Complete Series for Sale

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Complete Series for Sale

Post by Guest » Mar 3rd 2001, 5:59 pm

Hello all,

I have all 19 episodes of My So-Called Life on 4 VHS tapes without commercials in great condition. On a scale of one to ten (where ten is perfect quality video) the set as a whole is around an eight. They are for sale either asa complete set or just several episodes to fill gaps in your partial collection. Email me at for more information.



Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by Guest » Jun 6th 2001, 6:59 pm

Hey, I have a partial collection and would love the rest.I have commercails in mine and i am missing ones like:rayans party,halloween,why jorden can't read,etc. please email me back with any infor you can give. I am a huge fan and love all the episodes!! Email me at


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Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by Joanna » Jul 12th 2001, 7:43 am

Jon, are you in the UK? (ie: are your MSCL videos in UK format?) If so I could be interested as I am missing two epiodes.

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Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by richard » Jul 12th 2001, 11:43 am

Which 2 are you missing? I have most on PAL VHS, some are better than others though, and the last few are really bad as my sister knocked my TV airial over while I was on holiday!! But I may be able to copy you some of them.



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Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by jude » Aug 16th 2001, 10:38 am

Hi Joanna -
I am in the UK & have alomst all the MSCL episodes on video (I am also missing 2 - #9-halloween & #19 - in dreams begin responsibilities) - if you have these episodes and would be willing to do a swap I would be more than willing to help you out, if you're interested, e mail me at & maybe we can get something sorted !!!
jude :)


Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by Guest » Dec 16th 2001, 4:27 am

I'd love to buy this, but Hotmail says your account does not exsist, how would I get in touch?

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Re: Complete Series for Sale

Post by Solargerrl » Dec 17th 2001, 11:47 pm

Hey Jon -

My name is Brooke and I am very interested in purchasing copies of 13 episodes from u. I tried to
email u at your hotmail address but it wouldnt go thru. Please let me know how much u want for
13 episodes so we can make arrangements. I will pay for shipping as long as u live in the US. Please
get back to my either way, ASAP, by emailing me at: Thanx :o)-

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