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Chapter 12: To Sleepover or Not to Sleepover...

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Chapter 12: To Sleepover or Not to Sleepover...

written by Joie

added on: 27 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(ANGELA watches JORDAN from the other side of the room, he talks with his buddies a little, smokes.)

RAYANNE (OS): Angela!

(ANGELA turns, dazed.)

ANGELA: (smiles, embarrassed.) Sorry, what did you say?

(SHARON and RAYANNE exchange looks. ANGELA looks ashamed.)

SHARON: What, you can't even listen to us for, like, two seconds?

ANGELA: Sorry!

RAYANNE: Angelfood, I'm glad it's all worked out, and all, but we hardly ever see you anymore.

ANGELA: (sighs.) I know. I'm sorry.

RAYANNE: Look, forget Catalano for just one night, will you? (thinks.) You can sleepover at my place. And you (to SHARON.), and Rickie, I'll call him.

SHARON: Where is he?

(ANGELA's attention is on JORDAN again.)

ANGELA: At home.

RAYANNE: (grumble.) God. Just 'cause he's crashing at the teacher's, suddenly he's got a curfew, regular meal times... man!

ANGELA: Rayanne.

RAYANNE: Okay, Angelfood, call Patty or whatever.. I'll get Tino to drive us, he said he was gonna split, like, anytime, so I gotta go find him.

SHARON: I- I should call my mom, you know, make sure it's okay and everything.

ANGELA: I just have to ... talk to someone.

(RAYANNE rolls her eyes, exits with SHARON. ANGELA approaches JORDAN. They kiss.)


JORDAN: Hey. (Beat.) You're bored huh?

ANGELA: No, no I'm not, at all. Um, just.. listen-

JORDAN: 'Cause we can go do something else together, you know, if you want...

(ANGELA looks thoughtful.)

ANGELA (VO): I heard this thing once. That, you should always put friends before lovers, or something. I don't know. I wanna go with Jordan, but at the same time, I really wanna just hang, with Rayanne, and Rickie... and Sharon. It'll be funny, seeing Amber's reaction to her.


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