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Claire´s Biography


We are pleased to report a book about Claire Danes will be sent to the printer in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, it will be available to everyone by early to mid April.

It traces Claire's life and career, starting from her childhood growing up in New York's Soho district and her first urges to act, along to her big break on MSCL, to all the movies she later starred in and her decision to enroll in Yale University. Chapters focus on her love life, her movies, her standing in the media, what she likes and dislikes about her profession, and more. There is a whole chapter devoted to MSCL, complete with some comments about MSCL.COM.

Additionally, there is a "where are they now" section concerning all MSCL's major players and a very fun run-down of all the episodes.

There is also a Claire Danes quiz to test your Claire knowledge, and, of course, many color and black and white photos of Claire.

*Claire Danes by Jennifer Ambrose* Paperback - 160 pages 1st edition (April 2000) ISBN: 1550224026 discuss in our forum

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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"