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The Skydiving Trip

written by Erin

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Published: 30 Apr 1998 | Size: 1 KB (234 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Once there was a girl named Chloe.
She was always talkative and showy.
Her eighteenth birthday was coming,
But actually she was completely bumming.
She felt as though she was getting old.
She felt that she needed to do something bold.
So as her eighteenth birthday approached,
She made an appointment with a skydiving coach.
When her eighteenth birthday came,
She and her coach flew up in a plane.
She sucked in her breath,
And she felt a flutter in her chest.
She felt so pumped,
And before she knew it, she jumped.
And as she sailed through the air,
She felt so aware.
She was amazed of how small she seemed.
She thought to herself,
"WOW! The world doesn't need me!"
But suddenly the parachute opens, and she feels reassured.
As though she was needed in the world
Such a difference she made,
So many people didn't want her life to fade.
And as she prepared herself for landing,
She felt so unbelievably outstanding.
She promised herself,
She'd use all of her love and wealth,
To donate and to give,
That would help her live.
She made so many people feel loved,
And all just because,
Of that lovely skydiving trip.

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