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"Once and Again" canceled?


Once again, a Bedford Falls show bites the dust. Last night, ABC announced that the current airing third season of "Once and Again" will be cut down to 17 episodes. (originally 22 episodes). 14 episodes are already produced.

A few days earlier, ABC decided to remove Stu Bloomberg, one of the strongest supporters of Bedford Falls at ABC, as co-chairman.

The cancellation of "Once and Again" is not yet offical, but there are lots of rumours that the show will not return in fall for a 4th season. According to these rumors, the actors and actresses are already being released from their contracts.

But fans of OAA have still hope: Look here for more details how to help to save the show: surgent.html discuss in our forum

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“School is a battlefield for your heart.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"