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"Once and Again" cancelled


More than seven years after "My So-Called Life" was cancelled, another great Bedford Falls shows bites the dust. After three seasons, the ratings were too low for ABC to continue with the show.

Fans tried to save the show by placing full page ads in "Variety" and "Hollywood Reporter in February and March 2002.

Excepts from the ABC press release: "For the past three seasons, we've been incredibly proud of the creative work done on `Once and Again,'" said Ms. Lyne. "The program has passionately devoted fans who deserve a fully realized conclusion to Rick and Lily's story. And we owe it to Marshall and Ed ? and the phenomenal cast they assembled -- to give the series a great send off."

"At this moment we are just proud and honored to have reached and touched as many people as we did over the course of three years," executive producer/creator Marshall Herskovitz commented. "We have always judged our efforts on the basis of the passion with which they are received, not by the size of their ratings."

"We have been particularly moved by the outpouring of support by so many fans in their efforts to save the show," executive producer/creator Ed Zwick continued. "And we're grateful that ABC has given us the chance to create a final episode that does justice to those who have been so loyal to the series." >>

The finale is reportedly titled "Chance of a Lifetime." discuss in our forum

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“My dad thinks every person in the world is having more fun than him.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"