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Chapter 9: When Dreams Come True.....

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Chapter 9: When Dreams Come True.....

written by jacquetta

added on: 30 Aug 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BK: What would you know? You've been too busy for like the whole year chasing this boy, who is so emotionally stunted you spend hours agonising over how he really feels, and why he never expresses himself, then you finally get him, get bored with him and drive him into the arms of your best friend - who is obviously no friend for doing it - take him back because of a letter I wrote, and then wonder why I'm cautious to like....get involved, or're unbelievable Chase.

AC: I can't believe you just said that.

BK: Why? Did it hit a nerve? Are you suddenly too good for the truth?

AC: What truth? You told me that letter was the truth..that the person who wrote it meant every word of it. Is that suddenly not true?

BK(VO): She's really worried about what I said. Angela Chase is worried I might not like her anymore. Oh God, I didn't think this would happen. What do I do now, she should have stormed out by now....why's she still here....the next part never happened in my head.

AC: Krakow, speak to me. Would you please tell me how you feel.

BK: You know I feel, you read that letter, it said everything I need to say. But you still haven't said how you feel.

AC: Brian....there's god.

BK: It always comes back to him. It always will. I can't compete.

AC: That's not true (steps closer in to Brian) You've got to take that risk, we've both got to know.

They start to kiss, first softly, then with more passion

AC(VO): Who knew Krakow could kiss like this?'s never felt like this with Jordan - not that I can ever remember anyway. Jordan never kissed me in a way that made me want to make love to him.....oh god, but Brian certainly is, Sharon would never believe me.....

BK(VO): I'm kissing Angela Chase....oh god I'm getting an erection....

They break apart, both looking dazed

BK: So...what now?

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