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Chapter 11: Breakaway

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Chapter 11: Breakaway

written by Joie

added on: 08 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman



ANGELA (VO): Whenever I'm with him in this car, I find it difficult... to *be* with him. I keep... thinking about how they just did it. On the back seat. In this very car.

ANGELA breaks away.

JORDAN: What's wrong?

ANGELA: Nothing, I'm just tired...


ANGELA: You never said you used to go out with Cynthia Hargrove.

JORDAN: (shrug) It's no big deal. She's just someone I went out with.

ANGELA: Like me, huh?

JORDAN: Not like you. Different, to you.

JORDAN leans forward to kiss her again.

ANGELA: Can you take me home?

JORDAN: What about my special apology?


ANGELA: Well, I don't wanna dredge anything up, but we've only been back together a little while. I think I'd rather wait and see. What happens this time.

JORDAN: You don't trust me.

ANGELA: No, I do, I just... I don't want to yet, okay?


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