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best by genre

Post by StrawberryGirl » Aug 8th 2002, 1:35 pm

So we've all quoted and talked about some of our favorite movies. But I'd like to know what movies you guys think are best in different categories. I'll go first. :)

My faves:

Comedy- So I Married An Ax Murderer
Scary- Poltergeist
Action/Adventure- Raiders of the Lost Ark
Romance- Sense and Sensibility
Musical- The Wizard of Oz
Animated- The Iron Giant
"Kid" Movie- The Goonies
Drama- Life is Beautiful
Teen- Sixteen Candles
Superhero- Spiderman. About a month ago, I would have said Superman, but my GOODNESS, have you guys seen that movie in the last 10 years? I remember thinking it was so cool as a kid. But I saw it again recently, and, yikes. The scene while they're flying, and she's actually reciting the lyrics to that song- did we have no sense of cheese in the seventies? Apparently not.

Okay, I wanna hear yours!

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Post by Nostradamus » Aug 9th 2002, 8:09 am

Ah, now we're gettin' organized! Let's see...
  • Comedy- Barefoot In The Park ... this is what happens when Rayanne marries Brian :lol:
    Scary- Sixth Sense
    Action/Adventure- The Saint (1997 remake)
    Romance- Casablanca
    "Kid" Movie- Big
    Drama- A Beautiful Mind
    Teen- Scream ... just the 1st one, the sequals sucked...
    Superhero- The Matrix ... funny story about that one...
    SciFi- Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country
    Suspence/Thriller- The Manchurian Candidate ... but I never catch the 1st scene!
    Historical- tie between Gettysburg and The Ghost And The Darkness
I know I'll think of better examples later, but such is the nature of the "Best Of" list. Now, about The Matrix, when my best friend and I went to see it for the first time we were both wearing dark sunglasses and trenchcoats, as was, and still is our style (in cool weather anyway). Mind you, this was pre-Columbine and we had no idea the main characters dressed like that. Anyway, the movie ended and we walked to a payphone just outside the theatre to call for a ride. I wish I had seen what happened next, but I was distracted on the phone. According to my friend, at that moment a girl walked out of the theatre, bleary eyed from the light, and what do you think was the first thing she saw? That's right, two guys in dark sunglasses and trenchcoats, talking on a payphone! Apparently, her expression was a classic and I imagine we had her asking what was real as much as Keanu did in the movie -- "Whoa! Deja Vu!" 8)
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Post by Megs » Aug 9th 2002, 1:29 pm

This is such a hard job to pick my favorites! My husband and I own over 200 DVDs, and plan to have a movie theatre once we buy a home! (Perhaps if we didn't buy the big screen TV and DVDs we would have a house! But, alas, I digress.)

Here is my effort:

Comedy- ????
Scary- Signs is recent; The Sixth Sense
Action/Adventure- Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Romance- An Affair to Remember
Musical- Evita
Animated- ? Does Shrek count?
"Kid" Movie- The Goonies
Drama- Forrest Gump
Teen- I'm a sucker for all teen movies, but I would have to pick The Breakfast Club or Can't Hardly Wait
Superhero- Batman Forever (whichever one was the first apperance of Robin)

And to add my own category:

Cheese - Dirty Dancing or Grease 2 or Footloose :oops:
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Post by socalledfan » Aug 9th 2002, 1:33 pm

Hey Strawberry! Nice to see you around. :D

Good topic, here goes. Tough call on a few of these:

Comedy- Dumb and Dumber

Scary- (mine aren't "horror" films) Tie: Silence of the Lambs and Seven. I am extremely spooked out by serial killer thrillers

Action/Adventure- Lord of the Rings

Romance- Hmmm... Say Anything or Notting Hill

Musical- West Side Story

Animated- The Lion King

"Kid" Movie- Labyrinth (with Jennifer Connelly)

Drama- Shawshank Redemption or Godfather II

Teen- Better Off Dead

Superhero- Spiderman all the way
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Post by K-man » Aug 9th 2002, 2:52 pm

While I agree with many of SCFan's picks I have trouble narrowing each category down to ONE specific film. Except one....
Drama- Platoon
Honorable mention would have to also go to Goodfellas and Fargo I suppose.
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Post by StrawberryGirl » Aug 9th 2002, 5:07 pm

Ohhh- So Called Fan, I definitely agree on Seven! That thing scared the crap out of me. Actually, everyone's lists are reminding me of more movies...*goes off to revise list (again)* :roll:

oh, and and in the category of best cheese ever, Dirty Dancing wins! (nobody puts Baby in a corner!)

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Post by ClarenceWorley » Aug 10th 2002, 12:00 am

Yay! Another list. Added a few more genres too. :P
  • Drama: GoodFellas Still my favourite film
    Thriller: The Silence Of The Lambs
    Scary: The Wicker Man Creeps me out every time
    Action/Adventure: Die Hard With A Vengeance Mainly a popcorn flick for me
    War: The Thin Red Line
    Epic: Lawrence Of Arabia
    Romance: Moulin Rouge Sorry, not many romance flicks came to mind
    Musical: The Blues Brothers
    Comedy: This Is Spinal Tap My rainy day and/or "I'm bored" movie
    Animated: Princess Mononoke
    "Kid" Movie: Toy Story 2 Though has plenty for the adults to enjoy
    Teen: The Breakfast Club Ahhh Ally Sheedy *sigh*
    Sci-fi: Star Trek: First Contact
    Comicbook / Superhero: Dark City
    Guilty Pleasure: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Love the Reaper
    Almost killed the Director and Cast: Apocalypse Now
If you ask me again tomorrow what my choices would be, chances are you'll get an entirely different list. :wink:

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Post by dTheater » Aug 10th 2002, 11:35 pm

I'm using Clarence's genre list...
  • Drama: American Beauty (for comedy too, really)
    Thriller: Jurassic Park
    Scary: Blair Witch Project/Halloween I
    Action/Adventure: The Fugitive
    War: Schindler's List
    Epic: Magnolia (is 3 hours long enough to be an epic, or are we talking more along the lines of Once Upon a Time In America where 3 hours is the "edited" version?)
    Romance: Jerry Maguire
    Musical: Little Shop of Horrors (the remake; "You'll be a dentist | You have a talent for causing things pain!")
    Comedy: This Is Spinal Tap
    Animated: Transformers The Movie (when I was 7, it rocked)
    "Kid" Movie: Dick Tracy (the 1990 one with Warren Beatty, but calling that a kid's movie is a stretch)
    Teen: Stand By Me (it STARRED teens, but otherwise...)
    Sci-fi: Being John Malkovich (c'mon, that's not sci-fi?!)
    Comicbook (superhero): Batman (Nicholson, Keaton)
    Comicbook (non-superhero): Ghost World (had to get it in there somewhere)
    Guilty Pleasure: Spaceballs/Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Documentary: American Movie
    Almost killed the Director and Cast: a multitude of movies that have appeared on Mystery Science Theater
My favorite genre is the satire/mockumentary area i.e. Spinal Tap, Wag the Dog, etc.
- Jim

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Post by worldsapart » Nov 15th 2002, 10:04 pm

I just had to pull this thread back out and contribute -- just because it's so much fun to come up with these lists! I used dTheater's category list and added one more of my own (*)....

Drama: A Beautiful Mind/Shawshank Redemption
Thriller: Seven/The Devil's Advocate
Scary: It/Final Destination
Action/Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
War: don't know that I've ever finished one
Epic: Lord of the Rings
Romance: Pride and Prejudice (the BBC miniseries)
Musical: Moulin Rouge/Newsies
Comedy: While You Were Sleeping/Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Dogma (all different styles of comedy)
Animated: The Secret of the Sword (He-Man & She-Ra)
"Kid" Movie: The Neverending Story
Teen: Can't Hardly Wait/The Faculty/you name it, I probably like it (sinful indulgence)
Sci-fi: The Empire Strikes Back
*Fantasy: Dungeons and Dragons/Reign of Fire (not the best plot-wise, but I can't help it!)
Comicbook (superhero): Spiderman
Comicbook (non-superhero): Chasing Amy
Guilty Pleasure: anything with Christian Bale (i.e. Newsies, Reign of Fire) and teen movies (see above)
Documentary: I'm sure I've probably watched one, but I don't remember any specifically
Almost killed the Director and Cast: Bram Stoker's Dracula for their change of the storyline -- I LOVED the book, and I thought the casting for the movie was perfect, but they went and screwed it all up with the whole Mina/Dracula romance crap....AND.....Little Women for NOT changing the story! I mean, why would anyone want to marry Gabriel Burne instead of Christian Bale (see my guilty pleasures)? :D

Some movies could probably go in multiple categories, but I didn't let myself use any duplicates. I had to put more than one in some categories, though, because some movies are too good NOT to mention, even if they aren't my absolute favorite.

It's really cool how many movies people seem to have in common. I guess it's kind of like our tv viewing habits.

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Post by Rickie Love » Nov 16th 2002, 12:24 am

I'll use Strawberry's catagories:

COMEDY - The Big Lebowski or Flirting w/ Disaster, they both kill me still
SCARY - Event Horizon or Stir of Echoes, probably Event = Exorcist meets 2001
ACTION/ADV. - The Mummy returns
ROMANCE - Dangerous Liasons, also good for the drama cat.
MUSICAL - I have no idea, not into musicals...Moulin Rouge??
ANIMATED - Fantasia (dated??)
KID - No question, Goonies, I STILL love that one!
DRAMA - Damage - cuts to the bone
TEEN - Valley Girl or Sixteen Candles
SUPERHERO - The Mask?? It's been a while in between super heroes. Oh wait: Spidey, hu
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Post by Sammi » Nov 16th 2002, 12:57 am

Comedy- Mall Rats/Clerks/Leagally Blond
Scary- ?
Action/Adventure- The Saint
Romance- Bridget Jones Diary
Musical- The Sound of Music/ White Christmas
Animated- Sleeping Beauty
"Kid" Movie- Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone
Drama- Red Violin/River Runs through it/ Life as a house
Teen- American Pie/Clueless
Superhero- Witchblade/ Rogue/Jean Gray

I recommend Life as a House for anybody who has a parent who is dieing or has recently died and the Red Violin is just a really good movie.

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Post by So-Called Angel » Nov 16th 2002, 9:34 am

Here goes.....

COMEDY: Top Secret/Liar Liar
SCARY: Scream
ACTION/ADVENTURE: Back to the Future/LOTR,TFOTR/Jurassic Park
ROMANCE: Bridget Jones's Diary/Emma/Mansfield Park
MUSICAL: Grease/ The Sound of Music
TEEN: Licence To Drive/Breakfast Club/16 Candles/Clueless
KIDS: Toy Story 2/Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone/Anne of Green Gables
DRAMA: ???
ANIMATED: Hmmm....
SUPERHERO: None.....they all suck!
ROMANTIC COMEDY: My Best Friend's Wedding
SCI-FI: Star Wars Episode IV/Empire Strikes Back

I've added one of my own...

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Post by starbug » Nov 18th 2002, 6:31 am

Well, this is fun :)

after hours (OK, minutes) of thought...

comedy - Some Like It Hot
Scary - Seven
Action/Adventure - LOTR (or is this Fantasy???)
Romance - Pride & Prejudice (OK, not a film, but TV)
Musical - Moulin Rouge (I'm not a fan of musicals but this is my one exception)
Animated - Bambi
'Kid' Movie - Labyrinth (Bowie's tights especially...)
Drama - American History X
Teen - gotta be The Breakfast Club

Some older choices there and it's SO hard to narrow down my all time faves :D


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Post by SanDeE* » Nov 18th 2002, 12:42 pm

Wow this is great! Everyone has such good choices so far! Mine:

Drama: Amadeus
Thriller/Suspense: Novocaine, Silence of the Lambs
Scary: The Ring, Rosemary's Baby
Action/Adventure/SciFi: Jurassic Park
Epic: Lord of the Rings
Romance: L.A. Story
Musical: Little Shop of Horrors (Rick Moranis, et al)
Comedy: This is Spinal Tap
Animated: Dumbo
"Kid" Movie: The Princess Bride
Teen: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Guilty Pleasure: Beetlejuice or Night of the Comet
Documentary: The Last of the Blue Devils
Foreign:The City of Lost Children

There are, of course, many more, but these are the ones that came to mind right away...

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Post by fnordboy » Nov 18th 2002, 7:04 pm

Wow this is going to be REALLY hard to list but here is my attempt:

Drama: Amadeus, Battle Royale, Donnie Darko, Requiem For A Dream
Thriller/Suspense: Audition
Scary/Horror: Ring (original Japanese version), Nekromantik,
SciFi: <to be added>
Action/Adventure: <to be added>
Epic: JFK (does that count?), Last Temptation of Christ, Prosperos Books (does that count?)
Romance: The Lover, The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover,
Musical: Rocky Horror, Happiness of the Katakuris
Comedy: Student Bodies, Azumanga Daioh, Monty Python's Holy Grail
Animated: Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstance) series, Azumanga Daioh
"Kid" Movie: The Princess Bride, Labyrinth
Teen: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles
Guilty Pleasure: Bully, Spaceballs
Documentary: Dogtown and Z-Boys, Looking for Lulu
Foreign:The City of Lost Children, Battle Royale
Silent: Diary of a Lost Girl

Added a silent category now too.

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