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Chapter 12: The Other Letter

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Chapter 12: The Other Letter

written by sammy

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

They are in Jordan's room. Jordan still has Angela close to him and they are still dancing. Angela looks up at him.
Angela: (softly) You do what?
He looks away then back down at her into her eyes.
Angela VO: At that moment, when I looked at him, I wasn't just looking at "him", I was looking deep inside of him. Like into his soul. I had never looked at him that way, like ever. It was the most amazing thing.
Jordan: (softly) You know, love you.
Angela VO: And suddenly, that feeling grew stronger.
Angela smiles a great big smile.
Angela: (softly) I love you, too.
Jordan smiles and leans in and kisses her.
Angela: I uh, I read your letter.
Jordan: (has that confused look on his face) What letter? (He seriously doesn't know what she's talking about.)
She gets the letter off fo the floor. As soon as Jordan sees it he gets tense.
Angela: This letter.
She holds it up to him.
Jordan: (stuttering) Oh, uh, that's just trash, you know, it's nothing-
She cuts him off as she kisses him.
Angela: I loved it. Because you meant it. Because it came from you.
Jordan: I just wanted you to like, know, how I felt. And that I was, you know, sorry.
Angela: Then why didn't you give it to me?
Jordan: Because I thought it was stupid. Because even still, I can't like, get the right words out. I can't make it sound good.
Angela: It sounded, great.
They kiss again.

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