Chat room fizzle

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Chat room fizzle

Post by oldguy » Nov 24th 1999, 11:25 pm

Saake and I were in the chat room for 25 minutes, but no one else showed.
I guess it wasn't a good night. Oh well, I think our plans for the CD are
taking shape. We have a large list of songs, as well as starting to get
a list of sound bites from the show.

I have one question: For the later episodes, my tapes do not have a very
good sound quality. So for any clips from episodes 13 through 19, my
tapes may not provide good audio. Can anyone else with good quality
tapes take stuff off of these episodes?

Old Guy

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Re: Chat room fizzle

Post by Jack » Nov 25th 1999, 12:01 am

Hey Oldguy, if you're still around, I'll meet you in the chat room, I just finished up an editing job.
I missed you two by less than a half hour. I'll hang around here for about fifteen more minutes.

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Re: Chat room fizzle

Post by saake » Nov 25th 1999, 2:53 pm

I was almost sleaping this morning so pleas forgive me if i dident make any sence at all :) I like to help with the cd. I think its a exelent idea and is all fore it.


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