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Channel Surfing

written by Jason Mode

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Published: 13 Jun 1998 | Size: 2 KB (339 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Dying with the River,
Frostbite Warmth, Heat,
Sucked into the Whirl, Wind,
Light drains into the For-Bidden, Sea,
The Hurt held back, with a broken chain,
Breaking, Street-rolled steel,
Bombing the visions, Held within, inside,
The shattered bottle, Laying on the, Black,
Seat, Striped with envy,
Green, Pea soup, white broth, stench,
Smelling the fear, and the Feared, Lookers,
Looking to find a place to sleep, Fighting,
Garbage cans floating, Crashing, Bang,
People's tears hit the Blue Earth, violated,
Rights and Respects, Anyone can see, straight ahead,
Future is anyone's guess, Styles flounder, Red,
Baked and Flaked, dipped for taste, The Bloody, Blood,
Dissolves into the dry trap, trapped and Hating, Loving,
Care-Fool, with the drawings, Bright colors, weird, chatter,
Boxing the ropes, bouncing back from a Love-Hate, Gone,
Missing it all, Hu-mane, Violence, Everywhere, sizing,
Trampling the bed of roses, Calling in the Bluff, Fluffy,
Grizzly, Teeth circling, drool, drooling, savoring, Liquid,
Spiking the Love, in the fruit punch bowl, in defeat, Laid down, kicked,
Down, Field, Lond stretched, pulled the sharp-knees, Bald, Beauty,
President kisses the Brain, Hair stuck in the kitchen sink,
Complaining, Dislodging, Yanking the non-air through the hole,
Entire sticks and stones, statue Rumbled, Rubbled, Stay,
Not into a corn, field, stuck in the mud,
Nippled poked, cord with butter waxed,
Axed and asked, cloud of Flurry, Fury, Flight,
Six fingers, with a nose, Licking the ties,
Present the thought, Counting the samples,
Kite string round, Soaring the here, Coating,
Tricks with puncture, Picture imperfect, Deep,
Passenger thoughts, Closeness of the Halls, Closing,
Dealing the expected, Doubting the Home, Team,
Spirited Loveli(LESS)ness, Understanding the out, side,
Error founded, Importantly Disheartened, Man's Best Enemy,
Craving the Choice, Service to the Little, Experted Under,
Faith in the Happiness from the Talkaitve, shut up.

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