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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 8: Confrontations

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Chapter 8: Confrontations

written by Joie

added on: 28 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(BRIAN turns away, exits. As he passes a window, going downstairs, ANGELA spots him. She stops, watches him as he leaves, surprised. JORDAN approaches, kisses her.)

JORDAN: What's up?

ANGELA: Huh? (ANGELA looks at JORDAN, smiles.) Oh... nothing. I was just.. a million miles away, I like, (laugh.) I just realised I've got math homework.


ANGELA: So.. I think I better go home. (JORDAN looks a little annoyed, ANGELA smiles.) Yeah, I know, okay, but I can't really afford to go any worse in geometry, like... I mean, my parents are gonna flip, if they think I'm cutting class and not doing my homework and all. (ANGELA smiles, leans forward to kiss JORDAN, whispers in his ear.) They might think you're a bad influence, and, like, forbid me to see you again or something.

(JORDAN laughs. ANGELA laughs too.)

JORDAN: So, you want me to drop you home?

ANGELA: Yes please.


(JORDAN drives, ANGELA stares out the window.)

JORDAN: Your.. your mom, wouldn't stop us being together, huh?

ANGELA: Mm, I dunno. She can be strict.

JORDAN: She was pretty nice to me when I dropped by your house.

ANGELA: Yeah? Well. I'm sure she likes you.


JORDAN: I don't think your dad, likes me.

ANGELA: (smiles.) Why?

JORDAN: (shrug.) I dunno. He just... he gave me this really weird look, when he opened the door? Just... I dunno, I just kinda got that impression from him.

ANGELA: See, the thing with my parents is? Is that they just, like, worry, like.. so much. I dunno why. Maybe 'cause I'm their eldest child or something, I dunno. But, that's just how they are.

(JORDAN nods.)


(ANGELA gets out of the car, JORDAN drives off. ANGELA walks up the driveway, enters her house.)


(Enter ANGELA. She stops, seeing BRIAN sitting on the couch with DANIELLE, and the saxophone.)

BRIAN: (to DANIELLE.) So, you just... (BRIAN looks up and sees ANGELA.) Hi.

ANGELA: (surprised.) Hi.

DANIELLE: Excuse me?

BRIAN: Oh, uh... sorry.

ANGELA: Danielle! Don't be so bossy!

BRIAN: It's okay.

PATTY (OS): Danielle, can you come here for a minute?

DANIELLE: (calls.) No! I'm having my saxophone lesson.

(PATTY appears at the doorway, spots ANGELA.)

PATTY: Oh, you're home. (to DANIELLE.) Danielle, Brian's been giving you a lesson for forty-minutes. I think it's time you let him go now. I need your help in the kitchen.

DANIELLE: (whines.) What about Angela?

GRAHAM (OS): Danielle. Chocolate sauce!

DANIELLE: (to BRIAN.) Later.

BRIAN: Sure.


BRIAN: So, you have a good time with Jordan?

ANGELA: Yeah. (Beat. BRIAN gets up to go.) How come you were at the loft tonight?

BRIAN: (taken aback.) What?

ANGELA: I-I saw you leaving, tonight, at the loft? How come you were there?

BRIAN: I wasn't, I've been here all afternoon Chase. Teaching your sister.

ANGELA: (half-laugh.) Brian, I know you when I see you. It's fine, you don't have to tell me, I was just curious.

BRIAN turns to go, then:

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