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Episode No. 20 - Brian + Jordan = Confusion

written by MonnyUK

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Published: 01 Dec 2007 | Size: 75 KB (8305 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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Angela and Jordan are back together whilst Rayanne and Brian are trying to figure their place in Angela's world. Graham and Hallie talk about what happened at the space and Brian is attacked.

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

It has been over 13 years since My So-Called Life affected all of our lives. I only recently last month came across the show again after so many years. I have since watched the series and come across What can I say about the show that influenced me so much and I am male. I sooooooo wanted to know what happened after episode 19 and reading all of what everybody has written, this has filled the void. I am now in my late 20s and it is amazing that all the issues that come up in the show still apply to my life now.


Episode 20 – Jordan + Brian = Confusion


Episode 20 begins where episode 19 ends. Brian is watching Angela and Jordan drive off in to the night; he just stands there for a good few minutes thinking about the magnitude of what has just happened. A few tears run down his face but he wipes them away defiantly as he rides back to his house.


INT. KRAKOW HOME- Later that night


Brian is looking out of his window at the Chase house as he has been doing since he went inside. Angela has not come back yet and he is thinking about how he is going to face Angela after what had happened earlier and how he would cope with seeing Angela and Jordan together at school.


Brian: (VO): In America and probably the whole world, there must be millions of guys like me in love with girls like Angela Chase. There must also be a million girls like Angela in love with and going out with guys like Jordan Catalano. Those million Angela’s must all be going out with those million Jordan’s. Then there is the million guys like me who are just like spectators in the crowd or something. Nobody notices or even cares that they like… feel anything. It makes you feel like throwing up doesn’t it? There is no fairy tale, this is not Hollywood, this is real life.




Angela is deep in thought while Jordan is wondering what Angela is thinking? There hasn’t been much conversation since they left Angela’s. Jordan stops on a random street and switches off the engine.


Jordan: There is something I need to say about the letter. I never wrote the letter, Brian did. I needed to tell you how I felt but I didn’t know what to say.


Angela: I know, Brian told Ricky and Ricky told me. I am very happy you told me (a small smile is apparent on Angela’s face at this time). I have forgiven you Jordan but you must give me time to figure out my thoughts.


Jordan: What is there… to figure out?


Angela: Just stuff, we are together but I just need some space Jordan.


Jordan: Oh ok.


Jordan reaches over to give Angela a hug and a kiss and she embraces him. Angela feels so comfortable and warm in his arms that she looses consciousness that she is in a car. She is floating away.


Angela: (VO) I had missed kissing Jordan. I remember all those hours we spent in the boiler room and well… I had those same feelings all over and I didn’t want it to end.




Angela kisses Jordan goodbye and watches him drive down the street. She then looks over to see Krakow’s lights are still on. The time is 11.30pm.


ANGELA: (VO) I had a million thoughts going on in my head at the same time. Brian Krakow admitted he was in love with me. Rayanne suspected it, when she told Sharon. I didn’t want to listen, when I had that argument with Sharon. I had moved on with my life and well I realised Brian was trying to keep up but we had lost each other. I saw him as my annoying neighbour but reassuring at the same time. We would argue and shout at each other but I guess there has been something between the two of us. I don’t know what I feel towards him. I love Jordan but I need time to figure things out.


She then walks into the house and we then see the lights in the Krakow house go out.




Graham is sitting watching television. He is thinking about the kiss he nearly had with Hallie the night before. Patty is sitting opposite reading a magazine. All of a sudden we hear the telephone ring. Graham goes to answer. He answers and it is Hallie.


Hallie: Hey!


Graham: Hey!


Hallie: Can I meet you at the space? We need to clean up.


Graham: Sure.


He puts the phone down and then speaks to Patty.


Graham: I’m going to the space. I am meeting Hallie. We have to clean up.


Patty: Sure (sounding unsure about Graham’s tone).


Patty: You ok? You have been acting weird since last night.


Graham: Yeah. I am just a bit exhausted after yesterday.


Patty: Ok! You sure?


Graham: YES! Why do I have to keep justifying myself to you? (Snapping at Patty)


Patty is sitting there wondering what she has done wrong.


Patty: I only asked if you were ok.


Graham: I’m sorry! I will see you later.


Before Patty can look Graham is gone.


Patty starts to murmur to herself.


Patty: Run off to Hallie. You seem to be able to speak to her and not me.


What Camille said to Patty about Hallie in ‘Betrayal’, is starting to play on Patty’s mind.




Hallie and Graham have been cleaning up for a while not having said much but both wondering what the other is thinking. All of a sudden they both speak together.


Graham and Hallie: Listen I need to talk to you about last night.


They both look at each other and laugh.


Graham: You first.


Hallie: I am sorry about last night. I know you are married and nothing could possibly happen between us. I never told you about Brad’s other theory.


Graham: What was it?


Hallie: That I had fallen for you and we would have an affair.


Graham: WHAT? (looking really uncomfortable)


Hallie: I don’t want to be the other woman. I have feelings for you but I don’t want it to get in the way of our friendship. I have to get over it. We have to make a success of this restaurant and I don’t want this stuff to get in the way.


Graham: Hallie! I am flattered. I like you too but as a friend. You’re right; the restaurant is the most important thing.


Hallie: Alright then, it’s settled. Friends it is.


They then begin to start planning for the restaurant and discussing ideas, both happy the awkwardness has gone.







It is a cold and crisp February morning. The kids are streaming in to school. In the crowd Brian is walking up to the metal detector. He is looking scruffy and there are bags under his eyes. He walks up to Ricky who is by his locker.


Ricky: Hey! Brian.


Brian: Hey! (speaking in a very sad tone)


Ricky: How was your weekend? Did you speak to Angela?


Brian: Sort of. She told me that you told her that I wrote the letter. I tried to deny it. I said I proof read it for Jordan.


Ricky: Brian, you said your proof read a love letter? You idiot!


Brian: She then got emotional and said that it was a joke, but then I butted in and said I meant every word. She said she liked it and for a split second it was like magic. Then Jordan came out of her house and she went with him.


Ricky: You have to tell her how you feel Brian. Otherwise this will eat you up inside. I bet you must been all depressed all weekend.


Brian: I was. I haven’t slept much. I just kept thinking that girls and guys like Angela and Jordan always end up together and guys like me end up on the sidelines.


Ricky: Listen to me carefully Brian. You have to tell her. Promise me you will tell her.


Brian: Brian says ok, but not in a very obliging way.


We then see Angela walking up the corridor looking very confused and a little upset. In seeing Angela, Brian makes his excuses to Ricky and we quickly lose him in the crowd. Angela comes up to Ricky and gives him the usual greeting of a kiss on the cheek and they both say ‘hey’.


Ricky: How was your weekend?


Angela: On one hand it was good and on the other not so good.


Ricky: Why?


Angela: Me and Jordan made up, but I found out that Brian Krakow is in love with me.


Ricky: I know


Angela: You know?


Ricky: He told me what happened. How do you feel about him?


Angela: I don’t know (stating this looking really frustrated). He has always been my annoying neighbour but now so many of the things he does make sense. I am really confused.


Ricky: I will tell you what I told him. You must talk about it and sort it.


The bell then rings and they both go towards their first class of the day.




Angela (VO) I use to love this class but with what had happened over the weekend, I really don’t feel comfortable. On the one hand I have the love of my life and on the other we have Brian Krakow. I remember asking the question who is Jordan Catalano? Now I’m asking the same about Brian.


Katimsky: Ok class, from tomorrow we will be studying poetry. We will be looking at various poets from across the world and looking at issues of identity, race and culture.


The bell rings and everybody makes their way out to lunch. The camera pans as Sharon and Kyle come out of Katimsky’s classroom arguing. Kyle was waiting for her outside. Sharon is trying to end her relationship with Kyle.


Sharon: Listen to me Kyle, we are finished!


Kyle: You can’t do that. I love you.


Sharon: You have to grow up and listen to me; I don’t want to go out with you anymore. (At this moment Brian is walking past them, Sharon starts staring at Brian).


Kyle: Is there someone else?


Sharon: Maybe! (Hoping this will get Kyle off her back).


Kyle then looks around and sees who Sharon was staring at.


Kyle: You’re not going out with KRAKOW!


Sharon: Maybe! (Looking very sheepish)


Brian hears this and tries to deny it but then sees Sharon staring at him and then smiles. It is the same look she gives Jordan and Brian at the beginning of episode 19.


Kyle: You really are a lower class slag. You dump me over the school geek. I don’t want to know you.


Kyle then turns and pushes Brain and he falls on the floor. Sharon runs over to Brian to see if he is ok. Kyle storms off.


Sharon: Brian, you ok?


Brian: I think so.


Sharon: Thanks for helping me.


Brian: I’ve already told one girl how I feel and now I have two imaginary girlfriends.


Sharon: Who Brian? Spill. You have to tell me?


Brian at this point feeling the need to get a female perspective on the issue.


Brian: Angela. I wrote this letter from Jordan to her but she found out I wrote it. I tried to deny it but it slipped out that I felt these feelings that Jordan was feeling.


Sharon: When did this happen? What did Angela do? Why am I always the last to know?


Brian: I spoke to Angela on Friday. She confronted me after Ricky told her I wrote the letter.


Sharon: You told Ricky before me?


Brian: I needed a male opinion.


Sharon: What did she do?


Brian: Jordan came out of her house and then she drove off with him. So I guess she is with him.


Sharon: Oh Brian! I’m so sorry.


Brian: It’s ok.


Sharon: You have to talk to her. Promise me.


Brian: I will.





Angela and Ricky are in their alone discussing Rayanne, Brian and Jordan as Sharon walks in.


Sharon: Chase Face! I spoke to Brian. I can’t believe he wrote you that letter.


Angela: Oh my God! Is he going to tell the whole world?


Sharon: He has only told me and Ricky. We are his closest friends. How do you feel about him? He thinks you have rejected him because you drove off with Jordan.


Angela: I don’t know. I need to talk to him, but I need to get my head straight first.


As Angela is speaking Rayanne pops out one of the cubicles. At this point Sharon and Ricky give her an uncompromising look.


Rayanne: Oh my God Angelika, Krakow the school loser is in love with you. You surely attract all kinds.


Realising that the two of them need some privacy, Sharon and Ricky leave. We see Angela and Rayanne in the mirror like we see Rayanne and Sharon in the episode “Starngers in the House”


Angela: Shut up! I’m still not talking to you.


Rayanne: You can forgive Catalano because of some letter he didn’t even write and now you can’t forgive me?


Angela: You were supposed to be my friend. Your betrayal is different than his.


Rayanne almost close to tears asks for Angela’s forgiveness.


Rayanne: Angela…. please I’m sorry. I need you. I really miss you. I miss hanging out with you and talking about my problems with you.


Angela: You should have thought about that before you opened your legs. (Looking very cold and angry).


Rayanne: You know I slept with Brian too. I bet he didn’t tell you that?


Angela: Oh shut up! I need time Rayanne ….. to figure everything out.


Rayanne: What is there to figure out? Either you’re my friend or not?


Angela: It’s not as easy as that. You really hurt me and I need time figure this out.


Accepting this, Rayanne leaves.




Angela is walking down the hallway thinking about the last 3 or 4 days. She has decided to talk to Brian and tell him she isn’t clear about her feelings towards him. All of a sudden Jordan appears.


Jordan: Hey beautiful!


Angela: Hey!


Jordan: You been avoiding me? I haven’t seen you all day.


Angela: No! I told you I had stuff to figure you.


Jordan: I have something I wanted to give you. A gift to show my love for you. A song that I wrote for you.


Jordan pulls out a CD and hands it to Angela. On the case it reads ‘RED’ a song for the one I love. It has a picture of a red rose in the background.


Jordan: I managed to finish writing it. I realised this song was never about my car but it was always about you.


Angela has now forgotten about Brian and has a huge smile on her face. She gives Jordan a big hug and they kiss.


Angela: I love you


Jordan: I love you too.


The camera pans around and we see Brian hiding behind a door just like in episode 19. His face drops and we see a tear come to his eye. He walks off and he thinks to himself I’m just the guy in the crowd. All of sudden we see Brian being pushed through the door to the boiler room. It is Kyle with a few of his jock friends.


Kyle: Krakow! You are now going to learn what it costs to cross me.


Brian pleads with him and repeats that he and Sharon are not an item. She was just saying this to get Kyle off her back.


Kyle: YOU ARE A LIAR! I see you together all the time. Laughing at me behind my back. I’m going to make you suffer now, the way I have suffered.


The camera then pans away but we hear Brian getting punched and kicked. All of a sudden the door is heard opening.


Kyle: Quick let’s hide! Someone is coming.


We see a dark figure coming down the steps. It becomes clear it’s Rayanne. Rayanne sees someone on the floor crying. She runs over and sees Brian on the floor. At this time we hear footsteps going back up the stairs. Kyle and his friends escape without being seen by Rayanne.


Rayanne: Oh my God! Brian are you ok?


Brian face is revealed and we see blood coming out of his nose and he has black eyes.


Brian: Help me!


Rayanne runs off and calls for help. She comes across principle Foster and goes he goes to call an Ambulance. Rayanne goes back to Brian.


Rayanne: Who did this to you?


Brian: I don’t know (in a very quiet voice).


Rayanne: Tell me Brian. Don’t protect them or they will do it again.


Brian now looking very pale begins to speak to Rayanne about Angela.


Brian: You have to promise me something? (Stuttering due to him being close, to being unconscious).


Rayanne: What Brian?


Brian: If I don’t make it, then can you tell Angela I … love her.


Rayanne: Don’t speak like that Krakow; you are going to be ok.


At this time Brian passes out and he is now unconscious.




The screen then goes blank but we continue to hear Rayanne and then the sirens as the Ambulance approaches..





We see Rayanne sitting in the same place we saw Camille in ‘Strangers in the House’. She is looking at the trainers what were painted for her. Principle Foster is next to her. We see a doctor come up to them.


Doctor: Are you Brian’s family?


Foster: Do I look like family?


Rayanne: I am a friend. I found him.


Doctor: Point taken.


Foster: I have called his parents. I am the principle of Liberty High.


Doctor: Brian will be fine. He is a little concussed but he should be ok to go home tomorrow.


Rayanne: That’s great. Can we see him?


Doctor: Sure.


Foster: You go in Rayanne. I will wait for his parents.


Rayanne walks in while giving the very handsome doctor a very huge smile.


Rayanne: You and I will speak later.


Rayanne then walks into Brian’s room.


Brain is lying there awake but looking confused. He has two black eyes, swollen lip and a bandage around his head.


Rayanne: Hey Krakow! You’re becoming exciting these days. Breaking into school, writing love letters and now involved in a fight. You’re my kind of guy!


Both laugh.


Brian: Oh! By the way thanks for being there.


Rayanne: That’s ok. Who did this to you Brian?


Brian: Kyle and his thugs. He thinks me and Sharon are going out.


Rayanne: You have to tell the police.


Brian: I can’t snitch remember. I have to deal with this in my own way. You haven’t phoned the Chase house have you?


Rayanne: No! Foster is here. He called your parents.


Brian: Ok.


Rayanne: We both have something in common.


Brian: What’s that?


Rayanne: We have been rejected by Angela.


Brian: I know. Now she is with Catalano. I saw them before what happened to me. He completed that song ‘Red’ and gave her a CD.


Rayanne: I’m sorry Brian. You better rest. I will come and see you tomorrow at home. If that is ok?


Brian: Sure


Five minutes after Rayanne leaves, she meets Foster and he tells her to wait as he will give her a lift home.


Foster: Hello Brian. How are you feeling?


Brian: A little sore and I have a headache.


Foster: I have just spoken to your parents and they are stuck. They can’t get here until tomorrow.


Brian: Typical.


Foster: Is there any other family or friends I can call?


Brian: No


Foster: You rest now, there will be some police officers coming in tomorrow to ask what happened. I’ll see you then. Take care Brian.


Brian: Ok and thank you sir for coming with the ambulance.


Foster: That is ok. I will see you later Brian.


Rayannne is sitting in reception when Foster comes out.


Foster: Does he have any friends that he can call upon?


Rayanne: The Chase’s live across the street. He knows them very well. I can call them.


Foster: Call them when you get home. It’s getting late and your mother will be worried.


Rayanne: I doubt it.


Foster: Did he tell you who did this?


Rayanne: No.


Foster: The police are coming tomorrow so perhaps he will speak to them.






Angela is still out with Jordan. Danielle is at the table doing her homework. Graham and Patty are in the kitchen. The phone rings. Patty answers.


Patty: Hello


Rayanne: Hey Patty! It’s Rayanne.


Patty: How are you?


Rayanne: Fine!


Patty: Angela isn’t here.


Rayanne: I wasn’t after Angela. I rang because Brian was beaten up at school today.


Patty: Oh my God! Is he ok?


Rayanne: He is fine. He has a few cuts and bruises and a sore head. He will be coming home tomorrow. I rang because his parents are out of town and can’t get back. I just thought as you have known him for so long that maybe you could go. I don’t think he should be on his own.


Patty: Ok sure. I will go. Thanks Rayanne.


Rayanne: No problem


Patty: Bye!


Rayanne: Bye!


Patty then turns to Graham and tells him what happened. Graham is surprised and upset.


Patty: I should go up there now.


Graham: Would it be ok if I went? I feel very close to him. He likes talking to me about wallpaper.


Patty: What?


Graham: It’s a joke between me and Brian.


Patty: Ok you go and I’ll stay here.


INT. HOSPITAL – Just Before the end of visiting


Graham walks into Brian’s room in the hospital. He has Danielle with him.


Graham: Hey Brian!


Brian: Hey! (Looking to see if Angela is behind them).


Graham: How you feeling?


Brian: I’m ok, just a little sore.


Danielle: Hey Brian!


She runs up and gives him a hug.


Brian: Hey! (Looking surprised at Danielle’s enthusiasm)


Brian: Angela, not with you?


Danielle: No! She is with Jordan. She rang earlier. I don’t think she knows what happened to you. I think them two are doing it.


Graham: Danielle! Don’t be so naughty. So Brian how is that wallpaper looking?


Brian: I should have chosen the one I could afford. Brian’s tone has lowered since he heard Angela is with Jordan.


Then there is uncomfortable silence before a nurse comes and tells them that visiting is over.


Graham: Ok Brian! You take care and we will see you tomorrow.


Danielle: Bye Brian! She leans over and gives him a hug and a sneaky kiss on the cheek. Brian is looking embarrassed.


Brian: Mr Chase! Can I just have a quick word in private?


Graham: Sure! Danielle wait outside for one minute.


Danielle: Why do I always get kicked out? I’m not a kid. She then walks out in a huff.


Brian: Mr Chase, can you give Angela a message?


Graham: Sure.


Brian: Tell her I’m happy that she and Jordan are together and I’m sorry for the letter. She will know what I mean.


Graham: I know you like Angela. I maybe old but I was in the same situation you are in. Mrs Chase used to go out with a guy who looked like Jordan. He was very cool and good looking. He used to get all the pretty girls. She never noticed me either but I was patient. Be patient and your day will come.


Brian: Thanks for the advice. (Looking very embarrassed).


Graham leaves and we see Brian looking up at the ceiling looking very upset.




The phone rings and Amber answers the phone. Rayanne is sitting watching TV thinking about what had happened to Brian. Amber calls Rayanne, Sharon is on the phone. Rayanne picks up the phone.


Rayanne: Hey!


Sharon: Hey! How you doing?


Rayanne starts to adopt an aggressive tone.


Rayanne: Hope your proud of yourself?


Sharon: Proud of what?


Rayanne: All you ever do is think of yourself and not about how your actions will affect others.


Sharon is totally lost now and doesn’t know what Rayanne is going on about.


Sharon: Are you drunk?


Rayanne: No!


Sharon: Why you being like this?


Rayanne: Due to Kyle thinking Krakow was your boyfriend, he beat Krakow up after school in the boiler room.


Sharon: Oh my God! Is he ok?


Rayanne: Barely! He is hospital. He had concussion but he is up and talking. I found him and went with him to hospital.


Sharon: I feel terrible!


Sharon then starts to get emotional as only Sharon can.


Sharon: I am going to go and see him. I know it’s late but I have to apologise, I feel terrible.


Sharon: I will talk to you later.



INT JORDAN’S CAR – Earlier that day (About the time Brian is getting beaten up)


Angela has a big smile on a face and leaning back. We have an aerial shot, it is like a movie with the girl and guy on the open road with no cares.


Angela (VO): Everything between me and Jordan had changed. The fact that he cheated on me was far from my head now. All I could think was how much I loved him. Life was about as good as it could be. I had made a connection with someone that I never thought would be so strong. This song he had written for me, I couldn’t wait to hear it.


The car pulls up in Jordan’s garage. Nobody is at home. The couple go inside holding hands.


Angela: Can I listen to the song?


Jordan: Sure! I will do a live version for you.


Jordan picks up the guitar and starts playing the chords for “Red”




I was going nowhere
Going nowhere fast
Drowning in my memories
Living in the past
Everything looked black til I found her
She's all I need and that's what I said
I call her Red...
She's my shelter from the storm
She's a place to rest my head
Late at night she keeps me safe and warm
I call her Red...


Recently I hurt her, the one I called red

All I wanted to do is tell her how I felt

Now I want her to look at me as she once did

My beautiful red…


Now I’m back with her

My life is back on track

The past has gone from my memory

I am looking way ahead

Now everything is perfect because I found her

She’a all I need and that’s what I said

I call her Red …..

She’s my shelter in the storm

She’s a place to rest my head

Late at night she keeps me safe and warm

I call her Red …..






As Angela is listening her face is glowing. She has a huge smile on her face.


Angela (VO) As I watched him play and listening to this song I couldn’t believe it. Jordan Catalano had written a song about me. If someone had said this to me six months a go, I would have laughed at them. Every word just echoed in my brain and made my heart melt. This meant so much more than that letter because it was from Jordan himself. It was from his heart.


Jordan: So what do you think?


Angela: I love it. You have made me so happy.


Jordan: That is all I ever want, is for you to be happy. It’s like you have come into my life from nowhere and while you were upset with me, it was like….. my life totally sucked.


Angela: I know but we have to move on now.


Jordan: You want go for a drive. I know this place, it’s really nice. It’s just outside of town.


Angela: Sure.


Angela and Jordan go for the drive and well it is like a fairy tale ending for Angela. They spend many hours at this place. Jordan stops at the top of a hill that is outside Three Rivers and the view is quite nice.


Jordan: I wish we could sit here forever.


Angela: Me too.


Jordan: I’m glad we are back together. I really missed you.


Angela: Me too. I’m glad you were honest with me.


Jordan: I never realised how special you were until you weren’t around anymore. I never want it to be like that again.


Angela: I know, I can be complicated but you have to be patient with me.


Jordan: I will


Angela: I never knew about this place. Is there where you take all the girls?


Jordan: Only the very special ones.


Jordan reaches over and kisses Angela and the camera pans away to show the view, the sun is setting.



INT CHASE HOUSE – Late evening


Graham and Danielle arrive back from the hospital and at the same time Jordan and Angela arrive. Jordan kisses Angela goodbye and walks in the house with her father and sister with a huge smile.


Graham: You and Jordan back together then?


Angela: Yes


Patty: Angela where have you been? Do you know what time it is?


Angela: I’m sorry mom, I was with Jordan and I lost track of time. I just had the best evening of my life. Jordan wrote me a song, it was wonderful.


Patty: Great! Next time phone and tell me where you are. I have been home alone worried about you and what happened to Brian.


Angela: Brian?


Graham: I just come back from the hospital. Brian was beaten up at school. He was hurt quite bad.


Angela had forgotten all about Brian and she still had not spoken to him about the letter.


Angela: Is he going to be ok?


Graham: Yes! Just a concussion and some cuts and bruises.


Graham: He had a message for you.


Angela: Yes (Looking nervous)


Graham: He said, he was sorry about the letter and he was happy that you and Jordan are back together.


Angela: Ok!


Angela (VO) I couldn’t believe this had happened to Brian. I didn’t believe his message either. I know he wasn’t happy about me and Jordan and I know he meant that letter. Why does he make it hard for me to hate him? I love Jordan but there is something in my heart that yearns for Brian. I don’t know why?


Graham: He should be home tomorrow.


Angela: I will see him tomorrow.


At this time the phone rings. Patty answers it and calls Angela. It is Sharon.


Sharon: Hey!


Angela: Hey!


Sharon: You heard what happened to Brian?


Angela: Yes, just now. My dad just came back from the hospital.


Sharon: How was Brian?


Angela: A concussion and some cuts and bruises.


Sharon: It happened because of me.


Angela: What?


Sharon: I broke up with Kyle and he kind of thought I had dumped him for Brian.


Angela: How did that happen?


Sharon: I was in the hallway with Kyle, trying to break up and he asked if there was someone else. Brian was walking past and I was staring at him to save me.


Angela: It’s not your fault Kyle is immature, is it?


Sharon: I was going to go and see him but it’s too late.


Angela: We can go and see him tomorrow, he should be coming home.


Sharon: Thanks. You and Jordan back together?


Angela: Jordan wrote me a song that was from him. Remember that song ‘Red’ I told you about?


Sharon: Yeah!


Angela: He finished it and gave me a CD. He sung it for me today at his house. It was wonderful.


Sharon: What about Brian? You know he is in love with you?


Angela: I know and he must be feeling terrible. I have known him forever and now he seems like this total other person. After what happened today, I can’t tell him anything.


Sharon: Do you feel anything for him?


Angela: This is Brian Krakow! My annoying neighbour (in a humorous tone). I guess I do feel something but I don’t know what it is. He has always been there, even when I have treated him bad. I want to be with Jordan, so I will have to find a way to tell him.


Sharon: It was Rayanne who found Brian and went with him to hospital.


Angela: Really!


Sharon: I guess it’s ironic, as in someway they have both been rejected by you, as I was.


Angela: Sharon, I can’t deal with this now, alright!


Sharon: I’m sorry. I will see you at school tomorrow, take care.


Angela: Bye!


Sharon: Bye!




Brain is sitting in his bed, just as he was when we last saw him. It is 10.00am and the doctors are doing their rounds.


Doctor: Mr Krakow! How are you this morning?


Brian: I am ok! Just a little headache.


Doctor: You will have that for a few days but it should pass. Looking at your charts, scans and x-rays you are ok. I have spoken to your parents. They will be here in an hour to take you home. You need to rest for at least a week and then we will see you again. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to come back.


Brian: Thanks.


As the doctor walks out a few seconds later, the door bursts open again as Brian is getting ready.


Kyle: Hello Krakow! How is the head?


Brian: What do you want? (Brian looking scared)


Kyle: I have come to tell you that if you tell Foster about me, I will spread it around the school that you love Angela Chase and how you watch her undress everyday from your bedroom.


Brian: You wouldn’t do that?


Kyle: I can and I will.


Brian: How do you know I like Angela?


Kyle: I KNOW!


He then pushes him against the wall. He pulls out a knife.


Kyle: If you look at Sharon, you and my friend here will be introduced. If you tell Foster that I beat you up, you and my friend will be introduced. GET IT?


Kyle then leaves and we see Brian collapse on the floor in tears.


About half an hour later Mr Foster walks in with two policemen. Brian has composed himself now. It is the same two policemen that we saw at the end of ‘Guns and Gossip’.


Foster: Hello Brian.


Brian: Hey!


Foster: The police officers are here about what happened yesterday.


Brian: Ok (feeling very nervous)


Police Officer 1: Ok Brian, you want to tell me what happened?


Brian: I can’t remember. One minute I was standing in the school hallway and the next I’m in here.


Police Officer 2: Didn’t you see who did it?


Brian: No. They pushed from the side and I couldn’t look back. I fell down the stairs.


Police Officer 1: Have you got ant enemies in school?


Brian: No! I’m the school geek and an easy target.


Police Officer 2: Did anybody else see anything?


Brian: No


Foster: Didn’t Rayanne find you?


Brian: Yes! But she didn’t see anything?


Police Officer: Ok Brian, thanks for your time.


Brian: No problem. Sorry I couldn’t help you.


The police officers leave with Mr Foster. They talk outside.


Police officer 1: We will have to talk to this Rayanne person and come in to school to speak to your students.


Foster: Fine! Whatever you need. I want this thug caught.


Police Officer 1: You sure he’s telling the truth. He never did reveal the identity of the person he saw in the gun incident. This is the same kid isn’t it?


Foster: Yes. I will talk to him.





Rayanne is sitting up against the window and just staring into space. Sharon, Ricky and Angela walk in together. They see Rayanne and stare at her.


Rayannne: What are you staring at?


All together: Nothing!


Angela: Listen! I want to say what you did for Brian was really good.


Rayanne: You could have done the same if you weren’t shacked up with Catalano.


Angela: Shut up, Rayanne! I’m trying to be nice here.


Rayanne: You know how to use people Angela. Brian declares his true feelings for you and you can’t even look at him.


Angela: Shut up Rayanne! You don’t know anything about it. You don’t even like him.


Rayanne: A girl can change her mind. You know what Krakow said to me yesterday, while he was lying on the floor covered in blood.


Angela: What?


Rayanne: If I don’t make it then tell Angela I love her.


All of a sudden there is prolonged silence.


Angela: I’m sorry for what happened, but that wasn’t my fault. I am with Jordan now and he is going to have to deal with it.


Rayanne: It’s your life.


Angela: It is my life which you are not part of anymore.


Rayanne: I don’t want to be your friend anyway.


Angela: Fine!


Rayanne: Fine!


Rayanne storms off out of the bathroom.




INT. KATIMSKY’S CLASS – Later that day


Angela (VO) I can’t believe Brian is in love with me. It’s so weird when you find out that someone thinks of you in a way you never thought. I am with Jordan and everything is perfect. I can’t help feeling that I have something for Brian. He has always been there when I have needed something. He has always been there to catch me when I fall, but I always treat him bad. What happened to our friendship?


Katimsky: Ok class as I said yesterday we are going to be looking at poems from other cultures. We are going start with the poem “Love after Love” by Derek Walcott.


Katimsky then asks Angela to read the poem. She reads the poem out loud thinking how appropriate this was to her when she and Jordan broke up (For notes on the author of this poem and the poem itself, see below).


Katimsky: What is this poem about? Anybody? Mr Catalano?


Jordan: How would I know?


Katimsky: Gee whiz! Come on Jordan stop being lazy.


Katimsky then notices that Brian’s chair is empty.


Katimsky: Where is Brian today?


Everybody stares at Brian’s empty chair.


Katimsky: Do you know Angela?


Everybody starts laughing and teasing Angela.


Angela: He is in hospital. He was beaten up yesterday after school.


Katimsky: Is he ok?


Angela: I think so. He will be off for a few days.


Katimsky then goes back to discussing the poem.


Katimsky: Anybody else? Sharon?


Sharon: Is it about moving on after a relationship?


Katimsky: Excellent! Gee whiz! We have another brain box. Anything else?


Angela: It is about getting to know yourself. You can get so caught up in other people that you forget yourself.


Katimsky: You guys are brilliant today. What do you guys think? Is it better to be single or not? Mr Catalano?


Jordan: It is better like (Now noticing Angela is watching him) to be with someone. Being single is cool at times.


Katimsky: This guy was in love but now he is single and enjoying it.


The bell goes for the end of the period.





Sharon is looking for Kyle and then sees him with his friends.


Sharon: I want to talk to you Kyle. I know what you did to Brian.


Kyle: Shut up slag! I don’t know what you’re on about.


Sharon: He told Rayanne what happened. I hate you and I never want to see you again.


Kyle: It was nothing, we were just talking and he fell. (Kyle’s friends start laughing).


Sharon: He is in hospital you idiot and you will get kicked out if school.


Kyle: Krakow will not say a word. Let’s say me and him have an understanding.


Sharon: I know he wont, he isn’t a snitch. I will let Foster know and so will Rayanne.


Kyle: You wouldn’t do it. If I go down I will make sure you and your friends go with me. I will spread every lie I can think of about you all.


Sharon: Go ahead!


Sharon walks off and leaves Kyle and his friends to sweat.


INT. KRAKOW HOUSE – After school


Brian has come home from hospital. He is resting in the living room with his parents who have returned and are fussing over him.


Bernice: You ok Brian? Need anything?


Brian: Stop fussing! I am fine.


At that time the door bell rings and Bernice opens the door. Rayanne, Ricky and Sharon are there. Hello Mrs Krakow, Is Brian home?


Bernice: Yes! Come in!


Brian is happy at the fact that Angela has come to see him. His face drops when just the three of them walk in.


All together: Hey Krakow!


Brian: Hey!


Sharon: How you feeling? I am sorry this happened, it’s my fault.


Brian: I am ok, just a headache. Where is Angela?


Sharon: She went with Jordan. She said she would come later.


Brian: Ok.


Rayanne: Hey Krakow! When you taking me out. Hanging out with you is getting very interesting.


Brian: Whenever you want. You better fasten that seatbelt though; it will be a rough ride.


Everybody laughs.


Sharon: So Krakow, I ran into Kyle today. I am going to tell Foster that he beat you up.


Brian’s expression changes to that of anger.


Brian: NO! You don’t say a word. You have to promise me. It’s done now let’s forget it.


Rayanne: You can’t let him get away with it. If you won’t tell, I will!


Brian: NO! You don’t say a word.


Rayanne: Why are you protecting him?


Brian: I’m not, my life is pathetic enough, and I don’t want to be called a snitch.


Sharon: Did he threaten you?


Brian: No


Sharon: You are lying! I can tell.


Brian: Please guys, promise me.


They all reluctantly agree. I will be off for a week and that will give him time to calm down.




Angela arrives home. It is quite late. She goes inside and announces she is home and then tells her mom she is going to see Brian. Before Patty can say anything she is gone.


Angela knocks the door feeling very nervous. She is thinking about the letter and how she had not seen Brian and so much had happened in a few days.


Bernice: Hello Angela. You’ve come to see the patient?


Angela: Yes!


Angela walks through and up the stairs to Brian’s bedroom. Brian is asleep. Angela walks in and finds a book open on the table. She looks at the book and there is something written. “I hate my life. I am so pathetic.” The same thing is written again and again. She walks over to Brian and sees that he has been crying. He has something in his hand. It is a photo of Angela. The photo that he took when Angela quit yearbook. All of a sudden Brian wakes up and sees Angela standing over him. He stands up in a panic.


Brian: What are you doing here?


Angela: I came to see you.


Brian: I thought you were with lover boy studying his back seats.


Angela: Why do you have to do that?


Brian: What?


Angela: Be nasty! Hardly the way to treat someone you love!


Brian: I don’t love you! Who told you that?


Angela: Duh! The letter and then Rayanne told me what you said after you got beaten up.


Brian went quiet and didn’t know what to say.


Angela: What happened to us Brian?


Brian: You’re the one who ran off with your cool friends to sniff floor wax.


Angela: I know, but I do miss you. I do like you, when you’re not being abusive.

Brian: I guess it’s my defence or something. I am hopeless with girls, but with you I just freeze and that is why I do those things. I don’t know how else to talk to you anymore.


Angela: Did you write the letter? Did you mean it?


Angela wanted to hear this from Brian’s mouth. Brian was feeling vulnerable after what had happened and so started to open up.


Brian: Yes on both counts. I know you don’t see me in that way and never could. I just can’t let go. When you asked to come with me to the World Happiness Dance, I was happy and I thought you liked me. That is why I ditched Delia.


Angela: You can be thoughtless at times Krakow.


Brian: I know, but I’m not like Jordan. He can get a girl’s number just like that. I always fear the rejection. You can be thoughtless too.


Angela: I have treated you bad at times and for that I’m sorry. I have used you for my own benefit. You never question me when I ask you for favours but I take advantage. I think we need to spend time together as friends, to get to know each other again.


Brian: I am sorry for always shouting at you. You mean so much to me, more than I can say.


Brian could not believe he was saying these things to her but it was a time for honesty.


Angela: I know! What attracted you to me? I’m nothing special.


Brian: You do have these floors like with anybody but I can’t explain it. I guess you were one of the few girls’ who has shown me any attention. It hurts to like….. look at you.


Brian and Angela have a moment of silence. Angela has never seen this side of Brian before and she really likes it. Unlike with Jordan where the conversation was limited, this talk was really profound. Angela was feeling confused again.


Angela: If you showed this side of you to other people you would not be single.


Brian: What do you mean?


Angela: The sensitive and loving side and not the cold and aggressive side.


Brian: Point taken.


Brian (VO) Why is she saying these really nice things to me? Does she like me or not?


Before Brian could think, he asked the question


Brian: Do you have any feelings for me?


Angela: I love Jordan, but I have to admit I do have something for you Brian but I have made my decision to be with Jordan.


Brian looking disappointed is content with her answer.


Angela: I would like a hug from you though Krakow.


They reach over and embrace each other. Brian starts to smell her hair. They are both much happier.


Angela: Stop smelling my hair Krakow.


Brian: I can’t help it, it smells so nice.


Both of them laugh.


Angela: I forgot to ask how you were feeling after what Kyle did.


Brian: I’m fine, just a headache. I will be off for a week.


Angela: And Kyle? What you going to do about him?


Brian: Nothing.


Angela is not happy with this response and well you know Angela and Brian go back to Angela and Brian.


Angela: Why? Are you stupid, he could do it again?


Brian: I’m not telling Foster ok. Promise me you will not say anything.


Angela: Why are you protecting him?


Brian: I have my reasons; please Angela if you care for me, you will do me this favour.


Angela: I can’t believe you Krakow. I promise, but I’m not happy about it.


Brian: Can you collect my notes for me?


Angela: Now you are pushing it Krakow. I will get your notes. I have to go now but I’m happy I came. I’m glad we had this talk. I have realised that you are a good friend and a reliable one and I don’t want to lose you.


Brian: I’m happy too. I have missed you and Sharon the past few years; things were so much easier back then.


Angela: I miss you guys, but I had to go out and try and be my own person but I have realised I need you and my other friends to do this.


They hug again and then Angela leaves. We have a close up of Brian; he is smiling as he watches Angela cross he street. She looks back and waves.


Angela: (VO) In the last half an hour I had got to know Brian in a way I never thought was possible. I was really secure in what I felt for Jordan but now I’m not so sure. The fact when you put the two of them together is just equal’s confusion.


The screen then goes blank and it the end of this episode.




Episode 21 – Coming soon.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my attempt at writing a continuation. Having watched the DVD released recently, it has really renewed my enthusiasm for this show. Seeing what the different characters look like now was amazing. They all look really well. I will write Episode 21 soon. Please leave some feedback and let me know how I could improve further stories.



The poem ‘Love After Love’ is taken from the GCSE Anthology studied here in the UK. It is taken from a cluster of poems written by authors from all over the world. The author Derek Walcott talks about what it feels like to leave a relationship and rediscovering yourself. Derek Walcott is originally from St Lucia in the West Indies. If you wish to read the poem, have a look on the Internet for it.

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    I could imagine the characters saying these lines. At times the words were different, such as the use of "slag" which is a British slang word vice an American word. I also don't think Brian had any voice overs except in his episode. But overall, I liked it and can't wait to read the next one. Of course, nothing would beat if the series were to suddenly reconstitute (or maybe have a reunion of some sort. I am sure with Winnie's writing, she could find some way to make it work. But alas, I would have nothing to live for when I finally found out who Angela chose.)
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    After just recently watching episode 19, I can see how the story could have gone this way. I really could picture the characters saying these lines. I really wish they didn't cancel this show. The characters are so easy to relate to and the story is engaging.
    Towards the end of reading, there was more slang that I did not recognize like: "Why didn't you phone?" or "I rang because...." I also have a hard time thinking of Kyle as a bully like that. I didn't see him as a violent character. I still enjoyed reading this episode. I felt even more sympathetic to Brian because of it.

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