeah. He hates her, and wouldnt stop sayin stuff about her.

Shane: shut up.

Jordan: (to shane) no. I'm sick of you being like that.

Foster: gentleman. Let me remind you that this is a *principals* office. Not an alley.

Jordan look's away from shane.

Foster: look (pause) im not going to suspend either of you (to jordan) even though this is not an icolated incident.

Jordan goes to say somthing. Foster interupts.

Foster: however (pause) I will not hessitate to do so if you decide to drop by again. Do I make myself clear?

Jordan, and Shane: yeah.

Foster: you may go, but if I ever see you in here again it will not go as well.


Anglea is laying on her bed with a cd(Buffalo Tom; Big red letter day) on. She has her head burried in her pillow.


Patty and Graham are in the kitchen together. Graham is looking over some papers, and Patty is making hot dog's on the stove.

Patty: so have you seen Angela?

Graham: I didn't know she was even home.

Patty: Danielle said she has been in her room all afternoon.

Graham: so? Thats what kid's do. (Pause) they stay in their room.

Patty: I know, but Danielle said she didn't look good.

Graham: so go and have a talk with her. If she wasn't feling, though, I think she would have said somthing.

Patty: I guess. I think I will have a talk with her.


Brian and Danielle are in Brian's room. Brian is giving her a sax lesson. Danielle is getting better at the sex, but still isnt very good. Brian is encouraging, though.

Brian: thats good. You can get thru the whole song now? (Pause) you must have been practicing a lot.

Danielle: I have. Ryan plays the trombone, and we practice together. His trombone is like, bigger than he is. (smile)

Brian: yeah, trombone's are pretty big. (Hesatant pause) so ryan, is he, like (pause) your boyfriend?

Danielle get's a tence look.

Danielle: I guess.

Brian: oh. Well, do you care if we stop now? I have some work to catch up on.

Daneille: oh. Ok. Bye. Thanks for the lesson

She puts her sax in the case, and goes to leave. She hugs Brian as she walks out.

Brian: (vo) I guess she thinks of me like a brother. And, I guess, (pause)I think of her like a sister.

Brian stands there and watches her leave.


Angela, and Danielle are sitting on the couch watching, or rather fighting over the tv. Patty is by the Chase computer doing the family finances.

Danielle: mom! She won't let me have the tv!

Angela: she had it all day today.

Danielle: did not. I just watched wishbone, and then I went out. It's my turn.

Patty: why dont you find somthing you bolth want to watch?

Angela: like that would happen.

Danielle grab's the remote from Angela's hand, and switches on Nash Bridges. Graham walks in.

Angela: hi dad.

Gramh: hi.

He is carrying a huge chef's hat.

Patty: what is that?

Graham lift's up the hat for all to see.

Graham: Hallie gave it to me. It is a joke (pause while looking at the hat) of sorts.

Danielle: thats nice dad. Can you tell Angela to let me have the tv?


Patty, and Graham are sitting in bed, talking.

Patty: so why did Hallie give you that hat again?

Graham: as a joke. I was saying how much I didnt want to wear one of those huge hats, and I wanted to find a smaller one, and she gave it to me. She found it in some antique store.

Patty: oh.

Gram flips channels on their tv.

Graham: I need to give Ethan a call.

Patty: what for?

Graham: ask him if he wants to play pool with me, and Neil.

Patty: ok, remind me to give you his number tomorrow. I'm shure he will accept.

Graham: you think? (Laughing)

Patty: whats so funny?

Graham: I just realised that they are brother in laws.


Angela, and Rickie are walking down the hall. She heads towards the girls room, and Rickie stands in the hall.

Angela: Rickie, c'mon.

Rickie: no, I can't.

Anglea: what? why not?

Rickie: Foster happened.

Angela: what? What did he do?

Rickie: he said I'm not allowed in there anymore. I can't get in trouble, so I'll see you later.

Rickie walks down the hall, and angela goes into the girls room.


Rayanne is inside briading her hair in the front.

Angela: hey. What happened with Rickie, and Foster?

Rayanne: foster *repremanded* him for coming in here. So what happened with Jordan, and Shane?

Angela: what happened with Jordan , and Shane?

Rayanne: you didnt hear? They got into a fight (pause) like, over you.

Angela: what? Oh, my god. I gotta go find him.

She leaves the girls room.


Ryan, and Danielle are sitting on the school steps. It's windy, and Danielles hair flows in the wind, occasionaly hitting ryan in the face.

Danielle: boy it's windy out.

Ryan: yeah. (Pause)so do you want to do somthing today?

Danielle: can we stay here for a while?

Ryan: shure.

Danielle: so, can you believe school is over in 3 weeks?

Ryan: no. It seems like forever. Can we still hang out over the summer?

Danielle: shure. We can definatly hang out during the summer. You still have a pool to, right?

Ryan: yeah, my cousin is coming over to help open it on the wekend, and were gonna have a bar-b-que the next day. Do you want to come?

Danielle: can I?

Ryan: yeah. We can be the official pool testers.

They bolth laugh.

Ryan: so, (pause) um, are you ever planning on answering me? (Shy smile)

daneille: (pause) yes.

Ryan: yes? (Smiles)

he put's his arm around her, and breathes a sigh of releif.


Angela rings Jordan's doorbell. He answers it.

Jordan: hey.

Angela: hey.

Jordan: come in.

Angela:(vo) the first time you walk into someone's house you always look at everyhting. Even the ceiling. It's like your scouering for something. His house was really clean. Not what I expected. It was like a museam almost.

Jordan: you want somethin to drink, or somthin?

Angela: no. So is there a reason you, and shane were fighting?

Jordan: yeah.

Angela: what?

Jordan: you. He was sayin stuff that I didn't like, so-

Angela: so you punch him?

Jordan: thats now how it was like. He was just there (pause) making fun of you, and I couldn't stand it.

She hugs him.

Angela: Thanks for sticking up for me, but you still should't fight with your friends. It's not good.

Jordan: I know. He just pissed me off. I guess I should appologise, (pause) no. He sould appologise. He was saying all that shit. I wasn't.

Angela: I guess your right.


Angela rings the bell to the Krackow's front door. Bob Krackow answer's.

Bob: (os) Hello angela.

Angela: hello Mr. Krackow.

Bob: (os)Berneise, it's angela.

Berneise: (os) hello angela. I'll tell brian your here.

Angela waits at the door for a few seconds, until Bob invites her in. She walks in, and notices the "smell" again. She smiles at it. Brian comes down the stairs in a pair of sweat pants, and a bandana.

Brian: hi.

Angela: hi. How are you? I havent seen you in a few days.

Brian: um, I'm ok. Just a little tired. (Pause) how are you? How is tutoring?

Angela: im, (pause) ok. Jordan is doin good. He (pause) nevermind.

Brian: oh, im glad he is doing god. (Pause) Danielle stoped by before. She was telling me about Ryan.

Angela: she was? What did she say?

Brian: that he was nice. She kept saying "boyfriend" so I assume they are, like, an item, or somthin.

Angela: (smile) thats what she said? About time. They been playing this little game for about a week now. Im happy for her.

Brian: I guess I am too. So do you need a new lesson plan or somthing?

Angela: huh? No. We have a few more lessons left.

Brian: oh, well let me know when you need a new one. (Pause) do you want to go outside?

Angela: yeah, that sounds good.

Brian grabs a windbreaker, and they go outside. It is still windy out, but a nice night.


Angela folds her arms up from the slightly cold air.

Brian: do you want my jacket?

Angela: shure. (vo) please dont let him say somthing stupid here.

Brian give her his jacket.

Brian: so what was the nevermind?

Angela: huh? Oh, (pause) it was nothing. Just, jordan got into a fight, and we missed a lesson.

Brian: oh. Is he ok?

Angela: yeah, he's ok.

Brian: good.

Brian see;s his bike in the back yard.

Brian: I havent ridden that thing in such a long time.

Angela: well, you never forget to ride a bike.

Brian: I guess. I can't ride it yet tho.

Angela: oh. Soon, I hope.

Brian: yeah. I can't wait.


Eric for his thought's and input, Erin for her encouragement, and Danny for *making* me get off line and write some =), and Sarah(for whom this script was written for) for being there and listening to me. Thanx alot. =)

Rob Smith won't continue this story arc.
But he wrote instead a new story, #20: To turn back time

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