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Chapter 8: Growing Up, Moving On

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Chapter 8: Growing Up, Moving On

written by Joie

added on: 24 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


ANGELA (VO): And then suddenly, in those few words, I just felt the universe come crashing down around me.

ANGELA: (slowly.) You're moving out of home?

JORDAN: (shrug.) I guess, I mean... yeah.

ANGELA: We- well, where are you going?

JORDAN: I got a place to crash.

ANGELA: Jordan, you can't... I mean, you're still at school, it's not.. I mean...

JORDAN: Listen.. Angela. You probably like living with your family (ANGELA looks dubious.) which kinda makes sense, I guess, 'cause they seem like nice people or whatever. But... with me, it's- it's not like that, so. I just gotta do this. You don't understand.

ANGELA: (hurt.) Just 'cause I'm living with my family, doesn't mean I don't understand, I mean.. will I see you again, are you leaving school?

JORDAN: I dunno. I mean, I guess just... whatever happens, happens, really.

ANGELA: Jordan, I...

ANGELA (VO): I wanted to tell him everything that was in my heart. Like, how I didn't want him to go, how I'd miss him if I didn't go.

ANGELA: ... have to go to the bathroom. I'll- I'll see you later.

(ANGELA turns and heads for the GIRL's TOILETS. JORDAN looks after her, then walks away.)

ANGELA (VO): But I didn't. I don't know exactly why.


(Enter ANGELA. SHARON stands touching up her hair in the mirror.)


ANGELA: (glum.) Hey.

SHARON: Uh, what's wrong with you?

ANGELA: Nothing, it's... nothing. Forget it.

(SHARON, disbelieving, shrugs, turns back to the mirror, watches ANGELA. ANGELA looks at the ground, thinking, perches on the radiator.)

ANGELA: Did you... did you ever think about leaving home?

SHARON: (taken aback.) Well, not soon. One day, I guess... why? Angela, what's this about?

ANGELA: Nothing, it's just...

SHARON: Angela, if you move out of home, you'll just-

ANGELA: (incredulous laugh.) No, it's not me! God.

SHARON: Well, then, who? Rayanne? Rickie?

ANGELA: (quietly.) No, Rickie's family already did that for him. (Beat.) No, it's just... Jordan says he's gonna move out of home. He says, like, he might not come back to school or anything. I just... I think it's a mistake. I'm kinda worried, you know.


(The door swings open, enter:

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