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Episode No. 21 - Making up and Breaking up

written by MonnyUK

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Published: 16 Mar 2008 | Size: 60 KB (8883 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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A week has passed since the end of the last episode. It is coming up to Valentines Day and the talk of Liberty high is the Valentines Ball. Brian has just started back after recovering from his injuries and still nobody has said anything about Kyle. Angela and Jordan have been seeing a lot of each other and things are going well. Rayanne and Angela start to repair their friendship.

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


It is a week before Valentines Day and Brian is strolling into school. It is his first day back. He sees the posters advertising the Valentines Ball and well it brings back memories of ‘World Happiness’. He sees Ricky by his locker and approaches.

Ricky: Hey Brian! Nice to have you back.

Brian: Hey!

Ricky: How do you feel?

Brian: Much better thanks. You going to that Valentines thing?

Ricky: Maybe. I had a great time at World Happiness.

Brian: You should go with Delia?

Ricky: Shut up Brian!  We are just friends (Ricky says in cheeky way).

Brian: You guys are really good dancers. I never got to compliment you last time.

Ricky: Thanks! I was just blowing off some steam or something. That was a stressful day. Are you going?

Brian: Doubtful! After the last time, I don’t think I could make a fool out of myself again.

Ricky: You should ask Angela (Ricky says sarcastically).

Both of them start laughing and the bell goes for first period.

On his way to the next period Ricky bumps into Delia

Ricky: Hey!

Delia: Hey!

Delia: So Brian is back? How is he?

Ricky: He’s ok.

Delia: Did he ever tell Foster who did it?

Ricky: No. The police were asking questions last week. They even quizzed Rayanne but they didn’t find out anything.

Delia: I still don’t like him for what he did but he didn’t deserve it. Did he tell you who did it?

Ricky stands quiet for moment thinking about what to say.

Ricky: No!

Delia: You know something don’t you? (Delia says forcefully)

Ricky: I don’t, I swear.

Delia changes the subject completely to the dance.

Delia: You going to the dance?

Ricky: Doubtful.

Delia: Why don’t we go together as friends? Come on it will be fun?

Ricky: I’ll let you know later ok, I have to go.


The camera is from the teacher’s point of view. Katimski has not arrived yet. Everybody is laughing at something written on the blackboard.


Brian sees Angela just ahead as they both approach Katimski’s classroom. He catches up. They both say ‘hey’ as they walk into the classroom. There is silence across the room and then they see what is written on the blackboard. “BRIAN KRAKOW LOVES ANGELA CHASE”. Then there is a sudden outburst of laughter. Brian not knowing what to do just runs out of the room passing Katimski.

Katimski: Brian. (Looking very concerned)

Brian doesn’t respond we see him running out of the main school entrance.

Katimski then sees Angela standing in the doorway.

Katimski: Is Brian ok?

Angela doesn’t say anything and goes to her seat. Katimski then reads the board and then understands why Brian has gone.

Katimski: Who is responsible for this (pause) immaturity?

There is no response from the class.

Katimski: We can all find out at the end of the day, if nobody owns up. I am not having my students embarrassed like this.

Angela (VO): I couldn’t believe someone had written this on the blackboard. Now the whole school knows. I feel as though I am going to die of embarrassment or something. Why do people have to be so cruel?

Angela sits with her head buried in her arms for the lesson. Time has come to a halt. Jordan at the back of the classroom, he is watching Angela very closely, he isn’t showing any emotion.  The bell goes for the end of the lesson and everybody piles out of the classroom.

A few of the students make some funny remarks as they leave.

Student 1: You into nerds now Angela?

Student 2: You must be sad!

Student 3: Have you guys done it yet it? (People start laughing)

Angela gets really upset by these comments and just sits in her chair. Jordan has gone and Mr Katimski comes over.

Mr Katimski: Don’t pay any attention, they will forget about it soon enough.

Angela: Why do people have to judge and hurt people’s feelings? (Looking very teary).

Mr Katimski: I don’t know. It’s a way of hiding their own insecurities.

Angela: It isn’t fair.

Mr Katimski: I think you should find Brian and talk to him.


Brian is sitting by the drinks machine. The machine where Rayanne is trying to get a drink in “Dancing in the Dark’. He is sitting their looking there looking really upset. Suddenly he hears a voice.

Kyle: Did you like my artwork Krakow?

Brian: Why are you doing this to me? (Brian looks really distressed)

Kyle: You came between Sharon and me, now you have to pay.

Brian: You did that yourself, it wasn’t my doing.

Kyle: This is just to make sure you don’t tell Foster. (He has an evil smile on his face).

Brian: I’m not going to tell him anything.

Kyle: Well your friends might, if they do you will suffer.

We don’t see who it is, but somebody is hiding and listening.

Brian: I can’t go back in there now; my life is going to be hell!

Kyle: Now you know how I feel. Remember, you don’t wish to be introduced to my friend do you?

Brian: Just leave me alone.

Kyle disappears and we see a shadow in front of Brian. It’s Rayanne.

Rayanne: Hey Krakow, what’s up?

Brian: Nothing, just leave me alone.

Rayanne: What’s up Bri?

Brian: My life is over. Everybody knows I like Angela. Kyle wrote it on the board in Katimski’s room.

Rayanne: Major bummer. You have to tell Foster.

Brian: No! It will get worse if I tell. I am going home; I can’t take another minute in this place.


Bathroom is empty with just Sharon doing her make up in the mirror. Angela walks in all upset. Sharon wasn’t in Katimski’s lesson.

Sharon: Hey Chase Face!

Angela: Hey! She goes to Sharon and gives her a hug.

Sharon: What’s wrong!

Angela: My life is over.

Sharon: Why?

Angela: Somebody wrote on the blackboard in Katimski’s lesson that Brian is in love with me.

Sharon looks really surprised and then consoles Angela some more.

Angela: How am I going to face everybody?

Sharon: I don’t know! When people made fun of me when the list (The Zit) came out I just had to be patient. People will forget about it.

Angela: How am I going to face Jordan?

Sharon: You have to be honest. You have to tell him that you chose him, not Brian.

Angela: What am I going to say to Brian?

Sharon: I don’t know. I will talk to him he listens to me. One question. How do you feel about Brian?

Angela: You asked me before. I want Jordan not Brian.

Sharon: You sure? (The scene ends with an unsure look on Angela’s face).


Patty is at home collecting some paperwork for the office. Graham has just got up. He has been spending a lot time planning for the restaurant with Hallie.

Patty: Hey!

Graham: Hey!

They are talking like they are strangers and seem really distant.

Patty: Are we ok Graham?

Graham: Yes. Why do you ask?

Patty: I haven’t seen much of you lately and when I do we hardly say two words to each other.

Graham: I am busy with the restaurant.

Patty: How is it going?

Graham: Fine.

Patty: Can we do something this week? It is Valentines and we haven’t been out for ages.

Graham: Sure. Oh no I forgot I am busy the rest of this week, we have got meetings with the investors and the builders.


Graham: Doing what?

Patty: Creating this distance between us?

Graham: You do that all by yourself.

Patty is getting really upset now.

Patty: How do I?

Graham: By being in my face all the time and always judging me.

Patty: Why are you being like this?

Graham: I am going back to bed.

Graham storms off and goes up the stairs. Patty storms out the front door and slams it shut. When coming out she notices Brian going into the Krakow house.


Angela approaches her locker. She opens it and a piece of paper falls out. It’s a note from Jordan asking her to meet him in the Boiler Room. Angela leaves for the boiler room.


Jordan is sitting there waiting, looking anxious. Angela comes in and approaches him.

Jordan: Hey!

Angela: Hey! I got your note.

Jordan: I wanted to ask you about Brian?

Angela: What do you want to know?

Jordan: Is it true? Does he love you or something?

There is a very long pause and then Angela answers.

Angela: When he wrote that letter, he wasn’t just writing it from you, but from himself too.

Jordan: Oh! (Jordan looking confused)

Angela: I was asking him, when you came over that day.

Jordan: The day when I met your mother?

Angela: Yeah!

Jordan: I can’t believe he had all those feelings and you never told me.

Angela: I didn’t know what to say.

Jordan: So what is the situation between you and Brian now?

Angela: We are friends.

Jordan: Oh!

Angela: How do you feel about this?

Jordan: I don’t know.

Angela: People are talking about me Jordan, I need you.

Jordan comes over and gives Angela a hug and we see her crying.

Angela: Your not going to do anything to Brian are you?

Jordan: No. Maybe I can fix him up with someone else. Get his eyes off you.

Both start laughing.


Katimski: Now we are not leaving until somebody owns up. Before that I think everybody owes Angela an apology. I know everybody was laughing and saying things to her. Everybody now all together.

Whole Class: Sorry Angela.

Katimski: Now who wants to own up?

Student 1: It was already on the board when we came in.

Katimski doesn’t seem to believe them.

Katimski: We can sit here until somebody talks.

Half an hour passes and nobody owns up.

Katimski: Ok everybody I will speak to Mr Foster and maybe you can tell him what happened tomorrow. I have to go to rehearsal now. Dismissed.

We here students talking.

Student 1: Nobody here even wrote it, its only Angela and Brian who died and made them king and queen of Liberty?


When Angela arrives home Danielle and Graham are in the kitchen.

Angela: Hey Dad!

Graham: How come you’re so late?

Angela: It’s a long and complicated Dad, maybe later.

Patty arrives home and she looks tired and upset.

Patty: Hi everybody!

Angela and Danielle: Hey Mom!

Graham just looks at Patty and doesn’t really acknowledge her.

Patty: What’s for dinner?

Graham: I ordered take away it should be here soon. I can’t stay; I have a meeting with the investors.

Patty is now looking really concerned.

Patty: What time will you be back?

Graham: I don’t know! Don’t wait up.

Patty looses her temper.


Graham: You know where the door is. You can leave whenever you want.

Patty runs off upstairs crying and Graham this time slams his door as he goes out. Danielle starts crying and Angela comes over and comforts her.

Danielle: Mom and Dad are going to get divorced (looking really upset and crying).

Angela: Don’t worry everything will be ok. They have argued before and made up.

Danielle: This is different; they hardly speak to each other now.

Angela (VO): Danielle was right. This was different. Mom and Dad were drifting apart and there was nothing we could do. Suddenly things looked so different and I felt scared.


Angela walks in down the hallway looking really upset. Jordan walks past her and doesn’t acknowledge her and this makes her feel worse. She walks into the bathroom and Rayanne is sitting above the radiator.


Angela is looking really teary eyed and walks into a cubicle. She starts crying quite loudly. We hear someone come in.

Rayanne: Are you ok in there?

Angela: I’m fine.

Rayanne: You don’t sound fine?

Angela: I will be ok in a minute.

Angela wipes her face and walks out.

Rayanne: Hey!

Angela: Hey!

We see both of them standing at the mirror.

Rayanne: What’s up?

Angela: Nothing much, my whole life is over.

Rayanne: Same as usual. What’s up now?

Angela: What do you care?

Rayanne: You don’t know how much I care about you. (Looking emotional)

Angela: Jordan isn’t speaking to me because he thinks I like Brian. Even though he said he wasn’t bothered.

Rayanne: Do you?

Angela: I love Jordan.

Rayanne: Do you? (Looking inquisitively).

Angela: You know more than anyone.

Rayanne: Yes but I know you have a soft spot for Bri.

Angela: I don’t know. I am so confused.

Rayanne: You have to honest with yourself or something.

Angela: I know.

Rayanne changing the subject.

Rayanne: What now between us?

Angela: I don’t know. I feel so lonely at the moment and I have like a million things going on.

Rayanne: I really miss you Angela (Crying now). When you wasn’t their when I found out I got the part in ‘Our Town’ it like, really hurt.

Angela: I really miss you too. But you are unpredictable and you did this really undefendable thing.

Rayanne: I know. I think things can never be the same between us. I screwed up. I don’t know why I did it. I guess in someone messed up way, I wanted to be you.

Angela: Why? (Really emotional now)

Rayanne: My life is so messed up. My Dad is like non-existent, I have this drink problem and I can never like… feel anything for anybody. You have this perfect family and perfect life and you have people who are like there for you.

Angela: I never quite understood this side of you.

Rayanne:  I love how innocent you are and how sheltered you are from all that is bad.

Angela: I’m sorry your life has been so bad.

Rayanne really sobs.

Angela: I don’t know if I can totally forgive you but maybe we can take things slowly. You can start by coming to mine tonight.

They both hug each other.

Angela: (VO) I didn’t know if things could ever be the same but the same hatred that gives you energy, can also make your heart hard. It was going to be tough for me and Rayanne but I think at this time we needed each other.


Sharon has noticed that Brian hasn’t turned up for school today. Jordan was there nut Angela was missing too. (This is the same time that Angela is with Rayanne). The bell goes and she goes over to Jordan.

Sharon: Have you seen Angela or Brian?

Jordan: No. Why should I know?

Sharon: You are like Angela’s boyfriend aren’t you? (Sarcastically).

Jordan: So!

Sharon: Oh never mind.

Jordan: Whatever.

Jordan walks off. Sharon walks out and goys to the bathroom.


Angela and Rayanne are still there. Sharon sees them and is surprised but a little happy at the same time.

Sharon: Hey!

Rayanne: Hey Cherski, how you doing? (Much happier now).

Sharon: What’s with Jordan?

Angela: Why?

Sharon: I asked him about you and Brian and he didn’t respond.

Angela: I think he’s a bit upset with me and Brian.

Sharon: If you can forg (Whilst saying this she remembers Rayanne is there) him, then this is minor.

Rayanne: He is a man and rules are different for them.

Sharon: That’s not the point.

Angela: Let’s just forget it.

Sharon: Have you seen Brian?

Angela: No.

Sharon: He’s not in again today.

Rayanne: Why is he being a martyr? Why doesn’t he tell Foster?

Sharon: I guess it is a man thing again.

Angela: I think we have to talk to him.

All of a sudden some girl’s come in and we hear them talking.

Girl 1: I can’t believe Foster wants to see the whole school.

Girl 2: I wonder what it’s about.

Girl 1: I heard it’s something to with Krakow.

Girl 2: Not Krakow again. He’s such a loser.

Rayanne, Sharon and Rayanne jump in to defend Brian.

Sharon: Excuse me; he happens to be like a friend of mine. He isn’t a loser. He’s got more class than you will ever have.

Girl 1: Excuse me; this is like a private conversation.

Rayanne: Excuse me. It’s our business when you are trashing a friend of ours.

Girl 2: What are you like his fan club?

Angela: Excuse me, like yes.

Girl 1: He’s like in love with you. You would say that.

Girl 2: Come on let’s go. There’s no privacy in here.


Mr Foster has called the whole school to the gym to talk to all students.

Foster: Students of Liberty High. I have called you hear to let you know that the person responsible for the assault on Mr Krakow has been caught. He has been arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. I have expelled him with immediate affect. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated by this school and I have a zero tolerance policy. I have written to all your parents and if any of you have been affected by this a counsellor is available. That is all I have to say. You can go home now.


Rayanne, Ricky, Angela and Sharon are walking out of school reflecting on Mr Foster’s revelations.

Sharon: That is really good news. At least Krakow can relax now

Rayanne: I wonder who snitched?

Angela: Was it any of you?

They all reply in the negative.

Ricky: I think we should all go and see Brian and tell him the good news.

They all agree.

Angela sees Jordan getting into his car. They make eye contact with each other but they there is no acknowledgement from Jordan. Angela looks really upset.

Angela (VO): Why was Jordan being like this? Everything was so weird between us and well now I couldn’t even communicate with him. Why was he upset? I hadn’t even like done anything.


Brian is lying in his bed, like in ‘Betrayal’ but without the headphones. He hears the doorbell and runs down to answer the door. Brian opens the door and is pleasantly surprised to see three girls on his doorstep.

Rayanne: Hey Krakow! What’s cooking?

Brian: Hey!

Sharon: You heard the good news?

Brian: What?

Brian just kind of acknowledges Angela as she walks in.

Angela: Somebody snitched on Kyle.

Brain: WHO? I can’t believe you guys. You promised me.

Rayanne: Ok Krakow! Don’t get you wig in a twist it wasn’t us.

Brian: Who else knew?

Ricky: Foster called the whole school in to the gym and he told us someone had been expelled and arrested.

At this point the doorbell goes again. Brian answers the door and he is surprised again. It’s Delia.

Delia: Hey Brian. Can I come in?

Brian: Sure.

Delia sees everyone else and says hello.

Brian: What’s up?

Delia: I came to let you know that I told on Kyle.

Brian: Oh!

Ricky: How did you know? (Asking in an inquisitive way).

Delia: I heard Kyle threaten Brian this morning. I still haven’t forgiven Brian but I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. I was bullied at my last school.

Brian: Oh! (Not knowing what to say, he could hardly shout at Delia considering he was in her bad books).

Rayanne: What’s up Bri? You gone quiet?

Brian: Nothing, just a little surprised.

Angela: I think you owe Delia a thank you, in my humble opinion.

Everybody looks at Brian and laughs realising he is embarrassed.

Brian: Thanks Delia.

Delia: Friends (Delia offers her hand)

Brian: Friends. I am really like sorry for what I did.

Delia: You owe me Brian; I will expect a big favour in return.

The phone then rings and Brian answers.

Brian: Hello.

Voice: Kraaaakoooow! (In a dark and eerie vice).

Brian: Hello! Who is this?

Voice: You know who this is. You and your friends better watch your backs. I may be gone for now but watch your back.

Brian: Kyle?

Sharon runs to grab the phone. When she speaks the person on the other end has hung up.

Brian looks really worried.


Patty has just got home. Angela is still at Brian’s, Danielle has gone to Courtney’s house and only Graham is at home.

Patty: Hey!

Graham: Hey!

Both speak at the same time.

Both: Listen I have something to say.

Both look at each other and smile.

Graham: You first.

Patty:  I wanted to apologise for the other night.

Graham: It is me who should be apologising.

Patty: Can we talk?

Graham: Sure.

Patty: What’s going on Graham?

Graham: What do you mean?

Patty: I thought when I let you leave the business that things would get better between us.

Graham: I thought so too. With the restaurant I am under so much pressure.

Patty: I haven’t been very understanding.
Graham: I have been loosing my temper so easily and I don’t know why.

Patty: We haven’t spent much time together lately.

Graham: I know.

Patty: It is Valentines Day on Friday, maybe we could do something?

Graham: Sure (not sounding totally convincing).


Everybody is leaving the Krakow house and Angela has decided in her mind that she must go and see Jordan. She asks Sharon’s, Ricky’s and Rayanne’s opinion as she walks out. Delia stays behind to talk to Brian.

Angela: What do you guys think, should I go and see Jordan?

Sharon: No! (Answering in an assertive way)

Rayanne: Jordan Catalano is the last thing I want to talk about.

Ricky: I guess you should try and find out what he’s thinking but then you haven’t done anything wrong.

Rayanne: I wonder what Krakow and Delia are doing? (In a joking way)

Ricky: Shut up Rayanne, she doesn’t even like him anymore.

Sharon: That’s right she’s in love with you now.

Ricky: We are just friends. She did ask me as a friend to that Valentines thing.

Sharon: Good! Good! We should all go. We don’t need dates; we can have fun by ourselves and laugh at everyone.

Rayanne: Cherski that is a great idea. I good put some alcohol into the punch and let them all go.

Angela: I don’t know. It seems kind of sad to go without a date.

Rayanne: Jordan is hardly likely to ask you is he?

Angela gives Rayanne a funny stare.

Angela: You never know.

Sharon getting all excited now.

Sharon: Come on Chase face it will be fun.

Angela reluctantly agrees.

Ricky: All 5 of us can go.

Sharon: Should we ask Brian?

Ricky: I think we should.

Angela: You guys ask him, I don’t want him getting any ideas.

Ricky knocks the door Delia is leaving now and Brian comes to the door.

Brian: Forgot something?

Rayanne: Yes. You and your gorgeous bod!

Everybody looks at each other and burst into laughter. Brian feels really embarrassed.

Ricky: We have decided to all go to the Valentines dance together. You up for that Delia?

Delia: Sure.

Ricky: Brian?

Brian thinks about this whilst looking at Angela and then agrees.


Angela is lying on her bed. Everybody else has gone home. She is there alone. She is listening to ‘Red’ on the CD.

Angela (VO): The fact that Jordan wasn’t speaking to me was killing me. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I wanted to know what was going on. .At that moment I made a decision. I was going to go over and have it out with him or something.

We see Angela running out of her room and grabbing her coat. We see her then come out of her drive way on her bike.


We see Angela put her bike down and then knock on Jordan’s door. A strange man answers, Angela thinks this is Jordan’s dad. She asks if Jordan is at home. The man is quite small; he has a vest on and is bald. He is smoking a cigarette.

Man: Jordan, someone here to see you.

Jordan: Who is it? (We here Jordan’s voice in the distance).

Man: What’s your name sweetheart? (Looking at Angela).

Angela: Angela

Man: What a pretty name (He says in a cheeky way). Jordan hurry up and get your ass down here. It’s Angela.

The man then disappears inside, leaving Angela on the doorstep.

Angela (VO) It is sort of weird meeting someone’s parents for the first time. Especially someone you really like. It makes you think how that person might turn out when they grow up or something.

Angela then thinks of Patty and starts laughing to herself. Jordan then comes to the door.

Jordan: Hey!

Angela: Hey!

Jordan: What you doing here? Won’t your mom be worried?

Angela: I told her where I was going. Are you going to invite me in?

Jordan: No (A huge pause while Jordan looks back in the house) The house is kind of a mess.

Angela: I don’t care about how clean you are, I want to talk.

Jordan: Not a good time. Can we stay out here?

Angela (VO) I felt so awkward. It felt as though I was being shut out of Jordan’s life.

Angela: Ok

Jordan: So what’s up?

Angela: Why have you been ignoring me?

Jordan: I haven’t

Angela: You walked right past me today and then you saw me looking at you after school and you didn’t even acknowledge me.

Jordan: I didn’t see you.

Angela: I don’t believe you.

Jordan: Believe what you want. Can you go now, I’m kind of busy.

Angela: Why are you like this?

Jordan: Like what?

Angela: Oh forget it. I forgive you for doing something unforgivable and you get upset over something I have no control over.

Jordan: What are you talking about? You’re always talking down to me, like I’m lower than you or something.

Angela is getting really upset and the tears are coming down her face. Jordan sees this and backs off a bit.

Jordan: I will see you tomorrow ok.

Jordan then shuts the door.

Angela (VO) I have never felt so lonely or lost as I did at that second.


Brian is riding his bike. Much like how he was at the end of ‘In Dreams’. Angela is returning home on her bike. She is still very upset. She sees Brian and tries to go into her house without talking to him.

Brian: Angela

Angela: I’m not in the mood Brian. (Still very upset).

Brian rides over to her. Angela is walking up her drive now with the bike.

Brian: What’s up?

Angela: You couldn’t understand.

Brian: Try me.

Angela: It’s Jordan.

Brian: Oh! What’s he done?

Angela: He keeps shutting me out. He knows you wrote that letter?

Brian: Is that why he’s upset with you?

Angela: I don’t know, he will not tell me why he’s upset. He’s ignoring me. I just went to his house and he wouldn’t invite me in and then he shut the door in my face.

Brian: Perhaps I’m not the best person to talk to about this.

Brian tries to ride away. He starts to turn the handle bars and then Angela grabs his arm.

It is truly magical moment between the two of them. There is no background music; the two of them just look at each other.

Angela: Don’t go Brian.

Brian: Ok

Angela: You have always been there for me. I haven’t known it but now I am beginning to know it.

Brian: Angela I (Before Brian can complete the sentence Angela leans in and kisses Brian softly on the lips).

The moment lasts for a few seconds and then they both back away. They are both embarrassed.

Angela: I have to go now. I have an early start tomorrow.

Brian: Me too.

Angela: Thank you Brian. I have realised that you mean a lot to me. See you at school.

Brian: See ya!

Brian rides away with the biggest grin on his face and the scene closes.


Angela walks into school and opens her locker. She finds another note from Jordan asking her to meet him in the boiler room. Angela is in two minds about whether to go but she goes anyway. It is Jordan Catalano we are talking about here.


Jordan is sitting where he and Angela did all that kissing in ‘Self Esteem’. Angela comes down the stairs.

Jordan: Hey!

Angela begins in a hostile way showing that he is still angry.

Angela: Why have you called me here?

Jordan: I need to speak to you.

Angela: I thought you didn’t want to speak to me.

Jordan: About last night. You don’t understand.

Angela: What don’t I understand? That I disgust you? That you are punishing for something that isn’t my fault?

Jordan: Just shut up ok, you don’t understand. I don’t care what Brain feels about you.

There is a silence in the room. Angela is upset and Jordan is trying to hide that he is emotional.

Jordan: You don’t get it ok? You have like this perfect family and people who care. I have an idiot of a father who likes to drink and hit me.

Angela stands there stunned. She runs up and gives him big hug. They both then sit and Jordan explains everything.

Jordan: My dad used to beat up on me a few years a go then it stopped. I hit him back. I thought that had solved the problem. He came home the other night out of it. He smashed the house up and then went for me.

Angela: Oh Jordan. What did you do?

Jordan: He was so out of it, he passed out or something. That is why I couldn’t let you in. My house is still trashed.

Angela (VO) I suddenly felt so guilty after what happened with Brian. Jordan had showed me a side to himself that he had never shared with  anybody. It made me feel so special.

Jordan: The reason I asked you here was to say sorry and ask you the dance on Friday night.

Angela: I thought you didn’t like to make plans? I thought you liked to let whatever happens, happen?

Jordan: I can’t like do that with you or something.

Both of them laugh and share a nice moment.

Angela: About your dad. You have to like talk to someone or something?

Jordan: I don’t know. I hate him but I don’t want him to get in trouble or something.

They hug and kiss and all is forgiven.


The first period is over. Brian and Ricky are just chatting. Suddenly Sharon and Rayanne come over.

Rayanne: So Krakow you ready for our date tomorrow?

Brian: Looking forward to it (In a sarcastic way).

Sharon: Where’s Angela she wasn’t in Geometry?

Rayanne: What else is new?

At that moment Jordan and Angela appear and they are holding hands walking towards the others. Brian sees this and is really angry. He slams his locker and storms off. Angela sees this and doesn’t know what to do. At the same time Jordan sees Rayanne and pulls Angela the other way.  We see a slow motion shot of everybody. Brian looking angry, Angela looking behind at Ricky, Sharon and Rayanne.

Angela (VO) My life now was going to be split between Jordan and my friends. What was I going to tell Brian? My life was becoming more and more complicated everyday.


The lesson is about to start. Everybody is in there seats and Angela comes in With Jordan. Brian is pretending not to notice by reading a book. Angela goes over to Sharon.

Sharon: You guys made up then?

Angela: Yes.

Sharon: That’s great (Trying to be enthusiastic).

Angela: About the dance. I am going with Jordan.

Brian hears this and this makes him even angrier. He grabs his stuff and storms out again. Angela calls after him. He doesn’t take any notice. Down the corridor he runs into Gina. The girl who takes a liking to Brian in ‘Guns and Gossip’.

Gina: Hey!

Brian: Hey!

Gina: What’s up?

Brian: Don’t you just hate people who use you and then toss you aside.

Gina looking unsure.

Gina: I guess so.

Brian: How could she call me ‘Heartless’? She is such a hypocrite. I hate her.

Gina: Who Brian?

Brian: It doesn’t matter.

Gina: Listen Brian, I know that this might not be the time to ask but I was wondering if you were going to the dance on Friday?

Brian: I don’t know?

Gina: Would you like to go with me? Maybe you could tell me the truth about what happened to you a few backs back? For the school paper?

Brian is shocked and isn’t thinking straight. He is still so angry with Angela. He sees Delia in the background and remembers what happened there. He answers Gina.

Brian: Sure I would love too. I will pick up at 7.00.

Gina: That will be great.

Brian then decides to go back to class. He has a big smile on his face throughout the class. Angela is unsure of what to make of this.


Everybody is by their lockers after Katimski’s class. Sharon comes up to Brian.

Sharon: Hey Brian! You ok?

Brian: I’m fine. Couldn’t be better?

Sharon: You sure have been acting weird?

Brian: I’m fine. I won’t be coming to the dance tomorrow? At least not with you guys.

Sharon: Why?

Brian: That girl Gina asked me.

Sharon: That’s great Brian. Be nice not like with Delia.

Brian: Ok.

Sharon: Everybody is pairing off, I think me and Rayanne are going to have to find dates now.

Sharon then leaves Brian and goes to talk to Angela and Rayanne.

Sharon: Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?

Rayanne: Spit it out Cherski.

Sharon: Brian Krakow is going with that Gina girl to the dance

Rayanne: Go Brian. He is a dark horse. I’m sad he didn’t ask me.

Angela doesn’t say much but is clearly upset. She leaves Angela and Rayanne making an excuse.

Sharon: We have to find dates for tomorrow.

Rayanne: Why?

Sharon: Angela is going with Jordan, Brian is going with Gina and Ricky is going with Delia sort of. We can’t be there alone people will talk.

Rayanne: Don’t worry Sharon, if I was that way I wouldn’t fancy you. You’re not my type.

Looking around the hallway they see some guys. We haven’t seen them before but Sharon somehow knows they haven’t got girlfriends.

Sharon: Let’s ask them.

Rayanne: Who are they?

Sharon: They are in my Geometry class. They are hot come on.

Rayanne: Ok Cherski lead on.

They go over to the guys and speak to them. The guys seem really interested. They start chatting and then Rayanne begins to lead the conversation. She is sucking on a lollipop in a very provocative way.

Rayanne: So you guys got dates for tomorrow night.

Guy 1: You guys going to that dance thing.

Rayanne: We were thinking about it if we had the right company.

Guy 2: Would we be the right company?

Rayanne: Maybe

Guy 1: Would you guys like to go to the dance with us?

Rayanne: No thanks I’m not that desperate.

Sharon and Rayanne both start laughing. The two boys are really embarrassed.

Rayanne: Only jokin. The look on your faces.  Pick us up a 7. Don’t be late.


Graham and Hallie are enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a hard day. Before they know it they have drunk a complete bottle and they are quite drunk.

Hallie: So Graham I can’t believe we are nearly open.

Graham: Yes! I am getting excited.

Hallie: How is Patty? She’s just as excited?

Graham: Sort of?  I haven’t been at home much and she is getting a bit upset.

Hallie: I have always thought you are to good or her.

Graham: Why?

Hallie: She seems like a nag and a bit of a snob.

Graham: What?

Hallie: I know I see the real you as you don’t have to live up her high expectations with me.

Graham: She does talk down to me a lot. She does care and I do love her. (Sounding unsure).

Hallie: You don’t sound so sure to me.

Graham: I do love her.

Hallie: Are you still in love with her?

Graham: Yes (Trying to sound absolute).

Hallie: You know that night we cooked for the investors. I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss we nearly had.

Graham: I don’t want to talk about it.

Hallie: I can read you Graham, I know you feel something?

Graham: I don’t, let’s just drop it.

Hallie: You know I always get my own way. Like I said I’m a Jewish girl from Texas. Your worst nightmare.

Graham: I realised.

Hallie: I always get my own way.

All of a sudden Hallie lunges at Graham. At first Graham tries to fight it and then he gives in.  As they fall on to the floor in deep passion the camera pans away.


It is the day of the dance and the day after Graham and Hallie share their kiss. Mr Katimski is walking towards his first class. All of a sudden Mr Foster summons him to his office. Mr Katimski makes his way to Foster’s office.

Katimski: What’s this all about?

Foster: Sit down Mr Katimski.

Katimski: Ok.

Foster: Before Mr Vinnovich was expelled from Liberty he made some very worrying allegations about you and a certain Enrique Vasquez.

Katimski: What allegations?

Foster: That Mr Vasquez is living with you. Is this true?

Katimski: Maybe.

Foster: I don’t have to remind you the punishment for this do I Mr Katimski?

Katimski: No!

Foster: I will give you the weekend to think it over. If Mr Vasquez is living with you. I think you should make some other arrangements for him. You are a good teacher and I don’t want to lose you. If you disobey me I will be forced to start disciplinary action. Thankfully the press knows nothing.

Katimski: Is that all you care about your public relations nightmare? (Looking very angry). Gee Whiz. Enrique has had a very hard time and he was homeless. He has nowhere to go.

Foster: Guidance has informed me that ‘Pride House’ now has a vacancy.

Katimski: Oh!

Foster: I expect this to be resolved by Monday.


It is lunchtime and everybody is piling out of their various classes. Angela is with Rayanne and Sharon talking about the dance. Brian is with Ricky also talking about the dance.

Brian: You ready for tonight?

Ricky: It is going to be so much fun, dressing up and dancing (sounding excited in a Ricky kind of way)

Brian isn’t quite as enthusiastic. Although he likes Gina he can’t get that kiss out of his head.

Brian: Whatever.

Ricky: What’s up?

Brian: Nothing.

Ricky: Is it Angela?

Brian: Is it that obvious?

Ricky: What happened between you two?

Brian: We kissed.

Ricky: When did this happen?

Brian: A few nights a go after she had an argument with Jordan. Now she’s back with him and hasn’t even spoken to me.

Ricky: Wow! That is heartless.

Brian: She can’t keep using me and then tossing me away.

Ricky: You have to stand up to her Brian.

Brian: I know. I am going to try and have fun with Gina tonight.

Ricky: You do that and you can show me some of your moves.

Both laugh.


Angela is nearly ready. She is looking really beautiful. The door bell goes and Patty goes to answer. She opens the door to find Jordan looking very smart in a tux.

Patty: Wow! Come in Jordan. You look very smart.

Jordan: Thank you. Is Angela ready?

Patty: Yes (Looking at Jordan and how he reminds her even more of Tony Poole). Angela ….. Jordan is here.

Angela: Coming.

Angela comes down the stairs looking really glamorous.

Jordan: Wow! You look beautiful.

Angela is happy but quite clearly embarrassed to see her mom and dad staring at her.

Angela: Thank you!

Angela (VO) To be going to this dance with Jordan Catalano looking sooooo gorgeous was a dream come true. All the problems that we had seemed miles away. I would have let him do whatever he wanted to me I wanted him so much.

Angela: Bye everybody!

Patty: What time are you going to be home?

Angela: I don’t know.

Patty: Not too late.

Before she knows it Angela and Jordan have disappeared out the door. Patty gets emotional and cries tears of happiness.

Patty: I can’t believe our little girl has grown up.

Graham: I know. We will have to stop Danielle from growing up.

Danielle: Shut up dad. Angela’s boyfriend is hot.

Patty: What time you going to Courtney’s  house?

Danielle: Now. Her mom is picking me up.

Patty: Ok. You call me when you’re ready to come home.

Danielle: I’m sleeping over remember?

Patty:  Ok honey; just remember to ring home tomorrow.


Angela and Jordan make their way towards Jordan’s car whilst holding hands. Meanwhile we see Brian looking through his window looking upset. He is dressed in a tux. We have never seen Brian looking so smart but unfortunately his hair still looks the same. Scene goes back to Angela and Jordan.

Angela: You look really nice!

Jordan: My old man had this in his cupboard so I borrowed it for the night.

Angela: Won’t he get mad or something?

Jordan: He’s too drunk to notice. Hold on I got a surprise for you. (Jordan puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles really loud).

A black limousine comes up Angela’s street very slowly. The street lights shine off the car as it pulls off. Angela is can’t contain her joy and gives Jordan a big hug. All of a sudden her joy turns to anger as we see Jordan’s friends roll down the window with some other older girls from Liberty.

Angela: I thought this night is about us. (Angrily)

Jordan: It is but  I thought this would be a good chance for you to get to know my friends or something.

Angela: Oh! (She doesn’t look happy)

Angela (VO) I really thought tonight was going to special but the fact that Jordan’s friends were here meant that me and Jordan couldn’t be alone. Our relationship or whatever you call it was like a disaster movie or something.


We see the camera pan across the hall. The hall is decorated with posters with cupid on them and the hall is full red heart shaped balloons and streamers. The lights are very low. Many of the teachers are their looking very smart. We see Rayanne and Sharon with their dates sitting on the side. Ricky is sitting in front of them with Delia talking.  Angela has arrived and is sitting looking really bored with Jordan’s friends. At this moment Brian arrives with Gina and we see Angela give them a stare.

Angela (VO) With everything that had gone on in the last few days I had forgotten about Brian and that kiss we shared. I was beginning to wonder if me and Jordan would ever work out the way I wanted.

Brian: Do you want a drink or something?

Gina: Sure

Brian: What shall I get you?

Gina: Anything I don’t mind.

Brian wonders over to the drinks stand where Rayanne is looking really suspicious. She is sneaking some alcohol into the punch whilst nobody is looking.

Rayanne: Hey Krakow! Pretty girl. How much did you have to pay her?

Brian: Shut up.

Rayanne: You going to go all the way tonight? Conduct one if your Science experiments? There is no extra credit for this type of experiment.

Brian: Why don’t you just leave me alone?

Rayanne: Oh Bri, don’t be like that I’m only playing (Rayanne is licking a lollipop whilst teasing Brian, sending many sexual messages his way).

Brian: Just shut up.

Brian walks away with two glasses of punch that Rayanne has now spiked with Vodka.


Graham and Patty are having a very romantic dinner at home. They have exchanged presents and cards. Graham is sucking up to Patty as he is feeling guilty about Hallie.

Patty: About what happened the other day? I am really sorry.

Graham: I am the one who should apologise.

Patty: Where are we going wrong?

Graham: I guess I have been tied up in the restaurant and not been spending enough time with you.

Patty: It’s like we have gone to two extremes. We used to be in each others pockets and now we are like strangers.

Graham: I know; but I hope things will get better when the restaurant is open.

Patty: I want you to be honest Graham. Do you still love me?

Graham: Of course Patty, I will always love but sometimes I find your nagging a bit much.

Patty: I know but I only do it because I want the best for you.

Graham: Not because you’re a snob?

Patty: What? No! What made you think that?

Graham: I always get the feeling you are looking down at me.

Patty looks really upset by these comments.

Patty: Sometimes I feel I can’t communicate with you. I’m glad we are being honest.

Graham: Me too.

Patty: Can we agree that if we have a problem that we talk it out?

Graham: Sure.

Graham: I have got another present for you?

Patty: What’s that?

The mood has changed to a very romantic one. Patty opens the box that Graham has given her. Inside is a pair of handcuffs. Both look at each other and start laughing. The kiss and you can guess what happens next.


Angela is looking really miserable sitting on the side. Jordan has tried to talk to her and his friends but she has nothing in common with them. All her other friends are having a great time. Angela goes to get a drink and Rayanne is their again.

Angela: Hey!

Rayanne: Hey girlfriend. How you doing?

Angela: These things are so stupid. I don’t know why I came after the last time.

Rayanne: What’s wrong? Lover boy showing you no TLC?

Angela: Shut up Rayanne.

Rayanne: You want my advice. I would have come to the dance with Brian Krakow.

Angela: What?

Rayanne: At least he knows how to show a girl a good time.

All of the sudden we see the camera pan across. The Vodka has clearly kicked in now. Brian and Gina are kissing passionately on the dance floor. Brian’s hands are wondering all over Gina. Angela looks shocked.

Rayanne: Go Brian! Go Brian! Go Brian!

Sharon comes over and sees what Brian is doing on the dance floor.

Sharon: Oh my God! Brian Krakow. He has no shame.

Angela: That can’t be Brian. Somebody has possessed him or something?

Rayanne: Maybe it’s Nicky Driscoll.

Sharon sees a cheeky look on Rayanne’s face.

Sharon: Rayanne what did you do?

Rayanne: Nothin’

Sharon: Rayanne!

Rayanne: I may have put a little something into the punch.

Sharon: Brian Krakow and God knows who else is drunk?

Rayanne: Yep!

All three of them look at each other and start laughing.

All of a sudden we here the DJ.

DJ: This next one is for someone very special from Jordan.

We then get a close up of Angela. The finished version of ‘Red’ begins to play.

Angela (VO) Just before I wanted to strangle him and now I wanted him to hold me. Why does he make it so hard for me to hate him?

Angela goes over to Jordan on the dance floor. They dance real close and kiss. Angela is really happy. Brian can see this at the corner of his eye and gets really upset. Before he knows Gina has slapped him.


Brian had whispered something very bad into Gina’s ear on seeing Angela with Jordan. Gina storms off and leaves Brian. The hall goes quiet with just ‘Red’ in the background. Brian wonders off.

We see Delia and Ricky on the side of the dance floor.

Ricky: I can’t believe Brian!

Delia: I told you he just used girls.

Ricky: I better go see if he’s ok.

Delia: Ok.

On the way over Katimski calls Ricky over.

Katimski: Ricky can I have a word?

Ricky: What is it?

Katimski: Nothing it doesn’t matter. You carry on.

Ricky sees Brian sitting outside.

Ricky: Hey!

Brian: Hey!

Ricky: Needed some fresh air?

Brian: Something like that.

Ricky: What’s wrong Brian?

Brian: Why can’t she let me be?

Ricky: Who?

Brian: You know who.

Ricky: Ok! Brian you have to find a way of dealing with Angela and Jordan.

Brian is getting very emotional now the alcohol is having the affect.

Brian: I have known since I was 5. I can’t stop thinking about her. Especially after that kiss she should never have given me.

Ricky: I know. You have to talk to her again Brian. You need to talk it out.

Brian: All I ever wanted was for her to look at me the way that I look at her.

Brian starts crying and he and Ricky hug.

Delia is again ease dropping on Brian and she is getting emotional too. We get the impression she feels sorry for Brian.

All of a sudden we see a group of lads charge past Brian and Ricky into the hall. They are Jordan’s friends.

Angela is still dancing with Jordan. Shane then comes over to Jordan.

Shane: Catalano! We found the guy that egged Tino’s car at Halloween.

Jordan: So!!! I am busy here.

Shane: She’ll still be here when you get back.

Jordan: You guys carry on.

Shane: We need you Catalano. This guy is pretty big.

Jordan goes over to Shane and we see them talking. Angela is looking really anxious. Jordan comes back.

Jordan: I got to go.

Angela: You’re going to leave me here alone? Tonight of all nights?

Jordan: I’ll be back in a while. Tino needs me.

Angela: Can’t they deal with it themselves.

Jordan: No!

Angela: Is this how it always be, your friends will always come before me?

Jordan: Why you making such a big deal?

Angela: I want you Jordan. Not you and your friends.

Jordan: That’s too bad because that’s how it’s got to be.

Jordan then turns to go.

Angela: You leave we are finished. (Angela is crying now).

Jordan stops turns and looks at Angela. He pauses for a few seconds and then leaves. We see Jordan and his friends running out of the building.

Angela comes out of the building. Ricky and Brian are still sitting outside. Brian calls after Angela seeing she is upset. Sharon and Rayanne follow out of the hall. Ricky stops them from going after Angela and sends Brian.

When Brian catches up with Angela she is a state.

Brian: Angela wait.

Angela comes up to Brian and she hugs him and bursts into tears.

Angela: I’m so sorry Brian! I’m so sorry Brian!

Brian: It’s ok.

We then get a musical montage of all the characters.’ Everybody hurts’ is playing in the background. The camera zooms away from Brian and Angela. We see that same lighting on them we see in the pilot. We then see Mr Katimski at the dance looking really worried, we then see Graham and Patty in bed. Patty is really happy but Graham has a worried look on his face.  Hallie is getting drunk on her own clearly thinking of Graham. Jordan is with his friends trying not to show his pain. Kyle is in jail looking at a picture of Sharon.  We then see Rayanne, Sharon, Ricky and Delia having followed Angela an watching Angela and Brian from a distance. We then see Angela and Brian still hugging, this then turns into a passionate kiss. Sharon, Ricky and Rayanne smile and then the camera goes back to Angela and Brian.

The camera then slowly zooms away from them and the episode finishes.


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  • ikilledkennyandjr gave this story a 3.0/5 3.0/5 rating and commented on 05 Apr 2008:
    I thought the Angela/Jordan break-up was a bit abrupt, with little leading up to it. Although I think it would've happened eventually, there was no real good reason for it. Angela acted trivial. I also think the second Angela/Brian kiss was rushed and could've been saved for another episode, and in the first one she should have only said, "Don't go, Brian."

    Your dialogue often sounds stilted, maybe because of the lack of contractions, maybe because too often the characters say what they mean, and understand each other, which doesn't always happen in real life. For example, the Patty/Graham/Hallie storyline feels slilted. Layer your characters more, and never rush a story. I noticed some grammar/spelling errors as well.

    That being said, I loved a few thing: Rayanne spiking the punch and Brian getting drunk, the hurtful things Kyle is doing (although I never imagined him as a bad guy). Your observation of Angela being split between Jordan and her friends (and vice versa for Jordan) is right on target. "I'm so sorry Brian!"--gutwrenching. But a little more lead-up to that moment would be great.

    Are you writing another episode? I'd love to see it!


  • Muzzy gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 13 Jun 2008:
    This story was even better thn the first. It did seem to be a little rushed but on the whole I really enjoyed it. I thought the ending was brilliant. I love the way you spotted the potenetial conflict between Angela and Jordan's friends. I can't wait for the next story.

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