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For Beauty's Sake

written by LNE

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Published: 30 Nov 1998 | Size: 2 KB (348 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Have you ever noticed when you pick a flower
From that moment its fate is set
Thats its hours are numbered
That it will die a lost beauty, in a vase on a shelf
Or it will die in the hands of another not so
Beautiful as thee.
That is doesn't matter what you do
The Flower will wilt,petals fall
That stolen its life, decided its fate
And snatched away its beauty
Even though it would eventually die,
You have made it die alone
A beauty that is too precious to keep
And too beautiful to last forever

Sometimes you remind me, my love
Remind me of a flower
That grows perfectly
In a perfect world
That if I was to pick you
I would steal your life, your beauty,
That you would be mine but not forever
I too would decide the fate,not just for you
But for my love of you
I would know that oneday you would fade
Slip through my poisoned fingers
That you would not live up to my dreams
That I have created over these years
So I decide to leave yo unpicked
That I may view you,my flower
From afar,watching your beauty grow,
Day by day
Surrounded by others just as beautiful
Knowing that I haden't stolen your life
That for the cost of watching you, that I may grow
Lonely and die alone, having you beauty shining
Before me, as I close these tired old eyes
Knowing that I didn't make you die alone
Thats why sometimes, my love
You remind me of a flower
That will grow beautiful
Many may grow around you
They will fall around you
So that I may watch
A flower that is not exactly mine
But for beauty's sake
Belongs to no one.

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