Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by worldsapart » Dec 25th 1999, 2:21 pm

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a great day- hope to see everyone back here soon!



Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Guest » Dec 25th 1999, 11:13 pm

Merry Christmas back at ya Tracey! And to all my mscl friends!

Jack (yes, I know it came in as anonymous, but it's Jack)

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Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by angelika » Dec 26th 1999, 3:27 am

Merry Christmas, everyone!! I hope you guys are enjoying a little time off of school, work, etc. I am! And you'll never believe it--I GOT A SET OF MSCL VIDEOS FOR CHRISTMAS!! (only one, but it's better than nothing!!!) And my cruel parents made me open that gift last. Can you believe them??? :-) The scene where Jordan stands Angela up when he's supposed to meet her parents always gets me a little misty-eyed. What an AWESOME scene, with "Red" playing in the background, ending with Angela crying on her bedroom floor. Whoa. Okay--I'm getting goosebumps. And I'm rambling. But again, happy holidays, guys! I truly hope each of your Christmasses was as wonderful as mine.


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Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by oldguy » Dec 26th 1999, 11:22 am

Happy holidays everyone --- albeit a day late! I'm planning on spending
the week watching some MSCL and Roswell tapes, and recording some
of the cool soundtrack music! Nothing like a week off!

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Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by mia » Dec 27th 1999, 10:00 am

Hapy Holidays! I, unfortunately, do not have a week off-just 2 four day work weeks. Also, I did not get the MSCL videos, as I suspected. I DID, however, get the DVD wide-screen edition of Romeo+Juliet, which is better than nothing...Anyway, here's hoping everyone's having fun as we reach the change of the first digit, and no one O.D.s on chocolate. :)

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Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by adam » Dec 27th 1999, 10:30 pm

hope you all had a great christmas. i got the second box set for christmas just like to add that bye.

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Re: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by saake » Dec 28th 1999, 2:53 pm

I had a grate chrismas.. and looking forwad to the new year when im going to a gigantic party...

god jul och gott nytt år (Swedich) merry x-mas and happy new year

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Post by mia » Dec 28th 1999, 9:57 pm

So I got a new computer for Christmas. I didn't mention it before, because frankly, it slipped my mind. I got it several months ago, and it was to be considered my "main Christmas gift."

Anyway, it's a state-of-the-art thing, geared toward video editing, multimedia, etc. I just downloaded my first CD - The MSCL Official Soundtrack. As the album downloaded, I let the music wash over me, like waves of redemption, borne up by nostalgia and giddy with the expectation of better things to come. I twirled madly in my living room, remembering fondly my friends Angela and Rayanne, my weekly mantra of "I love you Jordan...Jordan you're a jerk!"....maybe I just need to get more sleep...oh Patrick, please hurry...

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