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Chapter 8: Reality Bites

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Chapter 8: Reality Bites

written by Joie

added on: 20 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

RICKIE: (sigh) Okay... maybe we should go tell her.

SHARON: Uh, there is no *maybe* about it Rickie. The guy obviously has some kind self-control problem or something. We can't let her get into something with someone like that!

SHARON grabs RICKIE's arm, starts to pull him along.

RICKIE: But, at the same time... I told her something... that I shouldn't have told her... which makes it--

SHARON: It's not your fault Rickie. You're her friend, and anyway, it's none of his business. You can't talk to whoever you want whenever you want, doesn't mean he's got the right to like beat you up or whatever.

RICKIE: I guess not. But.. what am I gonna say. "Gee, your boyfriend beat me up, I think you should stop seeing him"...

SHARON stops, pondering.

SHARON: Well, not like that, but... just... come on.


ANGELA gets stuff out of her locker. SHARON and RICKIE arrive on the scene.

ANGELA: Hi. (notices Rickie's face) What happened to your face?

RICKIE: (not meeting her eye) Uh.. nothing...

SHARON: It wasn't nothing! Jordan Catalano beat him up!

ANGELA: What?! Rickie, what happened?

RICKIE: Nothing, he just... I guess he found out, that I told you about the letter, and he just was kinda angry. That's all.

SHARON: You see? What he's *really* like?

ANGELA: How did he even know you told me?

RICKIE: (shrug) Brian maybe. I dunno. I thought maybe you told him.


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