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Chapter 8: The Letter

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Chapter 8: The Letter

written by Courtney

added on: 28 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan:Anela! wait I have something to give you.
(Jordan reaches in his coat pocket and pulles out a folded up piece of paper.)
Jordan:I wrote it last night.I couldn't sleep.
(Angela starts to read the letter.)

Dear Angela,

I now that I have hert you....but I am like really sorry for whatI did with Rayanne.I will totally understand if you dont want to forgive me.But just in case I never get around to telling you I love you.I have always loved you.I didnt know it until I lost you.

With all my Love,
Angela(VO) this time I never thought that Jordan Catalano was actually abel to writ so many amazing word
Joran:Angela?Um....Angela are you there?
Angela:Oh sorry I was just thinking about something.
Jordan:Well did you like the letter?

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