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Episode No. 20 - Setting The Courses

written by Jan Fischer (Decadence)

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Published: 1997 | Size: 29 KB (5605 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.3/5   3.3/5 (16 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Time: A few days after the end of the 19th episode. The previous events and the characters are expected to be familiar. :-)


ANGELA is tired and shuffles towards the entrance in front of the garage.

AngelaVO: So me and Jordan are definitely together again. I should be happy. I should be dancing in the streets with joy. But somehow I can't.
This whole letter thing was so confusing. So who wrote it in the end? I mean, I know Brian Krakow wrote it but which one of them meant it that way? Maybe even both of them? I really don't know. I'm not even sure if it's really me who's stuck in this situation. For 15 years nothing has happened in my love life, and then so much happens within just one night that I can't handle it.

BRIAN passes by on his bike, Angela looks the other way as if she didn't notice him.
We see Brian's and Angela's faces.

Brian: Hey Ange!
(Angela still looks the other way)
Brian: Don't you talk to me anymore?
Angela: I do... how are you?
Brian: "How are you?" Oh, the peak of perfect conversation. The only topic you don't overtax Jordan Catalano with.
Angela: Krakow, why do you say that???!
Brian: Yeah o.k, sorry, I... I still need some time to get used to that situation... y'know, you... and him.
Angela: I know, but... don't run him down like that, o.k.?
Brian: O.k.
Brian: Do you still have... the letter? Do you still have it?
Angela: What do you think? Of course I still have it... but I haven't read it... for a while.
Brian: (a little disappointed) M-hm.

Angela turns around and goes up the entrance towards the house. Brian rides around the street a bit and then rides away.
Angela turns around to Brian again.

Angela: Brian, I... (stops and goes inside)


GRAHAM sits at the table eating.

Graham: Hi.
Angela: (exhausted) Hi Dad.
Graham: Do you want something to eat?
Angela: No, well yes, but I don't want to fix it.
Graham: I'll do it for you.
Angela: (relieved) Thanks.

Graham gets up and puts a plate of pasta into the microwave.
Angela sits down at the table.

Angela: Dad?
Graham: Hm?
Angela: Can I ask you something?
Graham: (delighted) Yeah, sure.
Angela: Can you be in love with several people at a time, like, in totally different ways?
Graham: (caught-in-the-act face, after a short break: ironically) What do you mean, like Hippies?
Angela: (rolls eyes) Dad! No, - just that, you like someone and you know that you want to be with him, and then there's someone else, who, uhm, with whom you talk about totally different stuff and with whom you do totally different stuff, and still it's like as if he was as much a part of your life as the other one... if you know what I mean.
Graham: (embarrassed) Uh, yeah, I think so. - Angela, who are we talking about here?
Angela: (looks the other way) Uhm, well, about, about me.
Graham: (relieved) Oh, oh yes, thought so, just wanted to know for sure.

Graham takes the plate out of the microwave and puts in on the table.

AngelaVO: Sometimes you pour out your heart to somebody and you're relieved, and the same moment you feel strange when you realize who you poured it out to.
Angela: (grins) The noodles taste great, Dad.
Graham: (ironic look) I've told you a hundred times. It's called pasta.

Angela smiles. Short pause.

Graham: So... who are these two??
Angela: Uhm, Dad don't get me wrong, but I think, I... I can't tell you.
Graham: Oh, that's o.k., but thank you for trying.
Angela: Dad, I'm sorry, but, I just had to get it off my chest, but...
Graham: (calm) Hey, I said it's o.k. This sounds like something you better talk about with your Mom than with me.
Angela: (supressing laughter) With Mom? I don't think that's a really good idea....
Graham: Oh, o.k., well, with your friend then.
AngelaVO: And once again there is a situation that you stumbled into yourself and you wish to get out of it again with one clarifying, friendly sentence.
Angela: Yes, perhaps. Still, thanks for listening, Dad.
AngelaVO: But somehow it doesn't really work.


RICKIE and DELIA are walking down the crowded hallway laughing and making jokes. Angela smiles and approaches them.

Rickie: Hey Ange, what's up!
Angela: Hi Rickie!

Between the heads of Delia and Rickie we see RAYANNE appearing round the corner in the rear area of the hallway. She sees Angela, looks the other way insecurely, and turns to the other hallway.
Angela's smile disappears.

Rickie: What's the matter?
Angela: Uh, nothing.
Delia: (looks around) Have you seen a ghost or something?
Angela: No no, it's alright. Um, what are you doing tonight?
Delia + Rickie: (grinning at each other) We're going dancing!
Delia: (to Angela) Hey come with us! Rayanne will be there as well.
Rickie: Ssssssh, I don't think that was the right thing to mention.
Delia: (sudden realization) Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that you two still don't...
Angela: It's o.k., doesn't matter... I... well, maybe I'll go there as well. We'll see. (to Rickie) I'll call you, o.k.?
Rickie: Alright, no prob.

Angela turns around and goes away.


Rayanne comes in. SHARON and Rayanne say hello, Sharon leaves. Rayanne stands in front of the mirror. The toilet flushes and Angela comes out of the cubicle.

Both recognize each other in the mirror.

Rayanne: Oh, hi.
Angela: Hi.
Rayanne: Angela, I, we, we should talk.
Angela: (insecure) Yeah maybe, but not now, I - I have to go to my class.
Rayanne: Angela, are you still mad at me?

Angela is out of the room already. Rayanne looks down.


We see Hallie finish getting dressed.

Hallie: (softly, to herself) I know somehow it's wrong, but on the other hand: it's now or never!

She opens the door to the next room.
Graham dressed in a black suit on an armchair.

Graham: (amused facial expression) Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?

Hallie wears a tight short black dress, a cigarette in her right hand.

Hallie: Do you want me to seduce you?
Graham: I'm not sure.
Hallie: (turns) So what do you say?
Graham: You look fantastic!
Hallie: (bowing) Thanks, I didn't expect anything less. (Graham laughs, insecure facial expression) Well, with an outfit like this, will you escort me to the opening evening of (solemn voice) our - restaurant?
Graham: Sure!


Music: Prodigy, "Breathe".
Rayanne on the dancefloor, dancing wildly and screaming.
Delia and Rickie look around, see Rayanne and share her happiness. Rickie takes Delia's hand and drags her towards the dancefloor. Rayanne waves at them, they wave back.
Rayanne's face suddenly turns serious.
Angela's face appears in the crowd, turns away and disappears in the crowd again.

Angela at the bar.

Angela: A cola, please.

People are dancing and enjoying the music, Rayanne's mood is getting better again, Rickie and Delia are dancing more wildly as well.

Rickie approaches Angela at the bar.

Rickie: Hey Ange, great you came.
Angela: (looking to the dancefloor) Yeah, uhm, but I'm not sure if it was such a great idea.
Rickie: Ah come on, you've got trouble with one out of 500 people in this club. You won't let that spoil your evening!
Angela: (smiles) Yeah, I know, you're right.
Rickie: (grins) Alright, let's go!!!

He drags her to the dancefloor.

Angela: (laughing and trying to drown out the noise) No, I don't want to, I can't , I... RICKIE!

Eventually Angela rolls her eyes, gives up and joins them dancing, at first hesitating, then with growing euphoria.

AngelaVO: Generally, I don't like dancing. It's so - public. (typical nauseated tone of Angela's voice) And everybody's watching you making odd movements. (Normale tone) But there are moments in which - it doesn't matter. You don't care about anyone who may give you strange looks, and you simply do it because you are having fun doing it. At first you're surprised and a bit worried that the self-confidence actually appears all of a sudden, but then you're happy about it. And eventually you're even proud of it.

We see Angela dancing in the crowd.


PATTY is sitting on the couch and reads.
The door opens. Graham enters.

Graham: Hello!
Patty: Hello Graham! How did it go?
Graham: (with his famous amused look) Weeell, what can I say.... I was great!

They both laugh, Patty flings her arms around his neck.

Patty: Oh Graham, that is wonderful! So it really was a success?
Graham: We were great!
Patty: (sceptically) We...
Graham: Yeah, Hallie was brilliant, you should've seen her, she went to every table like a professional manager, asked them if they liked their dishes, chatting a bit, laughing and going to the next table.
Patty: (low voice/cynically) Yes, chatting is something she can do, that's right...

Graham didn't hear her.

Graham: Business was just great! One of the waiters told me he got a 30 dollar tip at one table.
Patty: All that because of Hallie...?
Graham: Well not exclusively her, but she made everyone feel comfortable, not just the guests, the whole staff was in a good mood as well.
Patty: (low voice/cynically) I wonder how good the mood became...

Graham notices Patty's bitterness. Patty takes a step back.

Graham: Patty, what is it? Is it because of Hallie again?
Patty: No! No of course not! Why should there be anything wrong when you have a woman at the restaurant who makes everyone feel comfortable?
Graham: What do you mean by that again??
Patty: Nothing, nothing at all, you guys have a woman to make you feel comfortable, my daughter's got a boyfriend to make her feel comfortable, my other daughter is staying at a friend tonight as well and I bet even Brian Krakow's got a date tonight!

Patty sits down on the couch, pulls up her legs and starts biting her nails.

Graham: I don't believe it, what, what's the point of all this?? What's the matter with you? Are you jealous of Hallie? Is it because I now have a future again? Is it about that, are you jealous of my job?
Patty: (insecure) No, I, I don't know, it's all so confusing, I don't know what to think of it.
Graham: Of WHAT??
Patty: (swallowing) Oh Graham, I... I just want to have something to look forward to myself.

Graham looks at her rather confused than upset.
Graham goes into the kitchen without a word. He opens the fridge, takes out a bottle of milk and drinks.
Graham: (shouting) Patty, I just want to know what's the matter. I don't know how to react when I don't know what you're so upset about.
Patty: (shouting) Graham, come back, I'm sorry.

Graham takes a deep breath and goes back into the living room. He looks at Patty, sits down next to her and takes her in his arms.

Graham: (calm) Alright, now tell me what's the matter?
Patty: (dito) You see, Angela's got Jordan, Danielle sleeps at Ryan's house...
Graham: Wait a minute, why does she sleep at Ryan's house?
Patty: I told her I'd allow it if his parents allow it. They came over this afternoon and they seem to be nice.
Graham: (relaxed, a little amused) I'm not sure if that's such a great idea...
Patty: (little smile) Graham! She's still a kid.
Graham: A kid that knows what "bisexual" means and who's keeping it loose with the boy she's staying at.
Patty: Graham!

They sit on the couch for a while, cuddling conciliatorily.

Patty: Have you finally remembered to bring some cat food?
Graham: No wait, don't change the subject now. So you're feeling lonely.
Patty: Yes, no, I don't know. I am a bit jealous probably. Everyone in this family has got something he's happy with. And what do I have?
Graham: (grins) You've got me.
Patty: Oh yeah? What does that suppose to mean?
Graham: Well, it means that you can wait for your husband coming home from work every evening and who is looking forward to enjoying your plain cooking after having to prepare a (French accent) "cuisine exquisite" for businessmen all day long.
Patty: Oh, so all that's still missing would be a beer then?
Graham: I didn't expect anything less...

They are fighting in fun on the couch when the door opens and Angela enters. They both scream surprised.
A slightly confused but amused look by Angela.

Patty: Oh my god, Angela! Couldn't you ring the doorbell?
Angela: At this time of the night? Mom, it's half past eleven, how should I know if you two are still awake?
Patty: And anyway, didn't we say eleven o'clock?
Angela: Well yes, but... y'know, Mr. Katimsky brought me home and Delia and Rickie as well, and he called in at Delia's house first, so it took a little longer till he got here of course, and then there was this car at the parking lot Mr Katimsky couldn't get by and...
Graham: (to Patty) Before our daughter becomes entangled in inconsistencies even more which actually can only end in becoming embarrassing for her, don't you think it would be a good idea to drink with her to the success of the restaurant instead?
Patty: That's a good idea, I'll get some red wine and you tell her what's there to celebrate.
AngelaVO: It is very strange to see your parents quarrelling, because you don't know what to do in a situation like that. But sometimes it's even stranger to see them getting along really well again.
Graham: The restaurant seems to be a success, at least this evening was one.
Angela: That's great, Dad, I'm so happy for you!

She hugs him.
Patty comes back with a bottle of wine. Angela looks slightly irritated.

Angela: Uhm, Mom, you've never offered me alcohol before.
Patty: It won't become a habit, don't even think that you can have alcohol regularly in this house from now on. This is a special occasion, that's why you get one glass. One glass.

Graham opens the bottle and fills three glasses.

Graham: Well, to our restaurant!
Patty and Angela: To our restaurant!

Patty smiles happily.


Angela enters. She appears to be happy but tired, she sits down at her table.
MR. KATIMSKY enters, the pupils sit down, Mr. Katimsky begins lessons.

Katimsky: Well, last time we talked about.... Shakespeare. Who can tell me what Sonnet #18 is about? - Brian?

Brian looks at Angela unconsciously.

Brian: It's.... it's about a man who admires the picture of a woman, cause its beauty is everlasting, unlike nature.
Katimsky: Well yes, but how do you know it's a man who admires a woman?
Brian: (looks at Katimsky) What... uh, I, ehm...
Katimsky: Isn't it possible...... that a woman wrote this sonnet to express her admiration for....... a man?
Brian: Well yeah, it's possible, but....
Katimsky: Or...... was it a man... who admired another man?
Brian: (laughs insecurely) What? No, I don't think so, I mean, it's Shakespeare who wrote it, and uh, like, he liked women.... like, as far as I know...

Mr. Katimsky turns to the board and writes.

Katimsky: Which brings us right to a very important aspect of literature, the difference between the author and....... the narrator. Brian, please read the sonnet aloud to us again.
Brian: (blushing, slowly) "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day, thou art more lovely and more temperate...."

Angela props her head on her hand. Her eyes close slowly.
Brian continues reciting the sonnet but it's Angela's voice-over that dominates.

AngelaVO: Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day.... there are sentences you only understand when you're half asleep.... (yawns) Maybe I was out for too long last night... I've never noticed before how nerve-racking Brian's voice can be when he's reciting a poem... On the other hand: It's the only thing that keeps me from sleeping right now... But I still wouldn't mind if he was quiet again.

Angela's head rests on her stretched out arm on the table.



Angela looks around and spots Rayanne sitting on a bench. Angela appears to approach her at a very fast speed as Rayanne's face quickly gets larger until that is all we see.

Rayanne: Hey Ange, what's up?

Angela stands in front of Rayanne. Angela screams.

Angela: Stop pretending to be nice! This whole shit you did with Jordan pisses me off! You can bet your ass on it I remember that! How could you do something like that?! I don't believe it!! As soon as I break up with him she fucks him! Seems she needs it badly and he's just around so she choses him! Have I told you of this other resolution I made? I won't let anybody mess around with me anymore! Oh Angela's so nice! Angela's so innocent! Fuck it!!! It pisses me off!!! You won't do that to me anymore!!!

Angela turns and walks away.
Rayanne stands next to the bench with her mouth open. We move quickly away from her as she starts to cry and crawls under the bench.


Angela enters. DANIELLE approaches Angela.

Danielle: Angela, Mom told us to do the washing.... aouw!!

Angela pushes Danielle away.


The door opens, Angela enters, slams the door, falls on the bed and buries her face in the pillow crying.

The noise of the slam echoes for an unrealistic long time.
Fade over to:


We hear Brian reading the last line of the sonnet while the sound of the slam still can be heard in the background.

Katimsky: Now what do the last three lines of this sonnet mean?

Angela pushes her book over the table's edge. It drops. Its sound mixes with the sound of the door slam in Angela's dream.
Angela wakes up with a start and realizes that the whole class is watching her. She blushes, collects her things and leaves the class room hastily.

Katimsky: Angela! Angela, what's the matter with you?

We see Brian who looks at Angela, confused and insecure.

Brian: (naive look at Katimsky) Was my reading really that bad?


The sun begins to shine.
Angela sits on exactly the same bench Rayanne sat on in her dream.
Angela takes a deep breath. Then she lies down and looks into the sky that gradually gets blue. She smiles.

AngelaVO: I feel relieved. It's like this dream has taken away everything I wanted to do subconsciously. Some people get agressive by such dreams and want to do those things in real life as well. But somehow all of this isn't important anymore. I said what I wanted to say to her, even if it's just in a dream. And they did it when Jordan and I weren't together. Somehow I simply don't want to think about it anymore. But I think I should worry about having such healing dreams during classes.

Angela grins.

AngelaVO: And after all: Rayanne's got a bad conscience anyway, so I don't have to shout at her. I just have to ignore her a little longer and can enjoy her embarrassed face.

Angela starts laughing.

Angela: (cackling) I didn't know I can be so mean!

She turns aside and sees RICKIE in front of her.

Rickie: You can be mean?
Angela: Oh, hi Rickie. (continues to cackle) Sorry, I can't help it. I think I just discovered my dark side...

While Angela splits her sides laughing, Rickie looks amused.

Rickie: Ange, I really think you should cut down on coffee. You're not the only one who should.
Angela: I know!

Short pause, in which she calms down again.

Angela: Rickie, at this moment I know that I'm not angry at Rayanne anymore. But don't tell her yet, I want to tell her myself.

Rickie sighs with relief and hugs Angela

Rickie: Great, I hope Rayanne sees it just the same.

Angela looks at him.

Angela: What do you mean by that?
Rickie: She's hurt, Angela. She suffered more because you despised her rather than because of what she did herself. She needs you.
Angela: I know. I need her too. I'll talk to her, like, soon.
Rickie: That's good. And now tell me: What was so funny?

Angela can't supress the laughter again.

Angela: I can't tell you, it's too crazy...

Angela cackles even more.


The Chases are having dinner.

Danielle: I want some more salad!
Patty: Danielle! Wait till everybody's got some.
Graham: (to Angela) So, what's up with Jordan Catalano?
Patty: Graham!
Graham: Just asking!
Angela: He's fine, it's just that... we haven't seen each other that much within the last couple of days...
Graham: M-hm, and why not?
Patty: Graham!!
Angela: It's because his band is rehearsing so much at the moment. It's not because we don't get along or something.
Graham: It's o.k.! I didn't ask if you are still together, did I?

Patty gives him a sceptic look.

Graham: What! Am I not allowed to ask my daughter about her boyfriend anymore?
Danielle: You didn't ask me about my boyfriend either.

Patty and Graham relax and exchange amused looks.

Graham: I thought you two were keeping it loose?
Danielle: (urbane) Yeah, but I think it'll get serious soon.

The doorbell rings.
Danielle jumps up before Graham and Patty can answer her.

Danielle: I'll get it!

She opens the door.

Danielle: Oh, it's just Jordan Catalano.

She comes back. Angela gets up and goes to the door.

Angela: Oh, uhm, hi!
Jordan: Hi. I - just wanted to drop by, cause, tonight we're having another rehearsal of, y'know, of our band.

We see past Angela's head and into the house. Graham and Patty are sitting at the table in the background and look curiously to the door.

Angela: Yeah, I know... (turns around) What?!

Graham and Patty blush and turn to their dinner again.

Angela: Uhm, well, I... I don't think I can be at the rehearsal tonight, cause Mom won't let me go, uhm, I was out yesterday already, and it's a school night, y'know...
Jordan: Yeah, it's o.k., so, uh, see ya tomorrow.
Angela: Bye.

They give each other a short kiss, hesitate and kiss again, this time longer.
Angela goes back into the house. She notices Graham watching her again.

Angela: What?!
Graham: Oh nothing.

Angela goes to her room.
Patty looks amused.

Patty: What's the matter with you?
Graham: (ironic) Oh nothing, I just thought that my once so little daughter now has a boyfriend with whom she will run away in one year's time. And I will spend sleepless nights until I have to accept a reversed charge call from Reno in the middle of the night.

Patty: Graham, did you know that you sometimes have a pretty sick fantasy?

Graham has the spoon with the salad dressing in his hand and pats Patty's nose with it. She laughs and wipes it off. Danielle looks at them confused.


Brian stands at his locker, all of a sudden Jordan is right behind him.

Jordan: Uhm, hi Brian.
Brian: (turns around) Oh, uh, hi. - What's up?
Jordan: Well, I... I just wanted to say... thanks or something. I mean, y'know, that you... did that thing with the letter. Cause, you're, like, the one who wrote it after all. And uh, well, that's why Angela and I are together again.
Brian: It's alright, I got something out of it as well.

Jordan looks at him confused.

Brian: I, I mean, it was a good exercise to write a text for someone else.
Jordan: (contemplating) Yeah - I guess that makes sense. Uhm, you won't tell Angela about this, right? I mean, uhm, that it wasn't me who wrote the letter.
Brian: (hesitates) Uhm, no, no we better not tell her about it.
Jordan: Alright, so, thanks. Bye.
Brian: Bye. Oh, uhm, wait. Can you ask Tino if he can get me an ID as well?
Jordan: (smiles) So you need one?
Brian: Well, maybe, I mean, it's good to have one, right?
Jordan: Yeah, it's good, I guess. O.k., I'll ask him. Thanks again, bye.
Brian: O.k, see ya.


Angela is on her own. She stands in front of the mirror and covers a zit.
The door opens, Rayanne enters. She hesitates but then passes Angela, stands next to her in front of the mirror and tries to rearrange her hair. Silence.

Rayanne: Hi.
Angela: Hi.
Rayanne: Uhm, so, did you stay at the "Pumphouse" long last night?
Angela: No, just until 11, then Katimsky brought us home, I almost got into trouble at home for being too late, but my father celebrated cause his restaurant started off well so they didn't say anything and I....
Rayanne: (short twitch of the corners of her mouth) I can't remember when you told me that much at a time.

A GIRL enters the bathroom.

Girl: Hey, do you know a Rayanne Graff?
Rayanne: Who wants to know that?
Girl: Me, cause I was told she knows someone who can get you an ID.
Angela: Oh, that Rayanne. Yeah, I know her quite well, uh, that's what I think at least, sometimes she can really piss you off.
Rayanne: Oh yeah?
Girl: I've heard she drinks a lot.

Rayanne and Angela look at each other in the mirror.

Angela: She used to, but she's over it now. She messed up her life and almost messed up her friendships. And now she knows drinking will only get her into trouble.
Rayanne: And what else do you know about her?
Angela: She's a great friend, but she tries really hard that noone notices it.
Girl: Now, do you know where she is or don't you?
Angela: I'm not sure...
Girl: God, that won't help me now!

She leaves. Rayanne and Angela look at each other. Short pause.

Rayanne: (uncertain smile) Bet she won't ask you again.
Angela: No, I guess not...

The last scene is without words.
Angela and Rayanne approach each other slowly and hug.

Rickie enters, sees them, stops and leans at the doorframe.
We see Rickie's face as he sighs with relief and smiles.

We see the bathroom with Rayanne and Angela hugging and smiling.


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    Hey I liked the story b/c angela finally tells rayanne off that was cool.

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