Who betrayed angela more? Rayanne or Jordan?

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Who betrayed Angela more - Rayanne or Jordan?

Both as bad as each other?
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Who betrayed angela more? Rayanne or Jordan?

Post by Tyler Durden » Aug 4th 2002, 3:02 pm

Who do you guys think betrayed Angelas trust more?
Rayanne- her best freind for sleeping with Jordan whom she knew Angela was obssesed with, or Jordan for completly doing the dirty deed on Angela for the sake of a cheap thrill?
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Post by NIGHTJESSI » Aug 4th 2002, 8:53 pm

I went with Rayanne because it's an understood trust between friends that you don't sleep with the person whom your friend is really into. That doesn't mean I excuse Jordan for getting with Rayanne when Angela wasn't exactly doing what he wanted, but I still think Rayanne really let Angela down.
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Post by north_Star98 » Aug 4th 2002, 10:44 pm

i think rayanne is more to blame here because she knew that jordan and angela had something and she also knew that you're not supposed to sleep with your best friend's bf or ex. like she knew how much jordan cares angela...and she still went through with it. but jordan...also...i think his emotions of loving (liking) angela so much kind of took over in this scene. he's never met anyone like angela...neither of them have. either way...rayanne should have stopped it.

both of them were pretending...jordan was pretending that rayanne was angela...he kept on asking rayanne about her...where she was...if she liked corey. and rayanne was pretending to be angela...because angela...to rayanne...is this perfect person.she kept on saying how angela was emily in the play and rayanne has to be emily.

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Post by kenickie » Aug 5th 2002, 3:19 am

Yep I agree. Rayanne. I think it's always feasable that someone may cheat on you, but a best friend is supposed to be just that - they would be the one to help you get through the situation. But Rayanne truly should have stopped herself. Having a friend do that with your boyfriend (or whatever) is far worse than your boyfriend just cheating. However, just like the post earlier, I think that Rayanne wanted to see what it'd be like to be Angela. There are lots of factors that caused this thing to happen, but if it's a clear cut "Rayanne or Jordan" you're after, then I'm afraid it would be Rayanne.
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Post by socalledfan » Aug 6th 2002, 3:20 pm

Rayanne, for sure.

It is just LAW with women. You can NEVER, EVER go after a guy your friend likes. And she didn't just go after him, she slept with him. It is the ultimate betrayal.

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Post by mgreeson » Aug 6th 2002, 3:53 pm

I agree completely. Rayanne knew even though Angela said she was over Jordan that she obviously still had feelings for him and probably always would just a little bit. Therefore it is her who betrayed her the most. Jordan in my opinion did not really betray her at all. They were not together at the time, and even though he knew she kind of still liked him, she had no claim on him so therefore, he really was free to sleep with whoever he wanted.

Great poll by the way.
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Post by bluemonster » Aug 8th 2002, 12:12 am

i dunno... i think they both rate pretty high on the betrayal scale. Rayannae definately broke a cardinal rule among chicas, but if Jordan still had strong feelings for Angela, why did he think it was ok to sleep with someone else? that betrays both Angela and the other woman. who just happened to be the lovely Rayanne. but of course we can forgive them both.
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Post by Megs » Aug 8th 2002, 5:29 pm

I agree that Rayanne betrayed Angela more than Jordan did. Rayanne and Angela were best friends. Jordan was a guy that Angela was in love with, but didn't necessarily have a claim to. Yeah, Jordan was an ass for sleeping with Rayanne, but Rayanne was the ultimate betrayer. However, I understand that both Rayanne and Jordan had their reasons, but it was still wrong.

I do think that was a great scene between Rayanne and Jordan. "Yeah, she's always saying stuff like that..." "No, I meant... nevermind."
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Post by KrokRos » Aug 9th 2002, 4:21 am

I came to think about something. Maybe I haven't got this out of the total perspective but after reading all the Fanfiction and people asking if Angela should forgive Rayanne or not...most fanfiction was about Angela "forgiving Jordan but not Rayanne". I think Rayanne was deeply sorry about what she did. I kind of think she didn't realise what she was doing to Angela. She was drinking, right? But the fact that they're talking about Angela just before... that's kinda stupid... that she'd accually do it with him right then.

Well, the thing I was thinking about mostly was Rayanne... I mean, she was really sorry. I don't know what she did to that girl Sharon talks about in the early episodes, when she advises Angela not to hang with Rayanne, maybe this was the same thing... But I think Rayanne feel higher respect for Angela than just some girlfriend. I donät know why she did it, but I really think she's sorry. In my mind they would've made up in season 2.

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Post by Megs » Aug 9th 2002, 8:46 am

Krok - I think that Rayanne did it b/c she wanted to *be* Angela. Right before she got in the back seat they were talking about how they love Angela, each in their own way. I think in Rayanne's own messed up way, she thought that by sleeping with Jordan she would be closer to Angela and pretend that she was Angela for awhile. Add in the alcohol and her lonliness, and voila. Sex with Jordan in the backseat of *Red*.
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Post by dTheater » Aug 11th 2002, 12:23 am

Rayanne is completely to blame. Jordan didn't have a clue what was going on. Rayanne knew more about Angela's feelings for Jordan that Jordan did. And Rayanne never really went out of her way to show Angela she was really sorry. While we saw that she really was, she could only be really relfective on the whole situation with other people. I think she had too much pride to beg Angela's forgiveness.

I think Angela would've forgiven Jordan first because she knew that just because Jordan didn't write that letter doesn't mean he didn't feel the same way. Her relationship with Rayanne, however, would've taken a little longer to patch up, but something would've made them realize that they need each other, and there would be an unspoken understanding between the two.
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Post by Guest » May 14th 2003, 3:18 am

Both of them. I mean, someone said that he was free to sleep with whoever he wanted, but did it have to be Angela's best friend? I think it's true what he says in IDBR that he had an "unconscious wish to punish her"(altough that was Brain's idea,hehe)because she started hanging out with Corey.As for Rayanne, that's the worst thing you can do to a friend. Sometimes I think they should be forgiven because it didn't mean anything and it probably took "like three seconds"(Rayanne in "Pressure"),but when I see them goin into that car I don't know, I'm not sure she should forgive them

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