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written by Katie Dombrowski

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Published: 31 Jul 1998 | Size: 1 KB (272 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

A dance between love and hate where everyone and no one has a partner.
The hate consumes your life for most of the dance.
You are constantly pressured by the continuous struggle between killing
yourself and suffering the consequences of going on.
It kills the dreams that were only yours until they became real.
Fantasy has no boundaries so it turns to the depths of your mind to play
games and mess up the steps.
You can't keep up with the rhythm.
Too fast or too slow or somewhere in between.
But no one cuts in because your mind is so overpowered by the evil that
controls you like a wind up toy.
You perform on it's demand.
Back and forth you turn and step not knowing where your hate and mind will
lead you next.
Maybe you will kill the dreams of others just to make the torture you endure
a little sweeter.
But as far as I know there is no love in the dance of life.
Because there is a whole in my heart that love has filled with empty hopes
and dreams.
The kind of things that hate and pain grow on.
It's their music.
Their time to shine in the spotlight.
The angels we have found as kings control the dance.
Their wings have been torn and they cannot fly.
Their minds are under a sedated spell.
You will die and the dance will do on.
The music never stops.

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