Which MSCL Character Are You Quiz

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Which MSCL Character Are You Quiz

Post by nkatsa » Sep 10th 2002, 4:10 pm

I found this quiz on someone's site, and just thought it was really funny and well-constructed. I thought you all might get a kick out of it. :)

I bet you can actually die of embarrassment. I bet it's been medically proven.

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Post by Megs » Sep 10th 2002, 4:42 pm

I'm Angela. No surprise there. I thought that was funny!
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Post by tony » Sep 13th 2002, 9:01 am

Ditto but, like, a male version :roll:

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Post by SuttonFoster » Sep 13th 2002, 11:19 am

angela here too!! No doubt of course since I always tried to immulate her during my teen years!

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MSCL.com Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Sep 13th 2002, 2:50 pm

Welcome to our new member SuttonFoster!

Just wanted to add that Thoroughly Modern Millie was awesome!!


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Post by jellybean » Sep 18th 2002, 10:42 am

I'm Jordan, strange never thought of myself as a Jordan....

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Post by north_Star98 » Sep 18th 2002, 4:46 pm

i'm angela :)

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Post by Nostradamus » Sep 19th 2002, 7:30 am

jellybean wrote:I'm Jordan, strange never thought of myself as a Jordan....
Me too! I was sure I'd get Brian, but I guess I'm a Jordan. Then again, my best friend is kinda like Tino, and I do have that long, sexy mane that women always go for... yeah, I guess being a Jordan isn't all bad... :wink:

On another note, this post should get me "promoted" to Lifehead. SoCalledFan suggested I get that word tatooed on my forehead, but tatoos are for sissies, so I think I'll just brand it onto my eyelids, for that nice blinking effect. Well, either that or I'll get a t-shirt or something. :P
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Post by humanbtbox » Sep 23rd 2002, 10:44 am

I'm an Angela. Makes sense to me. My best friend was a total Rayanne.

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Post by EmmaBrody » Oct 8th 2002, 4:38 pm

This is weird. I got Danielle the first time.

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The Quiz

Post by angels_exist » Oct 8th 2002, 8:29 pm

I am Rayanne, i don't know if sould be proud, but who gives a &%$, i am who i am, got any liquor?!!!!!
:shock: :wink:
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Post by socalledfan » Oct 9th 2002, 9:24 am

I'm Angela, but I didn't need a test to tell me that!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

If you guys could only read my high school journal all about my Jordan! :shock: Talk about obsession....

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Post by So-Called Loon » Oct 13th 2002, 4:54 am

I feel a little odd about being male and being "Angela". :?
Been a member since sometime BR (before Ross)

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Post by pirategraham » Oct 19th 2002, 12:20 am

Well, I really am Graham, but appearently that was not an option, so Brian seems like the second best choice.

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MSCL.com Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 19th 2002, 12:31 am

You turn into Tino at ten.

(I love alliteration)

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