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Dream Girl

written by Jason Mode

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Published: 13 Jun 1998 | Size: 1 KB (159 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

I died last night,
Before I walked into the cafe.

I was lost, dizzy, and sweating,
I has been staring at the Sun
-All night long.

I opened the door,
And there she was-
With a cup of coffee, and two sugars.

I watched her until I sat down-
Right next to her.

She looked up-she had a tear in her eye,
But, I couldn't help her-
That side of my brain could not tell a lie.

She got up and ran and ran.
I went after her, But, I knew
I could never catch up.

She was gone from my sight, But,
Stuck in my heart, guiding me with
Her experiences with me.

I'll never touch her again, But,
I'll always see her
Whenever I close my eyes.

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