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"Flora Plum" news


The AP story:

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - ``Gladiator'' star Russell Crowe, who won acclaim for ``L.A. Confidential'' and an Oscar nomination for ``The Insider'' is set to start filming a movie directed by Jodie Foster in central Florida in September.

Crowe, 36, will co-star with Claire Danes in ``Flora Plum,'' set in a circus during the Depression. Crowe will play a circus freak who takes a starving young woman, played by Danes, under his wing. The movie is budgeted for less than $30 million.

Danes was the star of TV's ``My So Called Life'' and such films as ``The Rainmaker'' and ``Romeo + Juliet.'' She worked previously with Foster on ``Home for the Holidays,'' Foster's second effort as a director.

Tabloid reports have linked Crowe and actress Meg Ryan since her recent split from husband Dennis Quaid. discuss in our forum

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