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Chapter 9: progress, or not

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Chapter 9: progress, or not

written by beth

added on: 31 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

avo, (looks away from jordan, looking confused), like, just when everything is going right, something happends, and its like you have no controll over what is going to happen next, you just, except it.
jordan: so, are you?
jordan: pleased?
angela:(smiles at jordan but turns away)
jordan:(sensing that somethings not right, looks down, and then back at angela. stares at her, trying to figure out whats wrong, then sighs)

outside, after school
ricky: so you, just didn't say anything?
a:what was there to say. we had just, well got together again, and its like he want s us to spend every minute of the day with eachother.
ricky: maybe he just, really likes you
avo,(r-a runs over and starts talking to ricky, both are laughing)
"there are somethings in life you belive. there are somethings that you know just can't be true.
this being, well one of them. i spent so much time wanting him to be mine, that when it happened, it was like, not real or something. how could he like me?"

angelas house


patti:(calling upstairs) graham? whats happening about diner? (to angela) so honey, i saw a dress to day in that shop you hate going to, and i think it would really suit you, i really do
angela:(looks at her mum, eyebrows raised) mum, theres a reason i don't like that shop
patti, (opens her mouth to start speaking, but the phone rings)

danielle: hey, its proberly for me,(picks up the phone, hands it to angela who is sitting at the table)

angela:uhh, hello? (looks at mum and sister, they both walk out)
jordan:umm, hi.
(slight pause, see jordan standing with phone, looking at the floor)
uhh, i rang to see how your day went, you know, alright and everything
angela:(leans back against the wall) you were with me like, all the time,
jordan: look, i was just being polite
angela: so why did you call?
jordan: do i have to have a reason?
angela:wellyes, as you never useually call, and now out of the blue, youu do
jordan:why are we always arguing, i mean in class to day, i told you about my part, and you din't say anything, no reaction, you went, cold on me
angela:its just that(getting more defyant) we are together all the time, and we just got back , well together,and its like nothing changed
jordan:did it have to?
angela:that was the whole point we braoke up (nearly shouting)
angela:well? fine.

puts the phone down.

jordan: (still standing, looking at the ceiling, hands behind his head)
angela: (looks at the phone)

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