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Super Perfect

written by Jennie Carpenter

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Published: 13 Jun 1998 | Size: 2 KB (362 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Could you look at me with your beautiful eyes
Please look at me and stop telling your lies
You're trying to blaze your own trail
And everyone knows that you really don't care
I walk around in my own little world
I try to be the supermodel that you want me to be
It doesn't really work though because I know
You really don't love anything completely at all
But I cry out for attention because you don't give it to me
And I'm here for you anytime you want me too
I try to be the perfect girl for you
You say you love me when you want something
You say you love me when you need someone
And that's the only time you say you love me at all
I walk around with the thought of you telling everyone that you love me
The thought is wrenching hard and killing me
You get these hopes up of mine and then let them down
You don't give me a chance to show i can be everything
I try to be your everything, I really do
And I know that you know it too, but you won't say a thing
You always cheat me, with your selective love, your hidden love
It hurts me, pains me can't you see or are you blind
I'd make the perfect beauty queen if only
I wasn't shoved in the dirt whenever anyone comes around
I love every little thing about you, but you yourself
You cry and I wash your tears away with my hand
I cry and you let my tears bleed onto the floor
If I was with you right now what would you be saying
Everytime you get heart I feel the pain completely true
Because ours hearts go with one another like two pieces of a puzzle
I've gotten up the nerve, to tell you how I feel
But I've lost the desire and I've lost all the feel

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