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Chapter 6: Straight Up and Honest

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Chapter 6: Straight Up and Honest

written by Joie

added on: 22 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(DELIA and RICKIE stand talking.)

DELIA: (eager.) So, you wanna go see a movie this weekend?

RICKIE: Sure, what do you wanna see?

DELIA: Um, how about... Romeo and Juliet. That new one?

RICKIE: Um, well, we just saw that, like, a few nights ago.

DELIA: (blushes.) Yeah, I know, but we're studying it in English, sometimes it's good to see things more than once. Besides, it is so romantic!

(RICKIE smiles, looks uncomfortable.)

RICKIE: Well, okay then. So... I'll talk to, um, Angela about it, and-and you could ask Sharon as well, maybe she wants to come.

(DELIA furrows her brow, then smiles.)

DELIA: Yeah, she can bring Kyle. Then, it'll be, like, a couples evening. Even though Angela isn't... hang on, isn't Angela going out with that guy, Jordan?

RICKIE: Good question. Um... well, why... I-I mean, couples? You know, I-I think we should all just go as friends, you know? We could invite Brian as well- (RICKIE sees DELIA's face.) Or maybe not.

DELIA: What's wrong with couples? I mean- I mean I know that we're not really, but in a way we kind of are, I mean, we have heaps of fun together, right?

RICKIE: (sigh.) Delia, we do, we have heaps of fun together, but... we're- we're not a couple. I mean, you are such a great person, and I really, really love it that we're such good friends and all, but.. I just am not- I don't feel that way about you. It's- it's nothing personal, it's just...

DELIA: No, no. I know, I just... I know. Okay, well, we can all go.. as friends.

RICKIE: (smiles.) Okay. I'll see you later then, tell you what's happening.

DELIA: Okay.

(RICKIE exits down the HALLWAY. DELIA looks after him thoughtfully.)

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