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How Do You Know If Life Goes On ?

written by Katie Dombrowski

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Published: 31 Jul 1998 | Size: 2 KB (513 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

How do you know if life goes on
when things are really low?
How can you say something about
something you do not know?

What do you do when all you want
is to be happy and free?
But instead you're born within the walls
that twist and torture thee

Where do you go when you can't live
with what you're given now?
When you'd give your all to fly away
and dissappear somehow.

What happens when they take your life
and rinse it down the drain?
The will not come and comfort you
and take away your pain

They will not come to check on you
and make sure you're alive
They'll push you on and send you out
they don't care if you survive

You see, my friend, you do not know
if my life will go on
It's not as clear as black and white
or night into the dawn

Things will come and things will go
your friends will meet and part
but nothing fills the hole that life
has burnt into my heart

You've never heard the things I've heard
You do not understand
You've never kissed the face of death
or held it in your hand

You've never felt a love so strong
and had it ripped away
You've never wished upon a star
that your breath would go away

For you are one of the lucky ones
you lead a better life
You've never thought of the end of you
involving a gun or a knife

You've never really looked around
to see if you could help
You always pray and thank the lord
you've never felt the way I've felt

Because that's the thing that keeps me here
the fact that I have loved
A feeling that I can't explain
nor can the angels up above

But what I know is something great
comes out of this one thing
you feel so free and uncontrolled
your heart will start to sing

Your face lights up, your head will float
and you know that it's alright
It consumes your head, your mind, your soul
everyday and night

So when I wish upon a star
that I could go away
It think about whether or not
it's worth the extra day

I think that if i had something
to make me want to stay
I wouldn't have to be so sad
and want to fly away

So how do you know if life goes on?
How will you ever know?
You think about the word called love
you live, you love, you grow

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