Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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Post by trippingbillie41 » Jan 30th 2000, 12:27 am

did you all watch the Pilot on Fox Family last night? they botched the hell out of it. they took out anything remotely offensive because they're a "family channel", we must remember, plus, edited out at least a 5-7 minute scene which is the gist of the whole episode. they cut out from where rickie, rayanne, and angela are waiting outside Let's Bolt for Tino and angela and rayanne trade shoes, and then right after that, the whole "you're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you." HOW CAN YOU CUT OUT THAT SCENE! grrrr...anyone else share in my anguish?

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Post by Guest » Jan 30th 2000, 11:52 pm

When I heard that they were bringing back My So Called Life I was extrmely glad but later when I reviewed the tape (I taped it and I taped it over the original My So Called Life. The one on Mtv.) I was completely outraged at what they did to it. They cut not only the part with Rickie talking to Angela but this other part, earlier on in the show (I don't remember the part exactly).Then towards the end they interrupted the scene with Angela and Brian talking to each other from across the street, twice. Another thing, I did't really like was that stupid Fox Family Icon at the bottom of the screen. However, I will be getting the first group of My So Called Life tapes in two weeks, so I'm not going to worry about it. If they did cut out the scene with Rickie and Angela talking about what they would say before they did it with another person because of sex reference, then they probably don't plan to show the episode, "Pressure."

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Post by Joanna » Jan 9th 2002, 1:03 pm

Just think of all those teenagers that are missing out on the important MSCL scenes we experienced when we were 15 ! Family channel or not MSCL is what it is and it DOES NOT need editing. They should have put it on later if they feel it is inappropriate. It is annoying but luckily I have the originals on tape but it's still annoying to know that some editor is tappering with a teenagers bible!! (well it was my bible when I was 15). I hear that the Uk sky channel TROUBLE has just shown the entire series again and as far as I know, nothing was cut out of it - 3 cheers!!!!!!!

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Can anyone sell me all 19 episodes on VHS?

Post by Guest » Jul 12th 2002, 3:24 pm

Can anyone sell me all 19 episodes on VHS (no parts missing please)? The sound and picture have to be good. E-mail me at It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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