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The Young Unknowns


Charlie Fox (Devon), 23 years old, lives in the "L.A. house." His father, Sebastian, lives in London and directs commercials. Third wife, new baby, that whole scene. Charlie takes care of his L.A. business: house, answering machine, mail. Charlie is Sebastian's number one fan. His mother is long gone, split when Charlie was 12 in an alcoholic haze, living in Vermont or something now with a new boyfriend and a new lifestyle, mailing Charlie photos to prove it. Charlie has just shot his very first commercial, and it looks great. Today he's chillin' by the pool with his hot-blooded Spanish girlfriend Paloma, whom he hasn't been getting along with - she's a drunk, he has intimacy issues. Charlie's flat-out crazy friend Joe shows up - party man, hanger-on, ladies man - with model/actress Cassandra in tow, to hang out and chill. The day, however, unravels into disaster - drugs, sex and anger lead to a broken nose, a smashed hand, a couple ER trips, a drinking binge and a brush with meth, and to a tragedy. Because on this day, Charlie finds out that his mother has died, and he has to confront the loss of the mother's love he never knew he needed. It's the beginning of adulthood.

*The Young Unknowns* will be released to Lamelle art theaters in L.A. on around the 18th of April and in NY on the 11th.

Directed by Catherine Jelski

Thanks to Greg Gummersall for the info! discuss in our forum

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“Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.”

Danielle Chase, Episode 15: "So-Called Angels"