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Episode No. 24 - Accidents happen

written by Jim Brooks

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Published: 1997 | Size: 37 KB (7330 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (53 votes)
Graham and Patty spend the weekend away from the kids, but it only places them further apart from each other; Angela goes downtown to see Jordan’s band; Jordan gets drunk and Angela refuses to drive home with him; Angela asks Brian (who is now driving) to come pick her up; Brian gets in an accident with Jordan; they both end up in the hospital

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

BEFORE READING, you should know the following terms:
beat - a short pause in dialogue
O.S. - dialogue coming from a character in the scene, but not visible
V.O. - usually a character's thoughts



[Patty's sitting at her desk going over some business PAPERS for the printing company. Graham walks into the room, holding the MAIL.]

GRAHAM: Mail's here.

[Graham sits down on the bed, wading through the mail as Patty continues going over the papers.]

GRAHAM: Let's see, we have...drumroll please...bills!

[Patty laughs.]

GRAHAM: Thank you, goodnight. (to his surprise) What's this? Looks like an invitation to something. (Graham opens it; reading) "Christian and Deborah Wood cordially invite you to the wedding of James Greenway and Theresa Wood." (this grabs Patty's attention) Theresa Wood, i - isn't that - ?

PATTY: My cousin, yeah. Keep reading.

GRAHAM: Well, it goes on, you know.

PATTY: Where is it?

GRAHAM: Uh...Philadelphia. "Call Chris and Debbie at 215-535-6784."

PATTY: My God, I haven't talked to them in *years!*

GRAHAM: Why not?

PATTY: We just...lost touch, I guess. When is it?

GRAHAM: Couple Saturday's from now.

PATTY: Not much of a notice.


PATTY: What date, exactly?

GRAHAM: Uh...April 10th.

PATTY: (checking her DESK CALENDAR) Hmm.

GRAHAM: Yeah, hmm. (beat) Be right back...bathroom.

[Graham enters the adjacent bathroom. Patty gets up and takes the INVITATION and dials up the number.]

PATTY: (beat) Uncle Chris? (beat) It's Patty. (beat; smiles) Yeah, Patty Wood. How are ya? (beat) Uh, Uncle Chris. Uncle - yeah? Listen, I got the invitation in the mail. (beat) For the wedding. Congratulations. (beat; laughs) Yeah. (beat) Oh yeah, we can make it.

GRAHAM: (O.S.): Uh, Patty...

PATTY: Yeah. (beat) I should - (beat; quickly) I have to go. (beat) OK. Well, thanks for thinking of me. I'll see ya there. (beat; laughs) OK, bye.

[Graham comes out of the bathroom.]

GRAHAM: Patty.

PATTY: I just called my uncle.

GRAHAM: I heard.

PATTY: Oh. (beat) What where you gonna say?

GRAHAM: Uh...nothin'.




[Angela's walking down the hallway. We see Jordan in the background trying to catch up with her.]

JORDAN: Angela! (he stops and walks at her side) So, my band found another club to play. Some place downtown, Liquid Tension or somethin'. It's like another open mic thing, and they're gonna let us play a song there this weekend.

ANGELA: Seriously?


ANGELA: That's great. (beat), whose gonna be there?

JORDAN: Um...the band?

ANGELA: (laughs) No, I mean...can I, like...I mean, do you mind if I come? Just t', y'know, watch. 'Cause I'd like to, I mean.

JORDAN: No, that's what I was just about to ask ya.

ANGELA: You don't mind if I come?

JORDAN: No. I'll, I'll pick ya up.

ANGELA: What time?

JORDAN: Uh. Like, 7.

ANGELA: (smiles) OK.




[Graham is making WHIPPED CREAM and Patty is cleaning DISHES. Angela walks in.]

ANGELA: (walks over to Graham) Oooh, whipped cream?



[Graham nods. She dips her finger in the whipped cream. She glances at the CALENDAR.]

ANGELA: (licking the whipped cream from her finger) Why does Saturday say "wedding?"

PATTY: My cousin's getting married.

ANGELA: Are you *going?*

PATTY: Of course.

ANGELA: Do I have to go?

PATTY: No. (sarcastically) But I'm so happy to see that you'd *like* to.

ANGELA: Oh, no, I would, it's just...I won't be home.

PATTY: Well, you'll *have* to be home.


PATTY: Well, the wedding's in Philadelphia. So we'll leave on Friday, stay at a hotel, and go to the wedding the next morning.

ANGELA: So why do I have to stay home?

PATTY: Well Angela...Danielle certainly can't stay home all by her*self.*

ANGELA: But I have plans. Plans that I, like, made.

PATTY: Well, break them. I'm sorry, but you have to.

ANGELA: I *promised* this person that I'd go.

PATTY: (concurrently w/Graham) Who?

GRAHAM: (concurrently w/Patty) Where?

ANGELA: Uh... (glances at them both) the mall.

PATTY: Well, I'm sure Rickie'll understand that you have to watch Danielle. N' if you want, you can invite him over.

ANGELA: (defeated) Yeah.



[We see, from Angela's point of view, through a foggy window to across the street to BRIAN'S house. Soon, a CAR pulls up to the Krakow house. It is an olive green '73 Caprice. Some of the paint has been chipped away. The jalopy of a car has a horrible appearance, but it still runs. Angela soon notices that Brian is the one driving it as the shot zooms in closer to the window. Brian gets out of the car and shuts the door. As he begins walking up to his door, the shot switches to



[Angela turns around, her distraction broken. Graham, walking down the stairs carrying several SUITCASES, drops one. She goes to pick it up.]

ANGELA: I got it.

[She picks up the suitcase and brings it to the door. Patty walks into the living room putting on her COAT. Danielle joins her.]

ANGELA: So you're leaving now?

PATTY: Mm-hm. (writing on a SLIP OF PAPER) I'm gonna give you the number of the hotel and the room number we'll be in in case of an emergency. We'll call when we get there.


[With a suitcase in their hands, Patty and Graham kiss Angela and Danielle good-bye. Angela closes the door and watches them go. She then turns around to Danielle.]

DANIELLE: (ecstatic) House to ourselves!

ANGELA: No. House to *my*self. Why don't you go to a friend's house? 'Cause I'm goin' out Saturday.

DANIELLE (stating a fact): Mom said you have to stay home and watch me.

ANGELA: Well I'm not.

DANIELLE: I don't have to do what I don't wanna.

ANGELA: (getting angry) Yes you do.

DANIELLE: I'll tell Mom.

ANGELA: Danielle!



[Danielle is watching TV. Angela comes down the stairs, glances at a CLOCK and notices that it's 6:30.]

ANGELA: Danielle, I'm leaving soon. Do you have some place to go or what?

DANIELLE: Courtney called me. She asked me if I wanted to sleep over.

ANGELA: Good, why don't you do that.

DANIELLE: But mom and dad'll be home tonight.

ANGELA: They won't mind. But you'll have to go soon.




[Sometime later, after Danielle has left, Angela is alone in the house, sitting on her couch, watching TV. She is all dressed up to go out. She hears a CAR BEEP and goes to the window. She looks out and sees Jordan's car in the street.]




[Graham and Patty are in their hotel room packing up.]

PATTY: I can't believe my parents didn't even show up!

GRAHAM: *I* can't believe when the priest said, "If anyone has a reason why these two should not be wed," someone actually had a good reason!

PATTY: And I never *did* find my wallet. (beat) We should've just never came.

GRAHAM: (to himself, but loud enough): I didn't even *want* to go.

PATTY: What?

GRAHAM: Nothing.

PATTY: What is that supposed to mean?


PATTY: You didn't want to go?

GRAHAM: No, just...

PATTY: Just what?

GRAHAM: Well, you never asked me.

PATTY: What?

GRAHAM: You never asked me. You just assumed I wouldn't be doing anything.

[Patty turns around, misunderstanding him.]

PATTY: You *weren't* doing anything.

GRAHAM: (his emotion rising): May*be*...but it would be nice if you would at least *think* of me before you speak on my behalf.

PATTY: (becoming defensive) I wasn't not thinking about you! I was just saying -

GRAHAM: I know what you were saying.

PATTY: (picks up a suitcase) Good, then.

GRAHAM: You where thinking about yourself.

PATTY: (throws up her arms; walking out of the hotel room) Look, I'm gonna get into an argument with you.

GRAHAM: (after Patty leaves) 'Cause you're wrong.





[Jordan is sitting backstage changing the frequencies of his GUITAR when Angela walks in.]

ANGELA: I just went to go to the bathroom.


ANGELA: (joking) I think I got AIDS in there.

JORDAN: (completely focused on the dials of the guitar) Yeah.

ANGELA:, what? Should I stay back *here* while you're on, or...?

JORDAN: Whatever.

ANGELA: Maybe I'll just -

[The drummer walks in, cutting Angela off.]

DRUMMER: Catalano. Let's go.

JORDAN: All right. (to Angela): Uh...I'll see ya after the song





[The club is about the same size as "Let's Bolt," only there are more PEOPLE there at the time. We see the INSTRUMENTS set-up on the stage as SPOTLIGHTS flicker. Finally, a MAN steps up on stage with a CARD in his hand. He takes the MICROPHONE.]

ANNOUNCER: Our next band is from Three Rivers and, uh...well, they're just kids, so be gentle.

[The band steps out onto the stage. Jordan adjusts the mic stand.]

JORDAN: (sarcastically) Nice intro. We're, uh, Residue. We're gonna be playing the Guns N' Roses song, "Don't Cry."

[One or two patrons clap. The lead guitarist starts off with the intro, which is a slow, 15-second guitar solo. Jordan joins in on guitar and a soft "Ooooh-ooh-ooh-ooh" thing around the 10-second mark. Then the rest of the band kicks in, giving it a power ballad feel.]

JORDAN: (singing) Talk to me softly | There's something in your eyes | Don't hang your head in sorrow | and please don't cry | I know how you feel inside | I've been there before | Something's changin' inside you | and don't you know (beat) Don't you cry tonight | I still love you, baby | Don't you cry tonight | Don't you cry tonight | There's a heaven above you, baby | and don't you cry tonight

[The camera cuts to Angela way in the back of the club, sitting alone at a table, but enjoying the song.]




[Graham is in the driver's seat, Patty in the passenger's. She is looking through the glove compartment for directions on how to get home.]

PATTY: (frustrated) Where is that damn map?

[Patty looks out the window as Graham passes an exit.]

PATTY: You just missed the exit.

GRAHAM: No I didn't.

PATTY: Yes you did. Look.

[Patty pulls out the map after finally finding it.]

GRAHAM: Patty, I think I know how to get home.

PATTY: obviously *don't* 'cause you just missed the exit.

GRAHAM: (getting angry) The exit is up ahead.

PATTY: (sighs in frustration) Look...

[Patty shoves the map right in front of Graham. Graham bats it away.]

GRAHAM: Patty, I'm driving!

[They both sit silently, trying to cool off. Then Graham comes up to the next exit. He looks confused.]

GRAHAM: Exit 43? We're supposed to take forty-*two.* (beat; realizes Patty was right; slowly) Ohhh...

[Patty looks at him like, "Told you."]

GRAHAM: (angry) Oh, don't give me that look.

[Patty folds her arms and looks straight ahead as they basically ignore each other.]



[A quick pan of Residue playing the bridge in "Don't Cry." It has a much heavier, faster feel to it, and the guys in the band are moving around on stage, getting into it.]



[After Residue has played their song, they gather backstage to celebrate. Of course, the alcohol has already been purchased. All 4 guys, as well as several of their friends, are gathered around talking loudly and drinking. Jordan, who is finishing up a CAN OF BEER, is talking with the bassist.]

BASSIST: I didn't think it would go so well.

JORDAN: Yeah, they liked it.

[A friend of the band approaches Jordan.]

FRIEND: Yo, Catalano. You sounded pretty good up there.

JORDAN: Yeah, thanks.

FRIEND: I didn't know you could sing.

[He starts to talk to the bassist when Jordan sees Angela uncomfortably enter backstage.]

JORDAN: (to the guys) Uh, I'll be right back.

[He walks over to Angela.]


[They exchange a sloppy kiss.]

ANGELA: That song was great.

[Jordan nods.]

ANGELA: So, uh...what're we doin' now?

JORDAN: Just hangin' out. Want somethin' to drink?

ANGELA: I mean, what time do you think we're gonna leave?

JORDAN: I don't know, whenever.




[RAIN is pouring down and it is dark out. Angela and Jordan are right outside of the club where Jordan's car is parked. As Jordan says good-bye to his friends, Angela waits by the car. Jordan comes over to the car and walks around to the driver's side, fumbling with his keys. He is obviously drunk.]

ANGELA: I'm not getting in that car.


ANGELA: You're too drunk to drive. C'mon, we'll take the bus. You can get your car tomorrow.

JORDAN: (laughs) I'm not drunk.

ANGELA: (seeing she's going to have a hard time) Gimme your keys.

JORDAN: I mean, maybe I'm a *little* drunk, but I can drive.

ANGELA (commanding): Gimme the keys.

JORDAN: I'm not gonna give you my keys.

[Angela sighs out of frustration and anger and we



Dual Scene:


[It is about 10 o'clock. Angela hurries over to a PAYPHONE as the rain pours down, soaking her. Her hair is soaked and matted down to her scalp as water drips down her face. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a few QUARTERS. She puts one in and dials a phone number.]

[Sharon, in her kitchen, walks over and picks up the phone.]

SHARON: Hello?

ANGELA: (panicky) Sharon.

SHARON: Angela?

ANGELA: Um...are your parents home?

SHARON: My *parents?* No. No, they went to my dad's friend's son's birthday party or somethin'. I mean, they asked me if I wanted to come, but - (Angela begins to cry softly) Angela? What's wrong?

ANGELA: (wiping away some tears) Um...I don't know where I am...and I have no way to get home.

SHARON: Oh, no. (beat) What about, like a bus?

ANGELA: I only have a few quarters.

SHARON: How many quarters?

ANGELA: (through tears) Uh...just one more.

SHARON: Why don't you call Jordan Catalano? (this makes Angela cry more) Angela?

ANGELA: (beat) He was I didn't want him to like, drive me home.

[Anger at Jordan crosses Sharon's face.]

SHARON: Well, that's - that's good. That you didn't get in the car, I mean. (beat as Sharon thinks for a solution) Do you at least know what street you're at?

ANGELA: Somewhere downtown. Uh... (looks around for a street sign)

SHARON: (realizing) Doesn't Brian Krakow drive now?

ANGELA: I think.

SHARON: You could call him. I mean...he's probably home.

ANGELA: (thinking there's no way she'll get home) OK.

SHARON: I'm gonna go now, OK? (beat) I wish I could help.

[Angela has slumped down in the phone booth, holding the phone as she cries.]

SHARON: Angela? (beat) Bye...

[As she hangs up the phone, the screen goes black and we






[Angela is still in the phone booth. She is on her feet and has the phone in her hand.]

ANGELA: (she begins to dial, then stops; to herself) Oh, my God, I don't even remember Brian's number.




[She extremely awkwardly approaches the bar and talks to a bartender who is possibly the only normal-looking person in there. For the sake of not having to use "BARTENDER: " repeatedly, we'll call him Chris.]

ANGELA: (very shy) Uh, excuse me.

CHRIS: (turns around) Yeah?

ANGELA: Do you, uh, have a phone book?

[The bartender ducks down behind the counter.]

ANGELA: I just need to look up this phone number.

CHRIS: (facing Angela again, with the BOOK in his hand, smiling as he lays it down on the bar) Yeah, I hear that's what they're for.

ANGELA: (laughs politely) Thanks.

[She flips through a load of pages, then stops on one and flips through a few more, then runs her finger down the page in typical phone book fashion. She finds the number and inaudibly mumbles it to herself. She closes the book up.]

ANGELA: (to the bartender) Thanks.



Dual Scene:


[Angela is back in the phone booth, dialing Brian's number.]

ANGELA: (after several rings) Pick up...

BRIAN (he picks up): Hello?

ANGELA: Is Brian there?

BRIAN: (not sure who it is and surprised to get a call) Uh...*yeah.*

ANGELA: Uh...can I *speak* to him?

BRIAN: Oh! Uh, it's me.

ANGELA: Brian -

BRIAN: Who is this?

ANGELA: Angela Chase!

BRIAN: Oh! Didn't - didn't I see you go out earlier?

ANGELA: Yeah, I - you saw me?

BRIAN: Yeah. I just, you know, happened to glance out the window or whatever, and -

ANGELA: Well, anyway, listen...can you do me a big favor? (trying not to seem too forward) 'Cause I'm sort'a in this situation, and it's just too stupid to explain, but...could you drive, like...downtown...and pick me up?

BRIAN: Downtown?

ANGELA: I know. I'm sorry, but it's really important, 'cause I can't get home, and my parents aren't home, and -

BRIAN: OK, OK, uh, uh...where are you?

ANGELA: I don't really know. All know is I'm on 8th & Walnut, and that's downtown.

BRIAN: I've only been driving for not even a week yet. I mean, *downtown?*

ANGELA: I know, I'm sorry. Is - are your parents home?

BRIAN: No, they went to some retirement party or somethin'. Which means I'm gonna have to hear *all* about it when they get home.

ANGELA: OK, but, just...can you pick me up?

BRIAN: Um...what street did you say again?

ANGELA: 8th & Walnut.

BRIAN: (writing it down) OK. I'll - I'll find a map of the city or somethin'. I know there's one around here.

ANGELA: OK. (beat) Thanks, Brian.




GRAHAM: Dammit.

PATTY: What?

GRAHAM: (taps the fuel gauge) Empty.

PATTY: Well, there's a gas station up ahead.



[The camera circles around Angela who is hunched in the corner of the club. Her head is buried in her arms, but she finally looks up, and her eyes are red from crying. She notices several PEOPLE looking at her: Guys with long hair and cigarettes in their mouth; women who could pass for prostitutes. She buries her head back in her arms.]

ANGELA: (VO) These freaks were staring at *I* was the freak.




[The car is stopped in front of a GAS PUMP. We see Patty and Graham get out. The tension is very evident.]

PATTY: I'm gonna stop in that store next door.


[Patty begins to walk away. She looks back at Graham with a worried look on her face.

PATTY'S POV: Graham is pumping gas.]




[Sometime later, Angela is still huddled in the corner. The camera zooms in on her and her tears can be heard despite her head being buried into her arms. Music accompanies the scene: "Don't Cry" in half-time plays with Jordan singing as Angela continues to morn.

Give me a whisper
and give me a sigh
Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye
Don't you take it so hard now
and please don't take it so bad
I'll still be thinking of you
and the times we had
And don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you, baby
and don't you cry tonight
You gotta make it your own way
but you'll be all right now
You'll feel better tomorrow
come the morning light now, baby]




[Patty walks through the all-night convenience store. It is empty with the exception of the CASHIER. She is filling up a STYROFOAM CUP with coffee. She brings it up to the counter and pays for it. As she is leaving, she notices a BULLETIN BOARD near the door where locals put ads up for various things. She stops and reads. The camera zooms in on a PAGE for a marriage counselor seminar in Pittsburgh. Patty grabs a copy and sticks it in her jacket pocket and walks out.]




[Brian is driving extremely cautiously and fairly slow. He nervously looks in every direction as he gets a green light while rain pours down on his car.]




[Jordan drums on the top of the steering wheel with the radio blasting as he comes to a red light and stops. The rain is still pouring down, covering all of the windows. He puts a can of beer to his mouth to drink it, but it dribbles down his chin and neck. He is noticeably drunk.]




[Angela is walking around an inconspicuous part of the club to move her legs. It's almost midnight and the club is more than half-empty.]

ANGELA: (to herself): I called Brian at 10:30. (looks at a clock; dejected) It's almost 12:30.

[Chris, the bartender who lent her the phone book, approaches.]

CHRIS: You're still here?

ANGELA: (smiles) Yeah.

CHRIS: Well, it's almost closing. You're gonna have to get goin' soon.


CHRIS: (thinks he knows what the problem is) D'you have a ride home?

ANGELA: Um... (extended beat)

CHRIS: C'mon, I'll drop you off.

[Angela is very wary to get in a car with him at first.]

CHRIS: Look at the people in this club.

[Angela looks around at the unusual-looking customers.]

CHRIS: Now look at me.

[Angela laughs in agreement.]

CHRIS: Where d'ya live?




CHRIS: So...ya wanna tell me what happened, or...? Or is it to personal, or whatever?

ANGELA: No, boyfriend, uh...he got drunk. So he left. I didn't get in the car with him.

CHRIS: (beat): You did the right thing.

ANGELA: I know. (beat) N' the thing is is I called my friend like 2 hours ago and asked him if he could pick me up.

CHRIS: He never showed?





[Chris double-parks on the street where Angela leaves. She hops out of the car.]

ANGELA: Thanks.

[Angela walks up the pathway to the front door, but the camera pans back to show another car, the Chase's car, coming down the street. They park directly in front of the house. Patty and Graham get out. They both go behind the car where Patty opens the trunk. The tension is still strong.]

GRAHAM: Let me get the stuff.

[Patty starts to walk up the pathway. As Graham unloads the trunk, he glances across the street. Concern crosses his face.]

GRAHAM: Patty...




[Angela comes down the steps in her nightgown, ready to go to bed, when Patty and Graham enter. They're in mid-conversation.]

GRAHAM: - he was driving.

PATTY: He shouldn't have been driving downtown, regardless.

[This sentence grabs Angela's attention.]


ANGELA: Mom...what?...who're you talkin' about?

[Exhausted, Patty throws her coat down on the couch.]

PATTY: Angela, we just spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Krakow. They said Brian was in a car accident.

[Guilt pours from Angela's face.]

ANGELA: (beat) Is it bad?

GRAHAM: Uh, they don't know. They're headed there now.

ANGELA: Well we should go.

PATTY: Honey, it's really late. I don't know about you, but we're really tired.

GRAHAM: Where's Danielle?

ANGELA: She's sleeping at Courtney's. We have to go. I mean, *I* do, at least.

PATTY: (yawning): It's good that you wanna go, but really, Angela, we'll go tomorrow.

ANGELA:'s my fault.

[Patty and Graham both look at her questioningly.]

ANGELA: (sighs): I went out tonight and, um...well, I got lost. And I kind'a called Brian and asked if he could pick me up.

PATTY: But Bernice said the accident was downtown.

[Angela looks at her as if to say "exactly."]

PATTY: You went downtown on a Saturday night?!

GRAHAM: How did you get down there?

ANGELA: Um...Jordan Catalano...drove me.

PATTY: What?! What where you thinking?

ANGELA: Nothing! We drove up there. It's not like I got into his car *knowing* that I'd be alone in some club for 2 hours!

PATTY: *What* club?

GRAHAM: Patty -

ANGELA: Oh, so you're too tired to go to the hospital, but your just *wide awake* to yell at me. Of course.

PATTY: Don't turn this around on me.

ANGELA: No, because it was stupid of me, and now someone's in the hospital, and it's my fault -

GRAHAM: It's not your fault.

ANGELA: (cont'd) - so don't you think I feel bad enough already?

[Patty doesn't know what to say. She is in awe.]

PATTY: I'm - I'm going to bed.

[Patty walks up the stairs.]

GRAHAM: She's just tired. I'm gonna go up, too.

[Graham kisses Angela good-night and walks up the stairs. Angela sits down on the couch, sitting on Patty's jacket. The ad for the marriage counselor slips out, falling to the floor. Angela picks it up, looks up the steps where Graham just walked up, and looks back at the ad, perplexed and concerned.]





[Angela lies in bed, wide awake. From the circles under her eyes, it is evident that she got little sleep. The faint hum of a song on the RADIO can be heard.]

ANGELA (VO): It's weird. Last night, all I could think about was like how it was my fault for what happened to Brian...

[The radio becomes louder as the DJ speaks.]

DJ (O.S.): That was another 7-song superset from WKRB! We have to break for commercials, but stay with us. WKRB time is 7:24.

ANGELA (VO): But when I woke up this morning, I remembered what happened with Jordan.



[Angela is walking down a street that is not hers.]

ANGELA (VO): And I couldn't help but wonder...

[Angela walks up a pathway to a house. TOM CATALANO, Jordan's father, is outside in his bathrobe getting the NEWSPAPER.]

ANGELA (VO): If *he* got home safe.

TOM (spots Angela): Angela, right?

ANGELA (smiles): Right.

TOM: Where's Jordan?

ANGELA (confused): What?

TOM: Isn't he with you?

ANGELA: No, he - he never came home?

TOM: I figured he was with you.

ANGELA (dawning on her): Oh, my God. He was drunk last night!

TOM (cuts in): Surprise, surprise.

ANGELA: Brian was coming to get me. Jordan was going the other way. Oh, my -




[A deserted lobby. Only the receptionist and one doctor are in the room.]

DOC: Linda, did you ever get a hold of that Catalano boy's parents?

LINDA: We called every half-hour, and no one ever answered.

[The doctor begins to walk away when suddenly, Tom and Angela enter the lobby of the hospital and approach the receptionist.]

TOM: Uh, did a Jordan Catalano come in here last night?

LINDA: Yes he did. Doctor?

[The doctor comes back.]

LINDA (to Tom): And what is your relation to him?

TOM: I'm his father.

DOC: So he *does* have parents.

TOM: Of course, why?

DOC: Sir, your son was in a car accident.

[Tom shows no emotion, but Angela is saddened by the news.]

DOC (cont'd): He had a phone number with him. We called all night, but no one answered.

TOM: Was it *his* number or my number?

DOC: Excuse me?

TOM: He has a separate line.

ANGELA: Is he all right?

[The doctor begins to lead Tom off in a different direction.]

DOC: Sir, are you insured?

TOM: Where's my kid?

[The conversation fades as they walk further away from the camera. The camera focuses on Angela for a moment who does not know what to do until she looks down the hallway and sees Jordan come out of a room. She walks rapidly down the hall to him.]

ANGELA: Jordan!

JORDAN (looks up and sees Angela): Angela?

[The camera zooms in on Jordan. He is in plain clothing, but he sports a large BANDAGE above his eye as well as a smaller one on his cheek and hand.]

ANGELA: Are you all right? (beat) What happened?

JORDAN: Nothin', just got in an accident. It wasn't that bad. It was with that kid Brian. Bad driver.

ANGELA: Bad driver? You were drunk! (beat; she cools off) Well, you're all right, that's - good; where's Brian?

JORDAN: Some other room, I guess.



[As music plays over the scene, Angela is asking the receptionist what room Brian is in. She looks at some PAPERS and answers. They exchange some Q&A and the receptionist points down the hall. Angela thanks her and heads in that direction.]



[Angela is walking down the hallway looking for Brian's room. She stops at room 114. and slowly opens the door. As the door opens slowly, Brian is revealed, hooked up to an IV UNIT and asleep on a hospital bed. Angela quietly walks towards him. Brian feels the presence of someone in the room and opens his eyes. He smiles, but the smile is stifled by pain. His face has also been cut badly.]

ANGELA: I'm sorry.

BRIAN (in a tired, dreary voice): I couldn't sleep anyway. (long beat) How'd you get home?

ANGELA: A bartender drove me. (beat; trying to be formal) How are you?

BRIAN (slight laugh): Um, not too good.

ANGELA: I guess so. (beat) Did they say anything?


ANGELA: Doctors.

BRIAN: About my condition?


BRIAN: Just leg is broken. My face other than that -

ANGELA (horrified): Glass in your face?

BRIAN: No, but...from the feels like a thousand paper cuts.

[Angela smiles and lets out a small laugh. She sits down in the CHAIR by the bed, and they both remain silent. The camera pans over to the window. The sun illuminates the rug, and that image remains, but the scene




[The shot of the sun illuminating the rug remains. The camera pans up to show the door opening slowly. Angela steps in and hangs her COAT up. She yawns, tired from lack of sleep. Thinking everyone is asleep, she silently creeps into the kitchen.]



[Angela walks through the door. To her surprise, Patty is awake and making coffee.]

PATTY: Hello.


PATTY (after a beat): *Now* where did you go?

ANGELA: To the hospital, if that's OK with you.

PATTY: To see Brian?

ANGELA: Jordan, actually. But Brian was there.

PATTY: Wait, Jordan - Brian was in an accident...

ANGELA: With Jordan.

PATTY: Oh. (beat) Is Brian OK?

ANGELA: Well...nothing fatal. He broke his leg.

PATTY: Oh, poor kid. (beat) So, wait...I thought *you* where with Jordan last night.

ANGELA: I was. (beat) He was too drunk too I didn't go with him. (tears slowly building up) And then I asked Brian to come pick me up.

PATTY: Oh, Angela.

ANGELA (through tears): So, *as you can see*, the whole thing was my fault.

PATTY (shaking her head): No.

[Angela comes in closer and Patty hugs her as she cries.]

PATTY: It wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself.

ANGELA: But I feel so...*guilty.*

PATTY: You did the right thing. Jordan was drunk and he wouldn't listen, so you didn't get in the car. That was good. And the car happens. You can't control that. If something is supposed to happen...then there's nothing you can do about it. You can't control fate.

[Patty's words echo in Angela's mind as she continues to cry in her mother's arms. Once again, "Don't Cry" begins to play as the scene fades out.]




Author's Notes

"Don't Cry" by Guns 'N Roses is available on their 1991 release, "Use Your Illusion I."

I racked my brain trying to accomodate Rickie and Rayanne in somehow, but I just couldn't do it. Besides, they needed the break.

Finally, just as a small note, my next story will not be finished for some time. I start college at the end of August, so my schedule is pretty full, but there will be more from me.

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  • anonymous author commented on 04 Jun 2002:
    STOP all the jokes and references to AIDS! It doesn't work, ZAnglea's comment would still work if she
    just says "I think I caught somehting" Besides, a girl never wants to put into the mind of a guy that she
    likes that she has an STD
    "Lets Bolt" was where they went in the pilot where they never got in right? Wasn't the place in "off the
    Wagon" different? maybe not.
    Jordan's not much into sarcasim, either one of his friends should say "nice intro" or just cut it and go into what Jordan says next.
    I loved the part when you described the guys in th eclub as GUYS WITH LONG HAIR AND CIGARETTES but Angela wouldn't call them freaks, V.O aren't always necessary, the show actully didn't use them everytime they could have, I know these are just scrpits, but remember what claire could do with just her facial expressions
    Angela's ephinany is way too dramatic
    I agree, Ricki and Rayanne do need a break.
    I like your story lines
  • Gregory commented on 20 Mar 2003:
    The only complain I had was when Angela "put two and two together," figuring out that since Brian was coming downtown, and Jordan was leaving downtown, that it was the two of them who got into an accident together. Angela's smart, but not psychic. Otherwise, the story was good.
  • Becca commented on 23 Dec 2004:
    Angela may not be psychic, but I think you are...I was just contemplating writing an episode where Jordan gets in a wreck for drunk driving....guess I'll have to brainstorm some more. Good would have been nice to get more characters involved...just a little bit, like minor roles in the show. I enjoy reading your stories...they're very realistic.

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