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Chapter 8: Why Jordan Is How He Is

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Chapter 8: Why Jordan Is How He Is

written by Meg

added on: 12 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian looks trapped, like a frightened deer caught in a Wrangler's headlights.

Brian: I don't, I mean-

Angela VO: Sometimes Jordan is so dense. Like when he let Brian write the letter to me, he was just going to let Brian like *deal* with me once again.

Angela: Jordan- you can't like *expect* Brian Krakow to just-

Brian: (looking at Jordan) Okay. Even though I like *know* that you could do it.
Angela looks appalled, never expecting Brian to give in.

Jordan: Thanks Brain. See ya.
Brian rides off after looking at Angela's face with a mix of bewilderment, as if he didn't actually mean to accept the part, and challenge.

Angela: Jordan - I can't believe you...
Jordan kisses her again and she pushes him away.

Angela: I mean I was like *talking*.

Jordan: (visably upset) Why are you like this?

Angela: Like what?

Jordan: Like how you are.
He turns and gets into his car.

Angela: How am I?
Angela VO: He said the same thing to me after the World Happiness Dance. And I answered the same way, only this time I kinda already knew the answer. Part of me was upset that Jordan wasn't going to play Paris, but part of me was curious...

****Three days later****
Rickie and Brian are standing in the hallway in front of Brian's locker. Brian is gathering his books into his backpack. He is wearing khakis and a shirt that is almost actually in fashion. He looks as out of place as he did on Halloween dressed up in Rickie's clothes, but possibly more attractive than he has before.

Rickie: I still can't believe that Catalano just gave you his part. Especially since he like *knew* that Paris and Juliet are like engaged.

Brian: I'm not sure he knew that.

Rickie: Oh please Brian. It is like so known. Rayanne, Angela and I were discussing it in class right in front of him.. He *knew*. Speaking of which.

Jordan ambles over to them and leans against the locker next to Brian's as he is so apt to do.

Jordan: Hey Brain. Hey Vasquez. Do you mind.

Rickie: No. Bye Brian. Jordan.

Jordan: So, today's the big day, huh Brain.

Brian: What?

Jordan: Paris and Juliet. You know, they like have that scene at the party. (Knowing Brian would be confused) I read ahead to see how many lines this guy had when I thought I had to take the part.

Brian: Oh. Yeah, but Romeo comes in pretty quick and steals her away, so I-

Jordan: Yeah. But for a while there, Paris and Juliet...

Brian: But Romeo takes her away. He gets her love. He gets her soul. Someone else always does.
They both know that they are not really talking about Shakespearre.

Jordan: Always?
He starts to leave, but then turns back.

Jordan: By the way Brain, nice clothes.

Brian looks down at his clothes nervously, as if he can't believe that someone noticed that he was dressed differently.

The bell rings. Brian moves towards Katimsky's class.

Brian VO: I can't believe that Jordan said that. That he noticed. It makes me feel stupid. Like I dressed differently to make sure that... so something would... I don't know *happen*. Like my clothes were the only thing keeping me from Angela. Like us playing parts in class were anything at all like the roles we played in real life.

Brian sits down at his seat and looks around the room. Everyone is there, except for Katimsky.

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