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Episode No. 22 - Opposing Hearts

written by Jim Brooks

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Published: 1997 | Size: 33 KB (6488 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (53 votes)
Graham reveals to Neil that he kissed Hallie; Angela talks to Brian about the letter; Graham and Hallie name the restaurant; Angela and Rayanne finally talk

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman



[Angela's walking down the crowded hallway, dodging other students walking by her.]

ANGELA (VO): So Brian Krakow was in love with me. (pause) Well, not in love, that's too strong a word. But, he has a crush on me. And everything he's done, the way he's acted; I understand it now. It was so obvious: everything he let me borrow, everything he tried to help me with in school...the letter. For some reason, I never saw it. Now I know,'s sort of flattering...but eerie.

[She walks into the bathroom.]


[Angela is alone in the bathroom. She opens a stall door and rips off a piece of toilet paper. Sniffing like she has a runny nose, she blows her nose with the toilet paper when Rickie and Rayanne noisily enter the bathroom. Angela quickly disposes of the substitute tissue.]

RICKIE: Angela! Hey!

ANGELA (eyeing Rayanne, but speaking to Rickie): Hi.

RAYANNE (emotionless): Hey.

[There is a long, awkward silence.]

ANGELA: So...Rayanne! How's, uh, Amber?

RAYANNE: She's good.


RAYANNE: I'm good. (feeling superior) I've been liquor-free for weeks, now.


RAYANNE: Not that I'm trying to do it so that you'll forgive me or somethin.' I'm doing it 'cause...'cause I can.

ANGELA (agreeing): Oh, yeah, of course.

[The bell rings.]

ANGELA: I should probably go. I guess...I should.

RAYANNE: Whatever.

ANGELA: So...bye.

RAYANNE (concurrently with Rickie): Later.

RICKIE (concurrently with Rayanne): Yeah. I'll see you later. (pause) Oh, wait, Angela! Before I forget,'re selling "Our Town" tickets today at lunch, right?


RICKIE: 'Cause I have them for you.

[Rickie pulls out a few packs of 30 tickets.]

RICKIE: Here, uh...just, go to that table, y'know, in the corner? And...well, Delia Fisher'll be there with you, can just find her and set up.

ANGELA (taking the tickets from Rickie): OK.

RICKIE: And don't forget to bring the money and the extra tickets back to me whenever you can.

ANGELA: Well, you'll probably have to remind me, like, 5 more times.

RICKIE: So...(laughs)...bye again.

ANGELA: Bye. (pause) Bye, Rayanne.

[Rayanne doesn't respond. Angela turns around to leave, and the camera gets a close-up of her face, saddened by Rayanne's superior attitude towards her.]


[Rayanne is at her locker. Rickie is right beside her. Students are in between classes.]

RICKIE: Rayanne, why are you acting like this?

RAYANNE (laughing): Like what?

RICKIE: Like you don't care...about the situation with Angela.

RAYANNE (mockingly): Uh, because, I don't? (pause) Look, you can deny it as much as you wanna. (proudly) I am over Angela Chase! She made a decision. It was me or Jordan Catalano. I don't know what it was that possessed her to make such a stupid decision, but she did it, and it's done. If she wants to come crawling back to me-

RICKIE: You should be the one crawling back to her!

RAYANNE: I already did! It seemed like hours down there! She just ignores me. If she wants to, uh, end this or whatever and... (struggling for the words) ...come back to me...then I'll have no problem with that. If she wants to forget I ever existed, I'll have no problem with that. As impossible as you make it sound, I'm gonna live my life with or without Angela Chase.


[Delia Fisher is seated at a rectangular table in the corner of the cafeteria, out of the way of the students. A large pile of "Our Town" tickets lie on the table next to a small sign that has the ticket prices and date and time of each show. Angela walks up to the table and sits down next to Delia, dropping a pack of tickets on the table.]

DELIA (smiling as always): Hi.

ANGELA: Hi. Um...Rickie told me to set up with you.

DELIA: Oh, great! (pause) Angela, right? Rayanne's friend?

ANGELA: Yeah. Well...former friend. (pause) You know her?

[A girl walks up to the table and hands Delia money for two tickets. Delia takes the money and gives her the tickets.]

DELIA: I'm sorry, what were you saying?

ANGELA: Nothin'. (long pause) So, how do you know Rayanne?

DELIA: Uh...through Rickie.


[They both sit in silence when another girl comes up to the table and purchases three tickets from Angela.]

ANGELA (after another pause): So, does Rayanne, like...I mean, does she, uh...y'know, talk...about me?

DELIA: Well-

ANGELA: I don't, like, care, y'know, if she does, I just think I should know.

DELIA: It's not, like, any of my business. I mean...I don't, like, intentionally, like, ask her about you two because it's between you and her, but...(pause)...I know what happened because Sharon told me.

ANGELA: Yeah, I remember you where there when she told me.

DELIA: So, I don't know her, like, a lot, but from what I can tell? 'Cause she talks about it, like, constantly (dramatic pause) - she's over you.

ANGELA (feigning casual): Oh. (VO): I could not believe it. Rayanne was over me.

[The camera lingers on Angela's confused, somewhat saddened expression, and we end Act 1.]




[Fade in to Jordan's car where Angela is sitting on the hood and Jordan is leaning against the door, smoking. They sit in silence for a few seconds.]

JORDAN (looking at the cigarette with shock): I gotta stop this.

ANGELA: Stop what?

JORDAN (looking at the cigarette in his hand): This! It's killin' me!

[Jordan throws the cigarette on the ground.]

ANGELA (admiring): That's so...noble.



[Rickie's doing the combination to his locker when Brian approaches in the midst of the partially-crowded hallway.]

BRIAN: So, I hope you're happy.


BRIAN: Angela...I told her?

RICKIE: So... (pause) ...what happened?

BRIAN: She left! I mean, her mom took her. See, I was over there to get this book, and they where goin' somewhere, so I told her, then she left. We haven't said a word since. I mean, I haven't actually seen her, but...

RICKIE: So, basically, she knows.

BRIAN: Oh, yeah. I was pretty blunt.

RICKIE: So, go up to her and remind her.

BRIAN: What? Just, like, go up to her and say, 'Remember the other night what I told you? Whadda ya think?'

RICKIE: Maybe not like that, but same idea, yes.

[Brian doesn't respond.]

RICKIE: Look, I'll say something to her tomorrow.

BRIAN (after a long pause): Not to sound ungrateful or whatever, but...why do you care so much?

RICKIE: I don't know. I guess after seeing Angela obsess over Jordan Catalano and seeing him break her heart, like, repeatedly, she needs someone like you. (Brian laughs like "yeah right") And you wouldn't do that to her.

[Brian takes this in like a shocking revelation.]



[Jordan is on the passenger's side of his car now, opening the door. He opens the glove compartment and takes a nearly full pack of cigarettes. From across the hood, he slides it over to Angela.]

JORDAN: Here, throw them away somewhere.

ANGELA: You want me to throw your cigarettes in the trash?

JORDAN (taking his lighter out of his jacket pocket): Don't forget this, too.

[Jordan gets in the car while Angela takes the lighter and the cigarettes and walks away, stunned but admiring him. She drops them in a nearby trash can and turns back to Jordan.]

JORDAN: You need a ride home?



[Graham and Neil are in the kitchen, Neil drinking a can of beer.]

NEIL (in the middle of a story): So I said, 'Marla, I'm not seeing anybody else!' and she gets up and walks right out! (pause) Takes her coat and walks right out!

GRAHAM: Well, are you?

NEIL: Well, eh...I mean...not technically. (pause) She's a great girl, Graham. Her name's Holly. Aw, I love that name!

[Danielle walks in the kitchen.]

NEIL: Hey, Danielle.


[Danielle begins rummaging through the refrigerator. She pulls out a soda a few seconds later and closes the door. Graham raises his eyebrows and smiles at Danielle as if to say "Hi." She returns the look and Neil and Graham watch as she walks out of the kitchen.]

GRAHAM (dramatically): I kissed Hallie Lowenthal.

NEIL (caught by surprise): What?! You kissed...? Wait, Hallie...

GRAHAM: From the restaurant...

NEIL: Oh. Oh! My God! (pause) When, uh...when did this happen?

GRAHAM: A couple nights ago, I was dropping her off at her apartment, and my car broke down, so I stayed over night.

NEIL: Why didn't ya...take a bus, or a cab, or...?

GRAHAM: I hardly had any money, and too many things too carry. And she lives practically across town, so... (long pause) I mean, we didn't "go all the way" or anything. We just kissed...(pause)...a lot. I mean, it's not like clothes were "strewn about."

NEIL: Patty obviously doesn't-


NEIL: Well, you have to tell her. I'm certainly not. This is something she has to hear from you.

GRAHAM (disgusted): No! No, she will not find out about this!

NEIL (equally disgusted): So you're saying-?

GRAHAM: I'm not saying anything.

NEIL: What you're saying is you're just gonna continue with this affair, this torrid-?

GRAHAM (almost angry; defensive): No! God, Neil, I would never-I mean, we both, uh, uh, pulled away from each other, y'know? W-We both knew it was wrong. And, it's something that'll never happen again...OK?

NEIL: OK. (pause) Did she say this?

GRAHAM (thinks for a moment): No...but it's assumed, I mean...we haven't actually talked about it since it happened.

NEIL: So you can't say that for sure, that she doesn't want it to happen...again.

GRAHAM (barely audible): No, I guess not.



[Rickie and Angela are hanging out outside on the steps, eating their lunches.]

ANGELA: So, did you hear that they're gonna, like, fire Ms. Monaco.


ANGELA: Oh, she's, she's my gym teacher.

[Long pause as they eat their food.]

RICKIE: Oh, before I forget! Do you have that money from the tickets for me?

ANGELA: Oh! No, I forgot! It's in my locker. I'm sorry. I'll give them to you next time I see you.

RICKIE: You don't have to apologize, it's no rush. (long pause) So, I talked to Brian. What's going on between you two?

ANGELA: What? Nothing. Why? What did he tell you?

RICKIE: He just told me he told you something.

ANGELA: Well, yeah, he told me something.

RICKIE: So, were you, like...happy?

ANGELA: About what?

RICKIE: About what he told you.

ANGELA: Well, what did he say he told me?

RICKIE: About the letter. About how he wrote it for you, like...sincerely.


RICKIE: Angela, don't put this off. Just get it over with.

[Angela just stares straight ahead, in thought.]





[Angela is sitting in the bus by herself. Students are milling around, looking for seats. The camera shows Brian stepping onto the bus. The camera cuts back to a close-up of Angela as she thinks for a moment.]

ANGELA: Brian, hey, um...

BRIAN (scared; barely audible): Oh, God.

ANGELA: Don't you usually tutor Jordan on Wednesdays?

BRIAN (relieved; standing next to Angela's seat): Yeah, but he has somethin' with his band today, so...


BRIAN: Plus, I have to work.

ANGELA: Oh, you work now?

BRIAN: Yeah, down at the mall, in that book store.

ANGELA (jokingly): Can you get me any discounts?

BRIAN (serious): I don't know, I'll-

ANGELA: It was a joke, Brian.


ANGELA: But, I mean, if you actually can...

[Brian laughs humoringly.]

ANGELA: That wasn't a joke.



[The scene opens up with a shot of the kitchen of the restaurant, halfway set-up. The doors swing open and Hallie Lowenthal walks in talking into a portable phone.]

HALLIE (arguing): No! Sir, the man I spoke to on the phone promised, gave his word that the supplies would be delivered yesterday! So, don't give me these BS excuses!

[After a pause, a teenage boy and Graham walk into the kitchen from a side door.]

GRAHAM (showing him out): Thanks for comin' by. We'll call by Friday.

BOY: All right, thanks.

HALLIE: I'm trying to run a business here! We had a deal! You deliver the goods, and I pay you! 'I want a payment up front,' you said. 'No problem,' I said. You have my money, and I have nothing! Now, if I don't have what I ordered by tomorrow, I'm taking my business elsewhere, and never coming back! (pause) OK, thank you! (hangs up) Ahhhhh!! Can you believe some of these people?

GRAHAM (humoring her): Nope.

HALLIE (calming down): Who was that you where with?

GRAHAM: Oh, uh...job applicant...bus boy. He saw the sign, so he just came in and asked if we where hiring yet.

HALLIE: Yeah, we should put a help wanted sign up or somethin'.

[Graham nods in agreement.]

HALLIE: And have you thought of a name yet?

GRAHAM: I've been thinking, but nothin's coming. What kind of name are we looking for anyway?

HALLIE: Something romantic; not too cliché; creative; something that makes you think of a moonlit dinner.

GRAHAM: Well, at least now I have something to work with. (after a long pause) Hallie, um...

[Graham, opens the swinging doors to see if anyone is within earshot of them.]

GRAHAM: ...the other night...well, actually, a few nights ago, um...

HALLIE: Yeah...?

GRAHAM (hesitant): Well, I just wanna, you know...I mean, make sure we where clear on that, and, uh...both in, uh...agreement that that was a um...uhhh...a one-time thing.

HALLIE: You mean when we kissed?

[Graham nods painfully.]

HALLIE: Oh, yeah, I was stupid of me, I shouldn't have...I mean...well, I'm sorry. (pause) Besides, it, it didn't mean anything 'cause, actually (opening one of the doors), I've been thinking of asking that guy out (as they both watch him, one of the workers, putting up wallpaper).

GRAHAM: Oh! (laughs)


GRAHAM: Nothing, that's...that's great! I'm, uh...that's great.

[Graham smiles and we



[Danielle is sitting on the couch quietly watching TV. After several seconds, Patty comes in the door, home form work.]

PATTY: It is so cold out.

[Danielle jumps off the couch to her mom.]

DANIELLE: Mommy, you're home!

PATTY: Hi, sweety!

[They hug as Angela walks in.]

ANGELA: Hi, mom.

PATTY: Hi, hon.

DANIELLE: Guess what. At school? I got an A on my science test!

PATTY: That's great!

ANGELA: Can we talk, like in the kitchen?

PATTY: Um...sure.


PATTY: What is it?

ANGELA: I need your...advice.

PATTY (surprised): Oh!

ANGELA: Say you've known this guy for a while-

[Patty starts to get a worried look on her face.]

ANGELA (cont'd): -and he's, like, real nice, but-

PATTY: Nice, how?

ANGELA: Just, like, polite. Like, he lends you things n' stuff.

PATTY: Am I correct in assuming this is you we're talking about?

ANGELA: Um...(pause)...yeah. And we're friends, I guess, but... (pause) ...what I didn't know is? There's more to it. Like, how he feels or whatever? About me? And he wrote me this letter.

PATTY: What kind of letter?

ANGELA: I don't know, like...(shy)...this love letter...or something.


ANGELA: So, it's kind of like...(sigh)...this is embarrassing...

PATTY (laughs): Don't be.

ANGELA: I don't, like...have the same feelings or whatever, but I don't want to hurt him. So, I mean...wh-what should I tell him?

PATTY: Hmm. (pause) Angela, I wish I had some perfect answer that would make the whole situation easy, but anyway you look at won't be. You'll just have to let him down gently. Be positive about it. Just state very clearly that you have no interest in him in that way, but...tell him everything you told me, the good points. Re-assure him that you, y'know, consider him a friend. I can only tell you so much, and I know it sounds so common, but it's the right thing to do.

ANGELA: I'm supposed to say all that?

PATTY: Well, in your own words.

ANGELA: I guess you're right. There's no easy way out unless I ignore him completely.

PATTY: And you don't want to do that.

ANGELA (after a pause): Thanks mom.

[Angela hugs her. Before she leaves the kitchen...]

PATTY: Angela? Can I ask one question?


PATTY: This boy...isn't, by any chance, Brian Krakow, is it?

ANGELA (laughing): Oh, no! Mom!

[Angela turns around and walks away, not believing how Patty picked up on that. Meanwhile, Patty watches Angela knowing that it's Brian.]



[The camera focuses in on Angela's face. In the background, we hear Mr. Dmitri talking, but her mind is pre-occupied.]

ANGELA (VO): I keep running over in my mind what I'm going to say to Brian Krakow. And as the moment draws closer, I feel kind of nervous. Why I should feel nervous around Brian Krakow is beyond me.

[The shot switches to Mr. Dmitri.]

DMITRI: Meanwhile, the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (writing that name on the board) was in Bosnia.

ANGELA (VO): Like, even now. I know this is going to be on a test soon, and I should be taking notes, but I can't stop going over this. It's like rehearsal for a play or something.

[Angela is startled by the sound of the bell. The students begin to file out of the room.]

DMITRI (yelling over the noise): Remember to define today's key terms!

[As Angela is getting out of her seat, Brian walks past her towards the door.]

ANGELA: Brian?

[He hesitates when he hears her.]

ANGELA: Brian, about that night.

DMITRI (walking towards the door): Excuse me.


[Mr. Dmitri cuts in between them and walks out the door. The camera follows him into the empty hallway, but he turns the corner and the camera shows Rayanne walking down the opposite corridor.]


ANGELA: Brian, we can't let this, like, linger or whatever. We have to, uh, uh, a-address it.

[Brian is completely silent, nervous and hoping he doesn't have to do any of the talking.]


[When Rayanne hears Angela's voice coming from the room, she draws closer to the wall, inching towards the doorway, listening in on the conversation.]


ANGELA: What you told me is, is...I mean, it made me so happy because it just feels good to finally be on the other side, ya know?

BRIAN: The other side of what?

ANGELA: Of an obsession-

BRIAN (quickly): It's not-I'm not obsessed with you. Don't flatter yourself

ANGELA: OK! (pause) But, I guess what I'm trying to say is, it could never be like that. Because... (not sure if this is making sense, and having a tough time admitting it) ...I guess we're friends or whatever, and I wouldn't want to ruin that, or...?

BRIAN: No, I know. I mean, whether that's the reason or not, you don't have to explain it. It's stupid of me to think that just 'cause I write you some stupid letter means that you should feel any different.

ANGELA:: Exactly! Don't get me wrong, it's not like you're repulsive or whatever-

BRIAN: Of course.

ANGELA (cont'd): -it's just...

BRIAN: Yeah.

ANGELA: feels good to get that out of the way. (laughs)

BRIAN (laughs half-heartedly): I know.


[Rayanne's still listening and laughing to herself.]

BRIAN (O.S.): Um...I'm gonna, uh...y'know, leave.

[Brian pushes the door wide open and Rayanne hides behind it.]


ANGELA (VO): So, that was that. It was finally settled. Although neither of us acknowledged it, we both knew that things between us would never be the same. There would always be that mystique following Brian.

[Angela walks out of the room and into the hallway.]


[Rayanne comes out from behind the door, laughing after Angela has walked down the hallway, out of sight.]





[The room is wall-papered in a crimson red paper lined with strange designs. There are several tables and chairs sporadically placed in the room. The fountain is the centerpiece of the room. Besides having no water yet, it looks great. There are several roles of carpeting leaning against the wall. The are several workers milling around the room doing assorted tasks. Graham walks in from the kitchen, looking at his surroundings. Hallie walks in from the main door.]

HALLIE (stating excitedly): The Glass Moon!

GRAHAM (prompting): And that is...

HALLIE: The name!


HALLIE: So...?

[Graham thinks about it, not responding.]

HALLIE: You don't like it.

GRAHAM: Uh...(decided), I like it. I do, and...we'll go with it. The Glass Moon...OK!

HALLIE: Great! Listen, our food is on it's way, every last morsel of it. I'm going to interview some people today. Ya know, waiters, waitresses, have some assistant chefs or something you're going to see today, right?

GRAHAM: Uhh...yeah. Yeah, I am.

HALLIE: We have some other stuff being delivered today. (explaining) I have to leave early today, so, when the truck comes, just tell them to leave the boxes in the kitchen and we'll figure out what to do with it tomorrow.

[Graham takes it all in.]

HALLIE: You getting all this?

GRAHAM: Yeah, I got it. (pause) Why're you leaving early?

HALLIE: I have a date.

GRAHAM: With the wall paper guy?

HALLIE: Mm-hm. I'm moving on while Brad's still back there eating my dust!

GRAHAM: Fine, but you'll have to make up for lost time.

[Hallie gives him a confused look.]

GRAHAM: Try not to be more than 30 minutes late, tomorrow.

HALLIE: Heh. That'll be the day.



[The scene opens with a shot of the bedroom. Then it pans over to the door to the bathroom showing Patty in there at the sink. The camera pans back to the bedroom door and Graham enters. He plops down on the bed.]

GRAHAM: Patty?

PATTY (O.S.): Yeah?

GRAHAM (taking off his shoes and socks): Just checking.

PATTY (after a long pause; O.S.): So, how's the restaurant business?

GRAHAM (taking off his pants and putting on a more comfortable pair): Oh, it's great! The menu is pretty much done, my food's coming in, I have all my utensils in my very own kitchen, and I'm even hiring my own, uh, slaves to help me.

PATTY (brushing her teeth O.S.; laughing): That's great.

GRAHAM (taking off his shirt and putting on a new one): And Hallie came up with this great name, "The Glass Moon." I like it. It's kind of...romantic, ya know? (after a pause) Are you listening?

PATTY (walking into the room): Every word.

GRAHAM: Then I have to tell you something, and if I don't tell you now...uh, it's just been weighing on me, and I have to say this.

[He is showing regret with every word, especially now that he realizes that he doesn't have the courage to tell her about Hallie. Patty doesn't have any idea of what he's going to say. Smiling, he changes his expression.]

GRAHAM: I love you. (Patty smiles) I mean, just for your support of this because I'm...gambling all our money and...just...for being there.

PATTY: I love you, too.

[She kisses him.]

GRAHAM: Mmm. Toothpaste.

PATTY (going back into the bathroom): Wait'll you hear this. Angela asked me for some "advice" the other night. Apparently, Brian Krakow has a crush on her or something, and-

GRAHAM: Brian Krakow?

PATTY (re-affirming it): Brian Krakow. (pause) And, get this...he wrote her some letter.

GRAHAM: What kind of letter?

PATTY: Like a teen love letter of some sort.

[Graham laughs at the thought.]

PATTY (cont'd): So they've been avoiding each other ever since 'cause they're so embarrassed that it'll come up.

GRAHAM: Brian Krakow from across the street?

PATTY (laughs): Yes! I mean, she didn't say it in so many words, but...(pause) It's like some episode of Beverly Hills 90210 or something, only the characters are actually real.



[Angela is at her locker putting some books back and Jordan is leaning against the locker next to her. Jordan looks pale and his hair is partially combed. Students pass by sporadically.]

JORDAN (after a pause; out of nowhere): I can't do this no-smoking thing.

ANGELA (caught by surprise): Huh?

JORDAN: It's been, like, 3 days. I mean, at first, I was all right, but then I started, like, withdrawing or something.


JORDAN: I can't sleep. (pause) Sometimes, like in school, I'll start, like, shaking.

ANGELA: Oh, my God!

JORDAN: Not a lot, but...(pause) This quitting smoking thing is killin' me.

ANGELA: Oh, no, no, it's great. I mean...(pause)...I had an aunt who died of lung cancer when she was, like, 30.

JORDAN: Huh. (long pause) Anyway, I think I'm gonna cut, class it is I have next and get outta here early. Later.


[Jordan leaves.]


[Angela is walking down the vacant hall after school holding a roll of money and several Our Town tickets. She turns the corner of the hallway and sees Rayanne at her locker with Rickie standing next to her. Awkwardly, she approaches them.]

ANGELA: Rickie?

[Rickie and Rayanne turn their heads to see Angela coming towards them.]

ANGELA: I have that money that I kept forgetting to return to you.

RICKIE: Oh, great!

ANGELA (handing him the cash): Sorry I forgot.

RICKIE: Better late then never.

ANGELA (seeing Rayanne): Hey.


RICKIE (sensing the hostility): Uh...I better put this in my locker so I don't lose it.

[Rickie walks down the hall leaving Angela and Rayanne alone.]


RAYANNE (irritated): What?

ANGELA: God, I'm sorry for trying to start a conversation!

RAYANNE: Oh, I don't mind.

ANGELA: What is it with you? First, you're practically begging for forgiveness-

RAYANNE: You must be thinking of someone else.

ANGELA: Now you make it a point not to talk to me.

RAYANNE: I don't see why you should care. It's not like you want to talk to me.

[Chicago's "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" plays in the background.]

RAYANNE: I mean, I've wanted to say things to you, but it's like it's too hard, 'cause I keep expecting you to just shut me out like you always do.

[Angela doesn't know what to say, because she knows it somewhat true.]

RAYANNE (laughs): Look at us. What are we trying to do? Be friends? It's too late for that.

ANGELA (she starts doing that chin-crumpling thing): Sometimes I remember how you hurt me and I get so mad, but sometimes...I can't stand being so far apart from you.

RAYANNE: Well...who knows.

[Rickie returns from his locker. Angela turns her head a bit away from Rickie to try to hide the fact that she was almost about to cry.]

RICKIE: So, what are we talking about?

ANGELA: Umm...

RAYANNE: We were...talking about that gym teacher that got fired.

RICKIE: Ms. Monaco?

RAYANNE: Yeah. How'd you know? She's the girls' gym teacher.

[Angela begins to laugh, and Rayanne follows suit. Rickie looks like the butt of a joke.]


[The camera focuses on Angela down the hallway.]

ANGELA (VO): So, Rayanne Graff and I still weren't friends, but the ice was, like...broken.

[Angela laughs to herself, happily, as the camera pans back showing Angela walking out of the doors and we hear "29" by Gin Blossoms start up.]

"Time won't stand by forever if I know it's true
And I've learned not to say never
Or else I'll seem the fool

Some rides don't have much of a finish
That's the ride I took
Through good and bad and straight through indifference
Without a second look
There's no intentions worthy of mention
If we never try"


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  • anonymous author commented on 04 Jun 2002:
    Joedan doesn't think cigatettes are killing him
  • Saria commented on 22 Jul 2003:
    i think this story was very good. these series of stories are the second series to me. Please keep on writing them ;)
  • Becca commented on 23 Dec 2004:
    Excellent story. It felt like a real episode. I would have liked a little more Angela/Jordan interaction, but maybe that's next episode. ;)

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“School is a battlefield for your heart.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"