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Frozen Embryo
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Post by rudy817 » Aug 24th 2000, 4:35 pm

Does anyone have the episodes Halloween, Other People's Daughters and In Dreams Begin Responsibilities? I could send a tape and money for shipping. I really want these episodes and I sure was not going to record them off fox family channel with the major editing they did. Please email me if you can help.

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Re: video

Post by Alee » Aug 27th 2000, 2:31 pm

I have them all, but Halloween is off FFC, and In Dreams... is a pretty crappy quality tape I got from someone on AOL.

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Re: video

Post by kar3jdt » Oct 1st 2001, 4:23 pm

Did you mean "Other People's Mothers" when you said you wanted the episode "Other People's Daughter's?" I have "Other People's Mothers" if you are still looking for it!!! Let me know at

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