Episode Wanted :)

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Episode Wanted :)

Post by barbara » Sep 1st 2001, 1:29 pm

Hi im a UK MSCL fan i have all of the episodes on video except one which i would REALLY LOVe to get "EPisode 18- Weekend" if anyone has this and would be willing to copy it for me i would really appreciate it- i would prefer a vhs copy but i have NTSC playback aswell, If anyone does please reply here love barbara
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Re: Episode Wanted :)

Post by DanH » Sep 14th 2001, 10:58 am

do you have access to 2 videos and the proper lead, would you be able to copy all of the episodes you have for me? Sorry can't help with ep18 but I well want the series I can get. Obviously would pay for blank casettes. dan_heap@yahoo.co.uk


Re: Episode Wanted :)

Post by Guest » Sep 25th 2001, 6:44 pm

hey, i have all the episodes taped..thank god i fell in love with the show the first second i saw an advert for it on tv and taped every single one..i have weekend......breederg@yahoo.com if u wanna get hooked up with in..im living in ireland..:)

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