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Episode No. 20 - For Real

written by Brianne

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Published: 21 Jul 2000 | Size: 34 KB (6911 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.5/5   4.5/5 (293 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


This scene picks up where the last one of episode 19 left off.

Jordan is driving; his eyes locked onto the road, staring straight ahead. He seems nervous. Angela is leaning against the door watching him carefully, trying to figure him out.

ANGELA VO: I didn’t know what to say. There was so much swimming around in my head I couldn’t make sense of it. It was surreal almost. Being in Jordan’s car…I hadn’t been in that car since he and Rayanne had….y’know…in the backseat. It made me physically ill.

ANGELA: Um…Jordan?

JORDAN: (Still staring straight ahead) Yeah?

ANGELA: Could we maybe…like, get out? Of the car? I’m feeling…crowded.

JORDAN: (turning his head to look at her, confused) Like, pull over?

ANGELA: Yeah, could you?

JORDAN: Yeah, ok.

He pulls over to the curb, and leans over Angela to open the door for her.

ANGELA: Thanks. (She gets out, closes the door and leans against it.)

Jordan stares at her back through the window for a moment before getting out of the car himself. He hesitantly walks around the car and stands next to her, his arms folded across his chest. He looks at her and quickly looks away. Neither of them makes eye contact.

JORDAN: (Staring at his feet.) Angela? Is something….wrong?

ANGELA: I…don’t know.

JORDAN: (Studying her profile.) Yeah…you do.

ANGELA: Yeah. I do.

JORDAN: So, um…what is it? What’s….wrong? I thought you were, you know, happy like, earlier. (Clears his throat.)

ANEGLA: (Turning to face him) I was.

JORDAN: But…now? (pause) What happened?

ANGELA: Jordan, I know.

JORDAN: (Uncomfortably) You know? What?

ANGELA: I know about… (she breaks off and sighs)

JORDAN: (Jordan bites his lip. He looks as though he is having an internal struggle.) The letter? Right?

ANGELA: The letter. (She tucks her hair behind her ear) Jordan….why?

JORDAN: (lowers his eyes to advert her gaze) Angela…it wasn’t because I didn’t…you know. I meant the things in that letter. About being sorry? And wanting to… (he looks away, shy) hold you… I…I meant them. (Looks up to meet her eyes) But I was afraid (pause) that like, even my best effort wouldn’t be like, enough to get you to forgive me. And that kid, Brain, he has the words to say…what I mean. But it was still, wrong or whatever. For me to do that. Because after all this you deserve…only the truth. Because, you are…the truth.

ANGELA: (small smile) I’m the truth? Like, how?

JORDAN: (Taking a deep breath) Because you’ve always been what I wanted. Even when I didn’t know it. When I was too stupid or (pause) too proud? To like, deal with it. With you. With how…you made me feel. (Looking straight into her eyes) Like because sometimes….like right now…like inside you? You’re so beautiful that it hurts? You know, to look at you.

ANGELA VO: Jordan Catalano had never said so many words in a row in his life. And now that he had, they were exactly the right ones. The ones I needed to hear. And no one was feeding them to him, telling him what to say or writing them down. They came from him. Only from him. Not from Brian Krakow too.

ANGELA: I can’t believe what you just said.

JORDAN: (embarrassed, misunderstanding what she means) I told you that I’m bad…saying stuff. Like, expressing. And I don’t even know why I try. Because you know what? (Getting angry at himself) I don’t even deserve your forgiveness. And I won’t ever deserve it.

ANGELA: No Jordan. I meant…that was…perfect. What you said was…I mean… (her voice is strained, she starts to cry.) It meant so much…you have no idea.

JORDAN: (cupping her chin in his hand) I never want to make you cry. Like, ever. Again.

ANGELA: (Quietly, emphatically, wiping away tears) I know that. I do. (Sighing) This whole day…has been one long thing that makes no sense.

JORDAN: Yeah. Well…if you say you forgive me (pause) it will make sense. So…do you? You know, forgive me?

ANGELA VO: Did I forgive him? I hadn’t known if I ever really could.forgive Jordan Catalano for what he had done to me. How he had broken my heart like it didn’t really matter. Like I meant nothing (pause) like I was nothing. But right then and there…after the amazingly beautiful things he had said to me….

Angela doesn’t answer. She pushes his hair off his forehead and gently touches the side of his face. He leans in and kisses her. They kiss for a moment and he gently breaks away.

JORDAN: I guess that’s a yes.

CHASE KITCHEN – following morning

Patty is taking a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. Danielle is sitting at the table eating.

DANIELLE: So the money guys liked you, huh Dad?

GRAHAM: That they did, sweetheart. My culinary talents overwhelmed them. The restaurant is a go.

DANIELLE: That’s like, so awesome.

GRAHAM: Ooh, and we finally settled on a name.

PATTY: (Dryly) Well don’t keep us in suspense.

GRAHAM: Angielle’s…you know, for Angela and Danielle. I wanted to name the restaurant after something important.

PATTY: (smiling) Oh Graham, that’s nice!

DANIELLE: But don’t you think Danela’s sounds better? It like, rolls of my tongue. (Dreamy) Danela’s.

GRAHAM: Anyway, I gotta go (kisses Patty quickly on the mouth) I have to meet Hallie so we can go over the final menu.

PATTY: (Slightly annoyed) But you haven’t even had breakfast—

Angela appears in the doorway

GRAHAM: Hi honey…bye honey.

PATTY: (Taken aback as Graham hurries past her) Um…bye? (To Patty) Why is Dad in such a rush?

PATTY: (Annoyed) Some restaurant business. (Brightly) So, Angela? Did you have a nice drive with Jordan last night?

ANGELA: (Grinning in spite of herself.) Yes mother, I did.

DANIELLE: Did you make out?

ANGELA: Danielle! Honestly!

DANIELLE: I bet you’ve frenched him. That is like, so gross.

PATTY: Danielle! Leave your sister alone.

ANGELA: (To Patty, relieved) Thank you!

PATTY: Is he picking you up for school?

ANGELA: (Cagey) Um, actually…no.

PATTY: (Pulling Danielle’s hair into a ponytail.) Oh really? Why not?

ANGELA: I have…some things to take care of?

DANIELLE: I mean, really…think about it. Your tongue? Like touching someone else’s tongue? That’s so nasty.

ANGELA: (Sighing and shooting Danielle an annoyed look.) I don’t have time to eat mom. I don’t want to miss the bus.

PATTY: Well at least take a muffin with you. I don’t want you to be hungry later.

ANGELA: (Taking the muffin) Thanks mom. For talking to Jordan. Whatever you said like…made a difference... I…I love you.

PATTY: (Surprised but pleased) I love you too honey.


Angela is sitting behind Brian. He has a text book open on his lap and seems to be studying. She reaches around and taps him on the shoulder. He pretends not to notice.

ANGELA VO: Ok, so I finally had things perfect with Jordan. Well maybe not like, entirely perfect…but really really good. But I couldn’t even stop (pause) to enjoy it. Because now I had an entirely different kind of boy problem with an entirely different kind of boy. Brian Krakow. And what can you possibly say to someone who like, shared such an intimate part of themselves with you…when you aren’t sure you ever wanted to see that part in the first place?

ANGELA: Brian…

BRIAN: (Not turning around) Listen Chase, I’m studying, ok? I have like, this monumentally important calc test today, ok? Like some of us actually like, prepare, ok?

ANGELA: (Serious) No Brian, it’s not ok.

BRIAN: (Turning to face her) Excuse me? Since when do I like, have to justify my actions to you? (Turning away.) I mean…like…really.

ANGELA: (Emphatically) Since you wrote that letter! (Softly) Brian…we should talk about… the letter. About (pause) you writing it.

BRIAN: (Turning around) Like it really makes a difference who wrote it, right Chase? (accusingly) I mean, God…you’re with him anyway, right? With Jordan Catalano?

ANGELA: (Not sure what to say) I…yeah…but, Brian…

BRIAN: (Angry) But, what? You want to tell me that you’re sorry I made a pathetic fool out of myself but you just don’t think about me like that, right? (pause) That I like, repulse you, right? I like, really don’t want to be having this conversation. It’s just so… not even worth it.

ANGELA: (teary) Brian, you are my friend. I do…care about you. Even though sometimes…it may not seem that way. I never wanted to like, hurt you. And I wouldn’t do that like, on purpose.

BRIAN: (Pretending to be reading from his book.) Chase, just drop it, ok? Just like, forget that you ever even found out I wrote it ok? Just like, go have sex with your new super cool boyfriend in the backseat of his super cool car. That’s like, all he wants you for anyway.

ANGELA: (Crying) I can’t believe you…you…just…

The bus arrives at school and everyone stands to exit. Angela pushes past Brian and runs to leave the bus. Brian stares after her.


Rickie and Rayanne are at Rickie’s locker.

RAYANNE: (animatedly) So Amber uses the last tampon and doesn’t even bother to get a new box! Or like, even tell me! Can you even believe that? So I had to find a drug store open at 3 o’clock in the morning. It was like, dire emergency.

RICKIE: (Uncomfortably, trying to change the subject.) Yeah, um…so Rayanne… have you spoken to Angela recently?

RAYANNE: (Defensive) What do you think, Vasquez? Like Angela would even so much as waste her breath on me. You know, Rayanne Graf, sophomore with the most slut potential. (Quietly, upset) You know, Rickie… Angela once told me, like who I did or didn’t sleep with…didn’t like, make a difference to our friendship.

RICKIE: But Rayanne, that was before…it’s just like, not the same thing. You know?

RAYANNE: Rickie? How could she forgive him and not me, huh? Just because he’s the one with the penis? That’s so not fair!

RICKIE: Rayanne, I don’t know…maybe you should try…at least. To like, apologize.

RAYANNE: How could she not know how sorry I am? How like, important she is….to me?

RICKIE: Rayanne, I don’t have these answers. You have to talk to Angela. You can’t like….hide from her.

RAYANNE: Whatever. But like really…how could Jordan possibly say anything to Angela that would like, allow her to forgive him? I mean I know him and…

Rickie gives Rayanne a look.

RAYANNE: God Vasquez, that’s not what I’m talking about! Get your mind out of the gutter I mean like…I know him and the boy can hardly string a coherent sentence together.

RICKIE: Maybe he got like…help. Or something.

RAYANNE: (Narrowing her eyes) Help? Like, how?

RICKIE: (Evasively) Oh I don’t know…

RAYANNE: (Shrugs) Whatever. (Beat) So like, how’s Katimski’s going?

RICKIE: Amazingly well actually. I feel like… I actually belong…for the first time like, ever.

RAYANNE: That’s great Vasquez!

RICKIE: (smiling) Yeah. It actually is.

Angela appears at the end of the hallway and Rayanne notices.

RAYANNE: Yeah Rickie, so um… I’m gonna get going. I told… Tino I’d meet him…about this thing or whatever.

RICKIE: Um… (notices Angela coming down the hall) Rayanne… you can’t like, avoid her for the rest of your life.

RAYANNE: (Gives him a quick peck on the cheek.) But I can try. Bye hun. (She runs down the hall)

Angela approaches.

ANGELA: Is Rayanne like, running from me? Because that’s like…totally ridiculous. I should be the one running from her.

RICKIE: Huh? No…she just like, had this thing…besides I thought you two were like, sorta speaking.

ANGELA: Rayanne cuffing herself to my parent’s bed doesn’t exactly classify as speaking.

RICKIE: Yeah…Angela? Are you like, ok?

ANGELA: It’s just… Brian Krakow. He’s just like, so difficult to talk to.

RICKIE: The letter huh? What happened?

ANGELA: Well, he like almost admitted it to me last night. You know, that he wrote it… but then Jordan showed up. Actually, he was like….in my house. Talking to my mother!

RICKIE: How like, bizarre.

ANGELA: I know! And so like, he showed up and I kinda…left. And I had this conversation with Jordan. The most like, amazing conversation. These wonderful things just came out of his mouth. Like, incredible…it was just…unreal.(she sighs) So this morning on the bus, I tried to talk to him about it. Brian. And he said like, all these horrible things to me. About how like, Jordan is using me, which is so totally not even close to being even remotely true.

RICKIE: Angela, he’s just…upset. You have to try and understand that.

ANGELA: I know, Rickie. I do. But I can’t just…return those feelings for him so he’ll feel better. Not like that. And he had no right to say those things to me.

RICKIE: You need to just…give it time. I guess.

ANGELA: Yeah. You’re right.

RICKIE: Of course I’m right. What would you do without me?

ANGELA: (Genuinely) I have no idea! (Sigh) Well anyway, I gotta get going.. I’ll see ya.

RICKIE: Later. (He watches Angela’s retreating figure and then leans against his locker, shakes his head and sighs)


Sharon and Rayanne are at the mirror fixing their hair. Sharon, brushing hers and Rayanne braiding a random piece.

RAYANNE: (nonchalant) So Cherski, are you still like, doing Kyle?

SHARON: (Shocked) Rayanne! (Looks around quickly to see if anyone might have overheard. Fortunately, they are alone.)

RAYANNE: Don’t get so bent out of shape. I thought we were friends now.

SHARON: We are.

RAYANNE: Well then friend, I was just wondering what’s going on in your life!

SHARON: (Smiling) Well, I guess that’s ok.



RAYANNE: (impatiently) You! And Vinovich! Are you still (seductively) you know….

SHARON: (sighing, with defeat) Yeah…

RAYANNE: My girl, Cherski!

SHARON: (resolutely) But it’s got to end. I’m like, ending it. Like (pause) today! Yes, today I will tell him. I’ll just go up to him and I’ll say "Kyle, I’m sorry but it’s over." And that will be that.

RAYANNE: Why can’t you just like…enjoy it? For like, what it is?

SHARON: (incredulous) For sex? And only sex? Is that like, what you do?

RAYANNE: Well….yeah. It’s like, people are just mammals, you know? We’re no different than like… the gopher.

SHARON: (Giggles) The gopher?

RAYANNE: (Warming up to the idea) Yeah…so I mean, why not just like…do what comes naturally? Humans are the only species that like, makes such a big deal over sex. Like it always has to mean something. Like, it’s symbolic. But it isn’t. It’s just like, a human function. But really….do you think little Susie Gopher would get all bent out of shape if Betty Gopher did it with Billy Gopher? Doubtful.

SHARON: Rayanne? We’re like, not talking about gophers are we?

RAYANNE: (conceding) Well, not entirely. (pause) We could be talking about beavers. Insert your own favorite furry woodland creature. It doesn’t matter. The metaphor still holds.

SHARON: (Gently) Well…have you like…talked? To Angela? About, you know…

RAYANNE: Of course I know, Cherski! I was there after all.

SHARON: Well, have you?

RAYANNE: She doesn’t want to talk to me.

SHARON: Did she say that?

RAYANNE: Not…exactly. But it’s like, beyond obvious. (pause, she bites her lip) Like, when she sees me? Her eyes become….like…dead. (Beat) But I don’t wanna talk about Angela Chase anymore. Because I’m over it. I’m like, over her!

SHARON: (Shrewdly) I don’t think you are.

RAYANNE: (emphatically) I am! I mean really, when you think about it? Angela and I never made sense in the first place. This was like, totally inevitable. And I don’t need Angela Chase.

(The first bell rings)

SHARON: Oh God! I like, so have to get to class!

Rayanne doesn’t move a muscle as she watches Sharon hurry to the door.

SHARON: You know, since I don’t like…have anything better to do. (pause) But I’m not through with you yet, Graf!

RAYANNE: (purrs) Is that what you say to loverboy Kyle?

Sharon rolls her eyes and hurries out.


KATIMSKI: So back to the Scarlet Letter. So let’s see… um….why is Arthur Dimmsdale afraid to get close to Hester? Anyone? (pause) Brian?

BRIAN: Because, like…uh….there is like, this part to himself? Like this part he doesn’t want to reveal?

KATIMSKI: Right. And why? Why doesn’t he want to reveal this part? What is he afraid of?

BRIAN: That like, people? Like, wouldn’t understand. And he like, cares a lot about Hester. He might actually like, love her. And he doesn’t want to deal with the rejection. Like if she knew the whole truth. Or something.

Close on Angela, Jordan is sitting at the next desk. She looks at him dreamily. He smiles and mouths "Hi" Angela beams and mouths "hi" back. Brian, who has stopped talking, looks back and witnesses the exchange.

BRIAN: (Defeatedly, turning forward) He just….doesn’t want to deal with it. And maybe if he like, doesn’t acknowledge it…it’ll just go away.

KATIMSKI: Very good Brian. Gee whiz, you show (long pause) a lot of insight.

The bell rings.

KATIMSKI: Okay people, read the next two chapters of the Scarlet Letter by Friday.

The class gets up and scuffles toward the door. Brian is shoving some books into his backpack. Jordan approaches him and Angela hangs back.

JORDAN: Uh, Brain?

BRIAN: Brian.


BRIAN: (annoyed) My name isn’t Brain. It’s Brian.

JORDAN: (Not picking up on his annoyance) Oh. Okay. Well, Brian? Do you think you could like help me? With those chapters? Because like, I could probably get through one okay by myself, but like two? By Friday?

BRIAN: I can’t like, read them for you or whatever.

JORDAN: What? No I mean like, I’ll read them. But I might need, you know, help? Like to understand them.

BRIAN: Yeah. Okay. Whatever. I have to go.

JORDAN: Yeah, okay.

Brian leaves.

Angela approaches Jordan.

ANGELA: Jordan, I think that like, maybe you should get a new tutor?

JORDAN: Why? Because I think Brain’s—Brian—whatever, is like, pretty okay—

ANGELA: (interrupting) No, it’s just that… Jordan, I need to tell you something.

JORDAN: (concerned) Did you like, change your mind? About forgiving me?

ANGELA: No. It’s not that. (She gives him a reassuring smile.) It’s just that…well you see, the letter? I know that Brian like, wrote it for you. And that you meant it and everything. But it’s like, that letter was from Brian too.

JORDAN: (Furrowing his brow) No, it was from me. I thought you understood that…

ANGELA: Yeah, I know. But Brian (pause) meant those things too. Like, from him.

JORDAN: (Catching on) So…you mean that Brain like, likes you? Like…

ANGELA: (softly) Yeah. So I think that maybe him being your tutor isn’t like, the best idea. (pause) For either one of you. You know?

JORDAN: Huh. Yeah, maybe. That’s ironic. (Thinks) Anyway, I gotta go find Tino. He like, might want to rejoin Residue. Well, he was never actually in Residue, but it’s basically the same band as the Frozen Embryos…so…

ANGELA: Yeah, go. I gotta get to soc anyway.

JORDAN: Okay, so you want a ride after school?

ANGELA: Yeah, that’d be great.

JORDAN: Okay (gives her a quick kiss) Later.



Rickie is walking down the hall. Mr. Katimski appears at the end.

KATIMSKI: Enrique!

He rushes to catch up to Rickie.

RICKIE: Oh, um, hi Mr. K. What’s up?

KATMSKI: Well Enrique (pause) I got a call last period. From Pride House.

RICKIE: Oh. Really? So um, like, what did they want?

KATIMSKI: Well actually. They have an opening starting next week. And it’s yours. That is, if you want it.

RICKIE: (Unconvincingly) Yeah. Well of course, sure.

KATIMSKI: (Questioningly) Enrique?

RICKIE: Yeah, that’s uh…great news. So anyway, yeah, I’m gonna go…so I’ll just, like, see you later?

KATIMSKI: Sure Enrique.

He looks as though he is about to say something else, but just shakes his head instead.

Rickie hurries down the hall.

Kyle brushes past him and notices Sharon at her locker at the end of the hallway.

KYLE: (excitedly) Sharon!

SHARON: (subdued) Oh. Hi Kyle.

KYLE: I’ve been looking for you all day.

SHARON: Oh really? I’ve been…around.

KYLE: I just wanted to tell you that, you know, I love you. Because it’s important for you to hear that.

SHARON: (Uncomfortable smile) Thanks.

KYLE: Yeah, so…um…do you wanna get something to eat after school?

Rayanne makes her way down the hall and stops when she sees Sharon and Kyle. She makes eye contact with Sharon and then rolls her eyes back and parts her mouth like she’s in the throws of ecstacy. Sharon shoots her an annoyed look.

SHARON: I have like, a ton of homework today Kyle. I’ll…I’ll talk to you later, ok?

She hurries down the hall.

RAYANNE: (To herself) Oh Cherski, you are so weak!



Angela and Rickie are sitting on the steps.

ANGELA: Well, it is good news isn’t it?

RICKIE: I mean, yeah. I guess.

ANGELA: So why aren’t you like, happy?

RICKIE: I don’t know. It’s just that…I guess I was just starting to actually like how things are, like….now. You know? Like at Katimski’s it’s almost like a real home…or something. I mean, not like, conventionally. Not like you know, like you or anything. But it’s…comfortable. And I was just….getting used to it.

ANGELA: Oh, Rickie… do you like, wanna stay with Katimski? Like, permanently?

RICKIE: Well…that was like, never the plan. And I don’t want to like, put him out, you know? He’s like generous enough as is. I can’t expect him to like…forever. It was just until Pride House had an opening. It just wasn’t supposed to be like…this soon. (sighs) I can’t expect him to like, adopt me. Like, that’s just laughable. Whatever.

ANGELA: Pride House is a great opportunity for you Rickie. Really. And don’t worry about family, ok? Because like, I’m your family and…Rayanne too. And whenever you want to come over just come over ok? You don’t even have to call first.

RICKIE: (Smiling) Thanks Angela. (pause) So, um…speaking of Rayanne…

ANGELA: Can we like, not?

RICKIE: It’s just that, I can’t stand to see the two of you like this. Rayanne is really upset.

ANGELA: Did she say that?

RICKIE: Angela, it’s like, so obvious.

ANGELA: I just have too much on my plate right now to even begin thinking of talking to her, ok? I mean – I just got back together with Jordan. And I still have this whole Brian Krakow thing up in the air…

RICKIE: It’s okay. I like, didn’t mean to pressure you or something.

ANGELA VO: It’s not that I didn’t want to talk to Rayanne. Well, not exactly. It was just like…I didn’t know if I could let myself forgive her. I wasn’t sure what it was I needed her to say. I wasn’t ready for that conversation yet.

Jordan pulls up in his car.

ANGELA: Anyway, Rickie…Jordan is driving me home so… do you need a ride?

RICKIE: No, that’s ok. I’m gonna hang around until play practice is over and get a ride with Katimski. Bye!

ANGELA: Bye Rickie. (She runs down the steps and gets into the car.)

BRIAN’S HOUSE- later that day

Brian is looking out the window into the street. He sees Jordan’s car pull up in front of Angela’s house. The camera focuses on his face. He looks pained. We see Angela get out of the passenger’s side and walk over to the drivers side door. She leans in and she and Jordan kiss. She walks toward her house and Jordan waits until she’s inside before getting out of the car himself. Brian gasps aloud when he realizes that Jordan is heading for his front door. When the doorbell rings, he jumps.

BRIAN: (aloud, to himself) I am such a loser.

He opens the door and Jordan is standing there, hands in pockets.

JORDAN: Can I like, talk to you?

BRIAN: Yeah, I guess. Ok. Um…like, what about? The Scarlet Letter?

JORDAN: The Scarlet--? No. It’s about Angela.

BRIAN: Oh. Well, I don’t really think we have anything to talk about. You know, seeing as how the letter worked and everything. You’re like, back together right? So like, there really isn’t anything to talk about.

JORDAN: Could I…come in?

BRIAN: Um, come in? Like, okay. I mean, I guess so.

Jordan steps into the house and Brian closes the door behind him. He looks nervous.

JORDAN: So like, Angela doesn’t think you should tutor me anymore.

BRIAN: She doesn’t? Like, because…why?

JORDAN: She thinks that it would be too weird.

BRIAN: (cautiously) Too weird?

JORDAN: (examining some framed photos on the wall) Yeah. (pointing to a pretty blonde girl) Who’s this?

BRIAN: Oh her. She’s like, my sister. Well not like my sister. She is my sister.

JORDAN: She’s cute.

BRIAN: Um, yeah. So anyway… you were saying that me tutoring you would be like, too weird?

JORDAN: Yeah. (Matter of fact) Because you like my girlfriend.

BRIAN: I…what? No. I don’t.

JORDAN: Yeah, you do. That’s why…that’s why you wrote that letter so easily. Why didn’t you just like…say something?

BRIAN: (laughs) Oh right. Be like, "Oh and by the way I love Angela Chase too?"

JORDAN: (shrugs) Well…yeah.

BRIAN: What difference does it make?

JORDAN: I don’t know. I wouldn’t have…asked you to like, help me. It’s just….wrong.

BRIAN: Whatever. It’s up to you. If you want a new tutor, fine. You don’t like…owe me this lengthy explanation. It’s not like we’re friends or whatever. We like, hardly even know each other so it really doesn’t matter, ok? Just like, do whatever suits you.

JORDAN: Okay then.

BRIAN: Yeah.

JORDAN: So I’m just gonna go, now.

BRIAN: Okay.

JORDAN: (opening the door) I’ll see ya Brain.

Jordan leaves.

BRIAN: (Dejectedly)Brian.


Rehearsal has just ended.

Rayanne comes running up to Rickie who is sitting in the back row.

RAYANNE: So, that was like, pretty terrible huh?

RICKIE: (absentmindedly) No. Not at all.

RAYANNE: Were you even like, watching? I forgot like all my lines in scene 4, not to mention I totally screwed up the blocking for like, every scene…

Rickie is hardly paying attention.

RAYANNE: Vasquez? What’s like, the matter with you?

RICKIE: Huh? Nothing.

RAYANNE: You can’t put one over on me. Something’s bothering you. Spill it.

Katimski approaches.

KATIMSKI: Enrique? Are you ready?

Rickie stands up.

RICKIE: Oh yeah. I’m ready. (To Rayanne) I’ll see you tomorrow, ok? Ok.

RAYANNE: Yeah, I guess.

Rickie and Katimski leave



He is driving home. Rickie is in the passenger seat.

KATIMSKI: I can’t help but notice (long pause) that the news about Pride House didn’t exactly go over too well.

RICKIE: What? No. Of course, it’s good news. Like, it was, you know…what I wanted.

KATIMSKI: Oh (seems disappointed) Well, that’s great then.

RICKIE: Besides, it was like…you know… the only option.

KATIMSKI: Hmm…yeah. The only.

RICKIE: So…yeah.

KATIMSKI: But I must say (long pause) that I’ll be sorry to….see you go.

RICKIE: (small smile) Thanks.



Rayanne is in her room seated in front of a mirror.

RAYANNE: (To an imaginary Angela) Angela I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about…sleeping with Jordan? (To self) Yeah, that’s good Rayanne. Remind her. (Pause) Angela? I’m like, so sorry. I can’t even begin to tell you how completely sorry I am. (Pause) Angela – you are my best friend and I need you to forgive me. Or I don’t know what I’ll do. (Pause) Angela you forgave Catalano and not me? What’s up with that? (To self) Oh yeah, that’s really great. She’ll really go for that.

AMBER: (off screen) Raynie? Who are you talking to?

RAYANNE: No one Amber – that’s just the TV!

She picks up the phone and begins to dial and then hesitates. Dejectedly she hangs up.


CHASE HOUSE- Dinner time

GRAHAM: So Hallie thinks we should focus mainly on French cuisine but with a Mediterranean flair.

PATTY: (Uninterested) Sounds interesting.

GRAHAM: I’m sorry, am I boring you?

PATTY: Did I say that you were boring me?

GRAHAM: Well you don’t seem very interested in anything I’ve had to say tonight.

PATTY: I’m interested!

DANIELLE: Today? In school? We had a substitute.

ANGELA: Nobody cares Danielle.

DANIELLE: Mom cares …don’t you mom?

PATTY: Why would you say that I’m not interested?

GRAHAM: I’m sorry I said anything. Can’t you just let something drop? Ever?

DANIELLE: So this kid Billy Haskins had this idea to like, all switch seats.

ANGELA: Danielle, just stop it. No one cares.

PATTY: Well maybe if every sentence didn’t start with "Hallie thinks…" I’d be more interested.

GRAHAM: Is that what this is about? Hallie?

DANIELLE: So when the substitute took attendance we all pretended to be someone else.

PATTY: No. This isn’t about that Hallie Lowenthal person.

DANIELLE: I was Meredith Stevens. You know that girl with the long black hair?

GRAHAM: I think it is.

DANIELLE: And Stacey Anderson was me. It was really funny.

ANGELA: (abruptly) I’m done. Eating. Can I like, be excused?

GRAHAM: Sure honey.

ANGELA: Thank you.

PATTY: Angela, sweetheart, you hardly touched your mashed potatoes—

It’s too late. Angela has already left the table. She is passing the door when the doorbell rings. She stops.

ANGELA: (Yelling into the dining room) I’ll get it!

Angela opens the door. Rayanne is standing there looking nervous.

RAYANNE: Angela. Hi.


RAYANNE: I was wondering…well I thought…like, maybe? We could talk?

ANGELA: Rayanne, I don’t know if now is the best time—

RAYANNE: Well when would be the best time, Angela? Cause I could like, come back then.

PATTY: (Yelling from inside) Angela? Who’s there?

ANGELA: (Yelling back) It’s for me mom! (To Rayanne) Listen, I don’t really think I have much to say to you.

RAYANNE: Well, ok. That’s fine, because see… you can just listen, ok? I’ll like, do all the talking.

ANGELA: (hesitantly) Ok…

She steps out onto the porch and closes the doors behind her. She takes a few steps past Rayanne and sits down on the steps. Rayanne follows her and sits next to her.

ANGELA: So…go ahead. Say whatever it is you came here to say to me.

RAYANNE: (Deep breath) Angela… I am a horrible person. I don’t blame you for not wanting to be my friend. I wouldn’t want to be my friend either. I’m loud, I’m inconsiderate, I’m obnoxious…But I couldn’t like, live with myself…if I never told you how much you being my friend…even for this short time…like, truly meant to me. Because Angelika, you like, make me want to be a better person. I want to be worthy of you. (Teary) And I know that I have so much further to go to even be remotely close to the friend that you deserve. (Voice cracking) But I just wish more than anything. Anything. That you could forgive me. Like how you forgave Catalano. Because, I’d make it up to you. Even if it took the rest of my life.

ANGELA: (Chin wobble) Rayanne…

RAYANNE: (Crying) Angela…could you?

ANGELA: (Softly) Yeah. But Rayanne…you like, really hurt…

RAYANNE: I know. And I am so sorry.

ANGELA: I’ve missed you.

They hug, crying. Patty opens the door and sees them and silently closes it.

RAYANNE: It’ll never happen again.

ANGELA: It better not! (small smile) I’m out of second chances.

RAYANNE: So…(regaining composure) You and Catalano? Like, for real this time?

ANGELA: (Smiling) For real.


Note: Brianne wished not to post her e-mail address on the website. You can leave your comments in the review form below. Thanks.

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  • Katha commented on 01 Aug 2000:
    Hey! I've already read "For real" by Brianne. And I have to say that I really like her story. It's credible and especially the stage directions are typical for the characters (e.g. Angela: She tucks her hair behind her ear). Brianne, maybe you write an episode 21? I would be very glad! Well done! Bye-bye yours Katha
  • anna-karin westerlund commented on 26 Sep 2000:
    Please write an continuation on "Breathing Room" it was REALLY good!
  • Brianne commented on 30 Sep 2000:
    I plan to at some point, but I'm studying abroad in London right now and am really busy so it may take awhile. But that's for the praise! :-)
  • Amy commented on 07 Oct 2000:
    Wow... that was awesome! I think you did an excellent job, Brianne. I am a huge MSCL fan, and have read many amature screenplays written by various people, but yours is by far the best. Your use of existing info and character traits is remarkable. Please continue to write more for us! :-)
  • rainyskye commented on 22 Oct 2000:
    I really liked this continuation. Well, except for Angela forgiving Rayanne (but that's beside the point). What made it really stick to the show was how Danielle was always trying to get in the conversation, by saying funny things. Well done!!
  • Elizabeth Wrigley-Field commented on 14 Aug 2001:
    I love Jordan's use of "ironic." I like to think, and I find it plausible, that Jordan is smart enough to learn a word once, and then use it spontaneously. And I think that's nice. I love the dinner scene--poor Danielle, totally ignored by the parents (though of course Patty notices when Angela asks to be excused!). I really love when Jordan comes to visit Brian, and Brian says, "The Scarlet Letter." I thought that was totally hilarious, and really clever, since, of course, that *is* what they discuss (though it's not the scarlet letter Brian had in mind). Two references to previous shows struck me as off. First, it is totally implausible that Jordan would happen upon the actual right words ("you're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you"), only because they're completely random. Also, while I liked the idea of Sharon and Rayanne's friendship echoing the earlier stages of Angela and Rayanne's, I don't know about her using the same excuse about going to class because it's not like she has anything better to do. One of the things that strikes me as being so valuable (to Rayanne) in the Rayanne-Sharon friendship is that Sharon doesn't feel she needs to act like someone she isn't to win Rayanne over. But, I did enjoy reading this episode.
  • miac commented on 28 Sep 2001:
    i thought you did decent in using the existing characterizations for the cast, but i felt you relied way too much on past episodes to create this new show...i didn't really feel enough creativity was in it. also, the parts got a bit too cheesy...i think that the relationship between jordan and angela will take a lot more time before they move onto the "traditonal couple" stereotype. also, i feel that angela would still be super pissed at rayanne, and the whole crying jag just didn't feel right.
  • jennifer commented on 18 Jul 2002:
    i agree with elizabeth wrigley-field and miac. i thought this was good but yeah maybe too easy. it is definitely one of the better ones i have read though, i enjoyed the writing style, it was pretty accurate. good job and keep it up.
  • mollie commented on 30 Jul 2002:
    great story! it was very true to the original show. i loved the ending.good job!
  • Brianne commented on 20 Oct 2002:
    Thanks Mollie!
  • Karina commented on 24 Feb 2003:
    I think that you did a great job! Thank you for giving me a closure .... my mind is at ease that Jordan, Angela and Rayanne worked it out.

    Thank you!!!
  • Victor commented on 15 Jun 2003:
    Well, being a die-hard Krakow fan, I can't say I "agreed" with the plot (ha ha), but it was very plausible the way you wrote it. I found the writing itself exceptionally well done; you obviously have a superb grasp of the characters and their traits. I think we got ourselves a writer here! My favourite was mentioning Angela's "chin wobble" as she gets ready to cry; we all know and love it! My only minor gripe is that perhaps, as in many other fanfics, the word "like" was just slightly overused. Also, did Brian have to be so mean to Angela? :-)
  • Daniel commented on 27 Aug 2003:
    i just want to say thanks ... the fact that you take the time to write such an amazing story not only for yourself but for the many fans ... i think that says alot. it feels odd to sit here and criticize you when no one asked for you to do this. that being said, i kinda agree with the comments made about the, "you're so beautiful it hurts to look at you" and sharon's comment about having nothing better to do then go to class, but whatever ... it's your story .. go with it. i think you rock. i laughed in the story cause danielle's annoyed me just as much as she did on the show, which goes to show just how right you got it. thanks thanks thanks and thanks!
  • tasha commented on 12 Jan 2004:
    The opening Jordan said too much and would he really go to Brians house to talk about Angela. Overall it was good.
  • Meg commented on 20 Jan 2004:
    Props! my fave so far! can't wait to read sequel!!!
  • Danielle commented on 31 Oct 2004:
    i thought it rocked!!! i dont agree with the people that said angela would still be super pissed at rayanne....what about jordan?? she forgave him but somehow its wrong to forgive her?? i think that she should have forgiven rayanne first because they were much closer and had a closer bond....but im happy that she forgave both of them...great feels like it was an actual episode that i watched and not just a story...cant wait for an episode 21!!!!
  • Becca commented on 22 Dec 2004:
    I truly enjoyed reading this. I could picture the characters speaking, and the body language was believable. The ending was a little too "Brady Bunch" for me, however. MSCL tends to drag plots out for a while, just like in real life. Just think how long it took for Angela and Jordan to have a "relationship," and how long it took him to come up with a way to reconcile. I think Rayanne and Angela need more breathing room to discover how much they miss each other. Excellent job with the Graham/Patty/Hallie saga. As a young adult now (I was a teenager when the show first aired), I understand the adults' point of view more, and I like to read about them as much as the teenage protagonists. I look forward to future episodes! Keep up the good work!
  • Becky commented on 30 Dec 2004:
    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
    Exactly how I wished things would of turned out.
    I miss this show so much.
  • Michael Buse commented on 25 Mar 2005:
    Overall a good read. Way too much use of 'like' to be a continuation. And I don't think the story was headed that way, but that is my opinion and this was yours. I just received the DVD box set and watched all 19 episodes again for the first time since the summer or 95. I'll read the next story now.
  • Rori commented on 22 Aug 2005:
    Omg That is so amazing i wish it an eppasiod (can't spell)
    GOOD JOB!!

    <3 Ror
  • Ari gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 09 Mar 2008:
    this was by far the best version of 20 i've ever read... it was the perfect ending to a perfect start... it was like... how 19 should have been written... cause it would have left the fans soooo satisfied... wow... good job.

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