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A.J. is back!


NBC confirmed today that A.J.Langer will be starring in a new comedy called "These Women". The show will air in January 2001 as a midseason replacement.

Here's what says about this show:

THESE WOMEN -- From the acclaimed writers of ?Ellen,? ?Murphy Brown? and ?Roseanne? comes this comedy about the relationship between three very different but tightly bound sisters whose life quests allow them to reunite in Los Angeles. Eldest sister Bess (Katherine LaNasa, ?Schizopolis?) is married, pregnant and full of advice for her two younger sisters, Nora (Vicki Lewis, ?NewsRadio?), a divorced documentary filmmaker, and Annie (A.J. Langer, ?It?s like, you know??), who still struggles to find her identity. Their mother Honey (Connie Stevens, ?The Sex Symbol?) is a former beauty queen and New-Age philosopher happily married to their father (Peter Bonerz, ?The Bob Newhart Show?). David Alan Basche (?Oh Grow Up?) also stars as Steven, Bess? understanding husband who feels outnumbered by the women in his life. ?These Women? is a production of NBC Studios. Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline are the executive producers/writers. Pamela Fryman (?Just Shoot Me,? ?Frasier?) is the director of the pilot. discuss in our forum

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"